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The Nepal Digest Wednesday 15 June 94: Ashadh 2 2051 BkSm Volume 28 Issue 4

Today's Topics:

        1. TAJA_KHABAR:

                    Arun III Delegation in US
                    Teaching Safe Sex in Nepal

        2. KATHA_KABITA:

                     Yeti Song
                     Brahmacharya in Crisis!

        3. KURA_KANI:

                     I. Social Issues
                            Teachings of Buddha

                    II. Politics
                            Re: Nepal Ko Kabzaa Kiya - Phone Prompts

                     Movie Reviews - Little Buddha

        5. JAN_KARI:

                     Driving License
        6. TITAR_BITAR:

                     Yatra Barnan - Glimpse of Nepal Part V.
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********************************************************************** Date: Mon, 13 Jun 1994 10:46:00 -0500 Forwarded by: "Sirdar_RJS_Khalifa" <> Subject: yeti_song To:

(Marlin Spike Werner)

Beyond the Ganges River In the mountains of Nepal There lives my hairy yeti, She's the fairest of them all.

She's lissom and curvatious And as Yeti's go, she's tall She's my hirsute mountain beauty She's the fairest of them all.

Full my heart and gone my reason We have love for every season She's my own, my hairy yeti, Fairest of them all.

Her hair is like angora
>From the first cold nip of fall
But in summer, when she's moulting She has nothing on at all.

Her smile is lost in hairiness, Her nose is cute and small, And her eyebrows are so shaggy I can't see her eyes at all.

Full my heart and gone my reason Love finds fire in any season, She's my hairy yeti, She's the fairest of them all.

High up on Sagarmatha When the cold is hard and blue And the wind is icy needles And I'm frozen thru and thru

My ever-loving Yeti Takes me up in her embrace: The warmth of her four bosoms Draws the frostbite from my face.

Full my heart and gone my reason Love finds fire in any season, She's my hairy yeti, She's the fairest of them all.

She wraps me with her coziness Against the chill monsoon, Or we sit in summer twilight Singing lovesongs to the moon.

She's an international heroine-- Holds Asia in her thrall; She's an undisputed citizen Of China and Nepal.

Full my heart and gone my reason We have love for every season; She's my own, my hairy Yeti, She's the fairest of them all.

Alternate CHORUS: Salute the flag and throw confetti China made the first spaghetti She's my own, my hairy yeti, Fairest of them all.

Copyright 1982,
  by Marlin Spike Werner


*********************************************************************************************** Subject: Nepali prompts when calling Nepal To: <> From: Sanjay Manandhar <> Date: Mon, 13 Jun 94 13:02:20 -0400

Dear Readers,
        As far as I know, most of the foreign prompts when calling foreign destinations come NOT from the foreign telephone switch but from your LOCAL switch.
        Hence, if you want to fix the "Hindi" prompt problem, the best way is to contact your international carrier (e.g. AT&T, Sprint, MCI, etc.) company and tell them that the lingua franca of country code 977 is not Hindi, but Nepali and that YOU are willing to make arrangements to find a suitable voice expert (they will not accept just anybody's voice prompt). A would suggest a business letter to the Customer Service Representative should work, especially during these times of cut-throat international service competition.
        Ideological tirades don't help. Pragmatic business solutions go a long way.

Regards, Sanjay Manandhar

****************************************************************** Date: Mon, 13 Jun 1994 15:16:02 EDT To: Subject: Nepali Driving License=International D. License=Mass. Driv. License??? From: (Isha Sharma) wrote:
: Nepali Driving License: What good is it in Massachusetts?
: ==========================================================

: I have a valid Nepali driving license. Is this the "international" driving
: license one can use to drive legally in massachusetts or US?

: The RMV was telling me such a license must be verified by the embassy or
: consul of Nepal. Is there a consul in Boston who can do this, what is the
: process and address or phone numbers?

In Nepal, they have started giving a standard driving licence with both Nepali and English words in it. It is ID size and laminated. I am not sure whether it is international or not!

For yor information, here are some excerpts from the Licensing Rules and Procedures, Mass.:-

"- Upon becoming a Massachusetts resident an out-of-state or an out-of-
  country driver must obtain a Massachusetts Operator's License and
  Registration(number plates). Applicants applying who present a
  license which has not expired ....(for US states and territories only)
  may be issued a license provided: ( conditions given)

"- Applicants transferring an out-of-country license to a Massachusetts
  license must take a written test and a road exam. The road exam
  shall be waived when an applicant is converting a license from a country
  that is party to the "Convention of Road Traffic of 1949".

"NOTE: Any driver's license not in English must be accompanied by an original translation certified by a bilingual notary public, or by a teacher at an accredited college or university. Any driver's license from a foreign country listed on the "Convention on Road Traffic of 1949" must be accompanied by a statement of validity on an original letterhead of the home country's embassy or consulate".

According to the above rules, no matter whether you have an international license or not you have to take a written test. You can only get the road test waived, if you fulfill all other requirements.

A German friend bought and registered a vehicle but did not convert his German driving license because of all the troubles, and operated it for two semesters, as a non-resident is allowed to drive temporarily with his original license. However, he had to pay a very high premium on insurance for his car.

Therefore, though I had a Nepali license, I thought it wiser to take the exam. Insurance company considers for the years you have been driving and gives discounts if you present them your Nepali license. However, you must have a MA. license. Therefore, I would like to advise you to go for one.

Go and get a free copy of Driver's License Manual from the RMV before you go for the written test. They ask all questions from the book only. Prepare yourself for the parallel parking, this is probably the only thing Nepali drivers are not familiar with. You will easily pass the other tests. Just be careful and never try to show off that you are an expert driver. Because one person who drove for years in Saudi Arabia is said to have failed b'cause she drove with only one hand on the steering.

Hope that this will help you!


*********************************************************************** Date: June 13, 1994 Forwarded By: Rajpal J. Singh <> To: The Nepal Digest <> Subject: Brahmacharya in Crisis!

               Brahmacharya in Crisis!

    "And he took the vedic message accross the seas,
     Boldy, confidently and charismatically, he delivered,
     The cosmic truth to the citizens of every creed ...."

     Such BRAHMACHARYA was Vivekananda ... my mom continues,
     Such control he had over unwanted desires .... my mom stresses,
     And he accomplished all this in his bachelor-hood .... my mom smiled,
     Such a role-model, you oughtta follow .... my mom concluded,
     I was barely eleven years old!

     Too busy playing soccer and hide-'n-seek
     The only stimulation I was aware was during the morning flushings;
     I well remember the giggles in the Junior-high
     As we flipped through the pages under chapter human reproduction,
     "Linga, Birya, Yoni, Sambhog" - all sounded like "sahityik" words
     That I used to struggle during my Nepali and Sanskrit classes.

     High-school days, as I recall, filled with curiosity
     Afraid to ask, limited to my friends and cheap Indian romance books;
     How we used to sit back on the soccer field and joke about it.
     And how one of us would acknowledge of self discovery -
     Victims of tease and sudden burst of laughter - as we all agree.

     University days encountered with sporadic copies of Playboys
     Wondering how our counterpart (women) thought of their sensuality
     And some more adult movies with friends on the VCR -
     I thought to myself - yeah, I know what human sexuality is.
     Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll, a cool slogan then it was -
     Heavy metal, sex pistols, Holywood movies and strip tease,
     Suddenly has left me overwhelmed with intense desires -
     And I can't sitback but think - You misled me, didn't you?
     I know now - my BRAHMACHARY is in deep CRISIS!!!!!!!!

     - Sirdar_RJS_Khalifa
       June 13, 1987

****************************************************************** Date: Mon, 13 Jun 1994 15:31:12 EDT To: From: (Anonymous) Subject: L.B. Review


Just what the original teaching of the Buddha was is a matter of some debate. Nonetheless, it may be said to have centered on certain basic doctrines. The f irst of the Four Noble Truths, the Buddha held, is suffering (duhkha). By this
, he meant not onl

y that human existence is occasionally painful but that all beings--humans, ani mals, ghosts, hell-beings, even the gods in the heavens--are caught up in samsa ra, a cycle of rebirth, a maze of suffering in which their actions (KARMA) keep
 them wandering. Samsara and karma are not doctrines specific to Buddhism. The Buddha, however,
 specified that samsara is characterized by three marks: suffering, impermanen ce, and no-self (anatman). Individuals not only suffer in a constantly changing
 world, but what a

ppears to be the "self," the "soul," has no independent reality apart from its many separable elements. The second Noble Truth i that suffering itself has a cause. At the simplest lev el, this may be said to be desire; but the theory was fully worked out in the complex doctrine of "dependent origination" (pratityasamutpada), which explains
 the interrelation

ship of all reality in terms of an unbroken chain of causation. The third Noble Truth, however, is that this chain can be broken--that sufferin g can cease. The Buddhists called this end of suffering NIRVANA and conceived of it as a cessation of rebirth, an escape from samsara. Finally, the fourth Noble Truth is that a way exists through which this cessati on can be brought about: the practice of the noble Eightfold Path. This combi nes ethical and disciplinary practices, training in concentration and meditatio n, and the develop

ment of enlightened wisdom, all thought to be necessary. For the monks, the notion of offering extends also to the giving of the DHARMA in the form of sermons, to the chanting of scriptures in rituals (which may als o be thought of as magically protective and salutary), and to the recitation of
 sutras for the de

ad. All of these acts of offering are intimately involved in the concept of merit-m aking. By performing them, individuals, through the working of karma, can seek
 to assure themselves rebirth in one of the heavens or a better station in life
, from which they

may be able to attain the goal of enlightenment.

The Academic American Encyclopedia, online edition, Grolier Electronic Publishing, Danbury, CT, 1993.

***************************************************************** Date: Mon, 13 Jun 1994 15:31:49 EDT To: From: (Anonymous) Subject: L.B. Review

LITTLE BUDDA by Roger Ebert
* * Prince Siddhartha ...... Keanu Reeves Dean Conrad ............ Chris Isaak Lisa Conrad ............ Bridget Fonda Jesse Conrad ........... Alex Wiesendanger Lama Norbu ............. Ying Ruocheng
        Miramax presents a film directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. Produced by Jeremy Thomas. Written by Mark Peploe and Rudy Wurlitzer. Based on a story by Bernardo Bertoluccci. Photographed by Vittorio Storaro. Edited by Pietro Scalia

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