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The Nepal Digest Tuesday 2 January 96: Push 18 2052 BS Volume 46 Issue 1

    H A P P Y N E W Y E A R 1 9 9 6 ! ! !

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********************************************************************** Date: Wed, 27 Dec 1995 08:21:21 -0700 To: From: (Susy Struble) Subject: "Aama in America" tour of the East and Midwest, May '96

        I am the Publicist for Broughton Coburn, conveyor of the "Aama" story.
=46ollowing his successful book promotion and lecture tour of the West Coast this past summer, I am working up a lecture tour of the East and Midwest for May, 1996.
        The description of the "Aama" slide program is attached below. The presentation has had an outstanding response at venues such as the California Academy of Sciences, the Asia Society in Los Angeles, Whitman College, and the Denver Museum of Natural History, as well as at the Indigo Gallery and Godaveri Alumni Association in Kathmandu. Mr. Coburn has lived in Nepal for 17 of the past 22 years.
        In particular, I would like to pursue bookings with lecture programs=
 at colleges and universities, and would be grateful for the names and contact information of key persons within anthropology, south Asia, or multicultural departments, or those directing general lecture programs who may be interested in booking Mr. Coburn's captivating program.

        Here is a synopsis of the slide lecture program:

                     AAMA -- FROM NEPAL TO AMERICA

        Broughton Coburn's slide presentation, a concise, 45-minute, two-projector show, is a pictorial excursion into and beyond the non-fiction books "Aamain America; A Pilgrimage of the Heart," and "Nepali Aama; Life Lessons of a Himalayan Woman," published by Anchor/Doubleday in May, 1995.

        The audience is taken on more than an unusual travelogue. Beginning = in Aama's village in the foothills of the Himalayas, we are immersed in the cosmology, philosophy, hopes and humor of a woman who had virtually no exposure to western civilization. Then in 1988, she turned 84, a watershed year sanctified by a long-life ritual (the chauraasi barsako puja) that relieves the elderly from further worldly obligations -- an auspicious time to go on a pilgrimage, to travel on a circuit of holy sites.
        That's when she came to America.
        Aama, the author, and his girlfriend Didi set off on an odyssey that evolves into a 12,000 mile search for the soul of America. Aama visits cities, advises farmers, kisses a killer whale, bathes ritually in the ocean, rejoices in Disneyland, gambles in Las Vegas, meets with Native Americans, prostrates before the Virgin Mary at a Catholic sanctuary, finds kin at a Hutterite colony in Montana, and prays at Old Faithful. Aama's reactions to the U.S. are amusing, surprising, and sometimes disconcerting,yet we unexpectedly find that her emotions and sensibilities are not unlike those of Americans. Aama is a universal spirit, and she has found the sacredness that surrounds us and breathes within us.

        " entirely new vision of America through the eyes of a remarkab= le woman... Coburn and his fianc=E9e, Didi Thunder, found their views of Ameri= ca transformed by Aama's ingenious and unpredictable responses to the 25-state odyssey they made."
                          - Life Magazine

        "...a lovely, memorable tale."
                          - San Francisco Examiner

        As a Nepalese man told me at one of the presentations, "This program does so much to deliver to the American people the real picture of who we Nepalese are... You know, Aama may now be the most famous Nepali, except for the King."

        Again, I would be grateful for any thoughts or recommendations that Nepal Digest viewers might have concerning appropriate venues for this program. I can forward a full promotional packet containing photographs, synopses, over thirty print reviews, a list of summer '95 venues, and testimonial letters.
        Thank you.

        Susy Struble

Please e-mail me at:, or if you have questions for Mr. Coburn you can e-mail him directly at:

*********************************************************** Date: Wed, 27 Dec 1995 08:57:38 -0500 (EST) To: Subject: News 12/27/1995 From: (Sher B. Karki)

                  The Xinhua General Overseas News Service
                          Xinhua General News Service

The materials in the Xinhua file were compiled by The Xinhua News Agency. These materials may not be republished without the express written consent of The Xinhua News Agency.

                 DECEMBER 26, 1995, TUESDAY 10:01 Eastern Time

HEADLINE: d p 1232 bc- nepal -saarc-economic association hke122634 --saarc economic association formed in kathmandu DATELINE: kathmandu, december 26; ITEM NO: 1226137

   a south asian regional economic association was formed here today by representatives from member states of the south asian association for regional cooperation (saarc). the saarc economic association will conduct studies and analyses of issues concerning economic cooperation in the south asian region with an aim to encourage effective relationship among economists in the region, the saarc secretariat here said in a press release. at a function held here for the formation of the association, nepali finance minister ram sharan mahat said that saarc countries could learn a lot from other developing countries in developing their economies, such as asean countries. he underlined the need for south asia to d


   An outbreak of pneumonia in five western Nepal villages claimed the lives of 22 people, most of them children and the elderly, officials said Tuesday. Six children were killed in one family alone, the Nepal's National Health Agency said, adding Jajarkot Hospital was running short of drugs and requested additonal supplies from the Regional Health Directorate.

HEADLINE: nepali pm calls for hard work of people DATELINE: kathmandu, december 25; ITEM NO: 1225032

   nepali prime minister sher bahadur deuba has urged fellow countrymen to work hard and devote themselves fully to the country's development. in an interview with the official rising nepal newspaper published today, deuba said nepal is the second poorest country in the world and people in all the sectors should work hard to relieve the poverty. deuba reaffirmed his government's commitment to liberal economic policy, which he said had restored foreign donors' confidence in the development in nepal. deuba expressed his satisfaction over the performance of his government during its first 100 days in office, adding that such a short period was just a learning process. the present coalition government was formed in september by three parties after they jointly overthrew the nine-month minority communist government with a no-confidence motion.

HEADLINE: nepal to set up information system on expenditure DATELINE: kathmandu, december 23; ITEM NO: 1223060

   the nepali government will set up a comprehensive information system on national expenditure to avoid conflicting figures on the country's fiscal situation. according to the finance ministry friday, the new measure would help timely account-keeping and bring about a wide range of improvement in the fiscal discipline. earlier this week, the house public accounts committee claimed at a hearing that annual expenditure figures for the last fiscal year provided by successive governments varied considerably with its own findings, raising criticism of the lack of a comprehensive information system on fiscal activities. figures by the present government, which went into office in september, show that the national expenditure in 1994-95 fiscal year ending mid-july was 33.59 billion rupees (671 million us dollars), and the previous government put it at 31.33 billion rupees (627 million dollars). but according to the house committee, public expenditure last year was 37.02 billion rupees
(740 million dollars). a finance ministry spokesman said friday that this problem was due to the deteriorating fiscal discipline which had been underway for some time in the country. he said the ministry had begun a study on methods of implementing a budget directive and new measures would be introduced soon. the finance ministry had already given clear instructions to all ministries for better account-keeping, the spokesman said.

HEADLINE: FOREIGN RELATIONS; Foreign minister holds talks with Nepalese counterpart SOURCE: Source: ISI Diplomatic Information Service, New Delhi, in English 1446 gmt 20 Dec 95

   [15] Text of press release by Delhi ISI Diplomatic Information Service

   Mr P.C. Lohani, minister of foreign affairs of Nepal, accompanied by Mr K.B, Shreshtha, the foreign secretary of Nepal, called on the external affairs minister, Pranab Mukherjee, today. This is the first official ministerial visit from Nepal to India since the new government led by Sher Bahadur Deuba assumed charge in Nepal. The discussions, which were held in a friendly and cordial atmosphere, were centred on means of expanding cooperation in areas ranging from water resources, power, trade and transit, promotion of investment and joint ventures etc.

HEADLINE: new chinese ambassador to nepal presents credentials DATELINE: kathmandu, december 22; ITEM NO: 1222175

   new chinese ambassador to nepal zhang jiuhuan today presented his credentials to king birendra at the royal palace in kathmandu. on the occasion, king birendra said that nepal and china had remained friends throughout the ages, noting that this year marked the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two neighboring countries. he hoped the new ambassador would succeed in his mission to strengthen the relations between
 nepal and china and assured him of the nepalese government's full cooperation. the chinese ambassador conveyed greetings of chinese president jiang zemin to the nepalese king and said he would make his best to promote the long-lasting friendship between the two countries. nepalese prime minister sher bahadur deuba and foreign minister prakash chandra lohani were present on the occasion. the chinese ambassador arrived here on november 29.

HEADLINE: nepal to implement water project for kathmandu DATELINE: kathmandu, december 22; ITEM NO: 1222074

   the nepali government has decided to implement a major water project in order to ensure adequate water supply to kathmandu by the year of 2000. this was announced by minister for housing and physical planning balaram ghartimagar at a press conference thursday. the government will bring water from melamchi, a river nearly 30 kilometers northeast of kathmandu, to the capital by constructing dams and tunnels, according to him. the first phase of the drinking water project will cost 10 billion rupees (185 million us dollars) and be completed by 2000, ghartimagar said. during the first phase of the project, approach roads, dams on the river, a 27-kilometer tunnel and a processing center will be constructed along with a distribution system. after the completion of the first phase, the project could provide 170 million liters of water daily to kathmandu, where daily water demand is around 130 million liters at present but only 110 million and 60 million of that is supplied in rainy and dry season respectively. due to the shortage of water supply, the government has raised the water tariff by 25 percent in kathmandu from this month. in the second and third phases of the project, which would be implemented in next century, water brought from another two rivers would make the daily supply capacity of the project increase to 510 million liters.

HEADLINE: Nepal to dam river outside Katmandu DATELINE: KATMANDU, Dec. 22

    Nepal's government announced Friday it plans to build a $200 million dam across the Melamchi River outside the capital to supply clean drinking water to the city and surrounding area. The government plans to collaborate with several private companies to build the dam, which will divert water to Katmandu through a 27 kilometer tunnel. The 857,000 people who live in and around Katmandu require 30.7 million gallons (140 million liters) of drinking water every day. But only 24.1 million gallons (110 million liters) are available in the rainy season and 13.1 million gallons (60 million liters) in the dry season. Balaram Gharti, Nepal's minister for housing and physical planning, said the first phase of the Melamchi project will add 37.3 million gallons (170 million liters) of drinking water capacity to the area. The dam will be built by a consortium including Nepal's state-run Melamchi Water Limited and first phase of the project is expected to be finished in five years. br-alk/upi

HEADLINE: nepal gets aid assurance from foreign donors DATELINE: kathmandu, december 21; ITEM NO: 1221073

    nepal received assurance from foreign donors for more than 360 million us dollars of grants in the last three months. according to a press statement by prime minister sher bahadur deuba wednesday, the government has already signed agreements for foreign assistance of 125 million us dollars after it was formed last september. the process of concluding agreements for the rest of the amount is under way, deuba said at a press conference to mark the first 100 days of his coalition government. he said that the coalition government had succeeded in

regaining the lost confidence of donor countries and agencies about nepal's economic policies and development.

HEADLINE: nepal to establish software technology park DATELINE: kathmandu, december 21; ITEM NO: 1221226

    nepal has decided to set up a technology park with an aim at providing software products to foreign countries, according to a press release of the industry ministry today. the government has given high priority to the software sector by making relevant allocation in the budget for the current fiscal year, which began on july 16, 1995, the report said. nepal has comparative advantage in this field, it said. the computer software industry could help the country earn foreign exchange substantially and create more job opportunities, the report said, adding that it also could be developed as a knowledge-intensified industry to attract those who had received higher education abroad to work in nepal. an advisory committee meeting held today by the industry ministry decided to set up a project office within a month to expedite the preparation work on the technology park.

HEADLINE: nepali press on government's 100-day performance DATELINE: kathmandu, december 20; ITEM NO: 1220200

   local media today made comments on the performance of the nepali coalition government as it has passed 100 days. according to local newspapers, intra-party and inter-party rivalries among the main ruling party nepali congress (nc) and its coalition partners had prevented the three-party coalition government from gaining momentum. even some members of the coalition cabinet conceded that the "honeymoon" phase of the government was by no means remarkable, the english-language newspaper kathmandu post said. however, "the government has at least passed the first hundred days without any accidents," the post quoted minister for law and justice bhim bahadur tamang as saying. the present coalition government was formed last september by the nc party, the national democratic party (rpp) and the goodwill party under the leadership of prime minister sher bahadur deuba. deuba had already faced criticism from his nc party for the distribution of ministerial portfolios in his cabinet because more than half cabinet seats were taken by those from the junior ruling party rpp during the three months after the formation of the government. in order to appease party dissidents, deuba last week expanded his 26-member cabinet into a 44-member one with all additional seats going to his nc colleagues. the road ahead of the nepali coalition government would surely not be smooth, but it is time now for the government to take more initiatives with greater speed and to generate visible results, the official newspaper rising nepal said in a front page editorial today.

HEADLINE: nepal wins first two golds in saf games DATELINE: new delhi, december 20; ITEM NO: 1220114

    nepal won the first two out of three gold medals at stake on the opening day of the south asian federation (saf) games in india's madras on monday, surprising the other six countries of the sub-continent. nepali judokas ramesh kumar basnet (60 kg) and rana bir bahadur (70kg) beat the strong opponents from india and bangladesh to take the golds. the third title in judo went to india's manoj kumar in the 55km category. nepal won just one gold medal in football in the previous regional games in dhaka two years ago. the football team of
 nepal also scored their first win by defeating maldives 1-0. hosts india had an easier time in the preliminary rounds of other events, building up their confidence to snatch more than 100 of the 142 golds on offer in the biennial games. india's men's tennis team blanked nepal 3-0 in group a while pakistan defeated lowly maldives by a similar margin in group b. the indian women routed pakistan 3-0 in another one-sided tennis match. in table tennis, india outplayed bangladesh, maldives and sri lanka, all in 3-0, in group a of the men's competition. pakistan blanked bhutan and nepal in group b. in women's table tennis, india defeated sri lanka 3-0 in the opening match of the round-robin league. india topped the medals table in each of the six previous games. they are also favourites in both the track and field and swimming competitions which begin on wednesday.


*********************************************************************************************** Date: Wed, 27 Dec 1995 12:59:04 -0500 (EST) From: JAY SAH <> To: Subject: subscription

To, The Editor Nepal Digest

Dear Sir, I am thankful to you and your team for sending me Nepal Digest regularly. I realize that it is one of important media through which I have been getting news about Nepal. One of my colleague from Tribhuvan University is doing his Ph. D. in Greece. Since he is alone in his university there he wants to be in touch with other Nepalis from abroad. One and half months ago, I suggested him to subscribe `Nepal Digest' and sent him e-mail address to do so. According to him, he has requested a couple of times for the same, but he is not reiciving still. He has asked me to send request as he is thinking there might be some problem with his e-mail address, which is
        "". I would like to request you to inform if there is any problem to send him Nepal Digest.

Sincerely yours,

J P Sah ( Ph. D. Student Department of Biology Florida International University Miami, FL 33184

%%%%%Editor's Note: We aplogize if he was removed. It has been added %%%%%
%%%%% to the list. %%%%%

********************************************** Date: Wed, 27 Dec 1995 14:05:02 -0500 (EST) From: Chitra K Tiwari <> To: Subject: Re: Amulya's Tribute to Ganeshman

This is in reference to Amulya Tuladhar's tribute to Ganeshman which was published in TND of December 26. This article would have been wonderful had it been an extension of his earlier article entitled "Who Pays?" published in TND of December 7. Unfortunately, we now have two Amulyas and I am not sure how we are to judge the author of two articles with different messages.

Having said that I like to turn to the December 26 article in which Amulya has paid emotional tribute to Ganeshman. He begins his article with a contradictory statement saying, "I support Chitra Tiwari's principle...I just do not think his principle applies to Ganesh Man at all." Well, what do you mean by this, Amulya? If it is a principle it applies to everyone--from Raja to ranka.

Ganeshman's contribution to democracy is not a question here--I have never questioned it. I agree with you that he was the one who brought unity between Congressis and Communists to fight absolute monarchy, although the the idea of Congress-Communist unity was not Ganesh Man's. You might ask me then whose idea was it? For your information, it was late Communist leader Pushpa Lal idea. Unfortunately, Pushpa Lal died earlier and Ganesh Man executed that idea. I have saluted Ganesh Man for this. The nation saluted him as Sarbamanya.

Having said that I now turn to your other points. You argue that he deserves every cent and more and challenge critics like me to prove morality and legitimacy. When public money is involved for private purpose it is quite natural for people and particularly the attentive public to raise their ear. You have raised the question of royals and other corrupts plundering the treasury. Are you putting GM in line with those corrupts. If you think GM is higher than those people, my question to you now is this: why could he reject Deuba's offer and keep himself higher than other corru could'nt he reject PM

****************************************************** From: Anil M Sakya <> Subject: Happy New Year! To: (Sagar Shakya) Date: Wed, 27 Dec 1995 21:40:28 +0000 (GMT)

Buddha says, *All that we are is the result of what we have thought: it is founded on our thoughts and made up of our thoughts.* Therefore, on this special season of New Year Day may I extend my good thought to you and your family to be full of peace, prosperous and happiness throughout the years to come.

Anil Sakya (Bhikkhu Sugandha)

************************************************* Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 09:36:15 -0700 (GMT) From: Bhim prasad Adhikari <> To: Subject: Happy New Year.

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*************************************** Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 13:42:16 -0500 (EST) From: Chitra K Tiwari <> To:

While justifying national treasury's misuse for treatment of Ganeshman, Amulya raises the question of royals and other corrupts misusing public money for private purposes. Well, why should we raise our finger against royals when Sarbamanya himself can not/ does not reject the offer. "If royals can use or misuse public money, why not Ganesh Man" type of logic that Amulya has presented will do nothing but harm the very cause that he is trying to defend.

Other light-weight arguments that find in Amulya's articles are: a. compensation for lashes. If we are to pay for every person who has received lashes from Rana-Thakuri oligarchy we might very well have to declare ourselves as slaves to some international money lenders. Moreover, King Tribhuvan has already compensated for those lashes by buying the estate in Chhetrapati. And do you want to know how much King Tribhuvan paid for that estate? It was 35 thousand rupees in 2007. Now that property can be valued in the range of 25 to 30 Crore. In this context, does Ganesh Man, a rich Kathmanduite, need people's money? He should have been little careful to save his title. Gaining a title is a very difficult job. Maintaining that title is althemore difficult. Whatever Ganeshman had earned during 1990 people's movement he now has lost all.

Ganesh Man's contribution to democracy is not a question here. He has done tremendous job of executing the idea of late communist leader Puspa Lal who advocated Congress-Communist unity to fight the absolute monarchy. For this contribution Ganesh Man was saluted by the entire nation. But was Ganesh Man able to maintain that status and continue to earn the respect of the people? He has actually slapped on the very people who gave him the respect of unmatchable proportion through his low level mindset.

His opposition to Girija had nothing to do with democracy. Everyone knows it had to do with political appointments and thekka-patta to his relatives. Why is chup-chap now? Because he got ther money for treatment, he had his son as minister, and there may be other goodies for his wife. Sorry Amulya, Ganeshman is back to Chhetrapati from Nepal. Bhir bata ladne gai lai ram-ram bhanna sakinchha tara kandh thapna sakinna. This is what the history will record for him.

***************************************************** Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 22:45:17 -0800 To: From: (Paul Hundal) Subject: Looking for info on landslides/avalanches

I am doing research into landslides, mudslides or avalanches in areas that were previously logged. If you know of any such slides could you please E-mail me a note with whatever information you have, for instance, where the the slide occured and what year, if you have it. Any information you can give would be much appreciated. I have noticed that slides often occur 5 to 15 years after the slope has been logged (just long enough for the tree roots to rot). If you know when the area around the slide was logged it would be very useful. Thank you and Happy Holidays!!

Please return message to:

********************************************************* From: Rajesh Shrestha <> Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995 11:47:57 -0500 (EST) To: Subject: AT&T's Donation To Nepal Cultural Center

Cross-posted from SCN:
--------------------- Association of the Nepalese in America (ANA) is working towards establishing an educational and culture center in Washington Metropolitan Area. Currently the Nepal Education and Culture Center (NECC) owns a 3-bedroom single family house in Fairfax City, Virginia which will be put up for lottery in the near future, the details of which will be posted.

As part of the continuing fund raising activity the executive members have been selling grocery gift certificates of area grocery stores for a 5% cut for ANA-NECC. The participation in this effort has been quite enthusiastic and has received wide community support.

Now the ANA-NECC has cut a deal with AT&T. Each time a AT&T customer makes a long-distance call, NECC gets 5% of the call amount. However for this the AT&T customers need to call Benefitting Association at AT&T at 1-800-426-0015 and sign-up for the program. The Benefiting Code for ANA is 10219. The NECC Committee kindly requests all the netters to sign-up in this program and help for the establishment of Nepali center in the U.S. As an AT&T customer you do not loose anything but ANA-NECC gains a lot. You would be contributing without donating (except your time to call AT&T to register). Since the Committee members do not have access to internet any further information on the ANA-NECC can be directed towards the current Chairman of the Committee Mr. Krishna Nirola at his residence at 301-299-8045 or to some of the following committee members: Mr. Anil Pathak at 703-938-7734 or Mrs Rita Tiwari 703-532-2343 or Mr. Surendra Pradhan at 301-847-1917 or Mr. Shyam Rupakheti at 410-655-0816. Thanks for your help and support in this noble cause.

********************************************** Date: Tue, 19 Dec 1995 23:07:45 EST To: The Nepal digest Editor <> From: "Pramod K. Mishra" <> Subject: Condelence and good wishes

May Dr. Wood's soul inspire many others to work for education in places where the darkness of illiteracy still rules.

Let's wish for Good health and long life for Mr. Ganesh Man singh.

From: "Pramod K. Mishra" <> Subject: Of Birthdays and Deathdays

Dear Editor,

        Today is Christmas, the birthday of Christ; and all over the Christian world, Christians (even others touched by or out of the pressure of zeitgeist as Arafat in Betheleham, although his wife used to be a Christian) are celebrating this birth--the birth of their Messiah or Savior.
        But I wonder if it's only the birth that we are celebrating. More than the birth, it's the death, the way a person achieved death, we celebrate on these birthdays. To be sure, a number of auspicious events concurred to herald the birht of baby Jesus in a stable--certain stars shone brighter than usual in the firmament, the three magi travelled all the way from the East to witness the birth, the shepherd before the sophisticate knew of this and came. In such messianic births, certain miracle always highlights their significance as portents for future glory.
        The birth of Krishna, widely celebrated by the Hindus, similarly was a miracle, espeically when you consider the dangers that surrounded this birth in the prison cell, as was Jesus's in a stable. It was a divine birth; Vishnu Himself left his Ocean of Milk (Kshir Sagar) and descended in Devaki's womb as the eighth birth. Not only the Heavens spoke to Basudev, but all the iron chains unlocked, all the iron gates opened, all the fierce, unblinking watchmen slumbered in the abyss of unconscoius. The swollen, thundering Yamuna rose to touch the toes in the basket and then, satisfied and quenched, it subsided to the knees in bliss.
        Buddha's birth, which is again widely celebrated, was not free from divine miracles, either. His mother is reported to have seen the stars and tuskers in her dream, and when she was on her way to her natal home (in retrospect, I think she shouldn't have embarked on this journey at this late stage of her pregnancy), she gave birth to baby Siddhartha in a jungle, and the little baby walked five paces as soon he was born, sprouting lotus on each.
        Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Moses all went through birth days filled with miracles; except for Siddhartha all had to be born in the face of perils. Jesus was feared because he was rumored to overthrow Herod later; Moses was feared for the same reason several centuries before; Krishna was ffeared because he was predicted to kill Kansha, his uncle the king.
        We celebrate their birthdays, thank heavens for their births. But more than birth, its seems they are celebrated for literal or figural death,
 although ostensibly it's their messianic work to lead people from bondage and danger to freedom. Moses led the "chosen people" from slavery toward the promised land and died his desire unfulfilled, his promise undelivered. That's why, the followers of Judaism still wait for their messiah . Jesus gave his life so others could lay their sins on his shoulders; Buddha renounced his palace so he could find the four noble truths and eight paths. And what about Krishna? Well,

Yadaa yadaa hi dharmasya glnairbhavati bhaarata Abhyuthanam dharmasya tadatmanam srijyamyaham Paritranaya ch saadunam, vinashaya ch duskritam dharma sansthaapnaya sambhavaami yuge yuge

("whenever in the land of Bharat noble paths are defiled, I'll be born to uplift them. From time to time I'll be born to help out the righteous and destroy the evil")

        Now, Siddhartha became the Buddha only after subjecting himself to a serious of deprivations and coming out with the idea of obtaining freedom from desire, killing desire, for desire, he said, was the root of suffering. Before a piece of rotten pork killed him in old age, buddha had already killed his desires and achieved enlightenment. Thec rucifiction of Jesus; the bloodshed in the battle of Mahabharata; even Gandhi's death
(both literal and his renunciation) are more responsible than their miraculous births (although in Gandhi's case I'm not sure what miracle occurred, but then, he hasn't become Lord Gandhi yet) for these worldwide celebrations of their birthdays even centuries after their physical presence on this planet.
        Otherwise, birthday celebrations are good only for kids and the elderly
  for children live in a kind of deathless innocence, believing that death is a joke. As for the elderly, their children, by celebrating their brithdays, remind them that death still is far away and even if it's near, he or she would remain alive in the memories and genes of the children. But the brithday celebratins of children and the elderly are more or less private affairs, not like those of Jesus, the Buddha, Gandhi, or Krishna--public and lavish.
        Renunciation and death make the brithdays of these men precious for humanity even after centuries of their birth. But quite contrary is the birthday celebration of dictators. The whole of Germany must have marched in unison on Hitler's brithday every year. It is not renunciation or death but power and greed, quite different from a child's or an old person's, that make these birthdays possible. Such men, while they are alive, want the world to invest into their flesh and blood frame the living glory of a Buddha, or a Jesus, or a Krishna, or a Gandhi. And they want to see all this with their own eyes; they can't trust death to to make them glorious.
        Death kills them, both literally and metaphorically; it doesn't pave the way for their future survival. Their statues dismantled from city squares; their posters torn and desecrated from the city walls and government offices; their name spat on, they die for ever. At times, their birthdays are taken over by their succesors' birthdays; at other times, they are forgotten in the footnotes of history. Death doesn't die in their case; it annihilates them.
        For Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Gandhi, their birthdays are deathdays and deathdays birthdays, one enriching the other; while for these other men, their birthdays only await their deathdays to kill them for good. After that, only their male proginies among some peoples perform the deathday rites. Their memories become the the ravaged statue of Ozymandus in the desert.

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