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The Nepal Digest Monday, 25 October 93 Volume 20: Issue 11

Today's Topics:
      1. Jan_Kari: TND Nepal Relief Fund
      2. Taja_Khabar: News from Nepal
      3. Kura_Kani: Arun III
      4. Kehi_Muktak: Love - Your way and My way
      5. Jan_Kari: Nepal and Internet
      6. Kehi_Bichar: PM and Ex-PM's US visit
      7. Prashna_ra_Anurodh: Tips on Censorship?
      8. Jan_Kari: Dashain in MA
      9. Taja_Khabar: From News Correspondent
     10. Jan_Kari: Travel Needs
     11. Prashna_ra_Anurodh: Any Oldies_Goldies?

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************************************************************************** TND Nepal Relief Fund

My belated thanks to all the members for their generous gifts to the victims of recent flood in Nepal.

On behalf of TND, I sent the check amount for US $1,973.00 payable to Nepal Redcross Society - Flood Relief Fund on Oct 1, 1993. I have requested that the money be used for
------------ helping flood victims.

I would like to acknoledge following members for their kind gestures:

Pratima Tiwari Kiran L. Shrestha Rajesh B. Shrestha Dileep Agrawal Suresh K. Raut Kanhaiya L. Vaidya Helene Murray Bal K. Sharma Yoko Uchida Keshab K. Batajoo Bhairav R. Khakural Linda Lucek Stacy Pigg Bill Benjamin Suraj C. Aryal Padam P. Sharma Deepak Shimkhada Rabi Burathoki Arbind Mainali Damber K. Gurung Kabi R. Neupane Satya N. Yadav Herbert L. Fader Bobby Chitrakar Academic Computing Services, NIU Pawan Agrawal Dharma and Smriti Thapa Navin Dutta Rajpal J. Singh Lynda Hardman and Frank Harmelen Raju Adhikari Al Clark

If you did send the donation and you don't find yourself on this list, accept my sincere apology! Please send me an e-mail at and I will put out an another corrected list.

With best regards, Rajpal J. Singh TND Editor/Co-ordinator

******************************************************************** Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 20:46:34 CDT To: From: (Manoj Agrawal) Subject: News from Nepal

Subject: Quake hits west Nepal Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 5:54:17 PDT

        KATMANDU (UPI) -- A series of earthquakes struck two districts in west Nepal Wednesday, causing some major damage but no serious injuries, officials said.
        The Department of Mines said a quake measuring 5 on the Richter scale jarred the district of Rukum, and that two lesser temblors also hit the district.
        There were no immediate reports of injuries or major damage in Rukum.
        But that state news agency reported that the quakes caused some serious damage in the district of Jajarkot, 185 miles (300 km) west of the capital Katmandu. The agency said 40 percent of the houses in the district capital were cracked or otherwise damaged by the quakes.
        On Sept. 30, a series of earthquakes cut a swath of death and destruction through west-central India. Officials put the death toll at about 12,500, but the actual total is thought to be much higher. It was the deadliest earthquake to hit the Indian subcontinent since 1935.

Subject: Royal Nepal Airlines seeks to lease second aircraft Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 6:14:48 PDT

        KATMANDU (UPI) -- Royal Nepal Airlines, the Himalayan kingdom's flag- carrier, has decided to float a second tender to lease a Boeing 767 to meet increasing passenger demands, the airline announced Wednesday.
        Minister of Tourism Ram Hari Joshi last month intervened and stopped a $26.7 million deal with Ireland's Aer Lingus to lease a Boeing 767 for two years after Royal Nepal Airlines began service to Paris.
        The board of the Royal Nepal Airlines decided to float a second tender following criticism over its bidding practices.
        But a source at the airline said the deal offered by Aer Lingus was better than those offered by two competitors.
        Ireland's Guinness Aviation Peak had offered to lease a Boeing 767 for $32.7 and Australia's Ansette World Aviation offered a deal that was
$8 million more than Aer Lingus's bid, the sources said.
        ``The amounts quoted by Ansette and GAP were much higher and financially not viable, so the board has rejected these proposals,'' an official announcement said.

Subject: Three killed, 23 injured in bus accident in Nepal Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 6:01:10 PDT

        KATMANDU (UPI) -- A bus traveling from Katmandu to south Nepal plunged off a mountain highway, killing three people and injuring 23 others, police said Wednesday.
        The bus was near Gajuri, about 45 miles (75 km) west of the Himalayan kingdom's capital, when the accident occurred Tuesday, police said.
        Two victims died at the scene and a third died at a hospital in Katmandu, police said. A total of 23 other people were treated for various injuries.
        Survivors told police the the driver of the speeding bus was trying to overtake another vehicle when the accident occurred.

From: "VIVEK S. RANA" <RANA@CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU> Subject: News on Nepal

                 Nepalese Ambassador to U.S ready to resign
                 ------------------------------------------ Source : UPI KATMANDU
        Nepalese ambassador to the United States Yog Prasad Upadhaya is preparing to resign after public criticism by Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala that the envoy humilated him in New York this month, the Katmandu Post daily newspaper reported Thursday.
        ``I am prepared to quit any time,'' the newspaper quoted Upadhaya as saying.
        Upadhaya told the newspaper's Washington correspondent that he had already completed his two-year term.
        Koirala said he would take action against Upadhaya at a news conference Sunday after returning from New York, where he addressed the annual session of the U.N. General Assembly.
        Upadhaya received Koirala in New York, but did not drive into the city and flew back to Washington to fete former Prime Minister Krishna Prasad Bhattarrai, who is also president of the ruling Nepal Congress Party.
        Bhattarai is a rival to Koirala and a faction in the party is pushing to remove Koirala and install Bhattarai as prime minister.
        Koirala said Upadhaya's behavior in New York was contrary to diplomatic norms.
        Koirala's criticism follows his complaint that the speaker of the House of Representatives, Daman Dhungana, humiliated him earlier this year by not seating him at a tea reception for King Birendra and Queen Aishwarya.

From: (Manoj Agrawal)

Subject: Four expeditions scale two Himalayan peaks Date: Thu, 21 Oct 93 6:36:58 EDT

        KATMANDU (UPI) -- Two expeditions scaled the 26,781-foot-high (8,163 m) Mount Manaslu, the world's seventh tallest peak, while two others scaled the 22,349-foot-high (6,812 m) Ama Dablam this month, Nepal's Ministry of Tourism said announced.
        Ssilvio Mondinelli, 35, of a 12-member Italian team led by Paolo Paglinon, 26, scaled Manaslu on Oct. from the south face.
        Stepp Iahoger, 33, leader of a 10-member Austrian team, also scaled Manaslu from the normal north east ridge on Oct. 15.
        Gorg Hanel, 24, member of a seven-member German expedition scaled Ama Dablam on Oct. 16.
        The following day team leader Anton Dallmair, 44, and Michael Lindenmeyer scaled the peak from the southwest ridge.
        The ministry said the remaining four members are attempting to climb the peak.
        Three members of a Venezuelan team -- Marcus Tobia Leisegang, 28; Alfredo Autiero, 37; and Martin Echevarria, 33 -- scaled Ama Dablam from the south ridge on Oct. 17.
        The remain four members of the team are also attempting to make a summit bid, the ministry said.


*********************************************************************************************** From: "Ganesh Raj Pandey" <> To: Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 11:13:25 EST5EDT Subject: Re: Arun III


I would like to thank Mr. Sukla for his encouraging remarks. I wrote the article supporting Mr Raut's idea and points about ARUN III.

When talking about Nepal's water resources we should always think about four curses associated with it. They are huge difference in the minimum and maximum flows, weak geology, sedimentation and outburst of glacier lakes. Because of these curses investment in water resources is really a big gamble we may won or not. But is it logical to take such risk? It was on mid 60 that Arun had glacier lake outburst flood but it can come any time. What will happen to ARUN if it is repeated? May be it will share the same fate like that of Solu power house?

400MG looks like big figure and it is indeed. But before going to ARUN let me say some thing about Marsyangdi (MAR) and Andhikhola
(AK). Both of these projects are in similar geological region and there are many similarities between them liek access road to tunnel. But the major difference lies in the total project cost. AK has 5.1 MW installed capacity whereas MAR has installed capacity of 69MW. AK's project cost was about $4.9 miliion ie we can say that it is almost $1 million to install 1MW capacity. So what should be the cost of MAR? If we try to use our knowledge of extrapolation than should be in the range of $70 million. But it is not so. I don't know the exact figure but is in the range of $300 million. The water from AK is used for the irrigation purpose but the water from Marsyangdi goes back to Marsyangdi.

If we go for bigger thing per unit cost should be cheaper. But it is not so in our case. The difference lies in the commission and who were involved in it. AK was designed, constructed and operated by UMN/Nepal with Norwegian aids. Most of the works were done by UMN and their organizations in Nepal. There were very few foreign consultants and advisors.

Marsyangdi was designed by Lahmeyer of Germany and Snowy Mountain corporation of Australia. The contractors were from China, Japan and South Korea. Transformers and other electrical appliances was supplied by Siemens Germany and transmission work was done by an Indian contractor. As per Nepal's contract rule all these multinational giants must need a Nepali broker to bid for the project. I know all of them but they are people with big connections with easy access to the top of the channel. Nepalis were either Hakim or coolies and drivers.

These are few reasons why the project cost goes up up and up. What we learn from Mar is no thing. Now UMN is working at Khimti Khola with the same group and hope that they will prove their efficiency this time too.

I am not against ARUN, who knows it will change our life style as Mr Bhattarai told. If it is so why the government is reluctant to put the facts in the public? My point is instead of inviting all these giants let us go for small projects like Andhikhola.

************************************************************************ Date: October 23, 1993 To: The Nepal Digest <> From: Rajpal J. Singh <> Subject: Kehi_Muktak

Love: Your way and My way

You say that you are a dream Yet, you live in the present And I live in the future. Can't stop but ponder, We oughtta exchange each other.

You said: "I believe in loving and being loved", I said: "I want to be loved which makes me feel that I am in love", There was silence. I thought I heard: "Selfish! You need to grow up", I added: "Does it have to be complex always?" There was silence, again.

I felt that you said: "Maybe some men are left to walk alone!" As the fear of loneliness started sinking, I turned around and said: "How do you want me to say it?" You smiled and kept walking ahead of me, As I stood there, undecided whether to follow you or not!

-Sirdar_RJS_Khalifa October 20, 1993

*************************************************************** Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 20:50:16 -0600 (MDT) From: "ShiShir \"Sear\" Thapa" <> Subject: Re: The Nepal Digest - October 21, 1993 To: The Editor <>


I am new to this list! Does anybody know if there is a FTP site in Nepal or if there are even any addresses to whom I could correspond with.

I would greatly appreciate any information.

My E-mail address


%%%%%EDITOR'S NOTE: To our knowledge, Nepal is not connected to Internet %%%%%
%%%%% yet. There has been on going effort to implement %%%%%
%%%%% some UUCP connnections in the past, but no status %%%%%
%%%%% known on the project yet. %%%%%
****************************************************************************** From: Puspa M Joshi <> Subject: Happy Vijaya Dashami To: Date: Sat, 23 Oct 93 11:14:26 EDT

Dear TND Readers

     Wish all of you and your families HAPPY VIJAYA DASHAMI.

Puspa Man Joshi and family
(Former Head Master, Bhim Public High School, Dolakha and Mahendra Madhyamic Vidyalaya, Bhimfedi) Oct. 23, 1993 2601 Muskingum Ct. Columbus, Ohio 43210
(614) 293-9738

************************************************************************* Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1993 00:57 EST From: To:

Both PMs of Nepal, G.P. and K.P> have been publicly humiliated in public forum in US during their recent visit here.

This event obscures a new political dynamics for Nepal.

Three decades ago, any major political change had to be "approved" by the Indians and hence all the flurry of visits preceding change.

The current visits of 2 of the most powerful politicians of the country: the extant PM who is perceived as the lameduck PM after the "secret" agreement between the UML and Nepali Congress in which the resignation of GP according to a face-saving, "constitutional" process was agreed by the Congress triumvirate for the sake of the country, the democracy, and the Nepali congress, and the former and future PM (K.P> who is expected to come up in the election from the seat vacated by the death of Madan Bhandary and then claim to be Parliamentary Nepali Congress leader, the PM, presto!

I think the new PM to be (K.P.) and current PM to fade out (GP) are here to assure the US policy makers that they are not too much within the Indian sphere of influence to jeopardise US interests and yes although KP is perceived to be closer to the communists than GP, he will keep the communists sufficiently wrapped up, so please give us what little dollars you can give so our govt and party has some credibility as a viable govt that can bring both democracy and development. This is ofcourse pure speculation and a hypothesis I offer to daoubting Thomases who may watch events unfold in Nepal in the future and how the govt plays into the hands of US interests relative to Indian and Nepali communists interests.

Amulya Tuladhar

********************************************** Date: Sun, 24 Oct 93 13:57:54 PDT From: Rupa Dixit Joshi <> To: Subject: tips on censorship anyone?

Dear readers, I need some help in adding spice to my paper on Nepali laws and censorship. If any of you remembers any incident, or remember hearing it from your bajeys, of censorship concerning books/newspapers in Nepal from the time of the Ranas down to the present, could you please let me know? These can be specific incidents that you know about or just hearsay that I could pick up on. Any special story that you know that created a furor and landed the editor in jail? Any foreign magazine/newspaper/book that you remember being banned in Nepal? What kind of stuff did the Ranas ban? What stuff didn't pass the censors during the panchayat kaal? And now? What news item about the royal family has landed the editor in trouble? If you know anything-- anything-- about this matter please send me a note. Please don't hesitate to write just because you cannot confirm your "sooneko bharma" information. I'll follow it up from there. Thanks a lot for your help. Happy dasain to all of you. Rupa Joshi University of Southern California

*************************************************************** Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1993 20:50:05 -0400 (EDT) From: Ashutosh Tiwari <> Subject: News from Beantown To:

The Greater Boston Nepali Community (GBNC) celebrated Dassain with a festive, cultural party at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts on Oct. 23, Saturday. More than 150 Nepalis and friends came.

The party featured a puja ceremony (by Mr. Keshav Bhattarai), a slide-show
(arranged by Mr. Sanjay Manandhar) delicious food (brought in by Mr. & Mrs. Pravin Tamang), surprise door prizes (arranged by Mr. Raju Pratap Pradhan), nostalgic Nepali numbers (performed by Mr. Sunil Parajuli -- yes, yes, THE "original" Sunil Parajuli who has already cut an album that includes the smash-hit ""), and live dance music by the indefatigably Nepal-&-Nepali-loving band of "Mr. Jivan Rai".

Thanks to the diligence of Messrs. Sanjay Manandhar and Anish Baniya, the October issue of Samachar-Bichar -- a quarterly brought out from Cambridge, Mass -- is also out. New issue features essays on development and human resources, a commentary on love and marriage, poems and clips of news from Nepal. For your electronic copy, send a subscription request to:

The following Nepalis were elected to the GBNC Council:

                Secretary: Anish Baniya
                Treasurer: Sunil Shakya
                Executive Members: Mrs. Subarna Shakya
                                        Raju Pratap Pradhan
                                        Bikash Joshi
                                        Rabi Karmacharya
                                        Prabhat Adhikari
                                and Dipendra Panth

Heartiest "Badhai" to all of the above!! And special thanks to Mr. Sushil Panth and friends for reserving the common room at MIT.

Lastly, the new GBNC Council joins the Greater Boston Nepalis in thanking Mr. Sanjay Manandhar, the outgoing president, for his sturdy leadership of GBNC for the past year.

namaste ashu president, gbnc
********************************************************************* Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1993 22:29:51 PDT To: From: "VIVEK S. RANA" <RANA@CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU> Subject: For TND POsting
               ______ _
              |______| /-\ | | /-\
                | | / /\ \ | | / /\ \
                | | / /__\ \ /|_| | / /--\ \
                |_| /_/ \_\ | _ _| /_/ \_\
      _ _ _ _ ______ ______
     | | / / | | | | /-\ | |(__)\ /-\ | |(__)\
     | |/ / | |____| | / /\ \ | |___ / / /\ \ | |_ _/
     | |\ \ | |____| | / /--\ \ | |(__)\ / /--\ \ | |--\ \
     |_| \_\ |_| |_| /_/ \_\ |_|___ / /_/ \_\ |_| \ \

News Correspondent : Vivek S.J.B. Rana E-mail Add :
    Dear Netter :

I have always felt a sense of accomplishment to let our community know about various happenings and news from back home. As a service to the community I have always enjoyed sharing information with people and that is how I feel is the sense of growing up.

I welcome you all to participate in this Taja_khabar columns with various news happenings, you want to share with all.

Thank you,

                Fergie backs disabled climbers at Mount Everest
                ----------------------------------------------- Source : UPI

Kathmandu, Nepal
        Sarah ``Fergie'' Ferguson, the Duchess of York and estranged wife of Britain's Prince Andrew, arrived in Nepal Tuesday to show her support for seven disabled climbers attempting to a Himalayan peak by joining the expedition.
        The duchess, an advocate for the handicapped, flew to Lukla Airport at the foot of Mount Everest in the Himalayan range with a longtime friend, Alison Lobel, to climb a neighboring peak with the disabled climbers. She will be accompanied on the ascent by three British climbers and Ang Phurba Sherpa, who has scaled Mount Everest.
        She is a patron of the McIntyre Care, a charitable organization that is promoting the seven disabled persons now attempting to scale the 19, 344-foot-high (5,896 m) Palder Peak next to Mount Everest.
        Ferguson said she is attempting the climb to help raise money for charity and heighten awareness about the ability of the disabled to live independently.
        When asked by reporters at the airport whether she would reach the base camp at 16,404 feet (5,000 m), the flame-haired duchess with the adventurous reputation replied, ``Of course.''
        ``She is very fit. She has been doing a lot of training,'' said Sandy Allan, one of the climbers accompanying the duchess on the difficult eight-day walk to the base camp.
        Ferguson is planning to be in Nepal for 12 days.

                Woman axes son, daughter to death
                --------------------------------- Kathmandu, Nepal
        Police said Wednesday a woman axed to death her son and daughter in a fit of rage, and later threw their dismembered heads and limbs in the backyard.
        Sita Devi, 40, allegedly axed to death her 14-year-old son, Netra Bahadur, and 7-year-old daughter, Saraswati Adhikari, on Friday.
        Police said they do not know a motive for the killings.
        Two days after the killings, the woman axed to death her buffalo, police said.
        Neighbors who saw the dismembered body parts arrested Devi and handed her over to police. One of the neighbors was injured when Devi attacked him with a sickle.
        Devi's husband and eldest son were away on a visit in India.

************************************************************* Date: Oct 23, 1993 To: The Nepal Digest Subject: Donations for Nepali Cause

Surise Travel is pleased to announce that every airline ticket processed by the agency for ANMA (Association for Nepalis in Midwest America) community, a substantial amount will be donated to ANMA general fund. Please call toll-free at 1-800-786-7493. Sunrise Travel is a Nepali owned and operated enterprise.

*************************************************************************** Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1993 19:20:19 -0400 (EDT) From: Ashutosh Tiwari <> Subject: Wanted -- Poorano Nepali Songs To: Nepal Digest <>

Hi! I have been collecting old (poorano) Nepali songs for some time. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to add anything for more than a year.

I am wondering whether there are some of you, poorana geet buffs, who wouldn't mind telling me what you have and perhaps share info on your collection. If you wish, you may email me directly.

I am especially interested in -- but NOT limited to -- the following kala-kars:

1. Bacchu-Kailash. 2. Shiva Shanker (Manandhar). 3. Nati-Kazi. 4. Fattey Man. 5. Tara Devi (her old, beginning songs) 6. Koyeli Devi. 7. Master (Ustad) Ratna Das Prakash. 8. Amber Gurung (songs and lyrics from his Darjeeling days). 9. Karma Yonzon. 10.Prem Dhoj (Pradhan)'s first few songs -- that he had sung BEFORE the
   arrival of Narayan Gopal. 10.Tirtha Man. 12.Lila Bahadur Khati (Does anybody have his "Bijay pur khola ta.ray.ra
                                              sani lai bolaun.da" song?)

If anyone has the old records brought out by the now-defunct Ratna Recording Sansthan, please let me know. I'll find a way to copy the songs, lyrics and all that this hobbyist's jazz.

namaste ashu

%% %%
%% %%

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