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The Nepal Digest Thursday 19 May 94: Jestha 8 2051 BkSm Volume 27 Issue 2

Today's Topics:
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************************************************************************ Date: Sun, 8 May 1994 11:14:29 -0700 From: To: Subject: TO ALL TND SUBSCRIBERS

subj. : looking for MR. RANJAN PANT who is at Cincinnaty University, USA

Hi everybody! I am Keshav Pokharel from A.I.T., Bangkok, Thailand. I am looking for a friend RANJAN PANT who is in Cincinnaty University doing M.E. I will appreciate a lot if anybody know him and forward his whereabout to me.
                Thank you
                        Mail 104, A.I.T.
                        P. O. Box 2754
                        Bangkok 10501
****************************************************** Date: Sun, 8 May 1994 20:48:20 -0700 From: To: Subject: Can you help me?

subj : looking for a friend in USA

Hi! I am Tana Gautam from A.I.T., Bangkok. I have a friend named Mr. KESHAV BHATTARAI who is studying Economics at Boston University, California, USA. If anybody knows him, please let me know this. I would be grateful to you if you could convey any informations regarding Keshav.
                Thanking you
                        Tana Gautam

********************************************************** Date: Sun, 8 May 1994 22:43:51 -0400 From: (Rajendra P. Shrestha) To:

What's New in the Home Page: May 8, 1994

Since setting up the Nepal Home Page last week, I've added a considerable number of documents, mostly statistics and other information on Nepal. Instead of just listing the additions, here's a brief list of what's in the Home Page.From now on, if I make any major additions/deletions etc., I will inform it through SCN:

How to get into Nepal Home Page: If you are using NCSA Mosaic or other WWW browsers, open the following URL:

What's in the Home Page: The Home Page contains the following documents: 1. Facts & Figures: A wide range of information on Nepal's geography, economy, political structures (including political parties, Cabinet etc.), history, health, education and other such fields arranged by subject. Also included is an outline map of Nepal. 2. The last five issues of Nepal Digest 3. News from Nepal arranged by week (beginning on April 24th) 4. A list of internet nodes in Nepal and 5. A link to the World Bank searchable database system containing
  environmental data sheets of development projects (type Nepal when
  prompted to read the environmental data sheets of Nepalese projects) 6. Some personal info.

Help: I was hoping to put the dates of major Nepali holidays, but I've come across a glitch. My family has sent me Nepali calendars twice and each time someone at the postal system is ripping open the envelope, throwing away the calendar and sending me the rest of the package (I'm beginning to suspect a big conspiracy!!!)So, if one of you who has a Nepali calendar could kindly e-mail me (or post in SCN) the dates of all major Nepali holidays (and other non-holiday festivals), I'd greatly appreciate it.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the Home Page, let me know.

***************************************************************** Date: Mon, 9 May 94 09:00:14+0530 Apparently-To:

Hello and Namaste:

Could you please pass on copies of TND to the following e-mail addresses:


Thank you very much. I look forward to receiving your newsletter.

PS. I would also be interested to receive some back issues of the newsletter. Could you please inform me of the possibility of this or, if possible, just send them on. Thanks.

John Dana

********************************************************** Date: Mon, 9 May 1994 18:50:35 -0500 From: To: Subject: Environmental and Social Issues for TND Readers

                     Just A Reminder.......... !

Today, we are all fortunate that e-mail is bringing all of us together in this developed world, but it is very sad to say that we are still apart from each other at home. As a Nepali I tried to find solution to this sad situation time and time again, and I hope all of us are doing the same thing, but the only problem is that we can not put toghther 20 million brains and scream out loud "Let's get along......". Along with me, we are all honest by nature greedy by circumtances. From Malla's era to Shah's rule, we have always been nature loving and environmentally concious people, but look what we have left for future generation... just barren hills, polluted rivers and streams and on top of that we are trying to overload western culture. Let's try to learn something good from where we are and translate it into our society so, we do not have to put too much emphesis on other's culture. For instance, CAST SYSTEM still exist among us, but we as so called "Foreign Eduacated" are not putting enough effort to eliminate this system of aparthied and we are virtually silent among ourselves, Why..? I think we are forgetting something that from the plains of Gandaki, Koshi, Karnalli to the peaks of Sagarmatha, Machapuchre and Kanchanjanga We are nothing but NEPALI.

                           ** Just A Reminder......!
                  * * Atulya Dhungana
                           ** Tri-State University
                  * * SDHUNGANAA2@TRISTATE.EDU
                           ** ircnick: EVEREST

P.S.- I invite you all to join channel #Nepal in IRC to get to know each other.

************************************************************************ Date: Fri, 06 May 1994 12:55:24 EDT To: Subject: News from Nepal From: (Sunil Shakya)

"Eleven Armed Men Dispersed Into Every Room"-- An encounter with Madan Krishna Shrestha

Source: The Independent Date : April 20, 1994

Among the three houses raided by the Indian police at Baneshwor, KTM, March 27, was one belonging to Madan Krishna Shrestha, who was commissioned into HMG's service in 1961 as a gazetted officer. Thereafter, he severd as Chief District Officer for five years in KTM, two in Bhojpur and one in Okuldhunga as assistant Zonal Commissioner. He also worked for the Ministry Of Finance for several years in different capacities. He was posted in the P.M's office when Kirtinidhi Bista was P.M. As Chief of the Tribhuvan International Airport's Customs Office, he was fired in 1983 for, according to him, having apprehended imported gold worth Rs. 30 million belonging to Mul Bhatta
(the Chief Priest) of Pashupatinath Temple. Then, a direct dismissal order was issued by the then Principal Press Secretary to the King, Ranjan Raj Khanal. After the Indian police's intrusion into the capital, Achyut Wagle of The Independent had an hour-long chat with the victim at the raided home. Excerpts:

Q: Could you explain about the icident that occurred at your residence March 27? A:I had just gone out for afew minutes' walk. My wife and children were at home. (His wife, sitting by him, added: "We were having our morning tea at 7 a.m. A maidservant had just opened the main entrance. Then three people appeared on the porch and proceeded upstairs, followed by seven or eight others. They dispersed into every room, pistols and batons in hand. After nearly 10 minutes' barbarism, they went away.") I came to know that they were also equally firghtened, their car standing by for a quick escape. To my great surprise, when people including MP Salim Ansari gathered here and telephoned Superintendent of Police R.B. Thapa, he was standing by at his office at 8 in the morning to receive the call. He requested Ansari not to blur the issue.

Q: What is the reason, do you think, for targeting the Baneshwor area in general, and your residence in particular? A: They didn't have any fixed target. Prior to entering my residence, they had entered Shiva Prasad Sharma's (former director-general of the Dept. of Commerce) residence. Till now nobody from the police, media or government knows who they were targeting at. In my house, one Nepali Muslim, Idris Mia is staying on rent and, when they asked in the neighbourhood if some Indains were residing around, obviously they were directed to my house. But any way, that is not enoughh to enter a decent man's home.

Q:What do you think may have motivated the Indian police to pull off an armed raid here? How do you react to the alleged Nepali police's involvement in the raid? A:There are several instances of Indian police intrusions in Nepal. Recently a driver has reportedly been kidnapped from Malangawa, and similar cases have also been reported from Gorkha, Krishnanagar and Nepalgunj. As far as the question of coming armed is concerned, either the Indians may have notified the duty officers en route to skip the security checks, or they could have collected arms from the Indian Embassy here. Another important aspect is the level of Nepali police involvement in this raid. I am not sure it could have been done at the S.P. level's decision only. So, after the incident, when victims complained to Assistant Chief of Police Achyut Kharel, he was quick to say it could have been done by SP R.B. Thapa. How does he know this could have been done only by him and not by others? This suspicion demands deeper investigation.

Q:How do you take the formal regret expressed by the Indian government? A:Though the Indian Embassy here has, on behalf of the Indian government, expressed regrets, and we hear Indian P.M. P.V. Narasimha Rao also expressed regrets over the phone to P.M. Koirala, no Indian press has given the matter publicity in the similar spirit. They have not related the issue to Nepali sovereignty and territorial integrity. On the contrary, they are trying to portray the incident as being necessary. In additon, it is also learnt that an assistant commissioner of Delhi police has recently resigned to express his umbrage at the suspension of the police personnel involved in the raid. This trend does not help us foster the development of healthy, friendly realtions between the two countries.

Q:Is the action taken against Nepali police officials justifiable? A:I think it is justifiable. S.P. Thapa has confessed that he had assigned Nepali policemen to accompany the Indians. Instead of informing the Baneswor police beat, he assigned his own nephew, Assistant Sub-inspector Gyanendra Basnet of Kamalpokhari police station, to accompany them. The Chief District Officer (CDO) and other concerned officials were not informed about the action they were going to take. If there are more people involved, it is his duty to expose their names, but the action taken was necessary.

Q:Do you think anti-Indian activities are really going on in Nepal? A:By and large, I don't think so. So many Indians have been living here for years, as Nepali people are also living in India. Some among them might be criminals and terrorists on either side, but one thing is for sure- Nepal is not a place where anti-Indian activites are going on noticeably. Many Nepalis have fled the country after committing crimes and are living in India, and vice-versa. To change this atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust, both governments should endeavor to prevent uniform border crossings. And, not only in KTM, the Indian police's intrusion along the border area must also be stopped.

********************************************************************** Date: Tue, 10 May 1994 10:55:34 -0400 (EDT) From: Isha Sharma <> Subject: Mother's Day Nepalese To:

This is in response to Yamal Rajbhandary's queries about the Nepalese Mother's Day. FROM:- Nagendra R. Sharma, UMASS, AMHERST

The Nepalese Mother's Day (" Aamaa ko mukh herne ") is TODAY, 10 MAY
(Tenth). Hope you will receive this message in time to be able to make a call to your mother before it is 11th in Nepal.

I have a new Nepalese calendar with all the "tithis" and days. You may write to me in case you need any help. Regards!


*********************************************************************************************** Date: Wed, 11 May 94 17:38:50+0530 Apparently-To:

It would seem from your last issue that many subscribers are not aware of the new e-mail server which has been installed by Mercantile Office Systems on Durbar Marg in Kathmandu. Currently the only service available is an e-mail service: the system links up with the nearest Internet node (Delhi) and exchanges mails thrice daily at 10PM, 2AM and 6AM (Nepal time). For a more technical description of the delivery process from Nepal to the USA I'll include the explanation mailed to me by a sysop ( in India:

"First it will get delivered to DoE, Delhi (vikram) from your machine. DoE, Delhi has a dedicated link to NCST, Air India Building which houses the ERNET-relay "sangam". "vikram" will forward your mail to
"sangam" using UUCP over TCP. "sangam" will then look at the address and SMTP it to the destination site."

For further information about the system at Mercantile contact Kiran Gautam ( in Kathmandu at voice line: 220773
(always busy) or by fax at: 225407. The system access number is 224839.

John Dana

**************************************************************** Date: Thu, 12 May 1994 00:11:06 EDT To: From: Sunil Shakya <> Subject: Address

Namaste Stephen

As requested I am sending you the mailing address: Centre for South Asian Studies University of Toronto Rm 2057 Sydney Smith Hall 100 st. George St. Toronto Ontario Canada,M5S1A1 The name of the book is Economic Development in Nepal: Issues and Strategies Edited by Ambica P. Adhikari and Kunjar Sharma

************************************************************** Date: Fri, 13 May 1994 05:05:37 EST To: From: Subject: nepal digest

    Recently I happened to see a copy of The Nepal Digest. It was quite
    interesting. I would like to receive it,on a regular basis,on my e-mail
    address""Please let me know the
    subscription fee.
    Currently I am working as Chief of Statistical Information Services
    Section, Statistics Division, United Nations Economic and Social
    Commission for Asia and the Pacific(ESCAP) which is located at Bangkok.
    I hope to be in touch with you and other colleagues in US and elsewhere
    through email, and share information with all of you.
    I congratulate you for this excellent work of yours. Keep it up.
    Looking forward to hear from you.
    Sincerely yours,
    Bishnu Dev Pant
    Rajadamnern Avenue,
    Bangkok 10200, Thailand.
    Tel. (Off.) (66-2) 2829161-200 ext. 1659
         (Res.) (66-2) 583-4747

******************************************************************* Date: Fri, 13 May 1994 12:40:54 EDT To: From: (S.Ramani) Subject: Nepal is on E-mail

Author: S. Ramani, NCST, Bombay

Two colleagues from Nepal,

  Mr Suresh Man Singh and
  Mr Jesbin Vaidya

Both of the Royal Nepalese Academy of Science and Technology are visiting NCST network operations centre today. They plan to enlarge networking activities in Nepal soon and set up an IP link. The country code will be "np".

There is a temporary Email arrangement via ERNET in India at the moment. Their Email addresses are and

**************************************************************** Date: Fri, 13 May 1994 15:01:01 EDT To: From: bick@MIT.EDU Subject: Email Add

Hello Mr. Singh,

If memory serves me correctly, then I must be right in remembering that TND keeps a list of emial adds of Nepalese outside Nepal. I would appreciate if you or some one from TND can mail me the most recent list. Especially, I am interested in the add of a guy by the name Madhav who goes to UPENN.

Your help would be most appreciated. Thank you.


%%%%%%Editor's Note: Members are welcome to post "looking for a friend" %%%
%%%%%% question on TND. Unless for specified reasons, %%%
%%%%%% TND will not post member list randomly. This is %%%
%%%%%% in respect to the privacy of many TND members. %%%

******************************************************************* Date: Sat, 14 May 1994 21:19:04 +0700 To: The Editor <> From: Leader Man Shrestha <> Subject: Re: The Nepal Digest - May 9, 1994 (28 Baishakh 2051 BkSm)

I am very glad to see Mr. Rajendra's work in WWW. I really appreciate his effort. The importance of his work depends on availability of up-dated information. But its not an easy task. If he can decentralize the work load with other gopher or WWW maintainers his effort will really be a big help for all of us. Mr. Rajendra can maintain the home page which can be linked to files in other hosts in the net so that they can maintain and keep their local files upto date. If possible the same can be replicated at many sites which will reduce the network traffic to the particular site ( here dartmouth)

Mr. Rajendra is interested to keep the Nepal digest in WWW too. Well if he can directly link to nepal digest files at, one need not post such a huge number of emails which consume lots of network traffic in the net. You won't have to worry about reposting them. At the moment you might have problems of losing the mail and host machine failure etc. Those who has access to gopher or WWW can directly link to darthmouth. Others can receive them as usual.

Just a thought :)

   Leader Man Shrestha | Systems Section
   LRDC | Asian Institute of Technology
   (66-2-524-5858) | Internet:

Date: Mon, 16 May 1994 17:09:22 -0700 (PDT) From: Linda Iltis <> Subject: Himalayan Research Bulletin (fwd) To:

Himalayan Research Bulletin is a scholarly research journal of the Nepal Studies Association, an international organization of scholars having a shared research interest in Himalayan studies. The Himalayan Research Bulletin has just published Volume 12 and is about to publish Volume 13. Membership and subscriptions are welcome from scholars of a broad range of disciplines primarily in Social Sciences and Humanities.

Volume 12 is a special issue on Place and Identity Volume 11 is included an English translation of the Nepal Constitution.

For subscription information contact the new editor, Barbara Brower, at
<> and note "HRB-subscription" in the subject. Subscription queries may also be sent via the past editor, Linda Iltis, at <>.

Linda Iltis Internet: South Asian Studies and Comp.Relig Fax: 685-4787 University of Washington Phone: 685-3713 Seattle, WA 98195

From: (Gopal Shah) Subject: "momo" recipe To: Date: Tue, 17 May 94 12:10:07 EDT

As iam making "momo" for a group of American people next week, I want to know the real "momo" taste just like the one find in "Guchha Tole".If anybody knows about it please send me the recipe in TND.I really appreciate your time.Thanx.
                                    Gopal Shah

********************************************************************** Date: Tue, 17 May 94 13:16:12 PDT From: (bhaskar thapa) To:

                          SAN FRANCISCO EAST BAY

On April 30, 1994, the Nepali friends and families of San Francisco East Bay formed a Nepali association, named "Association of Nepali Friends and Families in East Bay" (abbreviated as ANFF) with the following objective:

"The objective of the association is to being Nepalese friends and families in East Bay to closer contacts and harmony, and to establish a healthy relation among themselves and American friends and families with the sole purpose of promoting Nepali cultural and social events."

The ANFF is a non-profit association of Nepali friends and families residing in the East Bay area in California. A committee was formed in an unconventional format with a coordinator, a secretary, and a body of executives in order to avoid any kind of political connotation. Mr. Narendra Gurung was elected as the coordinator, and Dr. Surendra Pradhan as the secretary for the year ending 1994.
************************************************************* Date: Thu, 19 May 1994 07:51:18 EDT To: Subject: Nepali Calendar From: (Isha Sharma)


Some body in this group asked for information on Nepali calendar earlier. Here are some based on
"Pandit Naranath Sharma ko Mahaluxmi Sajilo Patro":-


New Year's Day (14th April)

Baisakh 1 (14th May) - 31 (14th June)

- Chaitrastami (Chaite Dasain) - 6 (19th May)

- Ram Navami - 7 (20th May)

- Nepalese Mother's Day - 27 (10th May)


Jestha 1 (15th May) - 31 (14th June)

- Buddha Jayanti - 11 (25th June)


Ashadh 1 (15th June) - 31 (15th July)

- Dashahara ( Day when you eat ten ingredients)
  - 4 (18th June)

- Bhanu Jayanti - 29 (13th May)


Shrawan 1 (16th July) - 32 (16th August)

- Harisayani Ekadashi - 4 (19th July)

- Ghanta Karna (Gathe Mangal) - 21 (5th August)

- Nag Panchami - 28 (12th August)


Bhadra 1 (17th August) - 31 (16th September)

- Children's Day - 4 (20th August)

- Rishi Tarpani Rakshya Bandhan ( Janai Purne) - 5 (21st Aug.)

- Gaai Jaatra - 6 (22nd August)

- Sri Krishnastami - 12 (28th August)

- Kushe Aunshi (Father's Day) - 20 (5th September)
  also Moti Jayanti on the same day.

- Haritaalika (Teez) - 23 (8th September)

- Rishi Panchami - 25 (10th September)


Chaitra 1 (15th March) - 30 (13th April)

- Fagu (Holi) - 2 (16th March)

- Holi observed in Terai - 3rd March

- Ram Navami ( second time on the same year) - 26 (9th April)

NEW YEAR B.S. 2052 BEGINS ON 14th April 1995.





HOPE THIS WILL BE USEFUL TO YOU ! (posted by Nagendra)
   Subject: Beware of the self-serving Development Set To: <> From: Sanjay Manandhar <> Date: Thu, 19 May 94 15:56:53 -0400

        Here's something to mull over... sanjay manandhar

Who is Really Being Helped? OR Where Does the Money Go?

This article refers to IDA (International Development Assocciation, an agency of World Bank) .

Although IDA funds are supposedly intended to promote development in the borrowing country, no sooner does the money flow in than it flows right back out again into the coffers of European, American and Japanese consultants, construction companies, and members of the development set.

Here is an example of how it works. IDA is currently considering funding the Arun III hydroelectric project in Nepal. The total cost of Arun III will be
$764 million, as much as the annual national budget for NEpal. Several small, medium, and mini/micro hidropower schemes have been built by local industry, at a cost of $1,500-$2,000 per kilowatt, while the proposed dam will cost
$3,800 per kilowatt - twice the rate of the smaller schemes. Nepalese developers do not have the engineering capability to build a large dam, which means that international contractors will step in to build Arun III.

Indigenous industry can satisfy Nepal's energy needs more efficiently and at a lower cost.

The combined effect of this global procurement "money-laundering" scheme works like an elaborate combination punch. The taxpayers of donor countries, in effect, subsidize construction companies in the industrialized world. Since the funds are not grants but loans, recipients of IDA money are condemned to service that debt forever.

Extracted from Global Exchange, 2017 Mission St, San Francisco CA 94110

As a friend on the net said: "In poverty, there is money..." enjoy,

sanjay manandhar

(From Graham Hancock's book "Lords of Poverty")

                        The Development Set

        Excuse me, friends, I must catch my jet-
        I'm off to join the Development Set;
        My bags are packed, and I've had all my shots,
        I have travelers' checks, and pills for the trots

        The Development Set is bright and noble,
        Our thoughts are deep and our vision global;
        Although we move with the better classes,
        Our thoughts are always with the masses.

        In Sheraton hotels in scattered nations,
        We damn multinational corporations;
        Injustice seems so easy to protest,
        In such seething hotbeds of social rest.

        We discuss malnutrition over steaks
        And plan hunger talks during coffee breaks.
        Whether Asian floods or African drought,
        We face each issue with an open mouth.

        We bring in consultants whose circumlocution
        Raises difficulties for every solution-
        Thus guaranteeing continued good eating
        By showing the need for another meeting.

        The language of the Development Set
        Stretches the English alphabet;
        We use swell words like 'epigenetic',
        'Micro', 'Macro'. and 'logarithmetic'.

        Development Set homes are extremely chic,
        Full of carvings, curios and draped with batik.
        Eye-level photographs subtly assure
        That your host is at home with the rich and the poor.

        Enough of these verses -- on with the mission!
        Our task is as broad as the human condition!
        Just pray to God the biblical promise is true:
        The poor ye shall always have with you.

                                        By Ross Coggins

****************************************************************** From: Rajpal J. Singh <> To: TND Members ( Subject: Friends of Nepal Convention

Message from ANMA President:

      Association of Nepalis in Midwest America Invitation

Dear Friends,

We cordially invite you to attend the 13th Annual convention of the Association of Nepalis in Midwest America (ANMA) to be held on May 28-29 1994 in Detroit, Michigan. The program for the meeting is enclosed. The registration fee is applicable to everyone who attends the convention. Early registration by mail using the Advance Registration Form is strongly encouraged.

The Detroit area families of ANMA cordially invite you and your family to a dinner reception on Saturday, May 28, 1994 between 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the club house of Westwick Square co-op in Wayne, Michigan. Please let me know, if you would attend the Saturday dinner reception. It will be easier for the host families to make the arrangements.

Mrs. Sashi Dhital (phone: 810-788-7167) and Mrs. Indira Koirala
(phone: 810-661-6287) will be coordinating the cultural program. We strongly urge you to participate in the cultural Program and make it exciting and entertaining. Please contact them if you would like to participate.

If you have any questions or comments, please call Dr. Dinesh Koirala at 810-661-6287.

Dinesh Koirala President, ANMA

Contact ANMA Treasurer Beena Baidya, phone: 614-451-3728 for convention registration fees. Contact either Dinesh Koirala
, Beena Baidya or Editor Rajpal J. Singh (phone: 815-756-2181) for more information.
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