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Year 15, Volume XI, Issue 1, Published On Wednesday, November 24, 2004 (Mangshir 09 2061 B.S), New York, USA

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Read Immigration queries from TND readers answered by Attorney

-Ramesh K. Shrestha, Attorney at Law

Please send us your immigration quesions.

"Interview: with H.E. Kedar B. Shrestha"

The volume of US assistance is increasing and Nepal is getting moral and material support for institutionalizing democracy, peace and stability in the country.People to People relations are equally important in promoting mutual understanding and goodwill between our two countries.

-TND Team
"Politics: 'Pro-People Education' or 'Pro-Violence Education'?"

Grade 4 students have to study "identification of explosives and exchange of information", "pictorial presentation of weapons, home-made guns and their utilities", "introduction of war", "introduction of sentry and its importance" and "role call system

- Dr. Shabnam Koirala

Fiction: Ghante Baba
-Lava Gaunle

Poem: Whistle! Blow

- Bishnu Simkhada


Poem: "Cuckoo Carves Cemetery"

- Arun Budhathoki

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