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The Nepal Digest Wednesday 10 Jan 96: Push 26 2052 BS: Year5 Volume46 Issue4

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**************************************************** Date: Thu, 04 Jan 1996 12:46:38 CST From: Rajpal J Singh <a10rjs1> Subject: Re: Kathmandu Post articles in TND To: TND (The Nepal Digest)

   A lot more have been and are being said about re-distributing and
   re-publishing of articles on TND with proper credit to the original

   As stated on the TND's last page, the quote is here verbatim:

                    COPYRIGHT NOTE
 * The news/article posters are responsible for any copyright violations. *
 * TND, a non-profit electronic journal, will publish articles that has *
 * been published in other electronic or paper journal with proper credit *
 * to the original media.
  That being said, TND will provide equal room to all the postings unless
  TND is aware of open plagerism of contents being sent for publication.

  The other question,"whether it is proper for an individual to re-post
  freely available articles to non-profit journals to benifit a broader
  audience, especially on electronic frontier", frankly speaking, is up
  for the grabs to own interpertations.

  Many of the legal issues on electronic publishing and Internet, to our
  understanding, is yet to be solidified. The legal watchdogs of the
  electronic publishing can perhaps shed some lights here. If there is
  such a law, mandate or rules, and if TND is in clear violations, we
  would appreciate to be educated and sincerely apologize for the

  TND makes no claims and relies solely on individual posters for copyright

  On a personal note, I think the issue "Should posters re-distribute
  articles as long as its not for profit motives?" deserves an attention
  for more KURAKANI process in TND.

  I am not sure if I left anything else.

With regards for the upcoming New Year, Rajpal J Singh Founding-Member/Co-ordinator TND (The Nepal Digest)

********************************************************************** Date: Thu, 04 Jan 96 14:20:05 CST From: Mahesh Gurung <U45330@UICVM.UIC.EDU> Subject: Re: The Nepal Digest - January 4, 1996 (20 Push 2052 BkSm) To: TND <>

The idea to make TND a more sustainable media is noble. I'd be more than glad to offer any help on my part as a Nepalese. I've enjoyed TND for the past six months and hope it stays the same - "a common ground for opinions". I think we should not worry too much about news being "baasi" but encourage TND readers to throw in ideas and opinions related to recent activities in Nepal. I thank Rajpal and his team for the time they have given to make TND a success.

A request to TND editor - Could you please mail the following issues to mgurun1 I think there is going to be some changes and I would'nt like to lose
 the TND issues.

Thank you again folks. Keep up the good job! Mahesh

********************************************************************** Forwarded By: Rajesh Shrestha <> Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 17:03:27 -0500 (EST) To: Subject: New book

Cross-posted from SCN:

"We tried" by Nancy Dammann provides an insight into the early days of U. S. . involvement in Nepal. "We Tried" describes a young woman's assignment as head of the U. S. Information Service Library in Kathmandu in 1952. This was one year after the dictatorial government of the Rana family was overthrown. There was no U. S. Embassy in Nepal at the time so the author and the head of the Point IV team represented the U. S. Government. There were no roads outside the immediate Kathmandu area, only about 50 automobiles, no tourists and no modern hotels. Dammann hiked with Kadga Man Singh, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and his party to the remote provincial capital of Tansen and was in Kathmandu when Sherpa Norgay Tenzing and Sir Edmund Hilary conquered Mt. Everest. For a copy of We Tried ($.9.95) e-mail


********************************************************************** Forwarded By: Rajesh Shrestha <> Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 18:49:00 -0500 (EST) To: Subject: nepalese in USA

Cross-posted from SCN:
--------------------- (Kanhaiya Vaidya) wrote:

>In article <>,
> wrote:
>>Nepalese in USA...
>>the total population of nepalese was 3100 something.

>It was 3189 persons, which includes a few "non-nepalis" born in Nepal.
>I will exclude them later when I get some "free" time.

An extensive listing of Nepalis living in the United States (some from Canada) that I came across around mid-late eighties accounted about 1600 Nepalis including children. The document was prepared by someone in DC with the help from our embassy down there. Not an official document by any means, but yes, it was quite extensive with phone numbers and addresses. Based on this number, I kind of think that Kahnaiya Viadya's data of 3189 Nepalis in the U.S. at the present time might be just about right. Plus the number is based on official U.S. census.

Amulya's estimate of 15000-20000 seems way too high. I can think of the heavily concentrated areas such as Boston, New York, DC, California and may be a cohort of mid-western States - but still it doesn't add up more than 5000.

Dr. J. R. Joshee Division of continuing Education 612 Goodell building University of Massachusett Amherst Amherst, MA 01003-3260

***************************************************************** Date: Wed, 03 Jan 1996 19:46:12 EST To: From: Arun Chandrakantan <chandrak@UMDNJ.EDU> Subject: Charity_Work_Nirvana

        The enclosed message is prepared by Dr. Patrick Rosario, a Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellow, at UMDNJ-Newark, Newark, NJ who is involved with charitable work with an organization called NIRVANA. Please pass this message onto faculty, physicians, and other interested parties at your respective schools. Thanks.
                                                Arun C. '96

                                  15 Highview Terrace
                                  Bloomfield, NJ 07003 January 1, 1996

Dear Sir:

     Allow me to introduce you to NIRVANA. I am enclosing a brochure prepared by Impact India, a UN foundation, which has actively assisted our group in our effort to provide specialized health care to people in need. I am also enclosing newspaper cuttings which will provide an insight of how we run our camps.

     Nirvana is working at providing specialized health care to people all over the world who need help but cannot afford treatment or are living in remote areas and cannot get to treatment. For our initial experiment we have targetted the Chamba District in Himachal Pradesh, which is one of the poorest
 and most remote and ill-developed areas in the State. Our aim is to use the services of volunteer physicians from the United States and from India as well
 as to recycle discarded used equipment from the United States in this project
. We ultimately hope to set up a medical center in Dalhousie in the Chamba district where the work can go on. We hope to do that in the next two or three
 years. At the present time we are working with the cooperation of the Health Ministry of the Himachal Pradesh government and Impact India. Once this project succeeds we hope to set up similar projects elsewhere in India and the world.

     Within the United States we are looking for help in the following forms: 1. Funds: Checks may be made out to NIRVANA INC. You may note Nirvana is a registered non-profit corporation. 2. Volunteer physicians who can provide 15 days of service in Chamba. 3. Discarded equipment from hospitals which can be recycled for use in India 4. Volunteers from all walks of life who can contribute their expertise to make our organization stronger and more effective.

    We are now in the process of organizing a number of camps in Chamba for the year 1996.

     Do get in touch with me at (201)893-0092 if you have any questions.

     Best regards,

     Patrick Rosario MD




PHONE: (201)893-0092
********************************************************************** Date: Fri, 5 Jan 96 12:08:38 EDT From: "Dr. Balkrishna Sharma" <> To: Subject: Support for Mahesh Maskey's proposal

I support the proposal to help TND by collecting money from subscribers. This will help minimize the work load for people like Rajpal J Singh who have been doing a great job but are not paid anything. And should certainly improve the timely publication and quality of TND. My share of the donation is also on the mail. I encourage all of you (at least those in the US) to do the same. Good idea Mahesh Maskey ji!-bks

%%%%%Editor's Note: On a small clearification, the contributions %%%%%
%%%%% collected will be paid for TND activities %%%%%
%%%%% such as and finding a place for %%%%%
%%%%% TND publicaiton on a permanant basis. Rajpal J. %%%%%
%%%%% Singh offers his time as voluntary service. %%%%%
%%%%% However, there is an immediate need of internship%%%%%
%%%%% position such as "webmaster internship". A small%%%%%
%%%%% stipend to this position (students please apply) %%%%%
%%%%% would be very encouraging to the students. %%%%%
********************************************************************** Date: Fri, 5 Jan 1996 11:15:08 -0800 (PST) From: Durga Dahal <> To: The Nepal Digest <> Subject: Re: The Nepal Digest - January 4, 1996 (20 Push 2052 BkSm)

Foreign Writers and Nepal

We can see lots of controvercial explanations about Nepal, Nepali, and belongings of Nepal, biotic or Natural by short term travellers to Nepal. I got an article by Jeff Long in Michael Tobias's 'Mountain People.' He talks about 'Going after Wangdu' in Kathmandu Jail Cell. The book is printed by University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, in 1986, and page is 201. I could not find the reason he was jailed. While I was in Kathmandu, I did not see travellers caught and put in jail without any reason. Can I get help how foreigners go inside Nepali jails?

********************************* Date: Fri, 05 Jan 1996 09:38:15 -0900 From: Pam or Mandy <> Subject: Re: The Nepal Digest - January 3, 1996 (19 Push 2052 BkSm)

I request that you put a Table of Contents at the begining of each issue of TND. It would make reading it much easier. I do not always want to read every article, but if I know what is coming, I will stay with the reading. Most of the time, I get frustrated and quit before the end.

%%%%%Editor's Note: TND is looking for volunteers to help out. %%%%%
%%%%% The Editor simply doesn't have enough time %%%%%
%%%%% unfortunately. Hopefully recent request for %%%%%
%%%%% financial contributions can solve this issue.%%%%%

********************************************************************** Date: Fri, 05 Jan 1996 20:09:55 -0500 (EST) From: Subject: Re: Kathmandu Post articles in TND (fwd) Cc:, RSHRESTH@BBN.COM

well, now that kpost has copyrighted their info, henceforth it is not duplicatable without permission. Legally, a win in your favor.

logically, i still think this is a step towards regulating info and constraining access and against the grain of participation in the electronic media.

thanks for your detailed analysis on the matter amulya

Dear Bijay:

Namaskar, thanks for your message about the tnd article on solar electricication.

Unfortunately, i do not recall such an article and i do not save old copies to find out.

However, i am forwarding your letter to The Nepal Digest and Rajendra Shrestha who may be able to help you with old and new copies of TND.

Good luck amulya

On Fri, 5 Jan 1996, Bijay_Bahadur Karmacharya wrote:
> A couple of months before I saw an article on Solar Electrification
> on Rural areas on Nepal in TND. If I remember if correctly , the article was
> talking about successful Solar electrification project carried out by some
> Non governmental organizatons in rural areas of Nepal.I want to establish
> contact with that NGO in connection to my Masters thesis work. So I request
> you to send me that piece of article at an earliest possible.I understand
> that it is an troublesome work for you but I hope that you would do this
> favour to me .
> Furthermore , I reyuest you to send me regular issues of TND as well.
> Thanking you and hoping for your prompt and positive response and wishing
> you a very very HAPPY NEW YEAR 1996.Bye.
> --
> Bijay_Bahadur Karmacharya +++ eMail

********************************************************************** Date: Fri, 05 Jan 1996 21:27:03 -0500 From: "Association of Nepalese in America (ANA)" <> To: Subject: AT & T'S DONATION TO NEPAL HOUSE:

Association of the Nepalese in America (ANA) is working towards establishing an educational and culture center in Washington Metropolitan Area. Currently the Nepal Education and Culture Center (NECC) owns a 3-bedroom single family house in Fairfax City, Virginia which will be put up for lottery in the near future, the details of which will be posted.

As part of the continuing fund raising activity the executive members have been selling grocery gift certificates of area grocery stores for a 5% cut for ANA-NECC. The participation in this effort has been quite enthusiastic and has received wide community support.

Now the ANA-NECC has cut a deal with AT&T. Each time a AT&T customer makes a long-distance call, NECC gets 5% of the call amount. However for this the AT&T customers need to call Benefitting Association at AT&T at 1-800-426-0015 and sign-up for the program. The Benefiting Code for ANA is 10219. The NECC Committee kindly requests all the netters to sign-up in this program and help for the establishment of Nepali center in the U.S. As an AT&T customer you do not loose anything but ANA-NECC gains a lot. You would be contributing without donating (except your time to call AT&T to register). Since the Committee members do not have access to internet any further information on the ANA-NECC can be directed towards the current Chairman of the Committee Mr. Krishna Nirola at his residence at 301-299-8045 or to some of the following committee members: Mr. Anil Pathak at 703-938-7734 or Mrs Rita Tiwari 703-532-2343 or Mr. Surendra Pradhan at 301-847-1917 or Mr. Shyam Rupakheti at 410-655-0816. Thanks for your help and support in this noble cause.


*********************************************************************************************** Date: Fri, 05 Jan 1996 22:03:31 -0500 (EST) From: Subject: Some Interesting Questions... To: THE NEPAL DIGEST <>

Two interesting questions have been raised by recent discussions in TND.

1. How many Nepali people are there in US?

2. What copyright protections does on-line Kathmandu Post has
        a) exiting Nepali copyright laws
        b) should have for a home page news item?

Q 1: I thank Dr. K Vaidya for enlightening us on the US census estimate of Nepali in US as 3100ish. I thought, Sanjay Manandhar's estimate inHimal in 1993ish was more accurate at 15,000.

Dr. Vaidya has greatly enlightened us with the various definitions of Nepali in US and I have no quarrel with it. I would not even minded if the difference was in the matter of permission plus or minus some standard deviation from a mean estimeate! But the estimate of 15,000 vs 3100 is different by 5 orders of magnitude. Surely this needs explanation for other knowledgeable folks.

There is some hint that temporary visitors with visa are not counted as Nepalese in US, hmm, wonder how that is done. I know of many students on F visa routingely claiming resident status to take advantage of tax deductions without the irs or ins apprehending them, sure these could be enumerated as resident US based Nepalese?

There is another hint that there is a general undercounting of 2-3% for minoritties. I bet when this minorities include illegal aliens and undocumented aliens, the undercounting may increase geometrically.

I am wondering if all those long-resident nepalese elder people in America-Nepal friendship associationsin major metropolis such as NY, Washington, DC; California, Chicago, Florida, give us an anecdotal estimate of the number of Nepali in US.

I thank Dr. Vaidya for raising this interesting question.

2. Copyright and Kathmandu Post.

Recently, we say Mercantile suggest that those reproduce Kathmandu Post for TND get permission, over and beyond the routine credit acknowledgement.

This has raised several questions: from the intent, implication, and legality of this suggestion.

I will concentrate on some questions that deserve discussion and enlightenment by both scholars and regular readers.

First, why is copyright protection necessary for Kathmandu Post extract distribution in TND? Without knowing the legal details, I am aware that the aim of copyright protection is to ensure that any monetary profit made on a copyright material is shared by those who owned the copyright. Since TND is a free medium, I do not see why or where any profits are involved. Most original scholarly creations are happy with proper citations for intellectual credit and Kpost has been getting this in terms of acknowledgement of its news, so why the extra "protection"

Second, I wonder if the Nepali copyright under which I assume Kpost is claiming protection, even has any by-laws that specifically enhances the protection to the cyperspace. I suggest Kpost or nepal-info home page publish this so all of us know just "rights" or "privileges" are protected by nepali law and what sanctions it can levy for any infractions. I wonder if Nepal is a signatory to international copyright conventions. I know this has been a major contention between the West, mostly US, and the East (China, Hong kong, India) who specialize in reproducing intellectual "property" without due royalty to those who hold copyrights.

Interesting question. Thanks Sanjib for raising that.

amulya c.u.

*********************************************************** Date: Sat, 6 Jan 1996 14:40:56 -0500 (EST) To: Subject: ****ANA Home Page**** New and Improved!!! From: ANA Home Page <>

Please come visit the revised ANA Home Page at

It contains a plethora of information of the organization, including details (i.e. application form and contact numbers) on the recent AT&T Association Reward Program and much, much more. Please feel free to drop a note with any comments, suggeestions, and/or questions.


*********************************************************** From: Rajesh Shrestha <> Date: Sat, 6 Jan 1996 14:45:59 -0500 (EST) To: Subject: Bhutanese Refugees in Nepal!!

Cross-posted from SCN:

SCN and TND browsers!!

I just came across this news and hope something happens to the refugees who want to go back to their homeland. Indians are to be condemned for their actions and their refusal to get involved to solve the refugee problem. The Bhutanese government also need to be condemned by the international donor agencies and countries for ignoring the refugees' return to their homeland. Indians,it seems, have security and economic interest in not getting invovled to help solve the refugee problem. The hypocracy of Indian government lies in their wanting to preserve colonial legacy alive into the 21st century with small Himalayan Kingdoms like Nepal and Bhutan by maintaining the outdated bilateral treaties and refusal of letting bilateral problems being discussed at the recent SAARC meetings.

The royal family government of Bhutan needs to be ostracized for it's ethnic cleansing policies and made a pariah like Myanmar or North Korea. I cannot understand the hypocracy of Western governments in pouring milions of dollars of development aid in Bhutan while the ethnic cleansing program had gone on for years.

Equally, the new coalition government of Nepal has not done anything yet to revive the stalled negotiations with Bhutan. It should urge the Indian government to get involved in the upcoming meetings with Indian leaders or raise the issue with international donor agencies and countries until something gets done about the problem.

Qais Saleh

Indian security thwarts refugee march (India News Network Digest, Jan 5, 1996)

   KATMANDU, Jan. 5 (UPI) -- Indian security personnel in the state of West Bengal have thwarted several attempts by Bhutanese refugees living in camps in Nepal to march to their homeland to press their demands for democratization and repatriation, exiles said Friday.
   The exiles said 17 marchers were detained at Panitanki in West Bengal on Jan 2. Another 90 protesters were picked up later in the town of Bagdora and sent back to Nepal, while hundreds others have been arrested, a press release of the Bhutanese Coalition for Democratic Movement said.
   The coalition also demanded the immediate release of those arrested.
   Bhutanese exiles in Nepal and India planned to organize a rally at Jaigaon on the Bhutan-India border on Sunday to force the immediate repatriation of 100,000 Bhutanese displaced persons now living in camps in East Nepal, where they are being assisted and funded by the UNHCR.
   The marchers were enroute to Jaigaon when they were intercepted by Indian security personnel.
   The refugees are ethnic Nepalese who have lived for generations in the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan ruled by an absolute monarch.
   Most of the refugees claim they were forcibly evicted from their homes in south Bhutan five years ago and they say they want to return home. Bhutan claims they are illegal immigrants.
   Repeated attempts by Nepal and Bhutan to resolve the issue at ministerial-level meetings have failed.
   Nepal disputes the claim of Bhutan that the refugees in the camps are illegal immigrants and has been pressing for their early repatriation.
   The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees has also accepted the refugee status of the displaced persons.

******************************************************** Date: Sat, 6 Jan 1996 20:00:22 -0500 To: From: (Padam Sharma) Subject: Foundation Update

Dear Fellow Friends of Nepal:

I thank you for your continued interest and comments on the International Foundation to Empower Nepal (InfoNepal) draft charter that I circulated earlier. The comments were all positive and helpful to make the charter more explicit . While we are pretty much in tune on the mission and scope of the proposed foundation, the name of the foundation itself drew most of the comments.

"I read INFONEPAL text. It reads pretty good. May be we have to find a different name for it. By reading only the sort form "INFONEPAL" (without the full form "INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION TO EMPOWER NEPAL" people might imply that our focus is on information related to Nepal rather than on helping with or implementing development projects in Nepal. May be we should find a name such as "International Nepal Development Foundation
(INDF)". It is just a suggestion. We may come up with better name than this. I like the 4-E focus. INFONEPAL is a great idea. Congratulation and thank you for your great effort to come up with the draft of INFONEPAL".

"Here are a few comments from me. Name itself, could it be "Friends of Nepal-International"? Just a thought. I did have problem coming up with a better one. The idea is really excellent. Task is too big and you need a broad participation to succeed. Let me know if I can help."

"I agree with someone's comments "Why info Nepal? Can we do more homework about the proposed name."
------------------------------------- I accede with your concerns about confusing "InfoNepal" with something to do with computers and information technology. I also emphasize that we need a name that reflects our spirits and the mission that we are trying to achieve. Let us name it, "Friends of Nepal Foundation". It is a very good name. However, the actual name will also depend on its availability on the registry of nonprofit corporations.

I would like to hear from anybody in the US and Canada if "Friends of Nepal Foundation" or a similar sounding name is not already registered with any state or provice. In case this name is not available for legal use,
"Empower Nepal Foundation " is still a good name.

Please suggest some more alternative names, it would be very helpful.

For those who missed earlier drafts, let me state the revised name and mission activities of the proposed foundation.
____________________________________________________________________ FRIENDS OF NEPAL FOUNDATION Friends of Nepal is a global network of individuals and organizations dedicated to the mission of supporting the people of the Himalayan country of Nepal improve and sustain the environment and quality of life. The vision is to enable Nepalese to ascend the Himalayas of human dignity, economic prosperity, and environmental quality.

MISSION ACTIVITIES 1. Build an international network of Nepali expatriates and students, friends of Nepal and of the Himalayas, and organizations interested in quality of life enhancement and environmental quality restoration work in Nepal in order to pool expert knowledge, cooperate activities, and share resources.

2. Direct the pooled resources and activities to promote four-E focus areas of quality Education, restoration of Environmental quality, promotion of Entreprenuership skills, and Enlightenment of individuals role in stewardship of human and natural resources.

3. Facilitate members to volunteer services, provide technical assistance, teach classes, conduct research, demonstrate appropriate technology, evaluate policy alternatives, and organize seminars and workshops in Nepal.

4. Edify individual's role in participatory democracy by encouraging communication, personal integrity and responsibility, production of quality goods and services, volunteerism, and philanthropy.

5. Disseminate Foundation activities, development news, and Nepal related database to the benefit of network members and general public by supporting global information outlets in the cyberspace and other media.

If any of you would like to read the full text of the revised draft charter of Friends of Nepal Foundation, please feel free to let me know. While I work on the article of incorporation and bylaws, your continued suggestions on the Foundation are always welcome.

Coordinator Dr. Padam Prasad Sharma 812 West Divide Avenue Bismarck, ND 58501, USA. Phone: 701-258-2066 Fax: 701-667-1811 Email:

********************************************************************** Date: Sun, 7 Jan 1996 14:28:04 -0500 (EST) To: From: Subject: Bhutanese march Update 1.7.96

Cross-posted from SCN:

        DATE 7 January 1996

        REGARDING Bhutanese demonstrations update 7 January 1996

The President of the Student Union of Bhutan (SUB), VISWANA ZHETRI has been arrested while trying to make his way to the town of Jaighon on the Indian side of the India/Bhutan border, where they were to hold demonstrations on behalf of 90,000 Bhutanese refugees living in camps in Nepal.

The refugees, 1/6 of the entire population of Nepal, were forced to leave the country in the early 1990's after a "One Nation/ One People" policy effectively rendered them stateless. The international community has been thus far ineffective in resolving their plight.

Before his arrest, VISWANA ZHETRI was quoted in an article in the newspaper the Eastern Age, which stated "The aim of their peaceful struggle is "to create awareness among well wishers, to garner support and build solidarity among the youth.'" They are not deterred by the police action, and are determined to continue with their original plan.

VISWANA ZHETRI was arrested along with 22 others, bringing the number of Bhutanese students held in India since 3 January to approximately 119. 97 of these are being held in the courthouse at Siligura, West Bengal, India. Two of these, Gunanaftha Bharati Shiva Lal Adhikari, who had been hospitalized have been reported released, and have joined the other detainees in Siligura.

The charges under which the refugees, recognized and assisted by the UNHCR in seven camps inside Nepal, are being held are unknown, although presumably they are according to IPC (Indian Penal Code) 144, which prohibits public gatherings. Reports state that IPC 144 was put into place specifically in anticipation of the demonstrations.

Another six refugees were arrested separately (4 Jan.), and have been released unconditionally, according to reports. An additional refugee was arrested in Jiaghon, which is at the Indian/Bhutanese border. He was returned by authorities to the India/Nepal border and released.

The refugees have allegedly refused to return to Nepal until they have completed their rally. Reports say 2 or 3 uniformed Bhutanese police have been circulating freely on the scene, but it is unclear what access they have been given to the refugees who were forced out of Bhutan in the early 1990's

Sources say local human rights groups and private lawyers have requested the trial be moved to Calcutta.

The Communist Party in West Bengal has come on record in support of the refugees' right to hold demonstrations, and has been critical of the actions of the Indian government in blocking their efforts to raise international awareness.

A planned peace walk into Bhutan by 300 refugee to begin on January 14, as the Bhutanese refugees attempt to force a resolution.

***************************************** Subject: Response to a news item To: Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 21:07:20 -0500 (EST)

Forwarded message: Cross-posted from SCN:
--------------------- (doug rogers) wrote:
>In article <>,
> (Sher B. Karki) wrote:
>This is horrifying. I am sickened. What a terrible terrible loss.
Don<t let it get to you too much, Doug. It<s not a change in policy. In the 1950s, Nepal used to let the CIA run raids into Tibet fr= om Nepal, and it<s best that this not be allowed any more.

As Prithvi Narayan Shah remarked, Nepal<s geopolitical position between China and India is like the position of a yam between two bo= ulders. It is inexcusable of Americans, who should have learned something about annoying China at the China-Korea border in 1950, to=
 try to use Nepal against China. Nepal<s first duty is to preserve its own independence, and it has no obligation to promote the Dal= ai Lama and his brand of theocratic dictatorship in Tibet, no matter how spiritually perfect naive Americans presume him to be. If y= ou think that picturesque theocracy is so great, why don<t you promote the Bishop of Rome as the ruler of the entire Western world? = The human rights aspect of the Chinese in Tibet is far from clear, if you consider the form of government that existed there before = the Chinese moved in.

For better or worse, China historically exercises suzerainty over Tibet when China is strong and well-organized, and loses its influ= ence when weak and disorganized.

Americans who purport to be morally horrified at the Chinese should consider the fact that China often has shown greater concern for=
 human rights than the United States. For instance, when I was in Laos two years ago, I saw some old brass casings from Chinese anti=
-aircraft shells. I photographed them, and a Chinese friend here told me that the inscription on the casings reads eprotect destroy<=
 It is a tribute to the humanity of the Chinese that they helped the people of Laos protect themselves from the genocidal maniacs w= ho dropped millions of tons of bombs on civilian targets in Laos.

Bill Hechler

********************************************************************** Date: Tue, 9 Jan 1996 15:28:52 -0500 (EST) To: Subject: Planning trek to Nepal

Cross-posted from SCN:


Thanks for your note. Glad to get that behind us.

I have been to Nepal 5X, four time since 1988. The last three times I have trekked with the same guide, Sonam Sherpa. He speaks relatively good English and he is associated with a trekking agency Himalayan Hill Treks, that can provide all the fixings for a full scale trek. If you want to go that route.

Sonam and I have carried out own gear, except one time when we hired a porter, but we had to lay him off when I bought a carpet in a village
(the carpet was for a new woman friend,) and when I counted my money after that it turned out I just hadnt brought enough for a carpet and a porter.

That was a trek in Eastern Nepal and we covered some of the area
(Tumlingtar) suggested by the other poster on scn. We went to Makalu basecamp. This requires going through a un-peopled wilderness area and bringing a tent and some extra food. (After the heavy snows that killed 60 people at the end of last year I realize we should have brought more food in case of emergency).

Most other nights we stayed in lodges or in homes when we were off the popular trekking routes.

Sonam's address is POB 5268 Kathmandu

The fax for Sonam and Himal Hill Treks is:
 977-1-471630 or 4711277

I generally pay Sonam so many $ /day plus all food and transportation expenses. He is totally trustworthy: I have given him my money and just let him deal with paying lodges and for food.

Sometimes guides can be sexually obnoxious with women trekkers, this will not occur with Sonam. Also he doesn't smoke or drink.

If you let him know when you are coming he will meet you at airport and take you to an appropriate hotel. He will also take care of all permit and visa matters, aswell as equipment rental (I have rented a down jacket for trekking, you can rent anything you would need, sleeping bag
-- only boots were a little difficult as I have big feet and it was hard to find anything that fit.)

To find out about an NGO doing exceptional work in Nepal please check my WWW site below, in the World Neighbors by country link is a link to WN in Nepal.

Feel free to email if you have any further questions.


********************************************************************** Date: Tue, 9 Jan 1996 23:01:54 -0500 (EST) To: Subject: PROFESSIONAL TV-CREW AVAILABLE

Cross-posted from SCN:

Highly experienced, professional Nepalese-speaking TV-crew from Norwegian production company TV-Communication will be in Nepal from feb 18th until March 18th.

The crew is partially booked for a NRK-documentary, but do still have openings for additional bookings of duration from one to seven days.

The price is US $ 500/day, which includes 2 people, Betacam SP, and of course lights and sound equipment. Travel, tapes and extra lodging not included.

The producer has lived three years in Nepal, and is consequently not only fluent in Nepalese, but very well experienced in regards to local customs, religion and so forth as well.

Please check for further information!

Geir Furuseth


Ph: +47-22 31 47 18
    +47-90 52 81 21 Fax:+47-22 31 48 31

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