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The Nepal Digest Thursday, 4 November 93 Volume 21: Issue 3

Today's Topics:

      1. Taja_Khabar: News from Nepal I
      2. Taja_Khabar: News from Nepal II
      3. Khoj_Khabar: Anybody know Besu Rana?
      4. Jan_Kari Chahiyo: Email to Nepal
      5. Jibro ko Kura: Spicy food is in.
      6. Taja_Khabar: News from Nepal III
      7. Kura_Kani: Nature-Tourism
      8. Bhool_Sudhar: Wrong singer

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                   A message from this issue's editor

The TND Editorial Board thanks Dilip Agrawal for enthusiastically providing many news clips concerning Nepal. Thank you, and keep up the great work!


From: (Dileep Agrawal) Subject: NEWS FROM NEPAL (OCT. 20- OCT. 26) Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1993 15:37:44 -0400 (EDT)

HEADLINE: Nepalese gets death for bringing in heroin

A 30-YEAR-OLD Nepalese businessman was sentenced to death by the High Court yesterday on a capital charge of importing more than 1 kg of heroin into Singapore in February.

   Judicial Commissioner Goh Phai Cheng rejected Budha Man's defence that he wa s under the impression that what he had in a bag he was carrying for a "friend" was "black ganja", a term used commonly in Nepal for opium.

   The judge held that Budha, being a well-travelled man, was not the gullible and naive person he had made himself out to be when he brought in the heroin from Haadyai on Feb 11.

   Deputy Public Prosecutor Ng Cheng Thiam had led evidence to show that he was arrested by Customs officers at Changi airport after two packets of heroin were found hidden in the inner lining of the sides of his bag.

   The DPP had argued that it was clear that Budha knew the nature of the drugs in his bag because his hands were trembling when the officers decided to examin e his bag.

   The court heard that the officers decided to check him because when he was a t the arrival hall, he appeared to be suspiciously in a hurry.

   His defence was that he was a businessman dealing in garments and that he ha d gone to Bangkok in December to sell his wares.

   He said he met an African, "Tony", at a market subsequently, and "Tony" introduced him to another person named "George".

   "George" claimed that he was in the garment and carpet trade and promised to get him a job with a monthly salary in Singapore.

   Budha was to go to Singapore, check into a hotel and await instructions. Meanwhile, "George" asked him to carry a black bag to Singapore for him.

   Budha said that when "George" gave him the bag, he noticed that there was something in the sides.

   But when he questioned "George", he was assured that it was only "black ganja", meaning opium, and not "white powder", meaning heroin.

   "George" also gave him US$ 1,000 (S$ 1,560) and some Thai currency to cover his expenses.

   The judge said that Budha had every opportunity to check the bag both in his hotel as well as during his flight to Singapore.

   He said that the evidence left him in no doubt that Budha knew there was heroin in the bag.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- HEADLINE: nepal to hold international nurse gathering

   five hundred nurses from nepal, india, england, norway and canada will gather here from november 2 to 4. the conference will be organized by the nursing association of nepal and the nursing research society of india, and assisted by the norwegian nursing association and canadian nursing association projects in nepal, local daily "the kathmandu post" reported today. the nurses will share their knowledge, ideas and experiences regarding nursing research, with specific emphasis on maternal and child care. the conference will also seek to promote research activities along with nursing services for standard health care. at the same time, the nepal nursing association, established for the welfare of nurses and recognized by the international council of nurses geneva, will hold a national nursing symposium in november to highlight the need for establishing nepal nursing council. besides, the national health training center will organize "hospital to villages" training and traditional birth attendance training to train nurses with the aim of lowering the infant mortality rate and the maternal mortality rate in nepal, according to the national health training center in nepal. in nepal, the infant mortality rate is 110 per 1,000 and the maternal mortality rate is 8.5 per 1,000.


*********************************************************************************************** HEADLINE: nepal stresses faith in un principles

   nepalese prime minister girija prasad koirala said that nepal would give its continued and constructive cooperation for a credible, stronger and impartial united nations. the prime minister made this remark while addressing a function organized here today by the united nations association of nepal on the occasion of the 48th united nations day falling on october 24. " nepal feels that the united nations should be an instrument for promoting peace and justice among nations," the prime minister said. koirala described the charter of the united nations as an expression of the determination of the people of th e world to promote peace, human rights and better standards of living in larger freedom. he stressed that the success of the united nations depends upon what vision the member nations hold for the un charter and how committed all of them can be towards fulfilling the pledges and promises they make.

---------------------------------------------------------------- HEADLINE: self-reliance in productivity stressed in nepal

   a nepalese minister urged all the sectors concerned to become self-reliant politically, economically and socially by making maximum use of the resources o f the country. minister of state for industry and labor and chairman of the national productivity council ram krishna tamrakar made the appeal on tuesday while inaugurating a two-day national seminar on "the role of productivity improvement in the context of liberalization of economy". he said that productivity should be increased not only in the industrial but also the agricultural and other sectors. arrangements will be made to introduce the new company act, present national awards to industrial organization making remarkable improvements in production and exports as well as to provide additional encouragement to such institutions, he said. the seminar is held to analyze the existing problems and make appropriate suggestions for increasing national production and productivity in the country.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- HEADLINE: nepalese king issues message of festival

   nepalese king birendra has extended to all the nepalese at home and abroad, and also to hindus everywhere, his best wishes for their well-being and happiness on the occasion of vijaya dashami festival here today. in his message, the king said that "as we celebrate this joyous occasion, we cannot remain unmindful of our responsibilities towards those countrymen who have suffered due to the recent floods and landslides in some parts of the country."
 nepal suffered some 90 million u.s. dollars loss in august floods and landslides and over 1,000 people were killed and nearly 543,000 people affected
, according to a government report. people throughout nepal are now enjoying dashami, the most important festival glorifying the victory of god over evil in the himalayan kingdom. the festival started on october 22 and would last for nearly half a month. during the festival, all the government offices as well a s shops would remain closed for some nine days and family members began reunion enjoying family feasts for three continuous days or more. various religious programs are also being organized one after another all over this hindu kingdom to celebrate the festival. king birendra and queen aishwarya today will give tika spot, a red mark of being religiously blessed on forehead, in the palace t o high-ranking government officials and military officers as well as hundreds of thousands of nepalese people who are waiting in long queues outside the palace gate from the early morning.

********************************************************************** From: "VIVEK S. RANA" <RANA@CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU> Subject: More, Dherai, Mitho, Aaa-ja ko Taja_Khabar
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News Correspondent : Vivek S.J.B. Rana E-mail Add :


        Mr. Krishna Bhakta Shrestha acting General Manager of Gorkhapatra
        Sansthan. He is also the chief editor of the Gorkhapatra
        daily and Maduparka monthly published by the Sansthan.

        Mr. Madan Raj Joshi general manager of the NEpal Stock Exchange.

        Mr.Gajendra Singh Bohra, acting General manager of Nepal Tele
        communications Corporation in Place of Bhupa Raj Pandey.

                                Nominated :

        Pradeep Gautam member of the Sanskrit University Council.

                                Promoted :

        Brig. General Raghu C. Bahadur Singh and Krishna Bahadur Gurung to the
        post of Major General of the Royal Nepalese Army. Col Amrit Lal
        Shrestha to Brig. General.

                                Awarded :

        Ms. Kajol KIran Manandhar the title of The Little Lady 1993 by the
        Kathmandu Jaycees on the occasion of the SAARC decade of the
        girl child and National Children's Day.

                                Retired :

        Mr. Suresh Pudasaini from the post of deputy GEneral Manager of Nepal

                                Died :

        Okiyama Gwaine, renowned Nepali poet died of cancer at Calcutta.
        He was 73. Gwaine was born to a Japanese father and Tibetian mother.

                        Some Quotes from Politicians

"The UML has sided with the Government to fulfill its petty interest."
                                        -Dr. Baburam Bhattrai
                                          Convenor Samyukta Jan Morcha

"The Samkyuta Jana Morcha wants to weaken the Parliamentary process."
                                        -Radha K. Mainali
                                          UMPL MP and Politburo member.

"The resignation of the prime minister can be demanded. Were we in the opposition, we could also demand it. But (the ruling party)alone would have the right to force him quit."
                                        -P.M. Girija P. Koirala

"Mayors' role vital in establishment of peace "
                                        -A Headline in The Rising Nepal

"corruption is the virus that eroded the healthy body of the party and the state."
                                        -Jiang Zemin
                                          Chinese Communist Party Leader


Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1993 11:05:37 -0600 From: Rajpal J. Singh <a10rjs1@MP.CS.NIU.EDU Subject: Neighbour Nations Watch - China

UPI, 10/29/93 BEIJING -- China executed three former government officials Friday for crimes related to corruption as part of a high-profile crackdown on government malfeasance. One of the men executed, Xu Zhonghe, was the former mayor of Ruzhou City in central Henan province. He and members of his family were accused of accepting or demanding up to $82,000 in bribes. The two other officials, Hong Yonglin, former director of a south China municipal police department, and Chen Binggen, a former housing administration official in the capitalist enclave of Shenzhen, were also accused of accepting bribes. The three were executed shortly after China's highest court, the Supreme People's Court, approved their death sentences, the state-run Xinhua News Agency said. (Forwarded by: A CND Reader)


Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1993 21:26:35 -0700 (MST) From: "ShiShir \"Sear\" Thapa" <>

I would like to thank the people that have put together the Nepal Digest. I moved away from Nepal when I was a little kid to become a resident of the U.S. but my interests for the country are still alive. The Digest is a great way of getting to know what is going on; I think.

I would also like to thank those of you who took the time to in helping me find a site in Nepal. Thank you very much for the lead. I will keep you posted of my progress.

I have one more question, Do any of you know of a person by the name Besu Rana. He was a pretty good friend of mine when I lived in Nepal for about two years. The last I heard was that he was attending some college in Colorado. He comes from an Army family I believe his father was a General, They had a residence near Kalikasthan. The last time I visited Nepal his brother Raju Rana was working for the TV station. If you have any information or leads please contact me at my E-mail address. I am also interested in finding out if there are any of you that attended Lincoln School, or St. Xaviers School and graduated from 1987-1990.

I am just trying ways to find people I used to know....

Thanx Shis[Bhir Thapa


Date: Mon, 1 Nov 93 12:16 GMT-5847:58 From: (SUDEEP ACHARYA)

I am Sudeep Acharya at the University of Arkansas. I went to Budhanilkantha School in Nepal. I was in the 11th batch. If there is anybody from the school please contact me.

To all the e-mail users, I've been using IRC network and I usually talk in channel #india or #tibet. I just heard from Norge (in Atlanta) in channel nepal

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