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    The Nepal Digest Tues May 17, 2000: Jestha 4 2057BS: Year9 Volume97 TIssue447

    Today's Topics (partial list):

           Tribute to Manisha Singh
           AFVs News
           Chameli: A Critique
           Here's two I know you're going to 'love!'
           Basi khabar
           Hate Mail from Nepal
           Nepal festivals
           School project

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    ****************************************************************** Date: May 16, 2000 To: The Nepal Digest <> Subject: Tribute to Manisha Singh

    Anti HIV/AIDS activist dead

    Nepal News Correspondent

    Kathmandu, May 15: Manisha Singh, a young activist-crusader who believed that people with HIV/AIDS deserved to live better lives died Sunday evening and was cremated at Pashupati-Aryaghat today. She was president of Life Saving and Life Giving Society (LALS) an organisation working to reduce harm among injecting drug users, a group vulnerable to HIV infections.

    In 1996 LALS teamed up with the B.P. Memorial Health Foundation and Women's Inspiration Community (WICOM) to set up Prerana, Nepal's first organisation of people living with HIV. Late Singh, like the organisation she helped set up, believed that people with HIV/AIDS can continue to play a useful role in society that they needed care and compassion, not stigmatisation and discrimination.

    She had given birth to a baby daughter in February and leaves behind husband Pramod, who is King Birendra's nephew.

    %%%%%EDITOR'S NOTE: I had a brief encounter with Manisha in New York %%%%%%
    %%%%% and in Kathmandu in 1998 time frame. She struck %%%%%%
    %%%%% me as a unique young woman - so driven and %%%%%%
    %%%%% passionate about her deep care towards downtrodden %%%%%%
    %%%%% especially the HIV/AIDS infected individuals %%%%%%
    %%%%% in Nepal - that you could sense her genuine anger %%%%%%
    %%%%% and despair brewing inside her. She so much %%%%%%
    %%%%% wanted to change things that she rightly had no %%%%%%
    %%%%% patience for the status quo whether the nuovo %%%%%%
    %%%%% politicians or the established cronies. %%%%%%
    %%%%% Nepal today has truly lost a compassonate citizen %%%%%%
    %%%%% LALS perhaps has lost a guiding light forever. %%%%%%
    %%%%% I wish I had tried to know her a little better. %%%%%%
    %%%%% Manisha, you have left special memories with us. %%%%%%
    %%%%% May the departed soul rest in peace %%%%%%
    %%%%% peace forever! %%%%%%

    ****************************************************************** From: "Prakash Bhandari" <PRAKASH@HBL.COM.NP> To:,, Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 11:06:36 +0545, NST Subject: Fwd: Taj Mahal

    Hoping to be interested to all of you I am forwarding the "Fact About Tajmahal" forwarded to me by one of my friend.

    "Do you know your history The Moghul Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal built the Taj Mahal. It was built in 22 years (1631 to 1653) by 20,000 artisans brought to India from all over the world. Many people believe Ustad Isa of Iran designed it. This is what your guide probably told you if you ever visited the Taj Mahal. This is the story I read in my history book as a student in India. No one has ever challenged it except Professor P.N. Oak, who believes the whole world has been duped. In his book-Taj Mahal: The True Story, Oak says the Taj Mahal is not Queen Mumtaz Mahal's tomb but an >>ancient Hindu temple palace of Lord Shiva
    (then known as Tejo Mahalaya). In the course of his research, Oak discovered the Shiva temple palace was usurped by Shah Jahan from then Maharaja of Jaipur, Jai Singh. Shah Jahan then remodeled the palace into his wife's memorial. In his own court chronicle, Badshahnama, Shah Jahan admits that an exceptionally beautiful grand mansion in Agra was taken from Jai Singh for Mumtaz's burial. The ex-Maharaja of Jaipur still retains in his secret collection two orders from Shah Jahan for surrendering the Taj building. Using captured temples and mansions, as a burial place for dead courtiers and royalty was a common practice among Muslim rulers. For example, Humayun, Akbar, Etmud-ud-Daula and Safdarjung are all buried in such mansions. Oak's inquiries begin with the name Taj Mahal. He says this term does not occur in any Moghul court papers or chronicles, even after ShahJahan's time. The term "Mahal" has never been used for a building in any of the Muslim countries, from Afghanistan to Algeria.
    "The unusual explanation that the term Taj Mahal derives from Mumtaz Mahal is illogical in at least two respects. Firstly, her name was never Mumtaz Mahal but Mumtaz-ul-Zamani," he writes.
    "Secondly, one cannot omit the first three letters 'Mum' from a woman's name to derive the remainder as the name for the building." The Taj Mahal, he claims, is a corrupt version of Tejo-Mahalaya, or the Shiva's Palace. Oak also says the love story of Mumtaz and Shah Jahan is a fairy tale created by court sycophants, blundering historians and sloppy archaeologists. Not a single royal chronicle of Shah Jahan's time corroborates the love story. Furthermore, Oak cites several documents suggesting the Taj Mahal predates Shah Jahan's era, and was a temple palace dedicated to Shiva worshipped by the Rajputs of Agra city. For example, Professor Marvin Miller of New York took a few samples from the riverside doorway of the Taj. Carbon dating tests revealed that the door was 300 years older than Shah Jahan. European traveler Johan Albert Mandelslo, who visited Agra in 1638(only seven years after Mumtaz's death), describes the life of the city in his memoirs. But he makes no reference to the Taj Mahal being built. The writings of Peter Mundy, an English visitor to Agra within a year of Mumtaz's death, also suggest the Taj was a noteworthy building long well before Shah Jahan's time. Oak points out a number of design and architectural inconsistencies that support the belief of the Taj Mahal being a typical Hindu temple rather than a mausoleum. Many rooms in the Taj Mahal have remained sealed since Shah Jahan's time, and are still inaccessible to the public. Oak asserts they contain a headless statue of Shiva and other objects commonly used for worship rituals in Hindu temples. Fearing political backlash, Indira Gandhi's government tried to have Oak's book withdrawn from the bookstores, and threatened the Indian publisher of the first edition with dire consequences. There is only one way to discredit or validate Oak's research. The current Indian government should open the sealed rooms of the Taj Mahal under UN supervision, and let international experts investigate. Do Circulate this to all your friends and let them know about this reality.....".

    ****************************************************************** Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 12:55:22 -0400 From: "Andrew E. Manzardo" <> To: Subject: Perhaps

    Perhaps your readers would be interested in the series of articles in the Kantipur papers on the flap over the appointment of Thomas Furey as US Ambassador to Nepal.

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    ****************************************************************** Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2000 11:58:39 -0400 From: Ty Grimstad <> To: Subject: Re: The Nepal Digest - Sept 18, 1999 (6 Ashwin 2056 BkSm)


    I would like some further information on this subject as I am doing a research project for global abuse of women as an art piece. And I am planning to travel to Nepal next spring.

    Sincerely Ms. Ty-Ranne Grimstad

    ****************************************************************** From: "Amulya Ratna Tuladhar" <> To: "TND" <> Subject: Chameli: A Critique Date: Mon, 1 May 2000 13:31:15 +0530

    Chameli: Neither "Realistic" nor Emancipatory

    Chameli is a Nepali film about Nepali women in Bombay fleshtrade. Chameli demands to be seen on two claims: that it is "realistic" of actual conditions of flesh trade and that by exposing a hushed process, the film will set emancipatory processes for these unfortunate women. Yet, the film errs seriously on both fronts. I will just give an example of each.

    An "Unreal" bahuni prostitute Anyone who has visited the red light districts of Mumbai or Delhi or Calcutta or Agra or Bangalore or anyone who has cursorily kept up with the flesh trade stories realizes that the majority of women who get victimized into flesh trade are not bahuni but low caste members of Hindu castes like Kami and Damai and systematically exploited Tibeto-Mongoloid ethnic groups of Nepal like the Tamangs. By highlighting all the paraphernalia of Hindu marriage rituals of a bahuni, the film misrepresents the systematic political and cultural forces that drive the social procesess of flesh trade. Flesh trade is simplistically represented as due to only unscrupulous pimps such as Amar and excuses the social system that rewards the members of film producers.

    Chameli: a "faithful" Hindu wife Chameli claims to be emancipatory to all the flesh trade victims yet Chameli is shown as the normative victim of Hindu culture. Who would expect Chameli, who has been duped and sold by her husband, to break her red
    "chura" or bangles as symbolic duties of a Hindu widow. The film sends the regressive message to Hindu Nepali women that they should remain faithful to a husband who wont even have sex with her so he can sell her for a better priced virgin. Absolutely disgusting.

    ******************************************************************** Date: Mon, 1 May 2000 14:30:56 -0400 (EDT) From: "F.A. Hutchison" <> Subject: here's two I know you're going to 'love!'


    America, 2000... Lots of fat anoints! Lots of stiff joints! Lots of money, Buying this 'honey!'

    Lots of sugar, Lots of drugs, Lots of alcohol All, up against the wall!

    Lots of doctors, Lots of hospitals, Lots of lawyers, Lots of torts, Lots of disclaiming, Litigation sorts!

    Lots of surgery, Lots still smoke, Some on their own words choke, Some go to Holyoke!

    Lots of cars, Lots of flattened toads On the paved roads! We're losing lots of codes!

    Lots of distraction
    >From the subtraction,
    Lots of waddling, Lots of coddling!

    Few know happiness Beyond consumption. A few get rich, Most are poor, With barely a door!

    America, 2000! Drowning in things! Dying of fright! Eating everything in sight!

    Keep those doors locked! Paranoia 'rains!' Cattle get the grains! Citizens are chattel!

    Own and protect. Buy insurance and erect. Hide! There's coming a great divide!

    Ego gratification the 'gold!' Nothing is good until it is sold! Accumulate more and more, That is, until you get sore!

    Then you go postal! Killing everything in sight! Of course, this is not right! But, Pathology abounds Where no nature sounds!

    Don't ever question! Don't ever complain! This is America aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak explained!

    'Why?' you ask, hardly conscious! Not knowing even what that means! You have inherited The American Dream!

    Copyright 2000 F.A.Hutchison-Dalrymple Colorado Springs, Colorado

    NOT ALIVE WITHOUT! (for all fellow travelers)

    I remember Navarro, Italy, The bocci park after dark; Magic! Mark- Ed in my memory! Other places I've been on Cutty Sark...

    I remember Kathmandu, Nepal, The dogs barking at night, The garbage, what a sight! A Russian woman, clockwise round a Buddhist Stupa, Her heading, a reliquary!

    I remember Grenoble, France, Maybe I'll get a second chance? What food, and wine, and a Three-Rose drunk! Where I was sunk!

    I remember Akron too, the acrid! The party there a zoo; us all uncaged, The writing was on the wall! The furniture took wings, Flew out, but no bee stings! Oh, so lucky Ohio, Fire and stoned!

    I remember Chapala, Mexico, Canadians, where to go? Del Lago, Ajijic! Ah, to seek!

    I remember Guatemala, Christians, mosquitoes, volcanoes, Men in skirts! The women, I wanted to flirt! I lost my green backpack, Preyed, it was returned, Like power to the camcorder! Jaime came through!

    I remember Lhasa, Tibet, The Chinese no threat! The Potala; Ogalala now on a bet! They bared their rears Burnt the flag, I was not glad! Except for discovering The Sixth Dalai Lama!

    I remember Big Bend, Texas, The open-ness; the land, The closed-ness; the white people: Red necks and sand. Hallie Crawford Stillwell's store, The cowbell on the door! So many things ajar: Visited by a ghost, Followed by a magic host, Visions in the sky, Hiking until I thought I'd die! An avatar who it spelled out... Well, had you been there, you would have shout... The silence... You could hear it! The Quan Yin!

    I remember Vienna, Austria, The sacre tort, McKay's cavort, Always coming up short!

    I remember St. Andrews, Scotland, The Secretary's daughter, The Old Course slaughter!

    I remember the village of Adair, We had came to share! The quiet dignity; The green hair!

    I remember roasting weenies The teenies, In Pensacola heat! Drunk on 'secs.', Almost wrecked A DWI trek, I 'flew,' Did something anew: 110 miles per hour!

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    But, I'll never stop wandering For not alive without!

    I remember La Cipriani In Venice, At six-hundred dollars per night! The Japanese, A woman who sneezed! A swan had been freezed. It's such a delight without Leon!

    I remember the 'Cote too sure,' Paris walking, So little talking, We swung from the Eiffel The night, a trifle, Joe with his 'rifle;' The 'Ho!' Not even a roll in the know! We pissed on the Champs in the snow!

    I remember a shower, Namche Bazaar, It was! A Thamel up high in the sky! Even the Internet for trekkers, Wreckers of Sherpa land, Now, incredibly grand There's even a band!

    But, I long for Nam Tso, Where I want to go! And so alive, I'll die Where you can hear my last sigh!

    Not alive without!

    Copyright 2000 F.A.Hutchison-Dalrymple Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Concepts, words, images, and sound


    *********************************************************************************************** From: "Puspa Man Joshi" <> To: <> Subject: Basi khabar Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 19:49:43 -0400

    Tidbits from Columbus By: Puspa Man Joshi

    New Year Celebration in Columbus

    The Greater Columbus Nepali Community (GCNC) is very proud to have Kiran Sitoula as one of its members. Muri muri dhanyabad goes to him for organizing a wonderful Nepali New Year's party at Capital University in Columbus on Saturday, 15th April.

    Nearly 50 Nepali and their international friends attended the celebration. The guests from out of town included N.K. Shrestha and family from Kentucky, Ashu Tiwari from Boston, Arjun Banjade from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, Aalok & Arish Kharel from Newark and several students and their friends from Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware. Attorney David Martin, President of United Hands to Nepal was one of the American guests who attended the party. United Hands to Nepal was established in 1997 to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Nepal, with a special emphasis on their medical, health and educational needs. Yeshi and Tashi Lama at Wittenberg College Springfield, Ohio could not make to the party because of a last minute transportation problem.

    This time, as usual, Nepali families in Columbus prepared the delicious food. The menu included Thakali style khasi ko masu (Gyanu Sherchan and Beena Baidya), chicken (Sarala & Mukesh Pandey), Pulao (Pragya Sitoula), alu kopi (Pradeep Rajbhandari, Bandana Gorkhali), alu achar (Bimal & Sumi Gauchan), mas ko dal (Arun Joshi) etc. People who did not want to cook had the option of paying $10 per person ($5 for students and children). It was free for the first time attendees.

    After the party there was a cultural program. During the program, Dr. Baidya wished everyone a happy and a prosperous New Year. He and some other senior members of the community gave away gifts to 5 graduating seniors from the community. Seniors who will be graduating in May include Mr. Anand Tiwari (Capital University), Mr. Ashish Shrestha, Mr. Rajan Nepal, Ms. Indu Adhikari and Ms. Parvati Kakodkar from Ohio Wesleyan University. Mr. Mukesh Singh introduced new members of the Columbus community to the audience: Ms. Mohini Adhikari, Mr Pramod Lama, Mr. Pradeep Rajbhandari, and Mrs. Bhavana Shrestha-Bennett. Anand Tiwari, President of the Greater Columbus Nepalese Community expressed his thanks to Kiran for organizing the party on behalf of GCNC. During the program all the chefs who prepared delectable items were also awarded with flower vessels.

    Kiran Sitoula also used this opportunity to distribute the first Quarterly Newsletter of the Community. He plans to include more news from Nepal and Columbus. Just before the closing, Mr. Sitoula mentioned that the expense of the party would result in a deficit of around $150. Then, Mr. Baidya announced that Mrs. Beena Baidya will take care of all the deficits. The audience expressed their gratitude to Mrs. Beena Baidya for her generous offer with a big round of applause. At the end of the party Kiran also distributed questionnaires hoping to get input from attendees to organize parties in the future in a better way.

    The program had to end around 11 p.m. because of another conflicting program in the adjacent hall with loud cantankerous music . The party ended with a thunderous clapping for Kiran as a token of appreciation for organizing the party. However, a reliable source quotes that the unofficial party (beer bonanza) and music mosaic continued at Mohini's ! & Pramod Lama's place until 4 a.m.

    Those who participated in the cultural program were: Robin Baidya-Violin Bimal Bhattachan- Nepali songs (From his own CD) Bivakar Shakya- Nepali and Newari songs Pramod Lama _ Nepali songs Puspa Joshi- Nepali poem and song Ashish Joshi- & Puspa Joshi (Madal & Flute)


    The Columbus Nepali community would like to congralate Mukesh Singh and Sarala Pandey. Sarala Pandey gave birth to a 6 lb and 12 oz baby boy on Tuesday, April 25. The baby, Ilesh, and his parents are doing fine.

    *********************************************************************** Date: Sun, 07 May 2000 14:59:08 -0700 From: grayegle <> To: Subject: Re: The Nepal Digest - Oct 8, 1998 (22 Ashwin 2055 BkSm)

    Do you have any information on how to play the game, Bagha Chal? The rules I have are incomplete and don't make sense. Help, please.

    ******************************************************************* From: "Paramendra Bhagat" <> To: Subject: Hate Mail from Nepal Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 15:56:02 PDT

    Hello TND readers,

    I was a regular contributor at this forum during the period May 1998 - August 1999 and some of you might even remember me. Since then I have been away. I received quite a few e-mails later on thanking me for staying away!

    But now I am back if only with this one article.

    A few minutes back I received this hate mail and I felt the need to respond. What better forum than TND?

    Whoever this person is, he (I am pretty sure it is a he) is sure an embodiment of what is wrong in terms of the Nepali Speaking High Caste Male domination of the polity in Nepal.

    For the record, I grew up a Hindu and now I am a Buddhist:

    The author of this hate mail does not deserve any credit but, for the past few months, I have been toying with this business model:

    No, I am not thinking in terms of running for public office in Nepal. But then the bad news I have for him is my passion for the political process remains unabated:

    My passion for social justice in the Nepalese context remains strong and I will contribute any which way I can. My friendships with the likes of Hridayesh Tripathy in the Nepal Sadbhavana Party is as active as can be and will only become more productive in future than might be the case for now.

    To not accept the basic premise of religious diversity is plain wrong.

    Enough said-

    Paramendra Bhagat

    From: Kvaneko Designs <> To: Subject: Response to your Letter Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 15:24:07 -0700 (PDT)

    Paramendra Baghat,

    I saw your post at and I find it very shocking, divisive, and downright hate filled. What you are trying to say there is that NSHCWAHM(Nepali Speaking High Caste Wealthy Aged Hindu Males) are full of filth. Do you know that Nepal is a HINDU COUNTRY ? Are you a muslim who wants to make Nepal a Pakistan's puppet. What do you think we hindus feel when you say Hindus held all the powers in the country. Damn right we held all the power! Do we have to say to you that there are 90% hindus and 8% buddhists. The remaining are Pakistani Muslims who create chaos in Nepali Terai.

    I believe Nepal is a country founded on its religion and culture. What you muslims are trying to do is to create Chaos in Nepal just like in other countries. What you muslims have done all over the world is just filth. You sponsor terrorists and create havoc in India's Kashmir. Now you want the same scumbags run our country ? Hell no! We would let curropt Girija run the country rather than those terrorists muslims.

    The name "Sadhvawana" is to have compassion, right? Are Teraivasis Hindus or not? Do you prefer Hindus to run our 90% hindu country or 2% muslims ruin our life
    ? Your name sounds like a Hindu name but what you are talking is damn muslim.

    PS: BJP is a hindu coalition if you don't know. For your information I am a hindu(whose parents are high-caste and I don't believe in caste system)who have a strong feeling towards hindu-worldwide, so, for your muslim mind,India is my spiritual place and Nepal is my motherland. If you don't like Hindu-run Nepal then you are not welcome here. Stay there in the United States.

    ************************************************************* From: "Steve McGrane" <> To: Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2000 22:46:15 EDT

    I am looking for Nepalis or friends of Nepal in the Dallas, Texas, USA area to serve on the Board of Directors of a non-profit organization. If anyone is interested or knows some one who might be, please contact me at

    Steve McGrane Dallas, Texas

    ********************************************************** From: Marga Pandey <> To: "''" <> Subject: Sanmiguel Award Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 08:38:08 -0400

    TND readers,

    I just wanted to share with you that one of our GBNC member Sunil Parajuli has been nominated for the Sanmiguelaward for Best Composition and Best Vocalist under POP category. You can vote on line under "ON LINE NOMINATION" for either Sunil Parajuli or any of the Musicians that you feel are your right choice. This type of award for the arts was not possible just a few years back. I feel that your participation is important and it would make a difference. It would give hope to many new up coming musicians and artists alike. It would also bring about the best in musicians from our rich musical heritage.

    Marga Pandey

    **************************************************************** Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 12:32:34 -0400 (EDT) Data: Mon, 15 May 2000 18:43:36 +0200 To: From: Manel Carrera <> Subject: Nepal festivals


    my name is Manel Carrera and I'm preparing an anthropological study on the Nepal festivals and celebrations. I've found your foundation through the net while I was searching extense and complete informations about the sense and significance, photos, date and places of celebrations... of every festival and celebration in Nepal.=20

    I've already talk about the tourism Office in Katmandu, but the information they give me is not enough for me. Do you know where can I found an specialist or someoneelses wich can help me? Do you know other Internet sites with this kind of informations I'm looking for? Can your Foundation help me?

    thanks in advance

    Manel Carrera i Escud=E9 l'espai on comen=E7a la festa

    ********************************************************************* Date: Fri, 04 Jan 1980 13:14:04 +0100 From: claudiaK <> To: Subject: Re: The Nepal Digest - October 21, 1993

    hello, could you help me to find a shop, where I can buy Broderies from Nepal? Some information Please send to: thanks claudia

    ************************************************************************* From: "Michel J.Y.Scott." <> To: <> Subject: Re: The Nepal Digest - January 18, 1996 (5 Magh 2053 BkSm) Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 19:14:55 -0500


    Could you please help me find an adress in N=E9pal? N=E9pal Police Adventure Foundation I would be very greadfull, thank you = for your time.

    Michel J.Y.Scott.

    ************************************************************** Date: Fri, 05 May 2000 16:50:27 -0400 Subject: Nepali translation From: Dave Bowen <> To: <>

    Hello I am desperately trying to translate the name of a dog I met in the highlands of Nepal as far as I can figure his name sounded like Tundu is there any insight you can give me into what this means if anything?

    Cheers, Dave

    *********************************************************************** From: "Shrestha,Pradhumna" <> To: "'HoustonNepali'" <>

    I would greatly appreciate if you would kindly pass this message to your friends and relatives concerned.

    Request of Nepal/Nepali related articles for "Nepal Vision":

    The Nepalese in Houston have recently registered the Nepalese Association of Houston (NAH) with the State of Texas as a not-for-profit-making organization. We are publishing our first issue of our newsletter "Nepal Vision" by mid June, 2000. If you have articles ready on hand, or intend to write any that are Nepal/Nepali related(some of the topics are listed below) which you think would be appropriate to be published, please send them to us by the end of May 2000.

    We have envisioned "Nepal Vision" to be a genuine, value-based newsletter to serve the Nepalese in the U.S., beside the Nepalese residing in the vicinity of Greater Houston. We all have realized that there is hardly any, if at all any, newsletter which bond us all together as a community with identity of our own kind. Identity matters so much to us abroad, especially for those with families and children. Thus, there is a need for a media-nexus to glue us all together, to proudly present who we are, our values, and yet significantly contribute as a forum of HELP and SUPPORT.

    Five hundred copies of "Nepal Vision" are expected to be published in this issue. They will be distributed through out the nation, some overseas as well. Surely, there are hundreds of topics related to Nepal/Nepali, some of which are:

            Nepali Samachar (news from Nepal)
            International News (related to Nepal)
            Facts about Nepal (history and beyond)
            Parampara (society, culture and religion)
            Cyber Nepal (information technology)
            Bancha Ghar (recipes)
            Twakka Tukka (jokes and politically correct satires)
            Manoranjan (music, movies, kollywood)
            Do's and Don'ts (especially for new comers and strangers)
            Help Line
            Advices (immigration, legals, insurance, jobs etc.)
            Food for Thoughts

    We also excersize commercial in "Nepal Vision". Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote if you are interested in advertizing your product.

    We cannot wait to receive your quality thoughts.


    Pradhumna B. Shrestha for NAH Houston, Texas

    ***************************************************************** Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 08:47:41 -0400 From: rod and cheryl berry <> To:,, Subject: Re: The Nepal Digest - August 18, 1995 (4 Bhadra 2052 BkSm)

    Dear Sir, or Sirs,

    My name is Rodney V. Berry, and the reason I am communicating with you in order to obtain more info' on the Gurkhas, I was in the 17th Gurkha Div in Malaya in the '50's. I am writing my memoirs,and feel the time I spent in Malaya,were some of the better days. I correspnded with S/sgt Dharmarai Raj,whilst he was in the U.K. at the Gurkha Museum, but once his time was up and he'd gone home on his last leave. We couldn't, or rather I couldn't get hold of him.I think he was a member of the 10th. and I met the 5 Rambuhaders( i could never who was who,this was at the Royal School of Military Music in '62-3. I do hope I can get through to others for some info' Thank You Very Much, R.Berry.

    ******************************************************* From: "A Batten Family Member" <> To: <> Subject: School project Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2000 11:38:01 +0800

    Hi, I go to school in Singapore and we have been asked too doa report on development issues in Nepal. I don't know how to start because i need som information on the beauty of it and carry on with the government and poverty. If you could help me I would be very grateful. Please reply to

    Thank-you Liz Batten

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