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The Nepal Digest Friday 4 Nov 94: Mangshir 1 2051 BkSm Volume 33 Issue 3

  Today's Topics are:

          1. KURA_KANI:
                              Re: Caught Between Cultures: A True Story
                              Re: Women in Hinduism

          2. TAJA_KHABAR: News From Nepal

          3. KATHA_KABITA: A blind affection may lead to an irrational mind

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******************************************************************* Date: Wed, 02 Nov 1994 14:54:48 CST To: cc: The Nepal Digest <> Subject: Katha_Kabita

        A blind affection may lead to an irrational mind

                            - By Sirdar_RJS_Khalifa

        Fairy tales, stories of heroes, legends of Dracula
        The urge to be the best at everything that you do
        The feeling of rightgeousness
        It drives, motivates, coerces, moves, penetrates, dwells
        To be the part of that legend
        Wanting and believing that you are more than just simple beings.

        Justification from all walks of life
        Some of them - your own fabrication
        Few of them - your own interpertation
        Most of them - your own hard headedness.

        As long as the strand is alive and is lingering
        You push it shove it and move it
        Untill it doesn't move anymore
        Untill it stops reacting anymore
        You yell and scream and cry in agony......

        My heroes from the legends stayed on the books
        My actions in real life is staring at me - right at my face
        Yes, okay....okay....okay.....I clearly see that:

        P.S. It makes me more human that I can make mistakes.
        P.P.S. Show me that your're a human by letting it go of my mistakes!

                     November 2, 1994

********************************************************************** Date: Tue, 01 Nov 1994 11:02:11 -0500 (CDT) From: Robin Pandey <RKP6723@UTARLG.UTA.EDU> Subject: A View Toward American History by Robin Pandey To:

Why did Columbus sailed toward Asia? Columbus was a sailor, who wanted to venture new and shortest way to get to Asia. Could he have acted alone? I surely give credit for his determination to pursuade his financer queen Isabella, but he could not have done without some financer. The motive behind the financer queen Isabella was purely to gain economic benefit from Asia eitherfrom trade or from gaining the land.

Columbus accidentally landed on the land that most European didn't know about. The land happen to be the land of gold. All the people who came after Columbus had two motives; economic and religious. But mostly economic, to gain wealth. During 1500s and 1600s mostly spain dominated the world. Spanish began to sail toward west and colonize America. The name should have been Columbia, but it was named after sailor name Amerigo Vespucci. This fact is not important as the factthat people in Europe realize the economic potential in America.

During 1600s English first attempted to colonize part of America called Roanoke.Although it was a total failure people in England did not stop. They knew the benefit of colonizing. English first successful colonization was in Virginia. Virginia was a joint stock company, that is wealthy people in England put money to finance the colonization to get dividend, money in return or to make profit.

English probably couldn't have succeeded colonizing Virginia without help of natives people of America. Powhatan, a powerful chief didn't just want to help English, his motive behind the allies was to get weapons and knives from English to fight against his neiboring enemy tribes. Without Powhatan's corn and food English would have a very hard time in America. English also learned to cultivate corn and tobacco. Tobacco was demanded madly in Europe. Thus, English were able to keep going in the colony.

Obviously economic opportunity attracted English and European to settle in America. Also, a lot of people came to America for political, social, and religious freedom. But most people who came to America was for economic opportunity, and it is still attracting today, not only from Europe, but also from all over the world including from our beloved country Nepal. To be continued...

Robin Pandey Arlington, TX

********************************************************************** From: Sirdar_RJS_Khalifa <> Date: 1 Nov 1993 To: The Nepal Digest <> Subject: A New Thread

Here are the first series of articles under the topic. Reminders are once again posted:

 Dear TND members:

    I would like to start a new thread on the following topics:

           Caught Between Cultures: A True Story

    If you would like to share how your views have affected your life,
    how it has changed you, personal choices you may have had to make,
    some bitter and some not so bitter experiences, personal values,
    your solutions to some of the concerns, your compromises and all,
    please send it under the above topic.

    For the sake of privacy, contributors have a choice to identify
    themselves, or use a fictitous name or use third pronoun as long
    as the stories are NOT fabricated.

    I am looking for TRUE STORIES of a Nepali's life being affected
    due to western influences - for the good or the bad (only you
    are the judge, jury and the client).

    I believe your experiences could be a valuable lessons for us to share!

    Following rules are to be implemented under this thread:

    1. This is just a vehicle to let some of the cross-cultural
       beliefs out.

    2. This is not a discussion for East Vs. West.

    3. Please refrain from judging other people. Stick to your experiences.
       Feel free to comment on others' experiences as long as you can
       refrain from judgment (I know its hard ..... your comments will
       be dropped if it insults others).

    4. Feel free to voice your oppinion if you think a particular rationale
       holds true or works for you.


  "A blind affection may lead to an irrational mind!"

--------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 02 Nov 1994 00:17:45 -0500 (CDT) From: RKP6723@UTARLG.UTA.EDU Subject: Caught Between Two Cultures. To:

Hi I am Robin Pandey and I like "caught between a rock and a hard place" by Rolling Stones, and I also like "mutu mathi dhunga rakhi hansnu paryachha" by late Narayan Gopal.

When I came to the U.S. I was only seventeen and naive. I wish there was TND then to learn about American culture as well as get the news from home. I went to highschool in Chicago for a year, basically I wanted to go to highschool is to get drivers education and license to drive. I wanted to drive so bad. I thought it would be cool to drive and maybe pick up a babe and take her out to the movies or restaurant for a date. Sometime in late 1986 I got my license at DeKalb, Illinois, and I had borrowed my friend Rajpal's car. Thanx bro.

After I got the license I was the king of the block. I went to my dad with an attitude demanding to borrow his car to go to Chinatown in Chicago with my highschool friends. You don't have a insurance, my dad replied. After some stubbornness I got the key to Oldsmobile Cutlass. I took that big tank to Lake Shore drive to Chinatown with my friends. We ate in a chinese restaurant came back to Down Town Chicago and hung around in Water Tower mall, watching babes, and later went to London Underground dance club for night out. I was heavily influenced by American culture. To be continued...

Robin Pandey Arlington, TX

******************************************************************* Date: Tue, 1 Nov 1994 11:16:04 -0700 (MST) From: Anil Amatya <> Subject: subscription To:

I will be pleased to have NEPAL DIGEST in my e-mailing system. And I am trying to get hold of Mahesh Thapa who once used to live in New Hamshire. If you can please contact me. Thank you.

***************************************************************** Date: Tue, 1 Nov 1994 14:17:00 -0600 (CST) From: SUDEEP ACHARYA <> Subject: Are you looking for a good cheap Industrial Engineering College? To: The Nepal Digest <>

Industrial Engineering(IE) department at the University of Arkansas is one of the top 10 IE department in the US. It has a good tie with Georgia Tech University, which is the best IE school in the US. The IE labs at the U of Arkansas is one of the best too. There was 100% job placement for graduating students of 1993.
 The tution and fees at the University is cheap compared to other competitive Universities.
  Tution and Fees for 15 credit hours = 2950/semester.(a little more for
                                        graduate students)
  A 2 bedroom apartment costs around $350/month (excluding electricity
                                                and gas)
  Boarding is pretty cheap too.
  On-Campus room and board will cost around $1600/semester.
  Health insurance is a must and will cost $439/year.
  You can get jobs pretty easily on-campus and off campus.(NorthWest Arkansas is one of the fastest growing regions in the US).
  11pm-7am work at TACO BELL will pay you $6/hr. Since Bill Clinton signed the F1-pilot program, you will be able to legally work off-campus at various locations and if qualified social security and medicare taxes won't be cut off from your paycheck.

University of Arkansas offers other engineering programs as well as other usual programs. Architecture program is one of the best too.

The IE department offers a lot of assistanceship for graduate students and the typical IE graduate students are students with non-IE engineering degrees.

One more reason to come to U of Arkansas is the Razorbacks(HOGS). They were the national champions of the NCAA DIV I basketball for 1993-94 season.

I am not advertizing this on behalf of University of Arkansas, or anyone else, this is just to help out those who are still in community colleges and graduate students who would like to do their graduate studies in Industrial Engineering, and are looking for a good cheap school.

Thank you Sudeep Acharya 55 Razorback Rd #17 Fayetteville,Ar72701

********************************************************************** From: "K. R. Mathema" <> Subject: BHINTUNA to all Nepal Bhasha Speakesr all over To: Date: Wed, 2 Nov 1994 09:45:32 +1030 (CST)







    Kanhaiya R.B.Mathema
    Adelaide uni., Department of Geography

********************************************************************** Date: Wed, 2 Nov 1994 00:31:05 -0500 To: From: (Kabi Raj Khanal) Subject: Election news

: Total no of candidates: 1446 (1345 in last election)
: Total voters: 12,132,571 (11,192,571 in last election)
: Election expenses: Rs 320 million (as set aside for election only,
     not included the expenses that will be used by different ministries
: in the course of election.
: The oldest candidate: Hari Krishna Shrestha (Nepal Praja Parishad, KTM-5),
     he is 76 yrs old.
: The youngest: There are 9 candidates whose age is 25 yrs.

: Rajeshwar Devkota (RPP, Lamjung) could not stand for the election because
    his nomination paper was rejected by the election comission
     on technical ground.

  Most of the heavy weights of RPP (Surya B Thapa, Prakash C Lohani,
   Lokendra B Chanda) are contesting from 2 constituencies.

: Only one active journalist is the candidate (Raghu Pant)

: Only one film actress Shobha Subba (played in two Limbu language films)
   is contesting the election.

: NC is the single party contesting in all 205 seats, UML 196, RPP 203.

: Election slogans:
                 NC: Democracy, development, nationalism and stability
                UML: Democracy, nationalism, equity
                RPP: Law and order, nationalism, stability
 : comments:
           NC don't ask what happened to democratic socialism.
          UML nobody knows what is BAHUDALIYA JANABAD, being communist
                   RAJA Jindabad
          RPP Main aim to fail democracy,
                Raaj Kaaj and Saa Su Ain 1st priority.

****************************************************************** Date: Wed, 2 Nov 1994 00:31:39 -0500 To: From: (Lynn Itagaki) Subject: Harvard Model UN Simulation in Geneva

Hello there:

        I am posting this message to bring to your attention a United Nations simulation that will be held in Geneva, on March 26-29. The conference is perfect for anyone who has a passion for either international politics or foreign affairs.

        The simulation will bring together over two hundred university students and young professionals from more than forty different countries. Last year we had delegates from the continents of Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, and North America. There are nine committees at this year's conference including the Security Council, the International Monetary Fund
(Executive Board), the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, the United Nations Development Programme, the International Court of Justice, the United Nations Environment Program, the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee, the Special Political Committee, and the Commission on Human Rights. Each committee will discuss two challenging problems that face the real United Nations -- for example, the Intenational Court of Justice will be examining the legality of the embargo against the former Yugoslavia. The advantage of an international conference of this sort is that most countries are represented by one of their citizens; this adds a degree of realism not found at other conferences.

        Aside from the opportunity to discuss international politics and foreign affairs, the conference allows you to meet a diverse group of people from around the globe. The interplay of different cultures and the learning that takes place outside of the conference halls are truly amazing. If this conference interests you and you would like more information please forward e-mail to the following address: or call/fax the following number: (617)-493-4300; please add (011) if you are calling from outside the United States. I apologize to anyone whose time I have wasted. I look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested; past experience is not necessary.

Sincerely, Lynn Itagaki

***************************************************************** Subject: News: Nepal to seek India's help.. To: Date: Wed, 2 Nov 1994 11:00:49 -0500 (EST) From: "Purushottam Subedi" <>

 News clip taken from:
 India News Network Digest Tue, 1 Nov 94
  British Broadcasting Corporation
   New Delhi, 27th October: The caretaker Nepali prime minister, Girija Prasad Koirala, has said that if his country and Bhutan are not able to resolve the issue of refugees of Nepali origin from Bhutan bilaterally, then he would seek India's good offices.
    "I am trying to solve the issue bilaterally. However, if Bhutan and Nepal cannot solve the issue, then I will seek India's help," Koirala told 'The Times of India' , a national daily of India, in Kathmandu on Wednesday
[26th October].
    About 80,000 Bhutanese nationals of Nepali origin have fled to their home country following Bhutan's royal government's alleged drive to expel Nepalese, feared of outnumbering Bhutanese.
    Bhutan accuses Nepal of instigating and assisting Nepalese rebels for a separate homeland in the southern part of the country, bordering Nepal. Despite several rounds of high level talks between them the two countries have failed
 to reach an amicable solution of the issue.
 -Purushottam Subedi <>
 George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
************************************************************************ From: (Bhuban Pandey) Subject: Happy Dipawali To: Date: Wed, 2 Nov 94 10:38:52 CST

Hi Folks!

Happy Dipawali To You All.

Bhuban, Prabha and Bhumika Pandey Omaha, Nebraska


*********************************************************************************************** Mime-Version: 1.0

Recent political news received from Kathmandu:

        Nepal Communist Party (Mashal) which is considered not only extreme Marxist-Leninist communists of Nepal but also the most dangerous enemy of the ruling party, has decided to contest the forth-coming mid-term election of Nov. 15. The party which has a fundamental disagreement with the constitution boycotted the previous election. Their boycott benefitted Nepali congress in Pyuthan and Baglung districts where they secured 5 seats in the parliament. This year Mashal will contest election from 66 constituencies in 35 districts. They are not quite sure about other districts, but they are confident that they will win all 5 seats in Baglung and Pyuthan districts where they have their domination. If this is the case, it will be great set-back to NC.

        Mashal has not officially registered its party name for the election. Like previous local election, Mashal will contest election independetly in the name of Rastriya janamorcha (national People's front). It is important to note that Mshal has district government in Pyuthan and local government in many village development committees in Baglung. In previous election, a faction of mashal led by Baburam Bhattarai participated in the name of united People's front and he was able to secure third position in the Lower House by winning 9 seats in the parliament

News from Amrit Ranmai

******************************************************************* Date: Thu, 3 Nov 1994 13:10:26 -0500 Subject: Electoral Violence in Nepal From: C.K. Tiwari

With barely two weeks left for the mid-term elections reports of political violence have begun to suface. The first violence had occurred sometimes in September between the Koirala faction and RPP supporters in Sindhupalchok. The attackers were pro-govt. hoodlums. The Congressis are throwing stones at each other in several places. Koirala was hurled with stones in Itahari as he was returning from Dharan. He has been shown black flags in several places. He was hooted in Dailekh on October 27. People opposed his abuse of official army helicopter. An official Congressi has been killed in Dang. The UPF is blamed for the killing. Several incidents of stone hurling have already taken place in Dang where minister Khum Bd. Khadka is running as Koirala Protege. In Lamjung, the Official Congressis have seriously hit on the eye of dissident Congressi candidate, Lekh Nath Adhikary on October 28. He was flown to Kathmandu for treatment. Police opened fire at Parsa and injured about 15 persons. The UPF (Dr. Bhattarai's faction) is blamed for yet another attack on the leader of the Chhattisay Congressis Chiranjibi Wagley and his followers in Gorkha on October 27. There are more incidence of violence but these are only glimpses. India's RAW is very worried over the likely outcome of elections in favor of UML. Rumors persis it is telling the ex-service men pensioners of the Indian Gurkha army, whose number is estimated to be around half a million, to vote for NC. Let's see how the people will vote.

********************************************************** Date: Thu, 3 Nov 1994 13:45:22 -0500 (EST) From: "Sanjeev Karmacharya (CpE)" <> Subject: About the artical To:

I am Sanjeev Karmacharya from University of Bridgeport. I am going to write a term paper on 'Tourist Industry and Tourism in Nepal'. I would greatly appreciate if any one sent me any thing related to the above topic. Thank you.......My address is: Sanjeev Karmacharya University of Bridgeport Seeley Hall, Room:427 490 Waldemere Avenue Bridgeport, CT 06604 Phone: 203-576-3272 e-mail:

*************************************************************************** Date: 03 Nov 94 18:13:14 EST From: Rajendra.P.Shrestha@Dartmouth.EDU (Rajendra P. Shrestha) Subject: News11/3 To:

SOURCE: Xinhua

HEADLINE: one killed in mid-western nepal

DATELINE: kathmandu, november 3; ITEM NO: 1103207

   one person was killed when protesters clashed with local police in dang district, mid-western nepal, this afternoon. according to reports reaching here today, supporters of the communist party of nepal (uml), the main opposition in the country, held a procession in the district seat of dang to protest against supporters of the nepali congress, who attacked the uml office in the district on wednesday. the protesters clashed with the police who opened fire to control the situation, killing one person and wounding ten others.
------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: DPA

HEADLINE: 18 dead, 47 in hospital after wedding feast in Nepal

DATELINE: Kathmandu, Nov 3

    Eighteen people are dead and 47 are in hospital after eating tainted food at a wedding feast in Nepal, according to a report Thursday.

    Guests consumed pork curry, alcohol and large quantities of a locally baked bread which medical officials said apparently was the cause of the food poisoning, according to the Nepal -language daily Kantipurs.

    Most of those who died following the feast in a village 30 kilometres from Kathmandu last week were small children or elderly people. dpa eg

SOURCE: Xinhua

HEADLINE: wedding feast claims 18 lives in western nepal

DATELINE: kathmandu, november 3; ITEM NO: 1103064

   eighteen people died and 47 others are in serious condition due to food poisoning after attending a wedding feast in palpa district of western nepal. guests to a wedding ceremony last friday in palpa district suffered from gastroenteritis after they ate bread cooked in pork lard, local press reported here today. the villagers and relatives began vomiting and complaining of tummy aches the very same evening after they were served a kind of locally-made bread, pork and alcohol at the wedding feast. hospital sources said that the deaths were caused by food poisoning. they said that those who ate only meat and alcohol were not affected so badly, but half of those who also had the locally-made bread had died. a team of health workers armed with necessary medicines and saline water were dispatched to the spot as soon as the tragic news reached the district administration.
------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: Xinhua

HEADLINE: air cargo industry on decline in nepal

DATELINE: kathmandu, november 3; ITEM NO: 1103067

   air cargo business in nepal is experiencing a downward trend due to the drastic decrease in the export of carpets and garments, president of cargo agents association of nepal s. p. threstha has said. local daily "the kathmandu post" today quoted the president as saying that the air cargo industry has practically slackened though the government-provided statistics on the amount of the air cargo business are quite high. nepal's carpet export was affected by the child labor problem and the garment export declined due to lack of competitiveness in the world market.

********************************************************************** Date: Thu, 03 Nov 1994 11:25:19 EST From: tilak@UFCC.UFL.EDU To: Subject: Opinions & Comments.


Editors of The Nepal Digest :
     I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation of the good work done and valuable time spent by the editors to up keep this digest. As every body would say 'thanks again'.

Gurkhas for UN :
     Please refer to the article by Farrell and Lingle (Send by Rajendra Shrestha, TND Sept. 26, 94). Though Uday Manandhar Jee makes a case against such step (TND Nov.2, 94). I still like this idea of UN having a standing Gurkha army. In my opinion, it is no longer the issue of British imperialism or colonization. Those days are truely gone. UN is not Britain. The frame of reference should be the Nepalese position in today's world, not the yesterday's British empire. In my opinion, such UN army is an avenue for Nepalese to contribute towards world peace and employment opportunity. Perhaps there should be some thoughts on the circumstances of their deployment, the chain of command, and rules of engagements, etc. I am sure these issues would be worked out, in case such UN army is created. Perhaps some kind of vocational training of the retiring soldiers should be considered, so that they can return back to a productive civilian life, and play a leadership role in their respective communities.

Slavery of Nepalese Girls :
     Please refer to the article by Catherine Bowman (TND Oct. 18, 94) on the heart wrenching story of thousands of Nepalese girls being sold off as prostitutes in India. Many kudos to the noble effort of Ms. Kristina Carlson and her Bahini foundation. In my opinion this problem cannot be solved merely by legal and administrative means. Perhaps this issue along with a few other burning issues like deforestation, family planning, casteism, etc. could be made a nonpartisan political issues. That is, perhaps there could be some kind of national consensus among all the political parties that in these selected issues all the parties would cooperate, regardless of their positions and disagreements in other issues. Perhaps, cadres and activists of all the parties could work together in these selected issues. That way, by agreeing on a few national issues and common area of action, perhaps it might even foster some degree of cooperation among the different political parties and their cadres in the local level, and lessen the social and political polarization.
(Bahini Foundation could be contacted (or send donation to) in the following address - c/o Stuart Perrin, 80 Fourth Avenue, Fourth Floor, NY, 10003).

In defence of Mishra's article :
     It is in response to the letter by J.R. Joshi (TND Oct. 17, 94) critical of Mishra Jee's articles and responses about them. I am glad to note the editor's succinct comment that TND do not specialize in news only, rather it is an open forum to express our opinions and feelings. In my opinion, no body is forced to read his articles. I am not so sure if we could call it 'self promoting', since he is neither a woman, nor trying to make profit out of them. As far as the length and editing the articles are concerned I also have similar feeling. However it is up to the editor to make a judgement. Mishra Jee is a Ph.D. candidate in English, I guess he knows what he is writing, and perhaps Joshi Jee would consider extending help on that score. One thing I wonder, how giving up of 'Green card' by Mishra Jee would enhance the women's status in Nepal. I even do not know if he has one. As I see it, every body cannot act like Gandhi. Thus with due respect to our own limitations, we should contribute in our own way, however humble it might be.
     In my opinion, the issue of women in Nepalese society is an important one. However, I do not agree with many of the views of Mishra Jee, and I believe many of them are misleading. Thus once a while I do comment upon his articles. That is, to comment upon contents of articles is one thing, shutting up the writer is another.

Throw the bum (Girija) out :
     Please refer to the comments on the letter 'Throw the bum
(Girija) out' by S. Dahal and Nirmal Ghimire (TND Oct.26, 94). I am not a politician and the letter was not a political appeal. Believe it or not, I enjoyed very much the advent of democracy, Nepali Congress winning the election, and Girija Koirala becoming the Prime Minister. I appreciate and still do, the contribution of Girija towards the democracy. That is the reason why people chose to trust him as PM. However, as his antics started to pile up, it is obvious to me that he is only interested to keep his personal interest ahead of the nation's. In my opinion, his prime ministership should be judged by what he did as the PM, not by his past actions. It is the profound sense of let down, which prompted me to write the letter.
     To me, the freedom of speech means speaking out facts. And facts of Girija's acts should be the criteria of judging him. For example, the present election, which would cost almost one third of a billion rupees for our poor country, is engineered by Girija solely to further his personal greed. Since, he is not yet convicted in a court of law of any crime, we can only talk about alleged or rumors like 'RNAC case', 'misuse of Government resources', 'freeing bunch of smugglers and murderers for political reason', and so on. What happened to his solemn promise that he would not contest in the coming election along with Bhattarai Jee and Nidhi Jee for the sake of the party unity ? By the way, both Bhattarai Jee and Nidhi Jee are keeping their promises. Talk about honor. Let me give following facts as evidence of his nepotism, and request both Dahal Jee and Ghimire Jee to correct me, in case I am mistaken. I would like to ask a simple question, do you honestly believe that Girija is not corrupt ? Perhaps it is time to look at the issue from national perspective, rather than personal interest; and throw the bum
(Girija) out.

Sushil Koirala (Brother)- M.P.(Banke District),Personal Advisor &
     Member Central Committee(NC) Nona Koirala (Sister-in-law)- Member Central Committee(NC) Jyoti Koirala (Nephew)- Advisor, Karmachari Pajani Bibhag(Sorry
     couldn't find an appropriate translation) Prakash Koirala (Nephew)- M.P. (Sunsari District) Nitya Raj Koirala (Nephew)- G.M.( Bhaktapur Brick & Tile Factory) Dirgha Raj Koirala (Uncle)- Advisor Madan Koirala (Nephew)- GM ( Lumbini Sugar Factory) Bijay Koirala (Nephew)- Chief(Arun Barun Makalu Project) Ashok Koirala (Brother)- Mayor(Biratnagar Nagar Palika) Sasank Koirala(Nephew)- Chief( B.P. Koirala Cancer Institute) Shekhar Koirala(Nephew)- Chief(B.P. Medical College) Sushil Koirala (Nephew)- Special Advisor( Radio Nepal) Pradip Koirala (Nephew)- Chief(Tea Development Board) Sriharsha Koirala(Nephew)- Chief( B.P. Planetoriumm) Dharmanath Koirala (relative)- G.M.(Krishi Samagri Sasthan) Sujata Koirala (Daughter)- Chief(Sushma Trust) Niranjan Koirala(Nephew)- Advisor Shiva Kumar Koirala(Nephew)- Chief(Kosi Dam) Minachi Nepal (Niece)- Secretary( Purbanchal University) Lila Koirala (daughter-in-law)- M.P.(Dhanusa District),
     President (Greater Janakpurdhan Development Program)

(Published in TND, August 26, 1994. by Madhav Bhatta and Dil Basnet. Source: Punarjagaran Weekly : Asar 28, 2051).

Entry to Pashupati Nath temple :
     Please allow me express my agreement with Ms. Helen Abadzi, when she asks that every body should be allowed to enter the Pashupati Nath temple (TND Oct. 26,94), regardless of their beliefs or religion, as long as they come with due respect. It is high time to rescue Hinduism from short sighted, greedy Purohits and Bhatts, and bring out the true universal (sanatana) message. Let Lord Pashupati Nath bless us all.

     Thanks and regards. Sincerely yours - Tilak B. Shrestha.

******************************************************************** Date: Thu, 03 Nov 1994 23:04:59 EST To: From: Nirmal Ghimirez <NGH42799Q236@DAFFY.MILLERSV.EDU> Subject: women in hinduism

This is inresponse
 to Mr.Mishra's article on "women in Hinduism". I went through his article and was amazed at his interpertation and point of view. Everyone has a different interpertation and different thinking according to
 to the background, the society and the environment. But things should not be generalised just because of little experience. His writing clearly indicates that "Little knowledge is dangerous." So, Mr.Mishra is trying to view Hinduism from his little,limited,closed point of view.Many times the things he says makes no sense and many times Icould not stop pitying his limited thinking regarding this matter.Mr. Mishra manytimes has shownthat womenin Hinduism from very childhood are conditoned, but it seems that while writng this he was also conditioned onlywith his limited view. He did not mind criticsm being merciless
  so I am writing to him mercilessly. Sometimes it is absurd.But, I do appreciate
 his writing which atle which is a very interesting point of argument. So,I am going torespond to his article with mylimited knowledge of Hinduism and women.I maybe pretty long but I will try to be logical.First of all I think that the title itself is misleading.The title is"Women in Hinduism."And this article does nowhere show the place given to women in Hinduism. Many religions don't have Goddess in thei r religion, it is only male God, but Hinduism has Godesses with all this power. Laxmi,Sarswati,Durga all are Goddess.So,his article'stitle is misleading.It first made me think what is this. Then Iunderstood, it is not this.But if the title had been something like"The misuse of women by some males in some Hindu Society ," it would have given a straight meaning. Hinduism is not what society
  symbolises. It is only the practice of it. Mr.Mishra please don't get confused in th in this term and blame something else in place of something. Okay let us see hi s fist article.His quote,"Women'scharacter is unpredictable."Why?doesn't this hav e e apositve point of view. Her character can be so above than what we imagine. She has a potential more than all.She has so muchpotential so her character is amazing and great. Later on he writes,"Women is nothing but her character. She is mere flesh and blood,mere body,her sexualorgans out of which her character a rises as as though it were a genie." Why, only women people through out the world are known by character.There is nothing bad with it. Morality and character is a great part in every religion.As for regarding her as mere body and flesh,I think there are very few who do so. A Hindu whohas understood the meaning of Hinduism will never do that. SO, this cannot be generalised. As far asgiving birth is concerned ,I think that is a very creative process.Where a new being is created by the conjunction of both. And, please know that many Hindus do not strive after sexual pleasure.It is part of Griyasthahram to raise a family and support them.If as mr. mishra thinks women were regardedas such why marry them.People could have onlyused them for sex and left them.That is not the case.So as far as sex is concerned it is still very rare that women a are used as sex material.Hinduism strives for perfection and sense pleasure is not not what it is looking for.Sex, is sense pleasure. But some have misused their power in every society and taken advantage over women.Hinduism has never encouraged it,it is some people .A place can onlybe respected if women are respected inthat place. That is what Hinduism states.But,since some people misused it you cannot blame Hinduism.Mr.Mishra as far as child bearing goes I guess it was the Hindu Gods who gave this to women. According to his interper t

ation he should be saying that even the Hindu gods are biased.As far as menstru ation cycle is concerned, it is a very bad idea to try to seperate them.Now things are changing.As far as her resting during this period is concerned is scientific. At this time she has a lot of blood loss and her lumen is also bein g formed. So, it looks good if she gets at this time. Seperating and keeping them
 away away was onlythe interpertation of some people at some time. That is bad but slowly it is changing. As far calling them "birami" I only camre toknow throug h him and I don't think it is common. Another statement from him is"She cannot remarry ,divorcing her husband.The woman'sparents arethe first to send them bac k k k again and till death," trying to see it openly Icame tothis conclusion.No body wants destruction but construction. Divorce is not something good for the society. society.Parents send them back thinking that they had some misunderstanding. Eventually thinking that they would reuniter they send them back.They love their children and are attached. They did not know that finally some one would killthem.If they had they would not send them back.Onlytoreunite and for good good they wanted to do this. I guess if the daughter can express herself well they would not ask her to go back. Things are changing.And nowhere in Hinduism is the wife forced to go back where she did not want to. Ram did not ask Sita to company him,infact he asked her to stand back, but Sita did by her wish."THE FIRST ENEMY OF A WOMAN IS HER FATHER."(most absurd thought) Sigmund Freud came up with a theory of Oedipus complex where he said that every boy is jealous of his father because he loves his mother and every girl is jealous of her mother because she lover her father.This theory is not very accepted. Similarly the statemnt Mr.Misahra has made is illogical and nonsense. People have certain experience and conditons in life and interperet things in their own way. But that does not mean that is the truth.Conclusion from some experiences do not necessarily mean the same for the whole.Mr. Mishra could not perhaps see how difficult it is for parents to give away their daughter in marriage is.All marriages I have seen is in which parents weep while sending their daughter.They have to give because it is part of the culture. But they obviously feel sorry and cry due to the attachment with their daughter. Maybe Mr. Mishra may think that it is artifical tears,because why should an enemy cry, for parents are the enemy. But this tears are real,and
  love is real too.In some part due to ignorance they are not treated equally. But as love and education goes these days many do not discriminate between a daughter and a son.Again "hinduism" has nothing to say to this.It is people who misintrerperated it.His statement"Hinduism's this habit of shutting the minds and hearts of young womenby thirty t the minds and hearts of young women bythirty two virtues produces are disastrou s s".Why only women I encourage evryone to maintain 32 virtues if you can. What is bad in trying to be moral and good as possible. The 32 virtues are a step trying to purify oneself as much as one wants.If one wishes why should not one try it , but it should not be forced.32 virtues is a open option,Hinduism does not force you on that. Hinduism is very open it does not necessarily force any male or female.I don't see how 32 virtues if practised by anyone in the world can have a disastrius effect. But,I know that it is not easy and only a very disciplined and determined person can do it. '
"WOMAN'S LIFE IS WORSE THAN THAT OF A COW IN NEPAL"(God help him) Do I need to repond to this?I think the statement itself answersthat.No, absolutely not. How did he think this? I am perplexed, stunned at his thinking. Maybe Mr.Mishra has a symbol behind the word cow in this statement.Maybe it is not the four legged cow. I donot know what kinds of cow Mr. Mishra saw in Nepal,and where they lived.But I saw them four legged and lived insmall thatched house. So far I have read his articles till( NO.3) and these were my remarks.

I read his article no.4 Thise article also clearly indicates the misuse of power by some males over the females.But to come to my point nowhere has "Hinduism" encouraged to discredit women,in the contrary it has always tried for the good of all. Sometimes as sacrifice and sometimes by asking too much. But Mr. Mishra just becasuse of his few years
 stay stay in part of India and Nepal should notjump to a conclusion. "hinduism" is very old and it is not justified to judge women in "Hinduism" by few general incidents.But I do agree that society throughout the world first did not respect women as they should have,but for good things are changing throughout the world."Hinduism" has always respected women in different attri butes. OH! today is Laxmi Puja, a celebration of Hindu Goddess of wealth. Another point that I would like to make is of self cooking, knownas Suampakya.It was not that because some other people or caste touched you should not eat, but he theory was of clenliness. If you cook by yourself you become more careful, cleaner and cook according to your taste. But this was later on misrepresented as caste and etc.Again"hinduism" did not state this. In article no.5 Mr.Mishra asks what kind of qualification people ask for his proof of knowing Hinduismis. His writing has clearly shown his degree of knowledge and thinking. Knowledge is not credentials but your understanding of material. I would only say that I wish he would make judgements with an open eyes and state the truth,not make up or exaggerate.Be what you are we don't need proofs. just be more wide in thinking .Judge fairly, and don't just conclude because you want to. This is in response so far I will continue , don't get bored.

Mr.Mishra thinks that even the ceremony is biased. The ceremony of boys and girls as they enter a second phase of life. He says that male wear sacredthread
  and females are made to dress up ,so they look good and understand that they are made for boys.He is saying that the philosophy behind it also is the same that this is done for the hunger of men.I was surprised at this interpertation.He has well symbolized them . AS he mostly thinks that it is due
 to sex drive so to sex drive so he has brought it to the same metaphor. You can interperate it anyway anyway you like and he has done so. But I think that it has a different meaning.It is to make them realize that they are growing up, to encourage them. Beauty is a form of art and maybe it is to introduce them in this field. Most people enjoy dressing up ,so theydo it. I do not think there is any thinking as
 t that of Mr.Mishra. Many times he has degraded women in a very low way,and this may may not have a good impact on female psyche.AS far as I know in Hinduism Purush is the earth and Prakriti(female) is the nature. This cosmos is the unio n of two. union of the two.The male naked body as in the ceremony is the earth and nature is female.Nature has more to do with bveauty,somaybe that is why we dres s them in that wa dress them up in that way. Not for any purpose but for theor happiness.ex ex

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