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The Nepal Digest Sunday 13 November 95: Kartik 29 2052 BS Volume 44 Issue 7

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********************************************************************** From: Puspa M Joshi <> Subject: Grade Point Average (GPA) To: (The Nepal Digest) Date: Wed, 1 Nov 1995 16:04:34 -0500 (EST)

Dear Editor:
   I am interested to post a letter that I wrote a few years ago to the editor of Lantern, a student run newspaper at OSU. I hope you would post it. Thanks.

Puspa Joshi

---------------------------------- Good Point to Argue

When I came to Ohio State five years ago, the concept of grade point average was new to me and at first I liked it. But, some observations made in my academic career made me seriously think about the reliability of the GPA as an indicator of performance. For example, I remember a friend from Latin America, a teaching associate, who was trying to add four credit hours to his 18-credit schedule because he was not going to have financial aid the following quarter. At the same time, a rich friend was planning to drop four credit out of an 11 credit hour schedule in order to get a good grade.

Once, I asked a friend of mine about her schedule. She was taking two optional English courses in addition to one core course. She told me that she would not receive a letter grade in those English courses and her plan was to spend most of her time on the core course so she could improve her grade. I also know some friends registering for courses in other departments after taking very similar courses in their own department just to raise their GPA. Additionally, I think that everyone knows of professors who use old exams, thus giving those industrious students who obtain copies of them a far better grade.

Consider the two foreign graduate students in the same class. One just came to the United States and another got his undergraduate degree at Ohio State. Although a major issue is the comprehension of the English language, other issues such as knowledge of the vast resorces available in this university, computer facilities, several libraries, copy machines, etc. - puts the latter student in a much better position. In such a situation, it is hard to believe that a GPA score measures the accurate ability of the students.

Once, I was thinking about balancing my work and study hours. An interesting thought came to mind about the school financial aid system. Students with higher GPA scores receive full academic fellowship (no work). Those with moderate scores get the TAship or RAship (half work). Then, students making very low scores ended up with two part-time jobs. However, the GPA is the only criterion used to evaluate their academic achievements.

Please do not misunderstand. I am not telling you that it is easy to get good grades. I know that it is very hard. I am also not talking about adding the number of working hours into GPA because we know that some students get jobs where the "work" means finishing their home work.

My contention is that a GPA score does not always represent a
"Grand Promising Achievement". Thus, the critical decisions should not be based only upon GPAs. A GPA score makes the decision making process much easier. However, those decisions may not reflect the real potential of the students. My conclusion is that a GPA is really a Good Point to Argue.

Puspa Joshi PhD Student City and Regional Planning

********************************************************************** From: Santosh Shotemba <> Subject: Khoj-Khabar: Address of Anil Thapa and Chinta Gurung To: Date: Sun, 29 Oct 1995 22:00:16 +0800 (WST)

  G'day from Australia!!
 This is the address of Chinta Gurung. Contact him to get in touch with Anil

 Chinta Gurung
 211 Shepperton Rd
 East Victoria Park, 6101
 Western Australia

 Santosh Limbu

******************************************************************** Date: Wed, 25 Oct 1995 17:31:38 +0900 To: From: Roshan Thapliya <> Subject: KTM post

I would appreciate it if someone would tell me the home page address of Kathamandu Post.

Thank you. Roshan Thapliya.

********************************************************************** Date: Sun, 29 Oct 1995 14:53:58 -0500 (EST) From: Nirmal Ghimirez <NGH42799Q236@DAFFY.MILLERSV.EDU> To: Subject: NMT?

I wanted some information about Nuclear Medicine Technology? How is the field expandiong in Nepal? Do Nuc.Med.Techs have chances of getting job in Nepal or is it all handled by doctors or radiologists. I would like to know about its scope in Nepal. If anyone has taken up this degree in the states , I would be glad to know more about it.Thanks.Nirmal

********************************************************************** From: Bhikkhv Seevali <> To: The Editor <>, Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 16:27:16 GMT Subject: Re: Happy New year

Dear Editor board and Netters,

It is a time of celebrations in Nepal. With in this month of October Nepaless had celebrated Dasain and Diwali. These are ofcourse some happy and religious occations to Hindus. May I also extend my warm greetings to all of the readers.

I would also like to extend my heartest greetings of Nepal Sambat New year 1116. It is a New year which is celebrated by all Newars and who also consider it as original New year of Nepal. In my knowledge this year was started purely in Nepal in connection with Nepalese History and culture, but some how it has been taken as only New year which is celebrated by Newars. What ever the fact is let us celebrate it.




Bhikkhu Seevali University of London.

********************************************************* From: Bhikkhv Seevali <> To: The Editor <>, Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 17:09:36 GMT Subject: Dasain and Buddhists

It is a period of celebrations and recently we enjoyed Dasain. Not only Hindus is Nepal but also Buddhists celebrate this event. What ever the religion behind it would be as whole we Nepalese like to enjoy festivals. May be that is why Nepal is known as one of the countries which celebrates several festivals each months if not atleast one.

When Dasain comes, for Buddhist, it is not only important because Nepalese all celebrate it but infact it is a Buddhist festival as well. Not in a sense which Hindus celebrate but in Buddhist context. I do not understand why Hindus kill so many animals on these days of Dasain and celebrate it but for Buddhists it is a day of non violence.

Emparer Asoka is a great Buddhist who not only supported Buddhism but also lived and ruled as a Buddhist. He was great warrier and passionate for power. By coming accross Buddhism he gave up war and started to rule country in justice. The day when he renounced weapon was the day of Dasain which falls on 3 October 1995, Dasami, Calan, Kadga yatra day.

Emparer Asoka who ruled India about 3rd century BC, two centuries after the Buddha, was very much found of war and power. He attacked almost every countries he could and captured them. During the war thousands and millions of people were killed. He was cruel. Thats why he was know as Candasoka, Asoka the brutal. Nobody liked him.

On the coure of his was he attacked Kalinga in which countless of people were dead. This war was concidered as brutle one. Although Asoka won the war, due to waste of many lives, he was unhappy. One day when he was looking at the street from window, he saw a young monk, aged seven year walking peacefully and calm. This made Asoka to think. He compared himself to this young monk. Being emporer he was unhappy where having nothing and being a monk that Young monk, whose name is Nigrodha, was relaxed and happy. King summoned Nigrodha and asked to take a seat. young Nigrodha loked around and saw only king in the hall. He also saw that in spritual sence he is much advance then king himself. So he went and tried to sit on the thrown. Being young Nigrodha stragulled to sit on the thrown. Seeing the braveriness of young monk Asoka helped him to sit and also realised that young monk got more things to offer him. This led him to the teacher monk of Nigrodha from whom Emporer Asoka learned Buddhism and he renounced weapon on the day of Dasami, (Dasain) which falls on 3 October 1995. Afterword Asoka rulled county according to teaching which was appricieted by civiliens. Since then he was known as Dharmasoka, Asoka of the Dharma and also Devanam piyadassi, Asoka who is loved by gods.

In this aspect Dasain is important for Buddhist as the day of great event and non violece. Let us celebrate this day. Let us stop killing innocent animals for our amusment. Let us wish long life and safety of all being on this day.

Yours, Bhikkhu Seevali (University of London)

**************************************************** Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1995 17:37:58 +0100 To: From: Subject: With a lot of thanks. !!!

Dear TND,

With this letter, I request you to delete my subscription of TND, because I hav e completed my study here and will be returning soon to Nepal.

Before going, I would like to congratulate all the people involved in running this digest. It was a great pleasure to read the various news and views of nepalese friends studying outside Nepal, although I did not take part in the diskussions myself.

I wish all the participants of TND (both active and passive) all the best and hope that this wonderful exchange of ideas will help our country in one way or the other.

Thanking you heartily, Shami Malla Ga-2-790 kamaladi Kathmandu, NEPAL

**************************************************************** Subject: Educational Internet access in Nepal Date: 29 Oct 1995 03:12:17 -0500

Here in Nepal internet access by educational institutions is very expensive, and therefore virtually unknown, because the only access to the internet is through commercial accounts, and because the national telecommunications utility charges very high rates for commercial access.

Various heavy political connections here will be petitioning the government to permit lower-cost access to telecommunications for educational purposes, in particular the internet.

It would strengthen these petitions a lot if we could show precedent for government support (subsidy) of educational internet access by neighboring nations, particularly India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, and nations of S.E. Asia. Please send information on this matter, including names and addresses, so that we can make a stronger case. Please forward this message to persons liable to have such information.

Reply to this account, putting my name, John Fairfield, in the subject field (the account is shared). Access here is very slow, so keep filesize down to a few K please.

John Fairfield, Kathmandu University (Dhulikhel Campus).

Please replyt to, and put my name in the subject field. Your help is very much appreciated. John. or
                           The truest test is when we cannot see.

********************************************************** Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 19:09:04 -0500 (EST) From: Subject: oct30_head.html (fwd) To: THE NEPAL DIGEST <>

More on how peaceful and tolerant the Hindu-rajya country nepal is :

                                 HEADLINE NEWS
   By a Post Reporter
   NEPALGUNJ, Oct 29 - Although the tense situation for the last few days
   is returning to normal, authorities continued with the night-time
   curfew here even today.
   "As the situation is yet to come under full control, a curfew has been
   ordered today also," District Administration Office said. The curfew
   which is reduced to nine hours since Saturday will last from 7 pm
   Sunday to 4 am Monday.
   Even as the situation is improving, cases of violence is reported in
   some parts of the town. On Saturday evening, a person was attacked by
   a khukuri at ward No 8 which was followed by police raids at some
   places. "These incidents also have spread panic among the public," a
   local resident said.
   Meanwhile, the administration's plan to organize an intellectuals'
   rally for communal harmony in the area could not materialize today.
   "Attempts to hold the rally would continue again," an official said.
   Markets and shops are gradually opening and no untoward incidents have
   been reported so far.
   Nepalgunj was hit by a communal strife when a minor personal dispute
   over a price of vegetables on Wednesday took an unhealthy dimension of
   sectarian violence for some days.
   RSS adds, Home Minister Khum Bahadur Khadka informed the National
   Assembly that of the 45 persons taken into custody in the Nepalgunj
   incidents, 15 persons were still in custody. Khadka said that Meraj
   Ali, Salim Manihar, Rashid Rahan, Ramgopal Kaushal, Bajeer Rahan,
   Suresh Vaidya, Prem Soni, Rajendra Soni, Bijaya Kaushal, Tahir Ansari,
   Salim Master, Ramprasad Magar, Chinghu Dhobi, Ramesh Kumar Tharu and
   Ramkunwar Tharu were still in custody.
   Stating that situation was getting normal in Nepalgunj, the home
   minister said that the persons being held in custody would be released
   once the situation becomes normal.
   Khadka said that eight local people and one police inspector were
   injured in the incidents which took place on October 26 and 27.
   After the home minister made a statement of public importance, Prem
   Bahadur Singh of the CPN-UML accused the home minister of providing
   wrong information to the House by saying that the situation was normal
   in Nepalgunj when the district administration office was gehraoed
   He demanded that the incident be investigated seriously and the
   problem resolved immediately.
   Expressing concern for the communal incident which took place between
   Hindus and Muslims, MP Ramesh Nath Pandey stressed the need for all to
   unite and maintain an atmosphere of religious harmony and tolerance in
   the country.

************************************************************** Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1995 09:13:12 -0500 To: From: (Prahlad Pant) Subject: Greater Boston Nepalese Community

Can someone tell me who is the current President of the Greater Boston Nepalese Community? I had heard that GBNC was scheduled for an election of new officers during the Dashain meeting? I will appreciate if someone can forward the President's address to me ASAP. My e-mail address is Thank you. Regards,
     Prahlad Pant
     Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
     University of Cincinnati
     PO Box 210071
     Cincinnati, OH 45221-0071
     Phone (513) 556-3691
     Fax (513) 556-2599

************************************************************ Forwarded to TND as requested by Santosh Limbu. If you have any information, please reply directly to

 Message 1
********* Heading : Looking for '86 Xavierians

I am after the addresses of the following guys. If anyone out there knows the whereabouts of these people, please drop me a line at :

Class of '86 Xavierians
*********************** Sadeep Shrestha Tamor Basnet Sanjeev Sherchen Dipendra Rana Sanjeev Rans Dorje Gurung Dinesh Lal Shrestha

Thanking you, Santosh Limbu

Message 2
********* Heading : Address of Anil Thapa and Chinta Gurung

Chinta Gurung 211 Shepperton Rd East Victoria Park, 6101 Western Australia

Phone # : 470 3175 Santosh Limbu (

***************************************************************** Date: Wed, 01 Nov 1995 13:48:03 From: (Reply to: =IHE-Delft, The Netherlands=) To: Subject: Please help me to give my E- mail Address to my family

Dear Editor ,

            I am at present in Netherland for my Post Graduate study.My Family in Kathmandu do not know my E-mail address. So , I request you to give my E-mial address to my family by telephone or ask them to come for collection .Please contact Mr. Dhurba Das Rajkarnikar his telephone no. is 228588 and 221766 in kathmandu.Please tell them it is very faster medium to send message.

My E-mail no.

Name : Gautam Rajkarnikar
       Westvest 7
       P.O Box 3015
       2601 , DA Delft
       The Netherland

************************************************************** Date: Wed, 1 Nov 1995 10:23:55 -0500 To: Subject: Looking for Dr. Upendra Man Sainju and Rabindra Sayenju From:


I am looking for my two cousins Dr. Upendra Man Sainju and his brother Rabindra. They were living in the Seattle area about a year ago and have moved to the Georgia area. If anybody know about their whereabouts please send me their email addresses.

To both of you, if you happen to browse through the SCN, get in touch with me.

Thanks!! Ashok Sayenju Email:
******************************************************* From: Rajesh Shrestha <> Date: Wed, 1 Nov 1995 10:28:21 -0500 To: Subject: BYPASS music album for SALE!!!

Cross-posted in SCN:

I went to Nepal for a year after completing my undergraduate degree at Lafayette College in 1994. I studied EE and music in college. In college, I played in several rock bands and also played in the college jazz band. I always wanted to record an album back at home.

So when I was in Nepal over the last year, I did a music album with two Nepali guys, two Danish guys, and a Japanese. Our band and album is called BYPASS which stands for Bruno, Yoshi, Peter, Axel, Suman, & Srijan. We sold about 2000 copies in the first two weeks and we're hoping to sell 20,000. The music is all Western rock/pop/jazz and the lyrics are in Nepali (similar to CrossRoads, Bhim Tuladher, etc). There are some fast, some slow, and some sentimental numbers. The lyrics (written by Srijan) are very poetic. So if you are interested, do call me at 215-417-4650 or email me : The cost of the tape is $7. Do tell your friends about it. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!!!

Thanks and take care,

Bruno (BYPASS)

************************************************** Date: Wed, 1 Nov 1995 10:29:53 -0500 To: Subject: Educational Opportunities in Colorado From: tkeyser@IRO.UMontreal.CA (thomas keyser)

The University of Southern Colorado in an effort to expand its multi-cultural student population is actively pursuing international students for its undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The Department of Engineering offers degree programs in Industrial Engineering (Bachelors degree) and Systems Engineering (Masters degree). If you are interested in pursuing either degree programs please contact:

                        Dr. Huseyin Sarper
                        Department of Engineering
                        University of Southern Colorado
                        2200 Bonforte Blvd
                        Pueblo, CO 81001-4901 (USA)



                         Information (application, financial aid, etc.) will be forwarded upon your request.

General Info:

USC's campus, spanning more than 275 acres, crowns the north end of Pueblo, a historically and culturally rich city of 100,000 located near the Greenhorn Mountains in the colorful Pikes Peak region of southern Colorado.

Approximately 320 sunny days a year attract outdoor enthusiasts to a full slate of summer and winter recreational activities, encompassing water sports at Lake Pueblo, biking along unique river trails, whitewater rafting, golf, tennis, and skiing in the mountains to the west.

Enrollment exceeds 4,000 students from throughout southeastern Colorado, the state, nation and several foreign countries, representing a diversity of age groups and backgrounds, both rural and urban.

****************************************************** From: Rajesh Shrestha <> Date: Wed, 1 Nov 1995 10:33:18 -0500 To: Subject: dedication letter!

Cross-posted from SCN:

This is dedicated to you all (includes me) hyperactive, greatly lifeless
(well, temporarily) and immensely stressed people, who currently are having exams.....

How about giving your poor brain a stimulating break!! ta..da..! There you go....a long overdue break for all of us, guaranteed to increase (in an exponential order) your intellect and exam performance!

spare a few minutes to ponder upon this great dilemma,

"Does bhuteko aaloo bear a greater social, historical, religious, spiritual and scientific importance than tareko kauli?" (try fitting it in 200 words)

It won't happen overnight, but trust me, it will happen!

Now, to those people who, have better things to do (like sending HUGE!! articles to TND and SCN, analysing Nepalese politics from every single angle and blasting the cyber space with wonderful communal ideas and the rest...)

.......If you think this was completely unhomouruous attempt to vent out the exam stress...well, you are right!

Back to you cherubs!

Good luck! Live long and prosper! (so that you don't ever have to miss out on such wonderful experiences in life!)


*********************************************************************************************** From: GANGA GAUTAM <> Subject: Re: The Nepal Digest - October 30, 1995 (17 Kartik 2052 BkSm) To: Date: Wed, 1 Nov 1995 16:02:26 +0000 (GMT)

  Dear editor,
      Thank you very much for sending the copy of Nepal Digest. I
,through , this electronic newspaper, will certainly be in touch with you and I will try my best to contribute to this newspaper in whatever way I can.

                                              Sincerely yours ,
                                               Ganga Ram Gautam
                                              Lancaster , UK

*********************************************** Date: Wed, 01 Nov 1995 15:15:11 +0500 From: sanjay <NEPAL@SSCL.UWO.CA> Subject: Hello Everyone To:

Hi Everyone,

It's been two months after coming to Canada and haven't met a single soul from Nepal. Badly missed Dashain and Tihar. Haven't seen much of London coz it's difficult to move around with the family in this cold weather. We went to Niagara falls, though. Through TND, I would like to say HI! to my friends at AIT and let them know that me and my family is alive and kicking(despite the cold). Many thanks to Regmiji, Mukundaji, Tiwariji and Lamsalji for sending me off and helping me with my luggage. Best wishes and belated Happy Dipawali to all TND members.

Sincerely, Sanjay K. Nepal 546 Platt's Lane Apt # 11 London, Ontario N6G 3A9 Canada Tel: (519) 679-7451

************************************************** Date: Wed, 01 Nov 1995 15:36:23 -0500 (EST) From: Subject: "... SALAAM CHA, LE HAI HUZOOR, SALAAM CHA..." To: THE NEPAL DIGEST <>

The practice of paying obeiscence to the great guru of world power, amrican sarkar, everytime a new govt comes to power is now firmly established with the "magante" mantris of nepal, including pradhan mantri jyu, they are so desparate to project the image that deopa is the blesses choice of the amrican sarkar, that a little photo-meddling is fair game.

both ram sharan and deopa have made their tirtha yatra to the "seto durbar=White house" and gone back empty-handed: ram with Arun 3= Arun 0; sher from a un lion to a clinton moosa, staying in line with 180 delegates for a paltry photo, bichara.

*********************************************************** Date: Wed, 1 Nov 1995 14:42:20 EST From: Subject: nov1_editorial.html

   M R Josse
   Last Friday, after the Tihar holidays, the official English daily
   splashed across its front page a photograph depicting Prime Minister
   Sher Bahadur Deuba proudly posing with tuxedo-clad American President
   Bill Clinton alongside a large-sized, star spangled banner on a
   Photo opportunity: The corresponding news item from the official news
   agency RSS had this to proclaim to the whole wide world: Prime
   Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba called on US President Bill Clinton at a
   New York public library on Sunday last. On the occasion they held
   talks in a cordial atmosphere on matters of mutual interest according
    to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
   Is that right? Were talks on matters of mutual interest really held
   between Deuba in formal Nepali attire and a Clinton, all dressed up
   for a black tie party? So, thats what we are informed by the ever
   responsible official media. Why then, one wonders, were US-Nepal
   summit talks held in a New York public library and not at the USs UN
   Mission smack across the First Avenue entrance to the UN General
   Assembly building, the usual venue for such palavers in New York City?
   Or, perhaps, why were those talks not held at another popular locale
   for business meetings with American bigwigs: the plush Waldorf Towers
   apartment of the USs Permanent Representative to the United Nations on
   Park Avenue? For those who have some idea of New York and have been
   keeping abreast of recent agency news reports from there regarding the
   UNs 50th anniversary celebrations, the endeavour of the official media
   to pass off a mass diplomatic reception as a substantive bilateral
   diplomatic event is more than marginally revealing.
   What one must not forget is that since the concerned news item
   emanated from Foreign Ministry sources, the projection that bilateral
   talks were held between Deuba and Clinton is a calculated one on the
   part of HMG. It is, however, grossly misleading, even highly
   irresponsible. For, as has been profusely reported elsewhere,
   President Clinton threw a reception at the (not a) New York Public
   Library for heads of delegation to the UN General Assembly on the
   occasion of the world bodys 50th anniversary.
   Revealing: It was there in that impressive building that Clinton gave
   what Americans call a photo opportunity to dignitaries attending the
   special UN session including our brand-new prime minister. (On
   parallel occasionssuch as when Mikhail Gorbachev addressed the UN at
   the height of Gorby mania in the Big Apple about ten years agothis
   columnist recalls how heads of delegations attending the UN General
   Assembly queued up to shake hands with Gorby the great at the General
   Assembly building while UN photographers recorded each handshake for
   posteritys sake.)
   That explains Clintons dinner jacket and the fact that only the
   stars-and-stripes was to be seen in the relevant photograph. Surely,
   if bilateral talks were indeed held, photos would have shown two
   national flags, not just one. Also, if talks on matters of mutual
   interest had in fact taken place between Nepals prime minister and the
   American president one would expect a photograph of the actual meeting
   to have been published in the Gorkhapatra and The Rising Nepal rather
   than that which appeared on Friday.
   (One shudders to think of President Clintons grim ordeal of holding
   even fifteen minute talks with each of the 180 or so heads of UN
   delegation that were then in New York for the big UN bash!). But, why
   should a simple photo opportunity for our prime minister with the
   dashing American head of state at a huge diplomatic reception be
   passed off as something quite different by the Foreign Ministry? In
   other words, why should a peanut be camouflaged as caviar-on-toast?
   Whatever the compulsions for such deception were or are, it is
   uncannily similar to another photo opportunitythat provided to Ganesh
   Man Singhji by American President George Bush in the White House
   several years ago. Then, too, a section of the press here had engaged
   in very much the same sort of numbing make-belief, making it appear to
   their readers that a simple gesture of diplomatic courtesy on the part
   of the United States had actually signalled an occasion of great
   historic significance.
   In the circumstances, one is mightily tempted to speculate as to the
   possible reasons/motivations for such curious behaviour and misleading
   media projection by the powers that be in todays coalition government.
   For starters, there is the possibility that in the absence of anything
   tangible from the prime ministers hectic jet-setting around the world
   (with an entourage that makes nonsense of Finance Minister Dr Ram
   Saran Mahats stress on fiscal discipline), the cabal around him may
   have felt that the Deuba -Clinton photo opportunity should be milked
   dry for the maximum political mileage thereof.
   Better than Koirala?: Another scenario that suggests itself is that
   since neither Girija Prasad Koirala nor Krishna Prasad Bhattarai had
   had such a photo opportunity with the American president on their
   visits to Washington and/or New York, a suggestion that Deuba is now
   one up on them could serve as a deus ex machina to shore up his still
   wobbly position within his party, specially vis-a-vis other second
   generation hopefuls angling for or ogling at the position of
   parliamentary party chief.
   While sceptics might well interpret the wilful distortion of the
   significance of the New York photo opportunity as indicative of the
   prime ministers supposed pro-American leaning, other critics could go
   further and add that it is indeed proof that America had inspired the
   throw-out-the-UML-government move.
   However, as far as this commentator is concerned, resort to such
   puerile, see-through, media management politics indicates that nothing
   has basically changed since the bad ol days of the panchayat when
   brazen manipulation of the official media was de rigueur.
   The deliberate endeavor to disguise chalk as cheese indicates not only
   an attitude that is wholly inconsistent with an open democratic system
   but also that the official media serves such a useful function for
   their political masters that no post-Jana Andolan government is really
   prepared to let go of their vice-like grip over it. Western
   governments, of course, continue to look the other way whenever
   reference is made of the basic inconsistencynay, absurdityof an
   official media in a multi-party system of governance specially during
   rule by the Nepali Congress, the Good Guys of Nepalese politics. That,
   however, does not change even by a jot that, as per conventional
   Western thinking, wilful recourse to untruths of the kind that has
   been resorted to by the Good Guys this time is supposedly the
   predilection of Marxist-Leninists and other Bad Guys.
   The other way: Will western representatives here continue to cast the
   Nelsons eye now, too? Or, could it be that while even truth by commies
   can never be treated as such, while scandalous distortions of the same
   by the Good Guys is fine and dandy?
   No, talks between Nepal and the United States on matters of mutual
   interest were clearly not held during the recent courtesy meeting at
   the Deuba-Clinton photo opportunity at the New York Public Library
   when no more than a brief exchange of pleasantries could have been
   possible, given the circumstances referred to earlier.
   If a disclosure that talks were held is not an outright lie, or truth
   in masquerade, it is surely a case of making a Sagarmatha out of a
   hill of beans. In any case, such photo opportunity politics can be
   considered neither as marking the most auspicious beginning of the
   prime ministers foray into the rarefied world of high diplomacy or the
   most encouraging omen for the longevity of the disparate government
   that he formally heads.

*********************************************************** Date: Wed, 01 Nov 1995 15:38:49 -0500 (EST) From: Subject: "Pampered Muslims riot in nepal gunj," a Hindu citizen To: THE NEPAL DIGEST <>

                               LETTER TO EDITOR
   I want to draw your attention towards your editorial No Communalism
   here published on October 28, 1995. I agree with your concluding
   remarks on communal violence in Nepalgunj in which you observed,
   a time when every community ought to be joining hands for the
   development of the nation, some are behaving irresponsibly.
   In fact, it is a matter of regret that a mere price debate between a
   buyer and a vegetable grocer took the form of communal riot in which
   several people were injured and many shops were burnt or damaged by
   the mob. The government had to impose curfew to bring the situation
   under control.
   You have rightly observed that the buyer-seller squabble over
   vegetable prices is not the real issue. However, what you have missed
   to mention are factors leading to the communal violence. The communal
   riot in Nepalgunj is merely the effect and not the cause of the
   problem. A number of factors have caused this problem and I would like
   to mention a few.
   Firstly, the influence of the outside Muslims on the local Muslims has
   been growing uninterruptedly for some years. As a result, even local
   Muslims have started adopting more and more aggressive posture towards
   a Hindus. Secondly, the sectarian outlook developed among students
   trained in the Madrasas have hindered the Muslims in mixing with the
   majority Hindu population. Thirdly, under the existing political
   set-up the minority appeasement policy of the government has also
   created a sense of pampered child-like situation among the Muslims.
   All the above factors combined together have created communal
   atmosphere in the country in general and in Nepalgunj in particular.
   The Hindus, though in majority, are defensive. Therefore, the
   government and the concerned organizations need to nip in the bud all
   such factors that result into communal rit. Merely, clamping curfew by
   administrative mechanism will not resolve the problem in the long-run.
   Serious attention needs to be given to this problem since communalism
   is a potential threat to the peace and prosperity of the country.
   Krishna Prasad Upadhyay
   Baneshwor, Kathmandu

********************************************************************** Date: Wed, 01 Nov 95 19:58:14 EST From: "Arjun Gurung, New York." <V80CC@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU> Subject: Refer to brain drain is brain dead.. To: To the editor <>

Dear editor,
            I read a letter from someone about how nepalese students in US are managing their expenses. I myself is a undergrad student in City college of New york for last two and half year, so I know better how we do it. It is very unfortunate that without knowing any fact he blamed us for bringing money from nepal and he assumed that our parents made this money from curruption. Here in New York we have about 200 nepalese student s studying in different schools. We all here work in very difficult situations so that we can get that higher education. Many of us skip the semesters and work to go back to school. I myself drive taxi in night and go to school. My father and mother worked very hard throughout their life so that we can get higher education. They have set an example of honesty and hard work in their lives. They never earned a penny out of curruption or something. Exceptions mig ht be there, but mostly nepalese students are working and supporting themselves
. Students who are here on their own don't own any share of nepal as far as finiancial assets are concerned. This kind of blame was discouraging and shame to us. The person who wrote this letter (Mr. Atul) should appolozise about it. Sincerely, Arjun Gurung, vice President, Society of Nepalese Students in New York, Ny.

*************************************************************** Date: Wed, 1 Nov 1995 18:56:59 -0800 (PST) From: Abadhesh Singh <> To: Jai Narayan Mehata <>, Subject: Looking for Nepali Idioms and idiomatic expressions

        I am writing a research proposal on the acquisition of English idioms and idiomatic expressions by the speakers of other languages, specifically by the speakers of Nepali. The proposal involves the contrastive analysis of the idioms in the two languages for which I need the Nepali idiomatic expressions which communicate the meanings communicated by the following expressions in English. I request you to take a little trouble to send me on my E-mail address
( the "Nepali idioms and idiomatic expressions" which communicate the meanings communicated by the following English idioms. I will greatly appreciate your help. Thanks !!!

to break the ice pain in the neck to see the pont out of line to lose one's marbles on the wagon to take one for a ride over the hill to kick the bucket in the dark to hold up to spill the beans to see the light to pit one on to cut it out to strike out to hold on to pull one's leg to bail out to jump in the lake to shake a leg to fly a kite to climb the walls to chew the fat to give one a ring to bury the hatchet to see the point to shoot the breeze under one's hat by and large to look after to lay down the law to build castle in the air to be in the seventh heaven to take the bull by the horns to take to heart to pop the question to fall of the wagon to hit the panick button to carry the torch to fasten/button one's lips to turn back the clock to take under one's wing to rack one's brains to speak one's mind to beat around the bush to blow off the steam to keep up one's end to put down one's foot to make up one's mind to wear out one's welcome to put on some weight to wait on hand and foot to pull up stakes to roll teh red carpet to cut down the size to sit on pins and needles to breathe one's neck to go agains the grain to be thrown in sponge to jump down one's throat to turn a new leaf to swallow one's pride to hit the sauce to perish the thought to give the sack in the know to crack a joke to promise the moon to miss the boat to play the market to get the picture to ose one's grip to eat one's words to hit the jackpot to clear the air to pass the buck to pull the plug to greese the wheels to paint the town to hit the sack to wear the pants to play with the fire to crack the whip to raise the roof to make the scene to get the eye to cook one's goose to pack a puch to hold one's peace to cool one's heels to have on the tip of one's tongue to look for a needle in to have one's hands tied
        the hay to stick one's nose in every thing to be all the ears a vicious circle to run a risk to be in charge the black sheep of the family to put one's cards on teh table to open one's eyes to wash one's hands of it to kill two birds with to catch one red-hand
        one stone to make heads and tails of it (something) to lend a hand to cost an arm and a leg to put one's foot in one's to burn the midnight oil
        mouth to have a screw loose to swallow it hook, line to take a load off one's mind
        and the sinker to hit the nail on the head Come hell or high water to hold one's tongue to have one's back to the wall the cost is clear to pull one's leg to keep some one posted to have a free hand to take a rap what is eating him? to make a killing to go along with the crowd to put two and two together to stick to one's guns to put something over on to be fed up with to throw a fit to to take a cake to get on one's nerves to flip one's lid to do a slow burn to blow one's top to blow one's horn to eat humble pie to red in the face to get hot under the
        collar/skin to kick in the teeth to one's stack to hold ones temper to leave no stone unturned to beat a hasty retreat to talk big to steal one's thunder to put a cog in one's wheel to put up a fight to shake one's leg to make one's teeth chatter to thank one's luck stars to be on cloud nine to make one shake in the shoes to put a spoke in the wheel to hit the roof.

********************************************************* Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 09:30:44 -0500 To: From: (Rajesh Shrestha) Subject: Connecting educational institutions in Nepal to Internet

One day, I received all these wonderful mails:
_______________________________________________________________________ writes:
   We are an exceptional elementary school in the mountains of colorado and we are doing a big year long cultural happening about the Himalayas! I would love to link up with school children anywhere in the region although I understand that the technology may not be happening yet. Our staff and kids is also looking at a project to raise money to help a school in your region. Please get in touch with me so we can start a linkage-bob Le cour
_______________________________________________________________________ Douglas E. Butdorf ( writes:
  I just spent a year there studying sheep hearding and of all things, politics. I have been lobbying my group of friends to send e-mail so that educational facilities can get e-mail in Nepal for less money, ie. gov subsidy, or big buisness sub.
  Then I saw this on SCN:
___________________________________________________________________ John Fairfield ( or ( writes:
  Here in Nepal internet access by educational institutions is very expensive, and therefore virtually unknown, because the only access to the internet is through commercial accounts, and because the national telecommunications utility charges very high rates for commercial access.
  Various heavy political connections here will be petitioning the government to permit lower-cost access to telecommunications for educational purposes, in particular the internet.
  It would strengthen these petitions a lot if we could show precedent for government support (subsidy) of educational internet access by neighboring nations, particularly India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, and nations of S.E. Asia. Please send information on this matter, including names and addresses, so that we can make a stronger case. Please forward this message to persons liable to have such information.
 John Fairfield, Kathmandu University (Dhulikhel Campus).
  Please replyt to, and put my name in the subject field. Your help is very much appreciated. John.
----------------------------- Maybe each of you should get in touch with each other directly to further this idea. Can anyone of us also help?
  Best regards, Rajesh B. Shrestha

**************************************************************** Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 09:31:37 -0500 To: Subject: subscription requestedDea From: sanjay <>

Dear Editor

I have recently moved to Canada from Thailand (AIT) and would like to subscribe TND again.

About myself: I am a PhD student at University of Western Ontario, London, Canada
(Dept. of Geography). It seems I am the only Nepali around here and haven't met any Nepali in Canada since I arrived here with my family on Sep 5 1995. I would very much like to get in touch with some Nepali folks should there be someone living in or near London area.

Thanks! Sanjay K. Nepal 546 Platt's Lane Apt No. 11 London, Ontario N6G 3A9 Canada Tel: (519) 679-7451

************************************************************** Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 09:32:01 -0500 To: Subject: Baghchal From: (Laura K. McCarthy)

Recently, I received a Baghchal board and pieces from a friend who has been trekking around the world. However, the instructions are very difficult to read, and I would appreciate having a set that I can understand! Someone mentioned that there was a discussion here a few months ago, so I was hoping that someone could help.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.
-- Laura

************************************************************** Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 09:35:15 -0500 To: Subject: What happened in India?

Cross-posted from SCN:
--------------------- (Naresh Gurung) writes:

Maybe it was in last month's post, that I read an article about deportation of illigal aliens staying in Mizoram and working there. The deadline for the deportation has been already over, I believe. And the government would use the force to deport Nepalese, Burmese, Bangladeshi's etc.

What happened ? I am curious to know about the news and nobody has ever written about it. If anybody has heard about the news, please be kind to response.

Indian sucks.

A responsible citizen of Nepal.

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