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********************************************************************** From: "Ganesh Pandey" <GANESHP@CIVIL.Lan.McGill.CA> To: Date: Thu, 6 Oct 1994 09:40:36 EST5EDT Subject: Cost of power plants in South Asia

The following article was taken from Pakistan News Service, Vol. 7, No. Z004, Oct 5, 1994 (copied without prior permission).

  - On Saturday, US businessmen signed $4 billion worth of energy deals.
     These include $880 million 800 MW power plant in Sindh and $850
     million 760 MW plant in Punjab. Another $650 million 760 MW plant is
     planned for Baluchistan. Two thermal power plants of 360 MW
     each will be built in Lal Pir and Sidhnai by AES corp. of Arlington Va.
     for $700 million. Ms Bhutto took credit of these agreements
     saying that they were the result of the tough economic management of
     her 11 month old govt. and hailed the $4 billion dollar commitment
     for the current year as a record. Visiting US Energy Secretary Hazel
     O' Leary said that the energy deals were a recognition of Islamabad's
     "revolutionary and profoundly deep" economic reforms. Eight of the 16
     agreements signed were for power generation and are worth $3.33 billion.

        From the above, it seems that, the cost of construction of a power plant is in the rance of $1,000/KW. Let us see the cost of mega project Arun III.
        Installed Capacity, 402 MW., Total Cost $756 million and up. It means construction cost will be in the range of $2,000/KW, which is twice the amount than what our neighbours are paying. Who can says we are poor?


********************************************************************* Date: 06 Oct 94 22:08:42 EDT From: Rajendra.P.Shrestha@Dartmouth.EDU (Rajendra P. Shrestha) Subject: News10/3-4 To:

HEADLINE: INTERNAL AFFAIRS; Premier warns that unconstitutional behaviour may create state of anarchy

SOURCE: Radio Nepal, Kathmandu, in English 1415 gmt 2 Oct 94

   Excerpt from report

   Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has said that if anyone tries to act transcending the bounds of the constitution this will create a state of anarchy, instability and uncertainty. He said an election board is being held in the country bearing in mind the need to end such a situation building up within the country. Prime Minister Koirala was addressing a meeting of regional, zonal and district-level office (?chiefs), organized by (?Muran) District Administration in Biratnagar today [2nd October]. The prime minister added he was firmly resolved to ensure free and fair polls as success achieved in this task would help impress himself upon the people as a successful prime minister...

HEADLINE: INTERNAL AFFAIRS; Vice-chairman of planning commission resigns to stand in elections

SOURCE: Radio Nepal, Kathmandu, in English 1415 gmt 29 Sep 94

   Text of report

   His Majesty's government has accepted the resignation submitted by Dr Ramsharan Mahat from the post of vice-chairman of the National Planning Commission with effect from tomorrow [30th September], according to the National Planning Commission secretariat
. Mr Mahat has decided to contest the forthcoming parliament elections from constituency number two, [name indistinct], with a Nepali Congress ticket.


LENGTH: 254 words

HEADLINE: Nepal closes a border crossing with India


   The Nepalese authorities have closed off a border crossing with an Indian state and hospitalised three Nepalese who returned from India with suspected plague symptoms, officials said Monday.

   Home ministry spokesman Shree Kant Regmi said the three had been placed in hospitals in different parts of Nepal, but stressed that the country had no confirmed case of the plague.

   The government on Saturday also closed the border to foreign nationals at Kankarvitta in Jhapa district, southeast of Kathmandu, which adjoins the Indian state of West Bengal, officials said.

   The government last week suspended flights to Bombay and Patna until the plague outbreak in India is brought under control.

   The Federation of Nepalese Transport Entreprenuers (FNTE) has appealed to the government not to allow any Indian vehicles into Nepal and to stop all Indians from entering the country without an health inspection.

   The Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN) has reported that 60 percent of tour packages combining India and Nepal have been cancelled this month owing to the outbreak.
--------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: DPA

HEADLINE: 3 suspected plague cases in Nepal

DATELINE: Kathmandu, Oct 3

    At least three suspected plague victims were admitted to hospitals in eastern and western Nepal Sunday, a newspaper report said in Kathmandu Monday.

    The Nepali language daily Kantipur reported that a suspected plague victim was brought to Koshi Zonal Hospital in Biratnagar, an industrial township about 400 kilometres south east of the capital.

    The suspected plague victim was identified as 25-year-old Shiva Adhikari, who had just returned from New Delhi.

    He was not kept at the hospital building but in the open field because the hospital staff did not have adequate equipment, including masks, to deal with the problem.

    The newspaper also said that one plague suspect had been admitted to Mechi Zonal Hospital in Bhadrapur in eastern Nepal and another one to Bheri Zonal Hospital in the western Nepalese town of Nepalgunj.

    The Nepalese government continued Monday to maintain there were no plague cases in Nepal. Both the home and health ministries denied reports that the plague had been brought to Nepal by people arriving from India.

     Nepal is a high risk area because of its open border with India and because thousands of people cross the border each day.

    The government has belatedly began examining people crossing the border at major points. People can cross at any point along the 1,280 kilometre long border with India and the government is not equipped to check the whole stretch.

    As large scale cancellations of travel to Nepal by tourists for October, one of the kingdom's peak tourist seasons, poured in, tourist-related businesses have called on the government to initiate necessary measures to prevent plague from "entering" Nepal.

    They have called for the immediate clean up of Kathmandu, banning of flights from India and fumigating all vehicles at the border.

    They have also called on the government to examine all Nepalese returning home from India free of cost by setting up medical camps along the border. dpa jp
-------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: DPA

HEADLINE: More than 1,700 in race for 205 seats in Nepal

DATELINE: Kathmandu, Oct 3

    Some 1,745 people have filed nomination papers to contest the November 13 parliamentary elections, Nepal's Election Commission said Monday.

    At stake are 205 parliamentary seats. The poll was ordered on July 11 following the defeat of the ruling Nepali Congress government after a crucial vote on July 10.

    More than 66 political parties, including five recognised by the election commission as national parties, are taking part in the elections.

    The Nepali Congress, the Nepal Communist Party (United Marxist-Leninists - UML) and the National Democratic Party, all three national parties, are putting up candidates in all 205 parliamentary constituencies.

    Nepali Congress had 113 seats in the dissolved house with UML at 68 and the National Democratic four.

    The political equation is expected to change after the mid-term polls as almost all national parties are having to deal with intraparty conflicts and differences.

    The worst hit is the Nepali Congress, supposedly the largest in the country, with party leader Ganesh Man Singh publicly going against the prime minister, Girija Prasad Koirala.

    Koirala, reneging on his earlier stand not to contest the elections, is contesting from two constituencies and in both he faces competition from "rebel" congress candidates.

    "Rebel" candidates have been put up in most constituencies to oppose the official Nepali Congress candidates. dpa jp

SOURCE: Xinhua

HEADLINE: plague prevention committee formed in east nepal

DATELINE: kathmandu, october 3; ITEM NO: 1003194

   a plague control and prevention committee has been formed in jhapa district of eastern nepal to prevent the dreadful disease from entering nepal. the committee was formed today at a meeting of the mechi zonal hospital development committee. the new body will take preventive measures, promote public awareness and maintain a coordination between various units concerned and social organizations as a precautionary step against the plague that has spread in india since september 21. in the meeting, the participants suggested that the name lists of those coming to nepal from surat and other plague-hit areas in india should be prepared, and their health should be checked to find out whether they have been infected or not. they also suggested that adequate medicines be stocked for treatment of the disease, pamphlets be circulated to promote public awareness and 24-hour medical service be arranged. several plague victims have been found in the mid-western and eastern parts of nepal, and various organizations have urged the government to take necessary measures to check the disease.
------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: Xinhua

HEADLINE: nepal to send doctors to areas bordering india

DATELINE: kathmandu, october 3; ITEM NO: 1003196

    nepal has decided to field health teams including doctors in various areasbordering india as part of the plague prevention and control measures. the teams, supplied with necessary equipment, will examine the people entering nepal who are suspected of being carriers of the pneumonic plague. a decision to this effect was taken at a meeting on the plague prevention and control which was held at the health ministry today. the meeting decided that medical teams with medical officers will remain on duty at all hospitals in the kathmandu valley while all regional, zonal and district hospitals will open a separate ward each for plague patients. the meeting also decided to launch a campaign through the ministry of local development for keeping environment clean mainly in kathmandu and other municipalities by removing dumping garbage.
------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: Xinhua

HEADLINE: nepali congress rebel candidates urged to withdraw

DATELINE: kathmandu, october 3; ITEM NO: 1003059

   nepali congress (nc) president krishna prasad bhattarai has called on all nc cadres who have filed counter nominations to withdraw their names and initiate work in favor of the official candidates of the party. in a signed statement released here late sunday, bhattarai said the party leadership does realize that long-serving party workers have, in some cases, been bypassed for others when handing out candidacy tickets. "but this does not mean your contributions have not been recognized," he said. "therefore, i personally request all of you who filed counter nominations, to withdraw in favor of the party's official candidates," the party president said. despite the party president's appeal, nc rebel candidate in eastern nepal's morang no. 1 constituency durga subedi reiterated sunday that he would forge an all-party alliance to defeat prime minister girija prasad koirala. he stressed, "my candidacy is for the defeat of koirala and for development of the nation." prime minister koirala would contest simultaneously in morang no.1 constituency and sunsari no. 5 constituency. two other rebel nc members filed their nominations against the prime minister in sunsari no. 5 constituency. in some other places, nc official candidates were reportedly not able to file their nomination papers to local offices of the election officer due to strong opposition from nc rebel workers.


*********************************************************************************************** SOURCE: Xinhua

HEADLINE: nepali garment industry on decline

DATELINE: kathmandu, october 3; ITEM NO: 1003065

   ninety percent of the ready-made garment factories have closed down while the rest are keeping only 25 percent of their production capacity. it was disclosed by president of the nepal ready-made garment industry association kedar man amatya at the association's annual general meeting here sunday. the major reason for the decline is that the considerably high production cost as compared to its neighbors leads to the lack of competitiveness for its products on the world market. former president of the association chiranjibi nidhi tiwari said that another problem the ready-made garment industry is facing is the transportation while exporting the products. commerce secretary durga prakash pandey observed that the ready-made garment industrialists should shun the tendency to export their products only on the basis of incentives, suggesting that they should promote the quality of their products to increase their competitiveness. the ready-made garment industry is the second industry in the country's export trade and provides employment to about 60,000 people in nepal. in 1993, the ready-made garment export in nepal was equivalent to 74.4 million u.s. dollars.
-------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: Xinhua

HEADLINE: suspected plague cases found in nepal

DATELINE: kathmandu, october 3; ITEM NO: 1003054

   several plague victims have been found in eastern, mid-western nepal, local press reported today. a 25-year-old man, who entered nepal via the eastern border from new delhi a few days ago, was brought to hospital for treatment sunday. but the victim was left in an open field under the supervision of the police because the nurses did not have masks to wear, doctors said. meanwhile, other plague cases have been reported in bhadrapur, jhapa of eastern nepal and nepalgunj of mid-western nepal. but the home ministry said no plague cases have been confirmed in nepal, adding that they sent a special technical team to nepalgunj to deal with plague cases. medical teams have been dispatched to all border entry points, said the home ministry. in kathmandu, the federation of nepalese transport entrepreneurs urged the government to stop entry of all indians without health checkups and asked all nepalese to take caution while traveling from or to india. at the same time, nepal association of travel agents also urged the government to initiate all necessary actions to prevent the spread of the terrible plague. more than 60 percent of the indo- nepal tour packages for october have been canceled due to the disease. every year, thousands of nepali people go to india to seek jobs and they are coming back for dashain festival, the most important festival for hindus.
------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: Reuters

HEADLINE: Five detained after U.S. envoy's car stoned


   Nepalese police detained five people after the U.S. ambassador's car was stoned, Nepalese and U.S. officials said Monday.

   Ambassador Sandra Vogelgesang was not in the car when it was attacked. It was being driven to pick up American officials arriving at Kathmandu's airport Sunday evening, a Home Ministry official said.

   There was no indication of intent to harm U.S. diplomats, he said.

   "It appears to be a case of nuisance by some drunkards," a U.S. Embassy official said. The car was slightly damaged.
------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: UPI

HEADLINE: First suspected plague cases in Nepal


    Nepal's first suspected plague victim was brought to a hospital in the industrial town of Biratnagar, about 225 miles (360 km) southeast of the capital, the Katmandu Post reported Monday. The suspected victim, Shiva Adhikari, 25, who entered Nepal from plague-wracked New Delhi, was turned away from the hospital Sunday and instead kept in an open field under police supervision, the newspaper said. ''He was not admitted to the hospital because nurses had no masks to wear,'' the newspaper quoted an unidentified doctor saying. The newspaper said other possible cases have been reported in Nepal. Three suspected cases were reported in three towns on Nepal's southern border with India last week, the Katmandu Post said, but it was unclear whether they were admitted to hospitals. One case was reported in Biratnagar and one case each was reported from Bhadrapur, which was sealed to foreigners, and the town of Nepalgunj 300 miles (480 km) west of Katmandu. But the Home Ministry and the Health Ministry said no cases have been confirmed so far.
------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: DPA

HEADLINE: Samaranch sends condolences over death of Nepal's chief delegate

DATELINE: H1roshima, Oct 4

    International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Juan Antonia Samaranch has expressed his deep condolences over the death of the chief of Nepal's athletic delegation to the 12th Asian Games.

    In a letter addressed to Nepal Olympic Committee President Govinda Raj Hoshi, Samaranch said, "It is with deep sorrow that I learned of the sudden death of Mr. Naresh K. Adhikari, head of the Nepal's team to Asiad."

    Adhikari collapsed Sunday with severe breathing difficulties in his room at the athletes village and died shortly after a nearby hospital.

    "On behalf of the Olympic movement, I extend to the Nepal Olympic Committee and the family of Mr Adhikari my sincere condolences," the IOC head said. dpa jp
------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: Xinhua

HEADLINE: free education for helpless child workers in nepal

DATELINE: kathmandu, october 4; ITEM NO: 1004075

   free primary education and boarding facility will be provided for the helpless child workers who are displaced from the carpet factories due to the strict government action against child labor. the program was launched by the underprivileged children's educational program for nepal and the asian-american free labor institute, local press reported today. according to the joint statement issued by the two organizations after signing an agreement monday, the education program consists of non-formal education and vocational training. it is expected that the displaced child laborers will become independent and responsible through the vocational training and non-formal education program. the program is only a pilot project which may be turned into a national scheme if it becomes successful since there are over 50,000 displaced child workers in the country after the government carried out child-labor free policy in the carpet industry, according to chairman of the underprivileged children's educational program for nepal shiva raj lohani.
------------------------------------------------------------------ SOURCE: Xinhua

HEADLINE: nepali pm asks nc dissidents to withdraw candidacy

DATELINE: kathmandu, october 4; ITEM NO: 1004068

   prime minister girija prasad koirala has requested all colleagues of nepali congress (nc) who have independently filed their candidacy against the party official candidates to withdraw their nominations. in a statement published here monday, the prime minister said, "a grave and decisive moment has arrived not only for the party but also for democracy and the country and under this circumstance all nepali congress colleagues have to dispel all kinds of illusions and confusion, uphold the party's political tradition and culture with patience and unitedly go to the people for their votes in favor of the party's official candidates." koirala expressed his confidence that the fresh popular mandate to be received through the general elections due in about one and a half months will be crucial to the settlement of all the problems "we are faced with at present." he said that being a large party with a long political tradition, nepali congress could not provide election tickets to all its dedicated and loyal members at the same time and obtaining the party ticket is not the only basis for the evaluation of the party colleagues. nc president krishna prasad bhattarai had also issued a similar statement urging all nc cadres who filed counter nominations to withdraw their names and initiate work in favor of the official party candidates so as to make sure victory of the party in the polls. it was reported that some nc dissident workers have filed to the election offices as independent candidates in the upcoming elections to compete against nc party official candidates including the prime minister who is to contest in eastern nepal's morang and sunsari districts simultaneously.
-------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: UPI

HEADLINE: Koirala asks rebels to withdraw nominations


   Nepalese Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala appealed Tuesday to
''rebels'' within his ruling Nepali Congress Party to withdraw their own electoral nominations and support official party candidates in upcoming mid-term elections. In a statement, the second issued by the Congress Party hierarchy in three days, Koirala asked dissatisfied party candidates to withdraw their own nominations for parliamentary seats ''in the face of a grave and decisive moment facing the party, democracy and country.'' Earlier this week, Congress Party President Krishna Prasad Bhattarai issued a similar statement. Ganesh Man Singh, the party's ''supreme leader,'' had earlier asked supporters of the Congress Party to rebel against Koirala and his supporters, and defeat the prime minister in the November elections. Singh claims Koirala is leading Nepal toward dictatorship. Koirala ordered the mid-term polls to be held on Nov. 15, months ahead of schedule, ''to end ( Nepal's) political confusion and directionlessness through a constitutional process.'' In July, Koirala recommended the mid-term polls to Nepal's King Birendra, after 36 rebels in the Congress Party sided with the Parliament's communist opposition to defeat an important government motion. The rebels have fielded 160 candidates in 205 parliamentary constituencies for the vote, which will be held Nov. 13 or 15, depending on a finla parliamentary ruling. The 1,745 candididates have until Thursday to withdraw their nominations. The Congress Party is contesting all 205 parliamentary seats. Its main opposition, the Nepalese Communist Party is contesting 200, and the conservative Rashtriya Prajatantra Party is contesting 204, according to the Nepalese election commission. Many Nepalese political analysts have predicted a defeat for the Congress Party in the November elections.
-------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: San Francisco Chronicle, October 3
  HEADLINE: Saving Nepalese Girls From Slavery S.F. woman's group wants to educate young prostitutes

BYLINE: Catherine Bowman, Chronicle Staff Writer

    Every year, thousands of teenage girls leave the villages of Nepal for the big cities of India, often seduced by promises of money, marriage or a visit to the holy shrines.

   The trip is a cruel joke.

q Often sold by relatives, the girls wind up in the hands of prostitution traffickers, turning tricks in the grimy brothels of Bombay and other cities. As they become infected with the human immunodeficiency virus, which causes AIDS, they may work until they die -- or carry the disease home.

   With AIDS on the rise, a small foundation headed by a San Francisco woman has joined the fight against the disease by starting a program to rescue Nepalese girls before they are sold.

   The Bahini Foundation's work in Nepal is headed by Kristina Carlson, a meditation teacher and former opera singer who moved to the mountain kingdom two years ago. Her goal: to open a safe house where children at risk of becoming prostitutes can go to school.

   ''Virtually no girl is safe (from traffickers),'' said Carlson, 54. ''It's really the darkest side of human nature. Their childhood is robbed and their future is stolen.''

   AIDS threatens to devastate Nepal, which for all its picturesque beauty is one of the poorest countries in the world. Girls have little status in society, and often a family sees the sale of a daughter or two as the only way to resolve its economic plight.

   For health educators, poverty is not the only challenge. The country has a high illiteracy rate, many isolated mountain hamlets and a traditional society in which sex is rarely discussed. Add to that thousands of Nepalese men who work in Bombay and are potential carriers of the AIDS virus and other sexually transmitted diseases.

   Carlson said a prostitution trafficker will pay anywhere from $ 60 to $ 200 for a Nepalese girl -- enough to put a new roof on the house or feed a family for a year. Some villages, Carlson said, are virtually empty of teenage girls, who now work in the brothels.

   Families are not always aware that they are selling their daughters, which is illegal, said the Rev. Margaret Reinfeld, director of social and behavioral research for the American Foundation for AIDS Research.

   Reinfeld said it is not unusual for parents to receive a child's wages for the first year of any job.

   ''Because of their own isolation, they may not be aware of what really will happen,'' she said.

   Not all girls or young women who end up as sex workers are sold by relatives. Some go willingly, lured by false promises of a well-paying job; some are kidnaped.

   Once they arrive in Bombay, Carlson said, they are abused to break their spirits. Some are as young as 11 or 12.

   ''When they get there, they are raped and tortured by the brothel owners and their henchmen,'' she said. ''They blow chili powder in their eyes, extinguish cigarets on them . . . all kinds of stuff.''

   According to some estimates, 200,000 Nepalese women work in India's brothels. In Bombay alone, more than 60 percent of all sex workers are believed to be infected with HIV.

   ''You should see (their) faces,'' Carlson said. ''They're dead -- or they're beyond fear. Their only personal possession is their makeup box.''

   Carlson hopes the planned safe house in Kathmandu will house as many as 200 children.

   ''We don't ever expect to be the Red Cross,'' she said. ''We just want to provide a life for the kids that we find.''

   Donations may be sent to the Bahini Foundation in care of: Stuart Perrin, 80 Fourth Avenue, Fourth Floor, New York 10003.

************************************************************************** Date: 06 Oct 94 22:08:52 EDT From: Rajendra.P.Shrestha@Dartmouth.EDU (Rajendra P. Shrestha) Subject: News10/5-6 To:

HEADLINE: Of course losing hurts, says Nepal's German football consultant

BYLINE: By Steve Chadwick

DATELINE: Hiroshima, Oct 5

    For the past three years Holger Obermann has been Mr Football in Nepal, whose national team has been ripped apart at each outing in the Asian Games. "Of course it hurts," he says. But it's all a question of perspective.

    At first glance Nepal appear the joke side of the tournament, losing 11-0 to South Korea in their first match, then 8-0 to Kuwait, and destined for another pasting Saturday against Oman, after which they can pack their bags and leave.

    That, says Obermann, is not the point. "We didn't have a chance against either side - the difference in standards between Nepal and these countries is just too enormous," he says.

    A tiny country beset by political unrest, high unemployment and epidemic is not going to produce top professional footballers. The national squad, says Obermann, was put together from a pool of 400 players who do not even train regularly, and whose main concern is
"day-to-day existing".

    That said, the disappointment in losing so overwhelmingly is high for a side that beat big neighbour India to win the South Asia championship last December - "a major success that gave the entire country a huge lift".

    But the realities of Nepalese life stopped further success. The squad that beat India disbanded until just eight weeks before the Asian Games, as lack of funds prevented keeping them together.

    Ten weeks of monsoon then hit training, leaving the side with no one to spar with - and that in a country with no league in which regularly to test players' mettle.

    On top of that came the fact that seven of the squad, including the regular goalkeeper, were in their sickbeds with fever for the Korea match, and four for the Kuwait game.

    But really, says Obermann, it all comes down to money and how best to spend it in a land that has so little of it. "What's the point of promoting 25 top footballers when there's so much else to do in sport?" he says.

    The 57-year-old, a television personality in his homeland, speaks from the experience of working for the past 20 years in 19 Asian and African countries as a sport adviser on the payroll of the German Foreign Ministry.

    While his expertise is being used in Hiroshima to help the national team, his real job "is always from the basic premise of not working at the top level - I'm not a Zampano running up and down the touchline".

    Since going to Nepal, Obermann has helped set up twelve German government-funded youth centres which now help a total of 4,000 youngsters develop an interest in football, producing youth sides from which Obermann hands on players to the national squad.

    The tall German, highly articulate and still an active sportsman, brings an element of missionary zeal to his job, stressing that while it hurts to lose against sides like Korea, the main thing is to get Nepalese kids playing football.

    "I believe in the social benefits sport conveys," he says. "In a country like Nepal, where the caste system still dominates and there are enormous differences within society, football is an excellent leveller.

    "That lads from different castes should play football together - that's something you don't get in any other social sphere in Nepal.

    "Sport also gives these lads what you might call a health awareness - keeping away a little from influences like beer and drugs which these days have become part of the system in Nepal, too." dpa jp
------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: Xinhua

HEADLINE: king birendra wishes nepal to preserve sovereignty

DATELINE: kathmandu, october 5; ITEM NO: 1005084

   king of nepal birendra wished his country and people in the coming days to lead a prosperous life with dignity and preserve the country's sovereignty, integrity, identity and unity. the king made the remarks during an interview given to french magazine "point de vue" after his recent visit to france, the nepali national news agency rss reported here today. king birendra paid a state visit to france on september 20-26 at the invitation of french president francois mitterrand. in answering a question on his wish for his people and for nepal of tomorrow, the king said that "i wish to see my country and people prosper and lead a life with dignity preserving our sovereignty, national integrity, identity and unity, and thereby contributing to peace and prosperity in our region and the world at large." on the forthcoming fresh polls to the lower house, birendra said "the general election scheduled for november this year is in accordance with the constitution and is expected to contribute to strengthening the democratic process." on the possibility of naming someone from the left opposition party to the post of prime minister if they win the elections, the king said "the constitution of the kingdom of nepal has laid down the procedure for forming a government inclduing the appointment of the prime minister."
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