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The Nepal Diges Tuesday 7 Feb 95: Magh 23 2051 BkSm Volume 36 Issue 5

  Today's Topics:

        1. KURA_KANI
                 Social - KTM Scenes, Society and Lifestyles
                                Thanks and Tidbits
                                Whose life is more important?
             Foreign Policy - Re: Nepalis in Korea
                 Technology - Re: Computers in Nepal

        2. KATHA_KABITA
                 Poem - True Love, A Fantasy

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************************************************************** Date: Sat, 4 Feb 1995 16:40:40 -0500 To: Subject: Nepalese culture--> help. From: cheung@CAM.ORG (Shirley Cheung)

Dear all netters:

I am doing a marketing project with regard to marketing pepsi in nepal or just basically steal away the market shares enjoyed by coke.

There is one question that intrigues me here: How the concept of
"loyalty" and "bravery" are regarded in urban teenagers mind? Does loyalty weight more heavily than bravery or the other way around?

Another small question is: who are the opinion leaders among the urban youngsters? I mean those who opinionate a lot and a massive number of youngsters follow their behavior and advice or just anything they deem is good. Would it be an actor/actress/singer or just an older class of youngsters in their mid-25's?

thanks for your thoughful opinions.

pls email to


******************************************************************** Date: Sat, 4 Feb 1995 16:41:05 -0500 To: Subject: nepal urban youngsters. From: cheung@CAM.ORG (Shirley Cheung)

Dear all netters:

Another question that occurs in my mind is: who do teenagers do daily? I mean what do they work if majority of them do not go to school? Also,once they have free time and money, what do they do in their free time to enjoy themselves? Stay in a cold store and drink a softdrink and chat with other youngsters or some other sport activities?

Also, does sexy ads sell in nepal? would it be regarded as "dirtying" nepalese culture? I do not want to offend anybody there if I am putting a good ad in nepal.



************************************************************ Date: Sat, 4 Feb 1995 16:44:22 -0500 To: Subject: Nepali restaurant From:

Based on what I have seen in England, Let me offer another word of encouragementto a potential Nepali restaurateur in Boston or anywhere else for that matter. There are well over 30 Nepalese resturants in England and Wales: 5 of them being in Central London and a dozen or so scattered around Greater London. The oldest dates back to 1968 and many were established in the subsequent years of the 70's. This decade saw a huge population of Commonwealth subjects settling in Britain. The African plight (namely the expulsion of Indians from countries like Uganda) had softened Britain's immigration policies and sentiments against Thirdworld immigrants didn't run remarkably high among ordinary Britons then. Although not from the Commonwealth, some Nepalese joined the exodus and availed from the less stringent Home Office regulations. It is estimated that a majority of the 1000 or so Nepali expats in Britain are in the Catering business. Almost 90% of the dishes in any Nepali restaurant's menu would be Indian - names and descriptions taken verbatim. They are, however,Nepali owned and managed and do offer Nepali specialities like Tama Bodi, Bhutuwa, Gundruk and the ever famous Momo. Their main competitors are obviously the omnipresent Indian restaurants - There are literally thousands of them all over the Kingdom. But all Neapli resturants seem to do better than their adjacent Indian rivals and the magic word is ofcourse "Nepal"- It's a very powerful brand name. Gopal Manadhar, who runs "The Great Nepalese Restaurant" near Euston, one of London's busiest train stations, admits that although a rich nation gastro- nomically (the diverse Newari cuisine, for example), It would not be feasible to operate a wholly Nepali menu. He says, "Some side dishes alonside a largely Indian menu does just fine". He has been in the business for over 20 years and says that he is not aware of any Nepali restaurant being shut. Two Nepalese visited him recently to seek expert advice on setting up a restaurant each in NewYork and Geneva. Language barriers and strict immigration policies can explain why there are no Nepali restaurants on the Continent but I have often wondered with surprise of their virtual absence in an enterprising country like the USA. So If a prospective restaurateur is reading this, then I advise him/her to come over to London and see a couple of them first hand. Provided that you do some market research and adequete homework, there's no question that it wouldn't work. If you do come to London, Let me recommend you to visit the "Natraj" first. It not only has a reputation for its culinary expertise (and price) but also has a celebrity on the management! Karishma KC, One of Nepal's most popular actresses married into the household a few years back and they collectively manage the restaurant at a site within walking distance from London's top High street. Although an almost unfailingly weekly customer since 1993, I have not yet have had the pleasure of being served by Ms KC. If you're here, You just might!!!!

S Wagle LSE.

********************************************************************************************** Date: Sun, 5 Feb 1995 17:02 EST From: To:

Kathmandu: Scenes, Society, Lifestyles

In an earlier note, I commented on how kathmandu appeared cleaner than last year. since I have had the fortune to visit kathmandu every winter since 1993, I would like this commentary a little further.

The scenes of kathmandu are much more moderny. One of the first things one notices in the night is not the load shedding but all those neon lights. When we travel across the Bagmati bridge in Thapathali, one catches animated red and blue lines of the Gorakhkali Tyre udyog with the wheels running on some road, another animated sign of Mirnov vodka gurgling into a slender conical goblet, the ubquitous Coke and Sprite flash off. Once we would see one lonely neon sign on top of the Rainbasra building where our Katmandu fire brigade is housed now everywhere you might have an inclination to gaze at the stars, blatant commercialism is doing their demoniac dance in your view. Yes our access to the stars have been appropriated.

During the day, I noticed that there was no BATA building on the New Road, it has been pulled to the ground in prep for another of the self pretentious post modern buildings that rgrace New road. My favourite afternoon haunt, the American library where I slept under the air-conditioned gaze of stern Bal Krishna Sama or went to smell the American naphtha of their bathroom, or where I met my girlfriends where it was rendezvour for som many friends, "Meet at American Library" is gone, somewher to Gyaneswor. Yes the building is ugly and modern with those blocky air conditioners still hanging out. I guess the Americans just got too scared of all those historic political violence that goes through New Road.

Well, the new buildings are massively modern boxes of concrete and steel designed to maximize floor rental space and there are some reall ugly ones with no desire to put any face. Once upon a time, many a buildings tried to celebrate the brick facade of the chillo chinese bricks of CEDA building or put that odd pagoda roof on the balcony but all that has been abandoned for postmodern Westrn copycaps of Philip and IM Pei. You can see long arches mixed with sqaure windows, all glass (Everest Bank in New Baneswor), with sandstone red, terraced patio and a triangular shape facade with an incomplete circe, like one of those buildings in Chicago where Hotel Paras used to be. All these buildings are an attempt to depart from the sqaure, functional, blocky structure of the recent past, the eighties.

True to their post-modern pretentions of a collage of incongruous impressions, even chic buildings with ostentious marble floors have the ubiquitous paan regurgitations on the corners of stair lobbies while the fancy baroque facade are ornate with the twist and painful wrangling of powerlines and telephone lines underscoring how poor the city of rich people is kathmandu.

And dust, oh it is all over the place, i guess when one lives in Kathmandu, one becomes blind to this: in expensive sari palaces, and even more expensive jewellery store, in all those banks, and lens shops; dust on your lips, dust between your teeth, dust in your new collar behind the neck, dust on the show windows and the service desk where one orders photos, dust and hilo on your shoes, dust on the marble floors. I guess we could never have a carpet culture. When in singapore, I noticed that the entire airport was carpeted and lush, new york airport looked "Third Worldy" in comparison.

Perhaps this disgust fordust is an acquired Western taste that is not used to the rich fecundity of tropical dust. For what is the dust of Kathmandu, but the lacustrine deposits that so enriched the agriculture of kathmandu that the Gopalas settled here and even Prithvi Narayan opted for the fertile possibilities of kathmandu over the barrenly secure vantage kingdom of Gorkha.

Perhaps, the tolerance of dust is the tolerance of Nepalese in general to imperfect things. Two anecdotes bear this out. My professor was stayig at Hotel Summit, that enclave over the Kathmandu smog where every thing is five times more expensive than the local bazaar; A ten ruppes coke cost Rs 50 there. He said he saw a big fat rat scurrying around the main bar where all the trekkers come to relax and there was a fat cat who coxzied up to the fireplace doing nothing (this cat must be westernized fat cats not our local tabbies that prowls our roofs hunting for rats and pigeons). he complained to the manager a white who has nepalized into a "live and let live" mode and he did nothing whereas this person thought all rats must be eradicated because all have rabies: a contentious assertion.

In another incident in Jyatha, I saw some Jyapunis, old grandma, mother and several girls sunning themselves in the winter warms sun, combing their hair and generally preeing themselves on a sukul on a little travelled side street. to their side was a open gutter with green gooey liquid while 2 feet away, a scurvy, itchy dog who had more open sores than hair on his back was also sitting and vigorously, maybe even orgasmically scratching its underjaws untroubled by this Jyapunis. My immediate revulsion was why did not they stone this dog, or kill it or how could they enjoy thier preeing with some vile environment? I guess it is our Nepali deep ethos that does not privilege human over everything that humanist philosophy that drives Enlightenment and Modernity in the west. We all recall how killing off stray dogs in Kathmandu is a campaign that always fail because Kathmanduites like these dogs even if they are not overfed, underwalked, and always spayed as in America. Few kathmanduites keep dogs as pets but the street dogs are valued for their shit-eating scavenging services, howling at strangers that venture in their toles, yes they are territorial, and offer lessons in sexx during the month of kartik by being stuck back to back after intercourse. Most Western animal lovers cannot explain this unique phenonomenon of Nepali dogs conjointig after sex. Whenever some dogs dies, after suffering spasmodically after ingesting
"haluwa with poison" laid out by the kathmandu municipality, the tole men and women always berate and condemn the municipality for cruelty, the common peopple give no credit for rabies eradication.

Getting back from street curs to high class women with too much money spare, it looks that some people have too much to eat in this hungry nation where half do not have enough to eat for half the year. Popular these days are cholesterol reducing diets and I was surprised to find out fat-free, cholesterol free Sunflower oil in everyday kirana shops instead of being limited to Blue Bird andFresh House that caters to the diplomatic corps. My doctors friends tell me that there has been an increased incidence of diabetes among nepali housewifes, a sure ssign of more calories intake than spent in labour.

There are two new bridges in KTM: one complete one in Teku to Sanepa and the other under construction parallel to the Bagmati to permit two-way traffic. Internal central heating is now in some fancy joints such as Blue Bird where I had to take off my heavy coats while shopping under the overhead conduits of centralized heating. No wonder Blue bird groceries are expensive. By the Blue Bird and Hotel Summit are the only places where they pay staff to meticulously dust and wipe their merchandise: cans in Blue bird; garden leaves in Hotel summunit.

The middle class is under lot more squeeze, it seems. Several cousins and friends I know who were doing ok last year had no jobs or lost business this year while the smart ones have become even more stupendously richer. As the society is re-transformed according to capitalist logic; only money counts and those who have education get prestige only if they can build houses or indulge in ostentatious consumption. Some ofthose who succeed in "making it" spend thier money, usually rents on Kathmandu property, going on pilgrimages to Bombay, some to US if they can get a visa, watching Z-TV where there is Hindi versions of Top Ten, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune and other talk shows, and of course eating like pigs.

Yet despite all these conspicous boom, Kathmandu boom seems to have levelled off. Disturbing are reports of decline in carpet, garment, and tourism industry that attracted a lot of immigrants to Kathmandu and spun off a lot of ancillary economy like expensive English Boardig schools, and generated consumer demands for Bangkok and Kodari goods that enables all those expensive rents in downtown kathmandu. We can some sort of deferred action, lag-time negative effects on rental values and real estate depreciation in downtown with the decline of all these macro-indicators of Kathmandu economy. On top of these there are cries for relocation and a consensus is building that Kathmandu utilities and services are not growing as fast as the demand. One way out is a tax on the rich property in the city: a task hindered as much by the lack of readily retrievable cadastral maps of city property, except the jungle of nepali kagj and lekhandases in Char-Khal, as well as the tight control of all political parties by the rich house owning people of Kathmandu. Still the very mention of property tax is welcome and Kathmandu has to depend on its own resources instead of begging for Indian for sewage pickup system.

Anybody with a little extra money invests in house building and there seems to be an oversupply of houses relative to demand which is sinking. Ordinary noviu rich people are building Rs 20-50 million hoouses for renting at Rs 25,000 a month; others build Rs 1-2 crore houses for renting at Rs 50,000 a month. some actually can afford to live in them.With the advent of the communists, many NGO, multilateral and Western donor community that subsidize and run this expensive real estate industry are reportedly wary to increase their business. One hears of $ 20 a night guest house rooms going for $ 8 or less because of all the Manange lodges and other massive buildings that have cropped around Thamel from Paknajol to Chettrapati. Even Hotel Soaltee-Holiday Inn, the most expensive hotel in Nepal goes for surreptious rates of $25 a night for lack of business, yet the building mania goes. We can see a crash in the making.

Randome thoughts on Kathmandu by Amulya Tuladhar Clark University USA

************************************************************ From: Rakesh Karmacharya <> Subject: Comments on a poem To:

        I went through the recent issues to see how TND readers would react to the "poem" forwarded by editor's email address with a proper name printed at the end of the poem.

I saw only one note that expressed disgust at the posting. I am writing this brief note to express my disapproval of the posting and my disappointment at the reticence of the TND readers regarding this issue.

%%%%%Editor's Note: All personal references has been deleted due to respect %%%
%%%%% for the individual privacy. %%%
%%%%% Articles and pieces come to Editor's desk in hard-copy %%%
%%%%% and/or electronic forms both. For private citizens who %%%
%%%%% send hard-copies, editor will post the materials with %%%
%%%%% "Forwarded by editor's email address" on the heading. %%%
%%%%% Some individuals wish to remain anonymous which TND does%%%
%%%%% not neccesarily promote. %%%
%%%%% %%%
%%%%% As assured in previous issues, TND will not publish %%%
%%%%% proper name references on literary pieces. And due to %%%
%%%%% individual requests and for the sake of individual's %%%
%%%%% privacy, TND wishes not to entertain any references to %%%
%%%%% the content or the individuals. However, TND is always %%%
%%%%% open to kura-kani process that betters the society with %%%
%%%%% respects to individual privacies. %%%

***************************************************************** From: Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 09:24:17 Subject: Change of Address

Friends and Foes,

My new E-mail address is: We are now hooked up with Australia because ERNET India could not provide adequate services. This also means that the messages you may have sent during January did not reach me. If you do get this message and consider yourself a friend, could you spare a minute in responding; otherwise, I will assume the converse.

Greetings and see you in August!

Praveen Dixit e-mail: Fax: +977-1-524139 or 977-1-474990


*********************************************************************************************** To: Subject: Information

I am Anil Kumar Upadhyaya, studying in the Netherlands. I would like to request you to kindly please send me the email address of any Nepali studying at Department of Environmental Engineering, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok from Department of Water Supply and Sewerage, kathmandu.

Thanking you, Anil Kumar Upadhyaya M.Sc. student IHE, Delft The Netherlands

**************************************************************** To: Subject: GREEN CARD LOTTERY

Cross-posted from SCN:

The green card lottery is for real but this offer is a SCAM.
  Do not respond to any "offers" of assistance like the one below.
  Lottery applications are available FOR FREE from the INS, and with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. ^^^^^^^^
  The lottery application can be completed on a single page. Very basic information is required, such as name, date of birth, and country of citizenship. You will need help ONLY IF YOU CANNOT READ ENGLISH well enough to complete the application.
  Applications can be received only at an address specified in the application instructions, and only between certain dates.
  For additional information, read or misc.immigration.usa.
  Any lawyer, organization, or person who offers assistance for a charge is only trying to TAKE YOUR MONEY. Ask yourself why anyone would charge any amount of money for something you could easily get and complete yourself for FREE?
  Please tell all your friends and family to protect their loved ones from people like Mario who take advantage of these situations.
  Besides, look at all the spelling mistakes he made. Do you want him preparing your immigration documents?
  In article <3g6trq$>,
(MarioG) writes:
>Dear friends:
>This is an invitation for you to participate in the Diversity Immigration
>/ Green Card Lottery program 1996. This program enables those who have no
>relatives or employers in the United States of America to immigrate.
>This program offers visas to those who qualifiey and those picked in the
>lottery. The number of visas determined for the fiscal year of 1996 is
>You can participate in this program if:
>a) You are a citizen of any country in the world with the exceptions of
>Mexico, Colombia, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Canada, India,
>the People\222s Republic of China, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, United
>Kindom, and Vietnam.
>b) you have a high school education or equivalent, or you have worked a
>minimun of two years in a job which requires two years of experience, and
>c) It does not matter if you are illegal in the United States of America.
>For more information and to find out how to participate, please send your
>name, address, and $15.00 (fifteen USA dollars) money order, before
>February 23, 1995 to: [address deleted]
>We will submit all you need to participate in this program. And remember
>you do not need a lawyer.

************************************************************* Date: Fri, 03 Feb 1995 09:26:12 CST To: From: Ram Acharya <> Subject: Nepalese Workers in Korea

I support the idea of expressing our concern about Nepalese workers in Korea. We may or may not be as effective as others who speak against brutality (eg., the case of "Hattori", as expressed by G. Pokhrel), I think,it is our responsibility to voice against such brutal actions.

Ram N Acharya Auburn University

********************************************************************** Date: Fri, 3 Feb 1995 13:19:34 -0500 To: Subject: German lives less important than Nepalese lives. From:

Whose lives are more important: German or Nepalese?

I read with irritation the hubris of the German Alpine Club criticising the Nepalese government for being too busy with Nepalese elections to inquire into the Himalayan accident that killed some 10 people.

Heck, Nepal has nothing to apologize for this western assumption that German or for that matter white men and women are more important than Nepalese men and women.

While the elections were going on, I was straining to hear something about Nepal in international news about the historic possibility of communist government coming in an age of market triumphalism of the West over the East. One bried moment I heard about nepal in the World Services of the BBC through NPR, and it was about 8 GErmans who died falling over Himalayan cliffs.

I asked myself what is important, the life and fates of 20 million Nepalese and their elections or bunch of Germans who take unreasonable and pretty stupid, by any Nepali standards, risk in climbing and falling to their deaths. It reminded me of the disastrous floods some two yeara ago that killed some 3000 people and all it got was 3 words in the New York Times while 22 people dying in Midwest floods got 22 days of ad nauseum coverage in the American Press. Are 22 American lives somehow more important thatn 3000 nepali lifes that the world should not know about it?

I know the nepalse govt will make some amends to continue to draw some of the idrty German dollars but this is a classic case of Western categories defining nepali character.

In this connection, one may take the case of the media coverage of child labor being used to ban carpet exports from Nepal. Germans thought thery wey were dong a great thing for the children and dollar chasing NGOs such as CWIN kept producing these pathetic calendars of children suffering in carpet factories. Well carpet business died off, these children were diverted to the prostitution markets of Kathmandu, and Indian cities, or plain beggary and or even lowly paid hotel work, their material and spiritual conditions suffered even more. There is now a recognition that western definition of child suffereing must be revised to give education and health services to these carpet children and there is news that the German govt is channelling some funds to help these carpet laboring children and revising the ban on carpets produced by children of Nepal.

Subject: Indian monkey better than Nepali hero From:

Nepali Movie Update

Nepali heroes still do not make enough money to survive and most heroes do it for subsistence. Even the so-called hero Bhuwan KC was so badly ostracized for his philandering ways that he had to pay for his own movie.

The hero hogging the bill boards is the "Dedhe He-Man" Rajesh hamal, our nepali equivalent of Chunky Pandey. We see his face and his tall frame all ove r the billboards in blood and sweat and jaws cleenched. he is reputed to be the highest earning hero of Nepal. his rate: Rs 50,000 per film or $ 1000.

Even an Indian monkey earns more than him. A trained monkey was imported from India for the price of Rs 1 lakhs, for grimacing and jumping more than Rajesh Hamal.

Asked why the monkey got higher pay than him, Rajesh replied, " Afno tauko ma chandhne baandar bhaye pachi, paisa pani mathi chandhne bhayo" Indeed, Viswojyoti Cinema has this poster of the nepali film, called Gopi Krishna, where the Indian monkey is grimacing from the shoulder of Rajesh Hamal, Nepal's highest paid hero.

Amulya Tuladhar Clark University

********************************************************************************************** From: Prakash Man Sakya <> Subject: Comments on ATuladhar's "Computer" Path: pmsakya Date: Mon, 6 Feb 1995 22:30 AEST To:

I am Prakash Sakya in Sydney. I came to Sydney Mar, 1994. I have been receiving TND since December 94. I love to read all the issues and articles. Being myself in the field of computer, I had to write some comments on the article "Computer" written by A. Tuladhar.(By the way, is A. Tuladhar former President of Science club in Nepal where S. Mathema used to be Secretary?).

A. Tuladhar mentioned Beltronix being Compaq Dealer. It is not correct. Compaq Dealer/Distributor for Nepal is CAS Trading House P. Ltd.

"Unlimited Software" is one of the software house who has been emphasizing in using "Original" computer software instead of illegal copying. They may be selling Nepali Script software but they are only desinging Windows Nepali fonts.

First Nepali Script computer software cum hardware was developed by Muni Shakya. It only ended upto wordprocessing in IBM compatible arena.

At present there is only one company who is developing and supporting DOS based Nepali software. The company is SPINS International P. Ltd. It is located in Jawalakhel. The Nepali software is currently sold as SPINS VGA Pro. Ministry of General Administration is using that software to store 75000 public servants data is Dbase. With SPINS VGA Pro it is possible to run text based software in dual mode. You can store and process Nepali as well as English data at the same time. You have to press only "`" Key which is below "~" key in left top corner of keyboard to switch from Nepali to English. Also 22 Municipalities around Nepal is using SPINS software to run their Accounting Package developed in "Dbase III plus" by the one of the UNDP project(MSUD-Management Support for Urban Development). Now it is being carried by UDLE (Urban Development by Local Efforts) to promote computer usage in municipalities. Recently same software is being used by MALPOT Bhivag. Software is LAN based written by National Computer Center. NCC purchased SPINS VGA Pro to develop the software in DOS. There are many other projects which are funding Nepal governments where SPINS VGA Pro is being used. Paul Lundberg's project also is using SPINS VGA pro to store project information in Nepali for his GIS project under Decentralized Planning Project. Mercantile themselves bought few pieces to sell to Dept of Mines and Geology and for Sanjib's brother's mailing list in India.

In Windows, Unlimited software's Tuladhar developed font for SAMA computers who sold the font for 100$(5000Rs). Since the font was not copy protected every Dick and Harry has a copy of Windows font; Either SAMA, SPINS Win font etc.

If anybody is interested to know more about various aspect of computing in Nepal, let me know. I will try to gather as much information as possible and try to keep you informed.

I liked A. Tuladhar's GIS information, except connotation for Surendra as
"Computer Wiz Kid". Surendra is not a Computer Wiz Kid, He is a "Wiz Planner/Strategist" that's why he was "Chief Administrator" for ICIMOD instead of Computer Hacker.

Prakash Sydney

********************************************************************** Date: Mon, 6 Feb 1995 10:24:04 -0500 (EST) From: Nirmal Ghimirez <NGH42799Q236@DAFFY.MILLERSV.EDU> To: Subject: poem

                    True Love- A Fantasy
           Everything there is but no love
           Sympathy,compassion,lust but not love
           Confined,limited,selfish has become love
           oh! isn't this all a trade in name of love
           Love no longer is for what one really is
           But now love has been disguised for what one has
           True love is a vaccum,a hollow word
           All called love is imitation of this word
           Only in fairy tales and books we see true love
           When corrupted and polluted how can it be called love
           Possessing,showing, pride has come in to associate with love
           Unselfishness,sacrifice,innocence, is no longer understood as love
           When will love be free of everything?
           When will it be the unlimited everything?
           Whole world suffers due to lack of true love
           For this is a fantasy,a fairy tale, for many a game
           Let love rule the world
           And see the change in the world
           Good bye true love but we need you
           Come teach us and guide us with you
********************************************************************** Date: Mon, 6 Feb 1995 10:51:03 -0600 (CST) From: Padam Sharma <> Subject: Kurakani To: Nepal Digest <>

Thanks and Tidbits: Padam P. Sharma

Thank you:
-- Gurungji for your appreciation of TND. It is often difficult to count one's thoughts in number of lines. The key is to keep the postings short and sweet. If you skip a rather long posting on the basis of numbers of lines, you never know what you missed. The devil is in the details. So please hang on.. it might be beneficial to you.

-- Amula Tuladhar: For an excellent eye-witness account of your experience in Nepal. Myself and I believe many readers really enjoyed it. Please keep on posting from wherever you are. If you are in Nepal, and it is costing too much, don't worry, we will find ways to reimburse you. We owe you this!

-- Prayatosh Onta for the book reviews and welcome abroad on the TND team. The collection of poems that you reviewed recently, though pessimistic, were beautiful.

-- Dave Kaslow for organizing the Bhutanese refugees conference. I wish I could be there! The pain and suffering that I witnessed during our visit to Nepal is still with me. Thousands more have suffered since then. I read a book by AHURA Bhutan entitled, "Bhutan - A Shangrila without Human Rights". The documentation is really heart touching.


-- I have been reading "India-D" an abridged Indian News Network. It is very informative and well organized. I specially liked the coverage on Dalai Lama and the proposed peace march to Lhasa, review of "1942 Love Story" - a very good low-formula movie, piece on Gandhi and non-violence, the New York Time article on Indian democracy, "There you see it...."

-- I have contacted a new money-making virus called "Network Marketing". After dinner, I call my friends and try to spread the infection. Once every week in the evening, I go to meetings with ambitious people from all works of life and share our dreams and experiences. I have found the greatest opportunity to get away from TV, meet real people and learn inter-personal skills. This is a grass-root enterprenuership - the most decentralized distribution system of goods and services. An opportunity worth exploring about.
  If you are curious about what this is, please read "Who stole the American Dream? - The book your boss doesn't want you to read" by Burke Hedges. If you are further interested, may be I can infect you!

-- Best wishes to Boston enterprenuers. I wish I was there to share my hobby over the `mouth-watering' momos. It is a wonderful idea!!

-- Thanks Ashu for the Korean letter writing campaign. I would suggest that you distribute the draft letter on TND and look for suggestions. We don't want the Korean people to think that we disapprove their behavior. It is the fault of some unscrupoulus characters who made promises to innocent Nepalese. Remember, the process starts in Kathmandu! And kudos to those brave Nepalese who brought this matter to the attention of consentious people.

I did not pass this article through my grammer and spell checker. I hope it makes sense. Those who skipped this article don't know what they missed.

Best wishes to all of you, especially those digging out of foots of white stuff over the weekend. We have 50 degree days all through last week. Don't you wish you were in the Dakotas?

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