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-------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: Xinhua

HEADLINE: nepali congress for good ties with india, china

DATELINE: kathmandu, october 5; ITEM NO: 1005199

   nepali congress (nc), the former ruling party, assured in its mid-term election manifesto that if elected to power, the party will maintain strong relationships with india and china. the nc manifesto, which was issued here this afternoon at a press conference, said that
"in the international field, we support active non-alignment, world peace and effective role of the united nations. we will maintain strong relationships with our neighbors, india and china, on the basis of friendship and mutual confidence." the press conference was presided over by nc president krishna prasad bhattarai and prime minister girija prasad koirala was also present. if elected to power, what nc promised to do on domestic fields in the manifesto includes:
--to push ahead programs for economic development and growth of production in a way that additional employment opportunities are created for the people, particularly designed to raise the living standard of the people who can't speak for themselves and are forced to live on penury, --special programs will be launched for creating employment opportunities and for poverty eradication, --a long term agricultural policy will be prepared to gradually transform the sustenance agriculture to productive market-oriented system, and
--special emphasis will be given for the maximum utilization of the foreign aid which has increased three fold in the past three years. nepal will conduct its fresh mid-term polls to the 205-seat lower house on december 13. the former ruling party will contest in all 205 constituencies. currently, 1,745 candidates from political parties and 600 independents, will compete for the 205 seats of the lower house.
------------------------------------------------------------------ SOURCE: Reuter



    Nepal wants lenders to conclude the aid package promised for the Arun Hydroelectric Project as soon as possible because further delay could harm the economy, Nepal Rastra Bank governor Hari Shankar Tripathi said on Wednesday.

   "I take this opportunity to request the cofinancing donors and institutions to conclude their assistance package to this project at their earliest opportunity," Tripathi told the International Monetary Fund and World Bank annual meeting.

   He said further delays to the controversial project would cause cost overruns of nearly $ 25 million a year and would have adverse implications for the economy.

   The $ 764 million project to dam the Arun valley, deep in the Himalayas, is being opposed by environmental groups who claim it would threaten the livelihoods of local tribes, destroy rare animal species and be a financial fiasco.

   Tripathi said a shortage of power in Nepal was causing serious problems in attracting private investment.
------------------------------------------------------------------ SOURCE: Xinhua

HEADLINE: nepal -india border security talks conclude

DATELINE: kathmandu, october 6; ITEM NO: 1006067

    nepal -india border security talks for ensuring a peaceful mid-term election to the nepali lower house concluded wednesday at biratnagar in eastern nepal. a meeting of the coordination committee of nepal -india border security decided to jointly check illegal cross-border infiltration and control the movement of criminal-minded and other unwanted elements to ensure a free, fair and peaceful election to be held in november, local press reported today. the meeting also decided to keep close watch on the activities of suspected persons and seal the border 24 hours before the election. at the meeting, the indian side pledged cooperation in nepal's effort for holding a peaceful election in nepal. both sides agreed to solve each other's local problems through mutual cooperation and understanding.

***************************************************************** Date: Thu, 6 Oct 1994 20:15:15 -0500 From: Afak Haydar <> To:, Subject:

                      ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY

Date: October 02, 1994

To : Dr Padam Sharma, Editor, Nepal Digest

From: Dr Afak Haydar, Professor of Public Administration and
       Executive Director, International Programs and Services

       Arkansas State University, State University, AR 72467-0600
       Telephone (Voice) 501-972-3800; Telefax: 501-972-3892


Re : International Education

The Bachelor's degree from India-Pakistan may be earned after 14-15 years of formal education. When a student from these countries seeks admission to graduate studies at an American university, he is generally advised to earn a local Bachelor's degree. He receives limited credit for the college level work he completed in India- Pakistan. He is also assessed deficiencies in his major area, for example students seeking admission to the MBA program must have taken the foundation courses required by the College of Business; they are assessed these deficiencies; students seeking admission to a Master's degree in computer science are assessed deficiencies in mathematics and computer science.

Arkansas State University (ASU) has designed a system under which it permits an educational institution in a foreign country to teach, under ASU supervision and monitoring, designated courses. On transfer to ASU, the student is given "transfer credit" for these courses and is not be required to take them on ASU campus. This arrangement is possible only when ASU is satisfied that the quality of education at the foreign institution will be similar to the quality of education on campus. The system requires constant monitoring and review. All students who seek admission to ASU must meet all admission requirements.

Under another arrangement, a student who holds the local Bachelor's degree may be allowed to take certain courses in the host country and come to the United States, take at least 36 hours and earn the local baccalaureate degree. He must meet all admission criteria for undergraduate admission: a minimum grade point average; a minimum score on TOEFL; financial security, etc.

I wonder if there are any private institutions in Nepal that might be interested in entering into such an arrangement with ASU.

Arkansas State University is a fully accredited state institution, accredited, among others, by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools; the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB); the Accreditation Board of Engineering & Technology (ABET); the Computer Science Accreditation Board, and other professional organizations.

We have an institutional arrangement in Pakistan; we are negotiating terms with an institution in India; and would like to serve Nepal, also.

Interested persons in the United States or in Nepal (or, those with contacts in Nepal) may contact me by telephone, fax, or email. Thank you.

Afak Haydar

************************************************************************ Date: Sat, 08 Oct 1994 08:00:36 -0500 (CDT) From: Satyendra M Patrabansh <PATRABAN@AC.GRIN.EDU> Subject: free news subscription To:

I am a student at Grinnell College. My name is Satyendra Patrabansh and my e- mail address is I would like to subscribe Nepal Digest/ Info News Nepal. Hope you send it me.Thanks!

************************************************************************ Date: 09 Oct 94 12:06:57 EDT From: Rajendra.P.Shrestha@Dartmouth.EDU (Rajendra P. Shrestha) Subject: Vijaya Dashami Ko Mangalmaya Shuvakamana To:

This is from Mr. Suresh Khatry at UNEP in Nairobi, Kenya.

--- Forwarded Message from ---

        Dear Friends,

        This is just a short message to convey our best wishes to all of you and

your family on the wonderful occasion of Vijaya Dashami 2051.


        We are off on our home leave to KTM starting tomorrow (09/10/94) so we

will not be accessible via e-mail til 23/11/94.

Best Regards Suresh/Shova

P.S. Rajendra, Please post this on the TND also. Thanks a million.

********************************************************************* From: (Bhuban Pandey) Subject: Bijaya Dashami Ko Hardik Shuvakamana! To: Date: Mon, 10 Oct 94 8:43:29 CDT Hi Folks!


Bhuban, Prabha and Bhumika Pandey Omaha, Nebraska

********************************************************************* Date: Mon, 10 Oct 94 09:49:20 EDT From: Manishi <MXK0428@SRUVM.SRU.EDU> Subject: Re: The Nepal Digest - Oct 6, 1994 (1 Kartik 2051 BkSm) To: TND FAMILY <>

Happy Vijaya Dashain TO all TND members. May Durga Devi bring happiness to you
 and your families.

******************************************************************** Date: Mon, 10 Oct 1994 13:33:11 -0500 (CDT) From: SSHRESTHA@VTHVAX.TAMU.EDU To: Subject: SHUBHA-KAMANA


****************************************************************** Date: Mon, 10 Oct 1994 19:48:53 -0400 (EDT) From: NGH42799Q236@DAFFY.MILLERSV.EDU To: Subject: REQUEST FOR AN ARTICLE


%%%%%Editor's Note: Thank you for your request. It is time consuming %%%%%
%%%%% very much involved to retireve old articles. %%%%%
%%%%% Please contact Mr. Pramod Mishra for his pieces. %%%%%
%%%%% Could anyone create an anonymous FTP site for %%%%%
%%%%% past TND issues? %%%%%

**************************************************** Date: Mon, 10 Oct 1994 22:08:17 -0400 (EDT) From: Ashutosh Tiwari <> Subject: Dassain Celebrations in Boston To: Nepal Digest <>

The Greater Boston Nepali Community (GBNC) is hosting a Dassain Party in Boston for all Boston Nepalis and their friends. Those of you in the surrounding area who have not yet received the October newsletter, take this as your invitation, and do plan on joining more than 100 other Nepalis for Dassain ko tika!.

Date: Saturday, October 15 '94 Place: Talbot Lounge at MIT, Cambridge, Mass. Time: 6 pm till 1 am. What to expect: Dassain Tika; Catered food from an upscale Harvard Square
                restaurant; stimulating company of some very interesting Nepali
                students, professionals and families; games; Nepali dance shows
                Nepali poetry recitation; Nepali song performance; attractive
                door prizes; GBNC elections for the year '94-'95; and, dance,
                with a live band, at the end. Attire: Anything comfortable in this slightly chilly weather. At the door: Registration -- $12.00 per head; $27.00 per family including

For more info, contact:

         Sunil Shakya, GBNC's Treasurer:
      or Ashutosh Tiwari:

namaste ashu president, gbnc


*********************************************************************************************** Date: 11 Oct 94 00:10:09 EDT From: Rajendra.P.Shrestha@Dartmouth.EDU (Rajendra P. Shrestha) Subject: Requesting information To:


I'm taking a seminar course this term that focuses on the relation between economic development and its environmental effects on developing countries. As part of the seminar, I have to write a final comprehensive study of a developing country, looking at its economic growth (or lack of) in the last few decades and identifying how it has affected the environment in that country. I have, naturally, chosen to write about Nepal. But there's a catch: I don't have much hard information on Nepal. I would like to request your help in collecting these information. If you have, or have access to or know how to get access to, any information on any of the following topics (or anything related to the economy and environment of Nepal) please let me know:

-the macroeconomic history of Nepal for the past few decades (say after 1950)

-World Bank/IMF reports on Nepal's economy

- Studies and reports on the state of the environment in Nepal

- Studies on the effect of structural adjustment programs on Nepal's environment

- studies and data linking Nepal's economic development to its environmental degradation (deforestration, urban migration, urban pollution etc. comes to mind)

- particular cases, e.g. hydropower development vs. environment, agricultural practices vs. deforestration etc.

- anything else related to this field.

I'm willing to pay for photocopy/postage expenses to get any information you may have. Please help me!!

Thanks. Rajendra Shrestha

>From tilak@UFCC.UFL.EDU Tue Oct 11 19:15:36 1994
Received: from by with SMTP id AA13415
  (5.67b/IDA-1.5 for <>); Tue, 11 Oct 1994 19:14:59 -0500 Received: by UFCC.UFL.EDU (MX V4.1 VAX) id 331; Tue, 11 Oct 1994 20:12:08 EDT Date: Tue, 11 Oct 1994 13:17:38 EST From: tilak@UFCC.UFL.EDU To: Message-Id: <00985C92.EDFD49C0.331@UFCC.UFL.EDU> Subject: Throw the bum (Girija) out.

     Throw the bum (Girija) out.

     As the November election in coming near, I would like to request all the concerned Nepalese citizens to consider the facts and use the divine power of voting, to throw the bum (Girija) out of the office.

     The present political issue in Nepal is neither the intra- party bickering of Nepali Congress, nor the overexpectation of the Nepalese people out of the so called young democracy in Nepal. The issue is the personal corruption of Girija Koirala and inability of Nepali Congress as a party to control him. In the democracy, people do not elect an individual to be a king, but the trust and direction charted out by the party. Leaders should be able to inspire the whole country, if not, at least a large segment of the intelligentia. A leader, if not farsighted and wise, at the minimum should be an honest person. The integrity of the leader is, in the final analysis, what inspires people. It seems that the Nepali Congress led by Girija expect to win the election, not because of their own merit but merely by pointing out that the alternatives are worst. They also would like us to believe that the 'democracy' is 'Nepali Congress'. These are not acceptable propositions. It is sad to note that Girija's corruption and nepotism knows no bound. As the historical, first elected primeminister of Nepal, in this era of democracy, all he has to offer is naked corruption and shameless nepotism. Expectation of his leadership towards social and economic development of the country has become most stinking road kill in the Nepalese history. Even 'Ranas' and 'Panches' may be embarrassed to observe his character. Girija Koirala is truely a curse to the family name of Bishweshor Koirala, Nepali Congress, Nepalese democracy, and Nepal.

     The dawn of democracy was not so cheap in Nepal. Lots of blood and tears has been spent. Many people, like Ganga Lal, have died; and many people, like Bishweshor Koirala and Ganesh Man Singh, have struggled all their life. In the democracy, sovereignty along with responsibility lies with the people, like you and me. If we do not take our responsibility and use the power of voting properly, then we are only to be blamed for the degeneration of our country. If a party supports an individual, who is known to be criminal; and if a nation elects a leader, who is known to be corrupt; then they deserve the inevitable consequences. Look around the world, there is no dearth of examples. Thus my fellow Nepalese, let us throw this bum (Girija) out of the office.

     Happy Dasain. Sincerely yours - Tilak B. Shrestha.

>From Tue Oct 11 23:10:50 1994
Received: from by with SMTP id AA21535
  (5.67b/IDA-1.5 for <>); Tue, 11 Oct 1994 23:10:16 -0500 Received: from prancer.Dartmouth.EDU ( []) by (8.6.9+DND/8.6.9) with SMTP id AAA29408 for <>; Wed, 12 Oct 1994 00:10:12 -0400 Message-Id: <12927803@prancer.Dartmouth.EDU> Date: 12 Oct 94 00:10:10 EDT From: Rajendra.P.Shrestha@Dartmouth.EDU (Rajendra P. Shrestha) Subject: News To:

Forwarded from

Source: Indian Express, Oct 4, 1994

                                 * * * * * *

Kathmandu - Candidates for forthcoming parliamentary elections in Nepal have filed their papers in all the 205 constituencies with the PM Mr.Girija Prasad Koirala, fielding his candidacy from two seats, reports UNI.
        The filing of was marked by a clear rift emerging within the Nepal Congress with rebel candidates filing papers in several constituencies.
        Difference between Mr.Koirala and the party president Mr.K.P. Bhattarai, appeared to be the cause behind dissident NC members fielding their candidacy as independents.
        Prime Minister Koirala was greeted with black flags as he filed his papers for the Morgan-I constituency at Biratnagar. In that constituency, the rebel NC activist, Mr.Durga Subedi, also filed his nomination.
        The main opposition Communist Party of Nepal(United Marxist-Lenninist) said it would withdraw its nominee in favour of Mr.Subedi who it proposed should be the joint opposition candidate against Mr.Koirala.
        At Sunsari-5 too, two NC workers filed their papers in opposition to Mr.Koirala, who is also contesting from this seat.
        In what appeared to be a nationwide move, rebel NC candidates filed their papers against the official party nominees.
        Meanwhile, the CPN(UML) president Mr Manmohan Adhikari, filed his nomination from two seats - Kathmandu 1 and 3, the president of the Rashtryiya Prajatantra Party and the former panchayat period Prime Minister, Mr.Surya Bahadur Thapa fromDhankuta-2 and Sarlahi-2, Nepal Sadbahavana Party president Gajendra Narayan Singh from Saptari-2 and RPP leader and former Prime Minister Lokendra Bahadur Chand from Baitadi-1 and 2.
        Also filing their papers were speakers of the dissolved Pratinidi Sabha, Mr. Daman Nath Dhungana, from Kathmandu-2, the deputy speaker, Mr Mahantha Thakur from Sarlahi-5 and former Prime minister and Rashtriya Janata Parishad president Kirti Nidhi Bista from Kathmandu-3.
        While the Nepali Congress and CPN(UML) and the RPP have fielded candidates in all 205 parliamentary constituencies, another national-level party - The Nepal Sadhbavana Party - has nominees on 83 seats in 26 districts.
        With scrutiny and withdrawals for October 4 and 5, respectively, the final list of candidates will be published on Oct and elections symbols allocated on Oct 7.
        The EC here has recognised only four parties as national parties and allocated them a fixed election symbol.
        The Nepal Congress has "the three" - the CPN the "sun", the RPP a "cow" and the NSP "hand".
        The cabinet has recommended shifting of the poll-date from November 13 to 15 in view of the scheduled date being "kartik maha ekadashi", a major Hindu religious festival.

                              ( E N D )

>From Tue Oct 11 23:10:59 1994
Received: from by with SMTP id AA21566
  (5.67b/IDA-1.5 for <>); Tue, 11 Oct 1994 23:10:54 -0500 Received: from prancer.Dartmouth.EDU ( []) by (8.6.9+DND/8.6.9) with SMTP id AAA29479 for <>; Wed, 12 Oct 1994 00:10:50 -0400 Message-Id: <12927820@prancer.Dartmouth.EDU> Date: 12 Oct 94 00:10:47 EDT From: Rajendra.P.Shrestha@Dartmouth.EDU (Rajendra P. Shrestha) Subject: News10/10-11 To:


HEADLINE: Nepali opposition confident of election win


    Nepal's main opposition party on Monday set out its stall for upcoming elections, pledging to emerge from India's security umbrella, strengthen democracy and protect workers' rights.

   General Secretary of the Nepal Communist Party-United Marxist and Leninist (NCP-UML) Madhav Kumar Nepal said his party would accept the results of next month's general elections if they were "free and impartial".

   "But we, however, will not accept the idea of Nepal remaining under the umbrella of the Indian security and defence policy," he told a news conference.

    Nepal discounted speculation that the November 15 elections would result in a hung parliament.

   The 205-member lower house of representatives was disbanded in July by King Birendra who announced fresh elections on the request of Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala.

   The King then asked Koirala to continue in office and oversee the polls.

   Koirala, was forced to resign after losing a crucial parliamentary vote on his government's annual socio-economic and political programmes.

   The polls were called despite opposition, and some ruling party, calls for an all-party government to be formed.

    Nepal on Monday promised not to boycott the polls despite his party's misgivings: "It would not be a democratic practice to boycott the elections merely because our demand was unfulfilled."

SOURCE: Xinhua

HEADLINE: nepali cp leader on party foreign, domestic policy

DATELINE: kathmandu, october 10; ITEM NO: 1010236

   madhav kumar nepal, general secretary of the communist party of nepal (uml), the former main opposition, said today that his party, if elected in the upcoming polls, would work for national interests and welfare of the people and keep good relations with foreign countries, especially with india and china. the communist leader made these remarks in an interview with foreign correspondents stationed in nepal here this afternoon, on the eve of deshain official holidays. deshain, nepal's most important festival, already commenced october 7, but the official holidays for deshain will start from tomorrow and last from seven days to two weeks. on the foreign policy, nepal said that his party, if elected, would continue to maintain good and close relations with both india and china, and stress that no activities against india or china would be allowed. but, nepal hoped, as nepal is a small and land-locked country, other countries including the developed ones should look after the interests of a small country like nepal. as for various problems with india including the tanapur agreement, customs of duties and those in other aspects, the communist party leader said that they should be solved through talks beneficial to both countries. he also welcomed cooperation with all foreign countries in the future and his party if elected would accept foreign economic assistance to nepal's development in various fields. dealing with domestic affairs, nepal stressed that the feudal land system now still existent in nepal would be abolished and a new land policy adopted in the rural areas. those landless farmers and tillers would be provided with land and compensation would be paid to landowners for the extra land above ceilings taken from them. nepal is to hold its mid-term elections to the 205-seat lower house november 13. but, at the request of the caretaker government, it might be moved 2 or 3 days later as november 13 happens to be a religious holiday for hinduism believers. the uml has fielded 195 candidates to compete in the polls, five less than previously filed to the election offices, m.k. nepal said.
------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: Xinhua

HEADLINE: nepali congress expels party dissidents

DATELINE: kathmandu, october 10; ITEM NO: 1010076

   nepali congress (nc), the former ruling party, has started to take strict disciplinary actions against party dissidents who had filed themselves as independent candidates against party official ones in the forthcoming mid-term polls. the nc banke district committee in mid-western nepal on sunday unanimously decided to expel from party membership former district president of the party and other two active party workers for two years and disqualify them from nomination to any post of nc and its government for six years, official english daily
"the rising nepal" reported here today. the decision was taken for the nominations they filed as independent candidates against the party candidates from banke constituency no.1 and 2 to contest the november 13 elections. the meeting also decided to expel three nc workers from the party for two years as they had proposed and seconded the nominations of dissident candidates. the nc central working committee had adopted a decision on september 7 to take stern disciplinary action against any partyman revolting against the official party candidates in connection with the november elections. there are some 12 to 13 nc dissident candidates, nc president krishna prasad battarai said at a recent nc press conference. nc leaders had urged them to withdraw their names and initiate work in favor of the official candidates of the party, but some of them declined to withdraw in spite of possible party punishment.
------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: Xinhua

HEADLINE: date for mid-term poll changed in nepal

DATELINE: kathmandu, october 10; ITEM NO: 1010244

   the date for the mid-term election to the house of representatives
(lower house) in nepal has been moved from november 13 to november 15, this year. the decision was made by king birendra as recommended by the council of minister on september 15, according to a communique issued here today by the principal press secretariat of the king. in a submission to the king, the council of ministers suggested that the original date for the mid-term poll be changed to november 15 as november 13, the original date, happens to be a hindu religious festival that might adversely affect the polling. according to the final candidate list issued by the election commission, there are 1,446 candidates from 24 political parties and independent candidates to take part in the mid-term election to the house of representatives.

SOURCE: Xinhua

HEADLINE: election code of conduct published in nepal

DATELINE: kathmandu, october 11; ITEM NO: 1011057

   the election commission of nepal has published the code of conduct for the forthcoming mid-term election to the house of representatives. the code was approved by a high level meeting of the representatives of the recognized political parties and the government which was held at the election commission on sunday with a view to making the november election free, fair, impartial and peaceful. the code, which laid down the rules which political parties and independent candidates and government have to follow in the election, stipulated that no political parties or independent candidates could launch electoral campaign in a way which adversely affects nepal's nationality, independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty. likewise, no political parties or independent candidates could campaign or hold mass meeting or make speeches in a way that will cause communal hatred and religious conflict, or instigate people to vote on religious, communal, linguistic basis, nor should they attempt at character assassination of any candidates or related persons, according to the code of conduct. the code of conduct also includes rules that the government has to follow pertaining to the use of mass communication media and other government means and services. the election to the lower house will be held on november 15 this year with 1,443 candidates registered to contest in the election.
----------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: Reuters

HEADLINE: India to have a ''Great Wall,'' too


   One million volunteers from a right-wing political party will form a ''human wall'' along India's borders with Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Burma on December 21, a political leader said.

   Uma Bharti, president of the youth wing of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), said the human chain would draw attention to the party's criticism of India's neighbours, United News of India (UNI) reported.

   The BJP accuses Pakistan of supporting terrorists in India, and Bangladesh and Nepal of allowing infiltration of refugees, UNI said.

>From Wed Oct 12 00:02:29 1994
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  (5.67b/IDA-1.5 for <>); Wed, 12 Oct 1994 00:02:27 -0500 Received: by (8.6.9/8.6.9)
     id BAA26308 for; Wed, 12 Oct 1994 01:00:02 -0400 From: Chapagain Bibek <> Message-Id: <> Subject: Correction To: Date: Wed, 12 Oct 1994 01:00:01 -0400 (EDT) X-Mailer: ELM [version 2.4 PL23] Mime-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Content-Length: 314


        In an article written in Nepal Diggest Mr Ranjan Panth wrote that the Finance Minister of Nepal (Mahesh Acharya) is related to the current Prime Minister of Nepal. I would like to clarify that Mahesh Acharya is not in any way related to Girija Prasad Koirla.
        Thankyou. Bibek.

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