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The Nepal Digest Thursday 11 May 95: Baishakh 28 2051 BkSm Volume 38 Issue 6

  Today's Topics:

        ANMA Convention in Ohio - May 27/28 Momorial Day Weekend - Welcome!

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Date: Mon, 8 May 1995 21:21:14 -0400 To: Subject: FICTION From: (Anil Tuladhar)

Let us have some fun:

                                * FICTION *

                        IN THE REALM OF EXISTENCE
                                (version 2)

Dr. Buddhi Bahadur has once again become controversial. His recent research paper on the consciousness of inanimate things has stirred the whole world. Dr. Buddhi now believes that everything in the universe are conscious and can express their feelings. It is just the language that is keeping us isolated. When he sees a capacitor discharging (making a spark), he says, "See the capacitor is angry now." But when I get upset and angry he says "Don't get charged much, you may get short-circuited." Though some people have started to consider him insane, I still have a profound faith on this man. I must admit that I do not understand all of his theories but some of his theories are really illuminating and enlightening.

He says that it is an injustice towards nature to draw a line of demarcation between living and non living things. "Everything is living" he asserts. If you are unable to perceive the feelings of inanimate things it is your weakness. It does not prove that they do not have sense. This reminds me of Dr. Jagdish Chandra Boss who proved the life in vegetations. Dr. Buddhi goes one step further claiming that he has invented a machine which could translate the feelings of these inanimate things into meaningful human voice. He calls this "Ulthagarne".

He says that all the animate and inanimate things used to talk in the same natural language "Vibrations". But human beings became more egoist and developed their own imperfect local languages and forgot this basic universal language. He correctly points out that we still weep, laugh and express our real feelings in this basic language. We can not weep/laugh in Nepali, Newari or English. Though we speak different languages we all weep/laugh the same way. So he concentrated on this language of vibrations and came up with the wonderful machine "Ulthagarne".

His theory explains most of the buggings questions of mine in physics, chemistry and biology. His theory is so universal that it is applicable to both micro and macro level. He can easily explain now why two electrons could forms a pair in quantum level (for example in superconductors). Also why earth goes round the sun! The explanations are more human than before. Now for the first time we are seeing these so called inanimate things falling in love in micro and macro levels. Had Einstein been alive, he would have developed a new equation for this phenomena. He was finding difficulty with general theory of relativity to explain the gravitation. Dr. Buddhi now simply answers this by saying that it is the love between the earth and moon that is keeping them together. Unbelievable!

Most of the intriguing properties of chemical affinity, valency can now be investigated more irrationally. This irrational approach has opened a new door to mankind. He goes on explaining dozens of other examples showing the consciousness of inanimate things. Most of them are beyond my understanding but I pretend to know so he does not feel insulted. At last I decided to be rational so asked him if he could show me some experimental proofs using his "Ulthagarne". He looked happy and took me to his labo ratory.

Wow! The lab was beyond my imagination. There were all sorts of things from biology, chemistry and physics. I wondered to see a Mainframe computer lying in a corner. I could not hide my curiousity and asked "What is this Mainframe doing here?". He threw a glance at me and said,"I am trying to capture the consciousness of computer programs." I almost burst into laughter but somehow controlled myself and said,"What consciousness? Artificial intelligent? Neural network?". He looked a bit disappointed a nd said, " No! I am talking about the real feelings of these programs. These programs are not different from we people. They have their own problems and stories to tell." I murmured,"Its too much." but somehow gathered the courage to ask him to demonstrate it experimentally.

He reluctantly rose from his chair and he connected his "Ulthagarne" and two speakers to the computer. The "distributed microphone" of "Ulthagarne" was connected to the harddrive of the computer. He explained that the "distributed microphone" is very very sensitive and picks up the subtle vibrations produced by the programs. Then the algorithm in the "Ulthagarne" converts them into human voice.

The computer turned on as usual but to my great amazement, I could hear some sound......
"Ssshhhh ! tic tic tic .....hi! Good morning! "

"Good morning!"

"You know, our neighbor caught a virus yesterday!"
"Yeah, I know, I am really sorry for that. I am still wondering how these
 Viruses are originated?"

"I do not know too. Dr. Scan.exe is checking the virus regularly on everyone
 of us. He also gives injection to the infected ones but the injection is not
 always effective. "

"I heard, these viruses are coming along with the foreigners from A: B: drives.
 Dr. Scan.exe was regretting that he was not called to check up the foreigners

 Then Dr. Buddhi typed "math" at the prompt and pressed "Enter".

 "Oh! I received a call from the centre (CPU). I am afraid, I must go."
 "Bye now".

 Dr. Buddhi solved couple of problems and quit the program. We again turned
 our full attention to the conversation.

"Hi graph! I am back again."

"Dear math, you are wonderful! You are so smart in calculations that I
 sometimes become jealous!"

"Never mind graph! You are also wonderful. You can turn the whole screen into
 a beautiful place in a moment. I can not draw even a single line. GOD has
 created us for specific purposes so there should be no comparison. You are
 great in your field and I am great in my field. But all the greatness comes
 from GOD alone"

"Give me a break, I have some confusions with this logic.You are definitely
 better than your father in the other country (directory)". You can solve big
 matrices while your father could solve just a few things only, Am I right?"

"Absolutely! When I was born, I was just a replica of my father(copied
 perhaps). My tour to the editor and subsequent training and compiling gave
 me more power. So I attribute my abilities to the GOD who created me."

"I agree with you. But one thing I could not understand is that why do we die (get deleted) if God created us for some specific purpose?."

" The reason is simple, God needs more space so get rid of us to make more
  powerful creatures. I do not mind if I am dead and somebody more powerful
  than me comes on this earth (harddrive)."

" Agreed, but still I could not understand, why do we suffer from virus and
  other problems like premature death and corruption. If God is so powerful
  why do not thee make us virus proof and perfect? Is God playing with us?"

" Hmmm, it seems that these illnesses and viruses are not liked by GOD too
  that's why he made Dr. Scan and many vaccines. Sometimes we see the GOD
  trying to save some programs but failed. Did you notice one thing? We all
  including viruses are composed of same fundamental particles 1's and 0's.
  It seems that GOD has good reasons to make the viruses too. I believe that
  GOD is all powerful and all mercyful so he can save us if he wants."

" May be..... by a real GOD but not by me!" Was my response because I know
  how difficult it is to write a robust program and also to revive an
  infected disk.

- Anil

******************************************************************** Date: Mon, 8 May 1995 21:21:35 -0400 To: Subject: National Day of Protest: The May 6 Rally From: (SALGA-NYC (South Asian Lesbian & Gay Association))


Join the South Asian Lesbian and Gay Association (SALGA) and South Asian AIDS Action (SAAA) (and many other community organizations) in protesting local and national budget cuts affecting working and poor people in New York and around the country. This National Day of Protest will be taking place in several cities around the country and is intended to send an angry message to city, state, and federal officials that these cuts will cause severe hardship in the lives of students, the elderly, the homeless, people with AIDS, lesbian & gay, and many other communities.

In NYC, the Rally will take place at 1:00p.m. at Times Square. Members of SALGA and SAAA will be meeting at 12:00p.m. sharp at the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate School at 33 W. 42. St. (opposite NY Public Library). Please try to make signs beforehand - some materials will be available for making signs at CUNY.

For more information about the Rally, you can call the National People's Campaign at 212-633-6646.

*********************************************************************** From: (Pratyoush R. Onta) Subject: A poem in translation To: (tnd) Date: Mon, 8 May 1995 21:44:39 -0400 (EDT)

"The Wound of Sagauli" by Phanindra Nepal
        When the pride of my ancestors fills my chest
        I see Nepal in my own palms
        Opening up my fist
        I see Nepal's map
        Increasing in size at the speed of a kite released in the sky
        Up to Teesta
        Spreading up to Kangra
        In victory I smile liberally
        In happiness I dance freely
        But when my own history mocks me
        I burn internally
        I tire entirely
        When the wound of Sagauli returns to my heart
        I worry because Greater Nepal is not in my palm
        Like a river in which the water is drying
        I see the shape of my country
        Being reduced to Mechi
        Being shrunk to Mahakali
        I simply close my fist
        Tight and more tight
        The more I close my fist
        The more I feel suffocated at the shrinking of each line in my palm
        The more I get drowned in darkness

My translation of "Sagauliko Ghau" contained in Phanindra Nepal's Kalaratrima Bimba Khojdai published by Sajha in 2048 v.s.

Comments on the contents of the poem or the quality of the translation are welcome. Pratyoush

***************************************************************** Date: Mon, 8 May 1995 21:59 EST From: U <> Subject: Re: Information on KU To:

In a previous article, (Ashutosh Tiwari) wrote:
-> So, the whole Constitution drafting committee was all-male.
->What's THAT got to do with "gender bias" per se?

Are you kidding or are you really serious when you ask this question? Have you had a chance to talk to any Nepali women about this or is this coming from your
"manly" self? For that matter in a culture like ours even a woman may have been "masculanized" to the point of no return especially when you have
"punditism" bombarded to you by the state media by the people and everybody everywhere.

-> In the name of gender equality, it's tempting to include a woman
->or two in EVERYTHING, but I am afraid that such gestures might be seen
->as mere "tokenism", and that such perception of tokenism would be, I
->would think, actually hurtful to women's advancement. In other words, if
->a woman is on the committee JUST to be someone with a pretty face (and
->perhaps make chiya for all), who'll take her seriously?
-> Besides, it's not really clear whether mere REPRESENTATION on some
->committee would actually lead to women's voices being really heard and
->acted upon. [This is NOT an argument against representation]
-> And I am against putting a woman on some committee MERELY because
->she is a woman. I think that this sort of policy is grossly insulting to
->the woman, implying, as it does, that she has to rely on her gender to be
->on the committee, and not on her (relevant-to-the-issue) background,
->education, professional experience and training and so forth. The point is
->that she's a lawyer/policy-maker and what-have-you first would actually
->make it easier for the woman to gain the respect of all, of both men and
->women, and allow her serve well on the committee.
-> Yes this was my exact point. Women should not be put in as tokens. Why could not have the constitution drafting committee been 50/50? Why are there only seven (or eight) women in parliament right now. Parties are required to put up only 5% women candidates today. Why not 50%? Is this also because

->>Official Translation:
->>The Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal 1990
->>Lawbooks Management Board, Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affair`
->>Page. 5 Part 2
->>9. (4) "After the commencement of this Constitution, the acquisition of
->>citizenship of Nepal by a foreigner may be regulated by law which may, inter
->>alia, the fulfillment of the following conditions:
->>(a) that he [sic] can speak and write the language of the nation of Nepal;
->>(b) that he [sic] is engaged in any occupation in Nepal;
->>(c) that he [sic] has renounced his [sic] citizenship of another country; and
->>(d) that he [sic] has resided in Nepal for at least fifteen years.
->>(5) Notwithstanding anything contained in clause (4), a woman of foreign
->>nationality who has a matrimonial relationship with a Nepalese citizen and w`
->>has initiated proceedings for renunciation of her foreign citizenship, and a`
->>other person, who has renounced the citizenship of Nepal and has gone to a
->>foreign country but who has renounced his [sic] foreign citizenship, may
->>acquire the citizenship of Nepal."

You seem to have missed my point.
-> If I were you, First of all I can ASSURE you that you are not me.

 I would worry less about the actual word-by-word
->English translation

This is the OFFICIAL translation. May point out to our Harvard educated Harvard like Kinght that a consitution is a LEGAL document where you not only worry about a word but you also worry about a letter especially in the 1990s. For example when on page 3 #4 for our constitution its says,"The Kingdom: 1) Nepal is a multiethnic, multilingual, democratic, independent indivisible, sovereign, Hindu AND Constitutional Monarchical Kingdom. If this AND was not there it would read "...sovereign, Hindu Constitutional Monarchical Kingdom" which would mean the King is Hundu and NOT the Kingdom but as it stands now I guess Hinduism is the national religion of Nepal isn't it? So I guess it is quite appropriate to worry about a word.

 than about the INTENT of the Nepali Constitution. For
->example, in America, the "most advanced democracy" in the world, American
->women have yet to append the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) on their

 And this, after over 20-plus years of ongoing fighting,
->Affirmative Action and many marches!!
-> There is no law saying that American has to be first in everything. Maybe we can be the first in something too or is that too scarey for you.

Are you suggesting that America in your words is the so called most "advanced" democray in the world!! You must be joking again. Maybe you need to look at more countries to see which country is actually the most "advanced" democracy in the world. But then again if one is to judge from a very "masculanized" perspective America may appear to be so.

-> But Nepal is not America, yet Nepali women do have somewhat
->similar recourses to fight parts of the Constitution they think are
->discriminatory. For example, Nepali women can petition the MPs, work on
->passing anti-discrimination bills, and perhaps call for a
->Constitutional amendment. To be sure, all these are not easy, but the
->Nepali women themselves (especially the urban, educated) women have to
->start the process and get moving now . . .

Earlier you said we should not resort to quota now one should be disqualified just because one is a man and educated in the US ha? Very good reasoning! I am really starting to like this.
 (instead of perhaps waiting
->to be rescued by some Clark-educated knight in shining armor :-)
-> So, yes, there does exist LEGAL, CONSTITUTIONAL process for
->[educated, urban Nepali] women to take up their cause and fight for it
->themselves. If they can do these, then glory to them, however long it takes.
->Always complaining that Nepali males are sexist and so forth will not
->get them very far on their own agenda, and perhaps will potentially
->alienate them from even sympathetic and helpful Nepali males.
-> Or, at the very least, they should not be so naive that the State
->will turn around and amend the Constitution itself or that the predominantly
->from-the-village male MPs are going to fight for Nepali-style ERA on
->their own.
-> Personally, my worries are rather mundane: Whether girl-children
->can survive or not; whether they get enough to eat or not; whether they can

-go to school or not, and basic stuff like that, than the more heady,
>important, issues of Constitutional law.

For the girl-children to get their basic stuff first of all the law must allow it. Today do you realize that in our society that a daughter's inheritance right only comes after the GRANDSON. For anyone to get the so called "basic stuff" the state and the law must provide the proper climate for women to do this? I can assure "if I were" I would wait until I spend some time in TULSIPUR.

A Hint: Bonded labor is against the law in Nepal. (In practice, I am sure you had the opportunit to talk to Dilli Chaudhary). May be they are waiting for the shinning-Knight from Harvard to come by!!!

        But I guess we live in exciting times!!

Believe me this is part of the exciting times



*********************************************************************************************** Date: Tue, 9 May 1995 01:22:18 -0600 (CST) From: "Bibhakar Shakya" <> To: Subject: Registration for AMNA Convention in Columbus...

TO: All those planning to join us here in Columbus for the
     ANMA Convention.

     It is going to be our great pleasure to welcome you all to the 14th Annual Convention of the Association of Nepalese in Midwest America in Columbus, Ohio May 27-28, 1995 (Memorial Day Weekend). We, here in Columbus are trying our best to make this event interesting, fun, and memorable for all of us. Although we have heard from many of our friends and families about their plans to join the convention, only few of them have registered for it. It would greatly facilitate the organizing committee to plan for the food and accommodations. We would appreciate it very much if you could sent your registration form and the check by May 15 to the Treasurer's address given below. (Besides, pre-registration in advance through the mail is $10 cheaper than on-site registration!!)

If you have any question regarding registration, please do not hesitate to contact our treasurer Mrs. Beena Baidya at (614)-451- 3728 or contact me (614)-475-8012.

     We are also happy to inform you that the following two motels are less expensive and reservations should be made as soon as possible to ensure rooms. They are:
     1. Brookside Motel, 3020 E. Main St.
               Ph # (614) 236-1724
     2. Capitol Motel, 3045 E. Main St.
               Ph # (614) 235-2311

     The following is the copy of the registration form for those who have not receive it yet. You can make a copy of it and mail it along with your check or money order for the total amount payable to ANMA and addressed to:

Beena Baidya, Treasurer 4720 Old Ravine Court Columbus, OH 43220 Telephone Number, (614) 451-3728


Name ________________________________ Address________________________________
     ________________________________ Phone Number _________________________

Advanced Registration (must be postmarked by May 15, 1995): Number Amount

Adults-$35.00/person ______ ______ Students-$25.00/person ______ ______ Children(6-12)-$20.00/person ______ ______ Children under 6- ______ Free

On Site Registration: Adults-$45.00/person ______ ______ Students-$35.00/person ______ ______ Children(6-12)-$25.00/person ______ ______ Children under 6- ______ Free

*Nepali Movie (if available) Yes No
$5.00 per person ______ ______

ANMA Membership Dues: Adult-$20.00 ______ ______ Family-$30.00 ______ ______ Student-$15.00 ______ ______ Life Member-$250.00 ______ ______

Total Enclosed _______________

*The newly released Nepali movie will be ordered if there is enough interest to justify the expenses and work involved. Include $5 per ticket if "yes".

     We would like to thank you in advance for making our planning process simpler and look forward to seeing you all in Columbus. Please, do contact me ( or Dr. Mahesh Baidya (ph
# 614-451-3728) if you need more information regarding the Convention or have any questions.

Bibhakar Shakya

********************************************************************** Date: Tue, 9 May 1995 13:11 EST From: Subject: Prabha Thacker's Sexual Politics To:

This is in response to what I think is Prabha Thacker's response (posted from Marsh Greer's email address at <>) to the research work on the sexual behaviour of Nepali women by ms Schroeder posted on TND some months ago.

I welcome the discussion of a prominent feminist leader from Nepal. Prabha is an articulate Nepali women committed to the emancipation of women in Nepal and I have followed her articles and some research work (e.g. her work on carpet factory women for ICIMOD).

Prabha criticizes research work as arising from the Western obseesion with sex, including the valuation of the Western woman's worth in terms of sexual performance and satisfaction, and that this research basically satiates this demand. Fair enough.

What is problematic is how she defines "Eastern" women as the dual opposite of Western women, someone for whom motherhood is the defining moment of power not sexual satisfaction and completely laughable if it was not enunciated by a Nepali women who has spent a lifetime in Nepali feminism, that Eastern sexual relationship is characterized by "altruistic partnership". For Prabha the household sector is all hunky-dory that needs not by "laundered" in public with a research on sexual behaviour of women. So what if the women are not satisfied in her priggish hubris, she declares, "If Nepali women whether Brahmin, Chetrri, Newar, Tamang, or Gurung interpret such a study as a reflection of their status and sexual freedoms, the implication of AIDS, STD which are already glaring at us, would be alarming."

The clear assumption that ties the last quote of hers is that sexually free Nepali women = loose morals = free sex = rampant sexually communicated disease. This is a blatantly political project in which she has unproblematically taken the right to speak for the rights of the Nepali female, to decide what they can do and cannot do and in the process tried to hide the fact in Nepal sexually transmitted disease are not transmitted by her loose moral pathway but by the priggish submission of sexually bonded Nepali female in nice household that have to submit to Nepalimen who contract disease from others and infect their households. This was brought home by the video on AIDS made by UNDP advised by Shanta Pandey-Dixit, an epidemiologist who personally visitted the Bombay brothels and Sindhupalchowk hills from the Tamang girls were lured and sold to Bombay, cuaght HIV and sent back as reject to the hilss to infect the village populace. This video starred Madan Krishna as the doctor who contracted HIV through a blood transfusion and Haribansa as the Colonesl saheb pale of Bombay who contracted HIV from a one-nighter with a Nepali Women he rescued from the Bombay brothel. Haribansh comes back to give HIV to his wife, who according to the "altruistic ardhangini" of Prabha gamely submitted to sex and ....

***************************************************************** Date: 9 May 1995 12:41:33 U From: "Hridaya Bajracharya" <> Subject: Critical Perspectives and H To: "Nepal Digest" <>

                  Subject: 8/27/56
                  Critical Perspectives and Human Possiblities 14:25

I was thrilled to have been criticised by a critical friend in the enet for my proposition that Nepal should remain melting pot and that the generations of various creative social outcomes therein as our heritage. I accept the criticism as one perspective to look at our situation, but without agreeing to the intended idea that it was all along negative. I would particularly like to comment on the point that was said that it is slave mentality to accept the laden discourse of Sanskrit. My argument is whether it would be slave mentality or master mentality, or general human mentality, will depend on the circumstance of the personal decision choice depending upon the personal belief. If I consider myself a owner of the heritage of Sanskrit I might be thinking in master mentality , on the other hand if I consider being tormented by Sanskrit and yet I accept it in someone's term then that would be slave mentality. My position is neither, for I don't believe that Sanskrit is anyone's personal belonging nor any language for that matter, Newari and Nepali included. A language is public entity, whoever loves it and use it can claim a position within it and be belonged to the language-- it is larger than one people who use it, or better, it is different entity uncomparable to the people. If a group of people whether social, cultural, or lingual claims a language as their personal pewa and bars others from enterig it or making contribution to it through addition or criticism then that group is nothing more than a gangster. They will simply make it fall down, limped and consrained. Of course, we should be aware that gangsters could be quite powerful socially and claim the position of rulership. But again existence possibility of such rulership does not justify revolution against the language the group wanted to use as their "chand or takma." Rather it is social duty of all who are lovingly affiliated with the language to point out the disgrace brought by the gangsters and should act to release from such arrested situation. The revolution should be against the gangsters, again I would like to emphasize, against their gansterism only not against their physical form. Remember the possibility of Angulimar. Let us not forget that Buddha's preaching has been accepted worldwide in a loving way and people belonged to his preaching with self respect and respect for the person Buddha whatever his origin. Same applies to the ideas and symbolic language of Gandhi, or any human beings who stood to a position of being seen as lovable and respectable by all, and same applies to the language of Upanishads, Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata etc. In presenting this, I am not sayig that there has been no human repression or conscious oppression of section of society by other. And therefore, I support the idea that there is a need to have critical eyes to be able to see such negativity of human society. But there is also a need to be aware of human possibilities that give more positive input to the humanity in the making. As mentioned earlier, opression, slavery etc. from one perspective may in fact be working in another way for other perspectives. What accounts for personal positioning in a society depends largely on personal conviction, in a Karmic way -- that if we build it with love and respect, it will grow in loving and respectful way for us. The nation, the language, the culture and everything in our environment is ours if we make up our mind that it is ours. If we think that it is others it will be others. Let us remember that Buddha was able to sow the seed for aspiration for borderless human construct because of his ability to preach non confrontaional alternatives that provided new space a better space for all. And it is perhaps, an outcome of his understanding, available for us now, that human existence is combination five skandhas: a material body, feelings, perceptions, karmic tendencies, and consciousness. And that the combination is only a temporary aggregates. I would leave more explanation to this for more knowledgeable and interested people in this area.

************************************************************************ Date: Tue, 09 May 1995 00:26:36 EDT To: The Nepal digest Editor <> From: "Pramod K. Mishra" <> Subject: Censorship

Dear Editor,

I was disappointed to see parts of Sujata Rana's and one other contributor's posting deleted in the name of personal comments. I think that as long as contributors give their full name and address, anything they write should be posted without any deletion by the editorial board. Let the TND community form its own opinion about the content and character of its contributors' pieces and let us all learn to speak in public through our own mistakes and errors, not censorship. After all, we are all adults and carry pretensions of some education.
        Now, if a person sends a personal insult to someone privately,
 if the insulted individual wants, he or she should forward the insult or comment and make it public on TND. Let the community know and form its own opinion about the contributors, and critique if necessary. The editorial board should not delete any parts of the posting.
        There are several reasons behind this, and I'm not going to elaborate them. One reason that readily comes to mind is that collective opinion is better than one individual's judgement call.


%%%%%Editor's Note: TND does not believe in censorship. The comments %%%%
%%%%% that were excluded before were very personal, %%%%
%%%%% perhaps irrelavant to the contex of the argument. %%%%
%%%%% If the original author of the piece feels that it %%%%
%%%%% was censored, please send it again and we will %%%%
%%%%% include it for public display. %%%%
%%%%% %%%%
%%%%% Let us not forget that TND is a place to exchange %%%%
%%%%% free and constructive ideas, not a open 'munch' %%%%
%%%%% for a shouting match. Only we can make it mature %%%%
%%%%% place to share thoughts that we may agree or not %%%%
%%%%% agree on. %%%%

********************************************************************** Date: Wed, 10 May 1995 02:26:13 -0400 (EDT) From: Anand Pathak <> Subject: To:

Catharthis at McDonalds:
        Having lived in the United States most of my life, the bulk of my experience with my culture or sanskriti has been second handed at best. Summer vacations in Kathmandu, squeezed between high school proms and the NBA playoffs have been the extent of my direct exposure to the Nepali culture. Oddly though, I have consciously chosen not to eat beef.
        Throughout my childhood I enjoyed the flame-broiled quarter pounders with cheese, sirloin steaks at Sizler with my dad, beefy hot-dogs at baseball games and big macs at McDs. Then, half way between a McTeri burger I had a cathartic experience. Looking at the stringy sarcomeres I was chewing at, my eyes watered and I shed tears profusely. Why? Looking back at the day, I can point to several things.
        I was headed back from the beach with my childhood friends Ujjwal Rajbhandari, Soonu Thapa and Alok Sharma. My friends like me had spent their formative years in this country. As we sat at the table I first realized how alienated we all were from our culture. We had been adopted by another culture and our identities had been displaced. Brainwashed by TGIF comedy shows, MTV and the high-school culture we had not only lost a connection with our culture, but valued it very little. We tried to identify our selves, not as South Asians, but something different and more important. At this point, I decided to abstain from eating beef as the SYMBOL of the connection with my culture that I wished to possess. There is nothing inherently bad about eating beef. It is just the same as eating poultry or fish. However, not eating beef is very important as a cultural symbol, not only for me but for the Hindu culture as a whole. This point is clearly manifest by the great controversy P. R. Tuladhars statement has caused both in Nepal and on the TND.
        This symbol however is just one of the many enduring aspects of the Nepali-Hindu culture. For a Nepali child growing up in this country, I think that identifying with any transcendent symbol, the Himalayas for example can be a very helpful in forging a well connected personality. Thus, I make a plea to all Nepalis (on TND at least) not to discount age-old traditions simply on the basis of utility. These transendent symbols shouldnt be deemed as a means to an end, but are ends in themselves.

Anand Pathak

******************************************************************** Date: Wed, 10 May 1995 19:39:40 -0700 (GMT) From: "Sanjay K. Nepal" <> To: The Nepal Digest <> Subject: Information needed - London, Exeter and Edinburgh area

I have been invited to Switzerland (Zurich & Bern) for a fortnight
(June 11 - 25). On my way back to Bangkok, I wish to spend 2-3 days in UK. I would like to enquire if any Nepali colleagues or family living in Exeter, London and Edinburgh could accomodate me as a paying guest for a night or two. If not, does anybody out there knows of some modest hotels or youth hostels (YMCA etc) in the above mentioned areas? Any info on this is highly appreciated.

Many thanks!

Sanjay K. Nepal Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) HSD, SERD GPO Box 2754 Bangkok 10501 Thailand Fax: (662) 516 2126

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Shiva gautam

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