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The Nepal Digest Tuesday 1 Nov 94: Kartik 29 2051 BkSm Volume 33 Issue 1

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********************************************************************** Date: Thu, 27 Oct 94 09:53:11 EDT From: Anita Regmi <AREGMI@ERS.BITNET> Subject: Women in Nepal To:

Kudos Mr. Mishra! Your objective appears to be in the process of being realized. Did you realize that there were quite a few comments on your articles in the latest TND? And NONE from me or Mr. Tilak Shrestha!

Readers of TND, great going! Keep the subject alive. Dissect it, dwell on it, write it. I am still waiting for women to come out in numbers and write on the subject. Perhaps if the subject is kept alive long enough it will happen.

One has to realize that the issue is not a choice of which social evil is better; i.e. as that which exists in the west or that which exists in Nepal. No! The issue is respect, human dignity and equality. Equality at all levels of life, from birth, upbringing, education and other social matters such as civil codes of inheritance, alimony, child cusody etc. Yes equip women with all this, and Nepali women will also spewt forth sarcasm in deserving men's faces. That's not necessarily bad. No! It's watching out for one's self. If men adjust well to women's changing role in society, domestic harmony can still prevail and children need not go through the plight that one talks about in the west. The change has to come both ways. Men have to change the way they think about women. For instance, the way one wrote about having problems dealing with strong-minded western women is a sure case for marital disharmony if that individual is married to a well-educated strong-minded woman.

Carry on the discussion, it will make all of us think about the issue. I am a firm believer that dwelling on a subject brings about some (however marginal t hey may be) changes in our attitudes and behavior.

********************************************************************* Date: Fri, 28 Oct 1994 00:44:14 -0400 (EDT) From: Bhanu Neupane u <> Subject: "Satya Katha" To: The Nepal Digest <>

                Nepal: In ALEXIE'S PERSPECTIVE????

It was the morning of October 16, 1994, I was desperately trying to find my toothpaste in a very untidily packed bag. Darn I thought, it should be in here somewhere. A rather ruthless attempt was making my stuffs pretty jumbled. And with sheer disappointment, I started throwing out one stuff at a time on the floor. This was the moment I heard a gentle knock on the door. Who could this be?? This was my first time in Detroit, my friend was in the bathroom and I could hear her singing a German song,
(the lyrics of this song, I still can't figure out, yet I like the rythm it follows). It was a small motel just on the US-Canadian Border and I was supposed to run a marathon and simply was trying to get ready for the event.

"Who could this be?" I thought, neither me and my friend had enough bob to order breakfast using room service, so it couldn't be a waiter. It could not either be somebody from the organizers, because trying to get to all 1400 marathoners is just as impossible as counting stars in a clear summer night...

My thoughts broke, when I heard the knock again, it was louder than before. I got up pulled on my sorts and hastly opened the door. There I saw a man, in early fifties, wearing a faded jeans and leather jacket. He smiled at me and pointed toward the spot where I was making an unsuccessful attempt to find my supposedly packed toothpaste tube, "Was it hurricane Rosa?", his voice was husky but soft, yet full of humour. Trying to hide both my embarassment and amazement, I smiled back, but did not answer.

He took a step ahead, made a small friendly gesture and asked the same question by adding a sentence to introduce himself, " Was it hurricane Rosa? Hi! I am Alexie." Now it was my turn to respond, " Hey, What's up man (I really was trying to prove myself a perfect black from bronx) I am Bhanu, How can I help you" I could sense the impoliteness in my voice, but I could not helped.

" somebody at the reception told me that you are a Nepali, can we talk for a minute or so?" I could feel the way he stressed NE-PA-LI and his voice was pleading. " Sure we can but I am here to run..Blah! Blah!" In less than 30 second I explained my reason to be in Detroit, and bluntly told him that I didn't have any time to waste with him. "Later, may be?" he requested once again, " You won't be able to eat lunch with me, I guess, how about dinner tonight".

Hey! Hey!!, there is something wrong at some place, I could smell fishy, why the hell this man is trying to impose on me. I wanted to say him to beat it, could this be soliciting?? I bet he read my mind, he said " See, I was in Nepal this summer and I wanted to share with you something about Nepal, there is nothing personal"

I have to say this man, virtually won me for his softness and gentleness. I said, " Well come on in, but I don't think I will be able to talk to you for long"

He came in and sat on the sofa, while I returned to my stuffs and began searching for the tube. He repeated his statement, " I was in Nepal this summer, I was there for 13 weeks, what a beautiful country". Now I thought, this guy will begin his talk and later conclude by saying how the valley is polluted and brownouts and contaminated water and diarrhea and ... I just nodded as a reply.

"I am a swede, I work here in a small company. I had seen you guys at the bar last light, BUT I did not know you were Nepali, otherwise, we could have talked last night itself". His monologue and my failing attempt to find toothpaste was now really getting into my nerves and making me frustrated. I gave up my endeavor and thought, I will soon see this guy go off, phone the reception and find if they have complimentry tubes for their guests.

"So you're a swede. Huh! Can you be straight and explicit what brought you here? I was getting kinda rude.

He presumably ignored me and for more than fifteen minutes, he described Nepal. I was spellbound, I could bet his poetic description, almost reminded me of Late Yug Kabi Siddhi Charan Shrestha's "Mero Pyaro Okhaldhung" , the way he described kathmandu, was as good as Bhanu Bhakta's
"Amarawati Kantipuri Nagari". I did not even realize that this German friend of mine was standing there for about 10 minutes listening to this man. I was being educated about my own country, great. I needed that. In his thinking, every niches of the mountain was a separate Shangrila in itself and every aspect of people represented a cultural perfection. I don't know for how many times I said Huh! and Huhs!! but I personally did not wanted this man to stop. I felt I devoured on his thoughts.

My dream of a perfect scenic paradise came to a halt, as this man, distracted by the friend of mine, asked, "Aw! so this is the fried of yours, who was singing in the bathroom. My friend grinned. I completed the formality and introduced my friend to him.

I asked, " You seem to have a very good impression about Nepal, I liked your commentary. Is it really that beautiful, you sounded a bit utopian to me. May be you are exaggerating ?" I felt indirectly I was trying to provoke him to discuss about existing "dark facets" of Nepal. To my surprise, he said, " All you Nepalis are like that, too simple and modest". For a moment or so there was a pause, I began probing about the things this guy said about Nepal. I was trying to make an impossible attempt to figure a hidden sense out of what this man just said.

There were no hidden messages, this guy had simply described about his impression, no exaggeration, nothing sarcastic. I was obliged and asked my friend to make a call to the reception and order coffee. She complied and started to make a call. However, what this man had just said worthed more than a billion cups of coffee or was priceless.

"I asked to this man, did this brownouts.. Blah! Blah! stuffs gave you any trouble while you were there" I asked with a gottcha! smile. This man got slightly upset, his expression was very much similar to that of a small girl having been said the doll she is carrying ugly.

"Please, would you mind not to say that"

Surprise, Puzzle, astonished and what not, I turned red to what he had just said. While he continued, " This is nothing but the inferiority complex, you people have. Name a country in the world where the environmental problem is not serious, name a place where poverty is not a problem, just tell me about a place, where you will not confront any social problem..? If you want to give me sometimes, I could show you around Detroit. I can guarantee, you will change your perception by saying underdeveloped Nepal or underdeveloped Detroit. Similar, will be your thinking, if you will go down at los Angeles or New York or Toronto. You think more cars on the street parable to development, sky-scrapper as the momento of happiness, 11 bucks an hour sign of social security and wearing clothes which bare the waist up, cultural breakthrough.

I was thinking, sucks I should not have raised the topic at the first place.

While he continued, "See this is nothing but a phobia Nepalis have, a mentality which never finds good about the magnificient country". I would appreciate if you would have approached to the problem from a different perspective. You people depend too much on government and that is the only problem you people have got. The scenario, however, is different for guys like you. May be the small and manageable problems have been unnecessarily magnified by people like you. I am an environmental consultant, and in my view the problems are well under manageable limits. There is nothing wrong about Nepal, may be a bit of political commitment is lacking but everybody is politically concious".

I felt, I am tiny, midget in my thinking. HE talked to me for little over 5 minutes after that, gave his telephone number, invited us for the dinner and was gone. I could compare his changed expression.
  That evening, Me and my friend were both tired after a 42km run, and both thought that we will not go to his place and put our tiredness as an alibi. I was however, more embarrassed to meet him than tired. Yet, this man came in his car, he took us to a fine restaurant and even paid for the dinner. While we were having dinner, I let my friend talk and rather skip most of the conversation by watching the funk band (I didn't know that funk was genuinely something perfected in Detroit) who were playing on the stage.

After dinner, this man I think again read my mind. HE repeatedly asked me if I am upset for something. I lied to him by saying that I am in a mental trauma as a fellow marathoner had died on the run.

Before we departed, he approached to me and gently said, " I didn't wanted to hurt you. Yet I did and I am sorry for that. But try to read the message hidden in what I told you this morning. IF it is possible never ever say these three things to anybody, Nepal is Poor, Nepal is polluted and there is nothing we can do about it. I hope you will ponder on what I have said.."

I don't know for how long I stood at the motel lobby, while his three things echoed in my brain. I am still trying to figure out the real meaning of what this guy said to me. Was he straight enough and not a crazy? Why he liked Nepal so much?... There are myriad of other questions and perhaps I don't have any answer or an explanation......

[Epilogue: I found my toothpaste in the bathroom as my friend had used it the other night and had forgotten it for some reason. I have got the address of this guy Alexie, anyone interested in detroit area? I am still trying to find out who were other two Nepalis who ran the Detroit marathon on 16th of October.]

Deepawali ko Shuvakamana to all Nepali Netters.

Mahakavi Luxmi Prasad Devkota ko Punya tithi Ma Hardik Sradhanjali Sath


************************************************************ Date: Fri, 28 Oct 1994 11:22:00 -0500 (EST) From: Helen Abadzi SA1PH 80375 <> Subject: Women in Hinduism To:

It is most admirable for men to examine their conscience regarding the position of women in Hinduism. Usually it is women who speak out about women's condition. I congratulate Mr. Mishra, Hridaya Bahracharya and the others who have done so. Gentleness, emphathy, and philosophical consideration are the characteristics that I have come to particularly expect from the Nepalese.

Nepal is not all Hindu. Women in buddhist households, particularly of v arious tribes live supposedly in much better social conditions.

******************************************************************************** Date: Fri, 28 Oct 1994 08:45:18 -0700 (MST) From: "Camille Richard" <camille@picea.CNR.ColoState.EDU> To: Subject: RE: The Nepal Digest - Oct 27, 1994 (24 Kartik 2051 BkSm)

Dear editor, There have been a few (and poorly argued) complaints about the "Women in Hinduism" articles. I, for one, have enjoyed every issue, including well thought out responses that refute Mishra's commentary. In fact, I have saved every issue of TND related to this topic (unless, of course, they merely contained simplistic complaints with no substance). I would be happy to compile them and send to any new subscribers (and others) who have not seen earlier issues. TND is a forum for discussion. If you don't like the topic, skip over it. It only takes a second. Is that too much time out of your day? There are plenty of people on the list who enjoy this topic and wish it to continue. And I am sure there are plenty of topics they don't like. Please keep the discussion going and I encourage more Nepali women to participate in the dialogue. You are the ones with the true experience and knowledge on this important issue.

I enjoy every issue of TND. It helps me maintain contact with the country where I spent three years of my life. My compliments on a job well done.

Sincerely, Camille Richard Center for Ecological Risk Assessment and Management Colorado State University

F**************************************************************** From: (Khem K. Dahal) Date: Fri, 28 Oct 1994 13:17:30 -0700 (PDT) Subject: Kabita to The Nepal Digest To:

        DESH KASKO ?

Office kotha bahira mecha ma sutiraheko piun lai sodhen Timilai thaha chha timi desha ko lagi ho ra timile garne kaam desko ho? Usale tauko hallaudai jabaf diyo desh ta vitra ko hakim ko pota; Hakim ko kothama pugi tyahi prasna sodhen Hakim le topi milaudai jabaf die ma ta karinda,desh ta sachibko ho; Sachibkoma pugera tyahi prasna dohoryae Astrayma churot ko kharani jhardai unale vane,mata sanu manchhe, desha ta Mantrijyu ko po ho tyahi gaera sodhnus; Mantrijyu ko ma samaya liara gai feri prasna dohoryaen; TV bata aakha nai nahatai unale vane,Hamita janta ko manchhe,Desh ta jantako Bahira aayee kisan,majadur ra aam nagarik lai feri tyahi prasna sodhen, Harek ko jabaf thiyo,Desha hola thula neta,mantri ra hakim ko; Hami lai ta dui chhak tarne bare sochne bahek fursad chhaina; Gaera sodhnus neta,mantri ra hakimharulai; Tyasaile aaba vanne bela aayo ,Desh bewaris vayo; Desh lawaris vayo. Khem Dahal Santa Barbara California.


*********************************************************************************************** Date: 28 Oct 94 17:28:33 EDT From: Rajendra.P.Shrestha@Dartmouth.EDU (Rajendra P. Shrestha) Subject: Some recent News To:

SOURCE: Xinhua HEADLINE: nepalese crown prince visits tibet DATELINE: lhasa, october 25; ITEM NO: 1025221

   nepalese crown prince dipenora bir bikram shah dev and a delegation he is leading arrived here at noon today for a week-long visit to china. leading members of the tibet autonomous regional departments concerned greeted them at the airport and presented each of them with a hada (a piece of silk used as a greeting gift) in line with a typical tibetan custom. gyalcan norbu, chairman of the autonomous regional people's government, met with the crown prince and his party here this evening and briefed them on situations in tibet's social and economical aspects. china and nepal are friendly neighbors and their relationship dated back to the ancient times, he said. "the nepalese crown prince's current visit to china will surely give an impetus to the growth of bilateral ties." dipenora said he was very pleased to have the opportunity to visit china with tibet as the first leg during his trip, and that he wanted to know more about china's time-honored culture and the successful experience of its economic growth. the meeting was followed by a dinner given in honor of dipenora and his party by gyalcan norbu. the nepalese crown prince and his delegation have come to visit china as guests of the chinese government. and they are scheduled to stay lhasa for three days before proceeding to tour other parts of china.

------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: Xinhua HEADLINE: observation of code of conduct demanded in nepal DATELINE: kathmandu, october 25; ITEM NO: 1025063
   the nepali national election commission (ec) has asked the health ministry not to violate the code of conduct for the mid-term elections which is to be held on november 15, according to local press reports today. in a letter issued on monday to the ministry of health, the ec said the department of health recently transferred nine doctors from kathmandu to sunsari district, who will stay there from october 15 to mid-november. the ec demanded an explanation from the ministry for the transfers, and reminded the ministry of an earlier ec request to the government not to transfer civil servants before the november 15 general elections. the ec said that the government had consented to the requests and issued directives to all the ministries and government departments in accordance to the requests. the ec said in the letter that the transfers amount to an open violation of the election code of conduct, and demanded that a free and fair election be ensured.
-------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: Xinhua

HEADLINE: hotline to be set up in nepal

DATELINE: kathmandu, october 27; ITEM NO: 1027064

   the international institute for human rights, environment and development has decided to set up an hotline to disseminate election information during the general election to the house of representatives in nepal. the "election hotline 1994" will be set up on the basis of the experience of similar service it had provided during the last general election in 1991 in the country, according to the sources from the international institute. under the arrangement, the election information will be collected and disseminated through national election observation committee, governmental and non-governmental communication media and other concerned agencies. the hotline representatives will be stationed in biratnagar of eastern nepal, pokhara of western nepal and nepalgunj of far western nepal to maintain a steady flow of information to the central hotline office. the hotline will also publish a separate bulletin in english using electronic mail for dissemination if needed. the general election in nepal will be held on november 15 . a large number of international and national observers are invited to monitor the election.
------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: Xinhua

HEADLINE: nepali court issues stay order on ddt import

DATELINE: kathmandu, october 27; ITEM NO: 1027060

   the nepali supreme court issued a stay order to the health ministry, the pesticide board of the agriculture ministry and the environment protection council to show cause for the import of ddt from indonesia into nepal. the order was issued on tuesday in response to an appeal made by a forum for protection of public interest regarding the import of ddt pesticide into the country. lawyers on behalf of the forum stated that ddt is hazardous to health and the environment and the use of ddt was prohibited by the nepal government's pesticide act and the environment impact assessment regulations. earlier this year, the nepali government has decided to import 100 tones of ddt pesticide from indonesia to check malaria and encephalitis caused by insects and mosquitoes in seven districts of the terai region (southern region of nepal) . during the monsoon season of this year, several hundred people died of encephalitis, a disease caused by mosquitoes. at that time the disease-plagued regions were eager to get ddt to control the disease.

SOURCE: Xinhua

HEADLINE: drugs abuse serious in eastern nepal city

DATELINE: kathmandu, october 27; ITEM NO: 1027068

   a total of 58,212 people, or 4.5 percent of the total population of biratnagar, capital city of moran district in eastern nepal, abuse drugs, according to latest research data. among the drug abusers, 72 percent use hemp, 3.9 percent use opium, 9 percent hashish, 1.9 percent phencidil and 11.7 percent various other drugs. the serious drugs abusing in the city was disclosed at a recently concluded 4-day workshop.
--------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: Xinhua

HEADLINE: nepal airlines to buy planes for domestic services

DATELINE: kathmandu, october 28; ITEM NO: 1028049

    nepal royal airline corporations will buy new aircraft to replace the aging british-made avors which are serving on its domestic routes. the government-owned airlines is currently considering purchasing the aircraft from five western aircraft manufacturers who have offered to sell their twin burbo-prop 60-seater aircraft, according to the airlines sources. at present, the royal airlines operates 12 twin otters and three avors on its domestic routes. as road transport is very limited in a mountainous country like nepal, airlines services become very important in passenger transports. up to now, there are 46 domestic airports in nepal and the airline services can be available in most of the 75 districts in the country.
------------------------------------------------------------------ SOURCE: Xinhua

HEADLINE: nepal to stop plague checking

DATELINE: kathmandu, october 28; ITEM NO: 1028058

   the nepali department of health services (dhs) has decided to stop plague tests to passengers coming from india. the decision was made after the plague control technical committee said in a report that
"there is now no danger of plague spreading in nepal. " according to the dhs, an official report received through the world health organization (who) said "the last plague patient was found in india on october 11 and no plague case has been found since then." under the periodic follow-up system, if no plague case is found 12 days after the last case was diagnosed, the danger of plague is considered no airport and border areas to all passengers coming from india to prevent the spread of plague from that country.

************************************************************************* Date: Sat, 29 Oct 1994 02:35:12 -0500 (CDT) From: SUDEEP ACHARYA <> Subject: To: The Nepal Digest <> Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII

  I got some extra time and some extra e-mail account, If TND need's any kind of help, can you count me in.
  It would be my pleasure. Sudeep Acharya Industrial Engineering Department Fayetteville,AR72701

%%%%%Editor's Note: Thanks for the offer Sudeep. Would you be interested %%%%%
%%%%% in taking care of "Looking for Issue"? If you would %%%%%
%%%%% be, I will publish your name as "Looking for Issue" %%%%%
%%%%% Correspondent. You will have a copy of list of TND %%%%%
%%%%% members and subscribers will send you with the %%%%%
%%%%% request for looking for other members. You could %%%%%
%%%%% compile it once every 2 weeks and send it to me for %%%%%
%%%%% TND publication. Let me know how you want to arrange%%%%%
%%%%% this. %%%%%

*********************************************************************** Date: SAT, 29 OCT 94 19:57:43 JST From: Bishwa Prakash Subedi <193041@JPNIUJ00.BITNET> Subject: Let Us Start Fresh,Challenging and Important Debates Ahead To:

Dear Editor,

Thank you for listing my name in the subscribers' list of The Nepal Degest and sending my TND directly to my mailbox. It is quite valuable and easy means to k now about our country which is virtually cut off from the mainstream of the wor ld media. I would like to extend my heart-felt gratitudes to you for making me somehow able to keep in touch the Nepalese environment.

I agree with many of the friends who are writing repeatedly that it would be ve ry effective and great if we find someone in Nepal interested to help us write fresh news and views of Kathmandu through this e-paper of ours.

Finally, I want to appreaciate Mr. Mishra's thought-provocating writing on the miserable conditions of the women in our society and expect someone (includin h im, of course!) to start other series of entertaining, timely, worthy debates. Why not we write about miserable conditions of Nepalese farmers, & all poverty ridden people of the country at a time when our demogogues are endeavouring to reach the top of the LIGLIGEKOT ahead of all by adopting any means?

Thank you.


Bishwa Prakash Subedi SD2-423, Int'l Univ. of Japan Yamatomachi, Niigata, Japan Ph 081 0257 79 1766 Fax 081 0257 79 1180


To the friend who sometime ago inquired about the materials relating the enviro nment and economic development. You can probably get help from a friend of mine in my office at Singha Darbar - Purushottam Kunwar. I also have some; but they are quite insufficient and will not help you. Please write or contact Mr. Kunwa r at the following adress:

Mr. Purushottam Kunwar, Section Officer Environment Section National Planning Commission Secretariat Singha Dargar, Kathmandu, Nepal P.B.No.1284 F
***************************************************ax 977 1 226500 From: Puspa M Joshi <> Subject: TAJA TATHA BASI KHABAR To: Date: Sat, 29 Oct 1994 14:39:44 -0400 (EDT)


Wish all the TND readers and their families

                   + To those who are going to celebrate Nepal Sambat


Puspa Joshi, Arun Laxmi Shrestha Rummi, Kiran and Ashish Columbus, Ohio
---------------------------------------------------------------- News from Columbus: By Puspa Joshi


Dear Editor

As has become a local tradition, the Nepali community in Columbus celebrated Vijaya Dashami on Friday, Oct 14 at the Buckeye Village Recreation Center from 7 to 11 PM. Kudos to Sarala Sing (Pandey) who despite a heavy class load and a part time job successfully organized for the celebration.

Because two Nepali families were out of town, and Dr. Pant of Cincinnati and Dr. Shrestha of Bowling Green made last minute cancellations, due to illness, the gathering threatened to be disappointing. But the inclusion of a new family, made the evening a happy one as they were meeting for the first time with many Nepali. Dr. Bhaju Krishna Tamot, his wife Geeta, and their two children moved to Columbus only a few months ago. He is a post-Doctorate researcher in the field of Biology at OSU.

Since the party was organized by Sarala Panday, a gifted dancer who had performed at Nepali gatherings in Detroit and Washington D.C., it was no surprise that after the dinner, there was an inspiring cultural program, with most of the participants either dancing, singing or reciting poems.

Dr. Tamot, after ragaling the audience with stories, remarked that "I have been many years outside the country, but this is the first time I have attended such a grand Dashain celebration. Alu achar, tama tarkari etc. give us the flavor of Hometown Dashain celebration."

Puspa Joshi P.S. Except for a few cities like Boston and Chicago, I do not read much news about such celebrations in other places. Is this because Nepali there do not celebrate or they think that such publicity is not worthwhile?

Below printed are two poems recited during the celebration
----------------------------------------------------------- Poem by Rakesh Kumar Singh MBA student at the Capital University


Life is full of happiness, but there is only one thing wrong

The time it takes might be very long

We dream of one day getting What we want in life But we must solve problems and deal with strife We make future goals hoping to become better than before We want to be better than the guy next door.

    People don't know exactly where their happiness comes from But one thing is true Everyone wants some
    When we walk by a river and smell the fresh air
    Remember life's happiness
 is - right there.
--------------------------------------------- Poem by Puspa Joshi Graduate student at the Ohio State University TTTT
                                                         T T
          C C C C D M P P T T
          C C C C D M P P T T
      C C C C D M M P P T T T
      C CCC C C C D P T T T
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Suresh Pradhan University of Strathclyde Glasgow UK e-mail address :

******************************************************** Date: Tue, 1 Nov 94 00:48:55 -0500 To: The Nepal Digest <> From: (Bishow Adhikari) Subject: Comment on Women in Hinduism

Dear Editor,

        I read Pramod Mishra's article on "Women in Hinduism VII: Marriage and its Aftermath" with considerable interest. I am one of those passive readers of the TND who just reads the articles/news etc. and muses over them, as I have neither the time nor the urge to write anything back. However, this article caught my attention primarily for two reasons: its beautiful articulation on the plight of women in "Hinduism" and the author's view of "Hindu Society". Somehow, I failed to see the connection between not only women and Hinduism but also between Hinduism and societies practising the Hindu religion.
        I have no doubt that the women in particular sections of Nepalese society, particularly in the Brahmin and Kshetry castes, are mistreated immensely and taken advantage of by the male-dominated society, at all levels, from members of the family to the the society as a whole. Women should have equal position in the society as men. Unquestionably.
        My concern - isn't there a difference between Hinduism and the Hindu society(s)? To me Hinduism is a religion - and although it is broader than other religions, there are scriptures outlining (or exemplifying) how a good Hindu should live by. Compare this with Christianity, where good Christians strive to live by the Bible. But societies do not necessarily have to follow all the rules that the religion outlines, in fact, they usually don't. So, it would be nice if Mr. Mishra could show how the mistreatment of women is directly linked to the Hindu religious texts. In other words, where in the religious text books does it say that women should be mistreated as Mr. Mishra describes? The author although mentions,
"..I[author] still maintain that Hindu fathers, by obeying blindly what their religion says, what their religion-sanctioned society and caste and clan tell them about a male child and a female child, become, by default, without knowing, the first, and, I add here, most dangerous enemy of their daughters", he doesn't tell us exactly where (which religious textbooks) this "religiously sanctioned" evil comes from, to the father.
        There are many different societies practicing the Hindu religion. Commenting upon Hindu society in a general sense (as Hinduism and Hindu society seem identical to the author) one has to be careful to include all, or a majority of it, in the discussion. I am sure there are many different Christian societies that may practice the religion differently.
        In my opinion, this article is a bit exaggerated (for the present decade) but shows clearly the cruel plight of women in certain parts of our society. Unless a direct religious sanction can be found (in the religion books) for the behaviour of the fathers, males, other females, and the society towards the woman I cannot see how Mr. Mishra can blame Hinduism for this evil. Lets also not forget that this particular situation is evident only among certain societies, and therefore, not a general case. I think the author should make that clear.

Sincerely, Bishow B. Adhikari Florida State University

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