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The Nepal Digest Monday 5 Dec 94: Mangshir 19 2051 BkSm Volume 34 Issue 4

                 Election FLASH !

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****************************************************************** Date: 28 Nov 94 23:50:30 EST From: Rajendra.P.Shrestha@Dartmouth.EDU (Rajendra P. Shrestha) Subject: News11/27 To:


HEADLINE: Pro-Indian party supports communists as horse-trading continues

BYLINE: Kedar Man Singh


   Nepalese communists gained support Sunday from a tiny pro-Indian party and pressed ahead with efforts to to form a minority government as a faction in the defeated Nepali Congress (NC) desperately tried to hang on to power.

   Leaders of the Nepal Communist Party-United Marxist and Leninist
(NCP-UML), which won 88 of the 205 seats contested in the November 15 vote, were meeting late Sunday in preparation for the government's expected formation on Monday.

   The pro-Indian Nepal Sadvhabana Party (NSP), which bagged three seats in the polls, has thrown its support behind the communists, NSP sources said.

   The backing of the NSP and left-wing groups and independents brought to 97 the total MPs so far in the communist-led camp, still short of the minimum 103 needed to constitute a majority.

   The communists however said Sunday that they were determined to form a minority government.

   The NC, led by disgraced Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, won 83 seats, the rightist Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) got 20, the Maoist Nepal Peasants' and Workers' Party (NPWP) had four, and independent candidates, two of them leftists, bagged seven.

   Analysts said the support of the pro-Indian party, despite its small size, was important for the communists, at least symbolically, because New Delhi was earlier worried about the prospect of a communist-led government in Nepal.

   But the communists sought to allay Indian and western fears by proclaiming adherence to free-market policies in this impoverished Himalayan kingdom, where government services have been crippled by the political deadlock.

   The NC has split into two factions, with Koirala group opting to play the role of an opposition force and allow the communists to form a government.

   NC "Young Turks" are pushing for a "national government" with proportional representation and are courting the rightist RPP, but the latter has so far stayed aloof.

   The communists have flatly rejected the idea of a national government.

   "The constitution does not say whether a national government could be formed if none of the parties managed to win a simple majority," NCP-UML central committee member Ishwor Pokharel reiterated Sunday.

   "We have already taken a firm stance to form a minority government, expecting other political parties including the NC, to support us to gain the majority when the vote of confidence is placed 30 days after the formation of our minority government," he said.

   Pokharel said the communists' top leaders were meeting late Sunday to "review the situation" and plan out their next step.

   The mid-term calls came after King Birendra dissolved parliament in July at the urging of Koirala, whose government program was defeated in parliament by the opposition and NC dissidents.

   The monarch has stayed out of the post-election fray, waiting for the parties to muster support for the formation of a new government.
------------------------------------------------------------------ SOURCE: Reuters

HEADLINE: Nepali communists plan minority government

BYLINE: By Gopal Sharma


    Nepal's main Communist Party said on Sunday it has decided to form a minority government in the Himalayan kingdom after its partnership talks with centrist rivals broke down.

   The Communist Unified Marxist-Leninist party (UML), the largest group with 88 seats in the 205-member national assembly after a general election earlier this month, said it would stake its claim to rule under a constitutional provision.

   ''The Standing Committee of the UML has decided today that the UML should form a minority government,'' UML spokesman Pradeep Nepal told Reuters.

   ''Under article 42 (2) of the Constitution, the single largest party should be invited to form the government if no one else has a clear majority,'' Nepal said.

   ''The UML government thus formed would look for the basis for a national consensus to guarantee political stability in the country.''

   The Nepali Congress Party, the second-largest group with 83 members in the hung parliament, was divided on Sunday over its approach to the UML.

   Official party spokesmen insisted that Nepali Congress, should participate in the next government.

   But dissidents supporting caretaker Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala spoke out against the idea following a meeting of the new Congress parliamentary party.

   ''The idea of exploring the opportunity to form the government is useless. It only shows our greed,'' dissident deputy Arjun Narsingh told reporters.

   ''Since the people have rejected our party in the elections, we must go and sit in opposition in true democratic spirit.''

   The Nepali Congress Party says it is willing to form a national government with the UML and the monarchist Rastriya Prajantra Party
(RPP), which increased its strength from four seats in 1991 elections to 20.

   It says it is also willing to form a coalition with the RPP. The monarchists support the idea of a national government, which the UML has ruled out, but refuse to join a coalition.

   The confusion has been complicated by the Congress dissidents speaking out. How many there are, neither side in the party was willing to say, but Koirala has at least two dozen supporters, political analysts said.

   RPP spokesman Kamal Thapa said the Congress would have to sort out some ideological differences with his party before any coalition talks could be planned.

   ''A present what we have with the Congress is only informal consultations,'' Thapa told Reuters. ''If they come to us for support, there are some policy issues on which we would like them to spell out their position very clearly.''

   It was not immediately clear what issues the RPP wanted to address as condition for talks with the Congress.

*********************************************************************** Subject: SOMETHING LIGHT To: Date: Tue, 29 Nov 1994 14:10:38 -0500 (EST)

WHY ASK WHY > >----------- > Why do you need a driver's license to buy liquor when you can't drink and drive? Why isn't phonetic spelled the way it sounds? Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii? Why are there flotation devices under plane seats instead of parachutes? Why are cigarettes sold in gas stations when smoking is prohibited there? Do you need a silencer if you are going to shoot a mime? Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations? How does the guy who drives the snowplow get to work in the mornings? If 7-11 is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, why are there locks on the doors? If a cow laughed, would milk come out her nose? If nothing ever sticks to TEFLON, how do they make TEFLON stick to the pan? If you tied buttered toast to the back of a cat and dropped it from a height, what would happen? If you're in a vehicle going the speed of light, what happens when you turn on the headlights? You know how most packages say "Open here". What is the protocol if the package says, "Open somewhere else"? Why do they put Braille dots on the keypad of the drive-up ATM? Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways? Why is it that when you transport something by car, it's called a shipment, but when you transport something by ship, it's called cargo? You know that little indestructible black box that is used on planes, why can't they make the whole plane out of the same substance? Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?

This letter originated in The Netherlands and has been passed around the world

*************************************************************************** To: Date: 29 NOV 94 15:09:35 GMT
>From Neal Cohen, USAID, Kathmandu.

Election Result of Nov.15, 1994 Party,Winner Second Place, Party

Achham 1. UML Mr.Bhim Rawal Govinda B.Shah, Congress 2. UML Mr.Bhim Kadayat Ram B. Bista, Congress

Arghakhanchi 1. Congress Mr.Rewati P. Bhusal Gunanidhi Bhusal, UML 2. Congress Mr.Dhundi Raj Shastri Pitambar Bhusal, UML

Baglung 1. UML Mr.Govinda Raj Adhikari Govinda P.Sharma, Congress 2. Congress Mr.Min B.Khatri Chitra Bahadur K.C.,Indepen 3. Indepen Mr.Pari Thapa Tula Singh Gharti, Indepen

Bajhang 1. UML Mr.Bhanu Bhakta Joshi Arjun Jung B.Singh, Congress 2. Indepen Mr.Naresh B.Singh Bhairabh B. Singh, Congress

Banke 1. RPP Mr. Prem B. Bhandari Sanat K. Sharma, Congress 2. RPP Mr.Shanti Shumshere Rana Sushil Koirala, Congress 3. RPP Mr.Fateh Singh Tharu Hari P. Parajuli, UML

Bara 1. UML Mr.Mukunda Neupane Shobhaghar Parajuli, Congress 2. Congress Mr.Radhechandra Yadav Surendra Chaudhary, UML 3. UML Mr.Purushottam Paudyal Rishikesh Gautam, Congress 4. UML Mr.Salim Miya Ansari Formulah Mansur, Congress

Bhaktapur 1. Peasants Mr.Narayan Man Bijukche Surendra P. Shah, RPP 2. Peasants Mr.Asha Kaji Basukala Ganesh B. Khatri, RPP

Baitadi 1. RPP Mr.Lokendra B.Chand Prithvi Raj Awasti, UML 2. RPP Mr.Lokendra B.Chand Durga Dutta Joshi, Congress

Bajura 1. UML Mr.Hikmat Bista Shahi Dev Raj Joshi, Congress

Bardia 1. UML Mr. Bamadev Gautam Phulram Tharu, Congress 2. UML Mr. Shyamlal P. Dhakal Gyan Raj Sharma, Congress 3. UML Mr. Kasi Ram Tharu Binay Dhoj Chand, Congress

Bhojpur 1. UML Mr.Hemraj Rai Gyanendra B Karki, Congress 2. UML Mr.Dhanaharka Rai Kumar Rai, Congress

Chitwan 1. UML Mr. Jagrit P. Bhetwal Chudamani Chaudhari, Congress 2. UML Mr. Kashinath Adhikari Tek Prasad Gurung, Congress 3. Congress Mr.Gungadhar Lamsal Shailendra K. Piya, UML 4. Congress Mr. Tirtha Raj Bhusal Diwakar Bhusal, Jana Morcha

Darchula 1. UML Mr.Prem Singh Dhami Dillendra P.Bedu, Congress

Dailekh 1. Congress Mr.Ganesh B.Khadka Ram Nath Joshi, Peassants 2. Peasants Mr.Binod Kumar Shah Ranga Bahadur Shahi, Congress

Dandeldhura 1. Congress Mr.Sher Bahadur Deuba Khem Raj Mayalu, Jana Morcha

Dang 1. Congress Mr.Hari P. Chaudhary Parashu N.Chaudhary, RPP 2. Congress Mr.Baldev Sharma Ms. Sushma Ghimire, Congress 3. UML Mr. Shankar Pokhrel Deepak Giri, Congress 4. Congress Mr. Khum B. Khadka Girija K.C., UML

Dhading 1. RPP Mr.Buddhi Man Tamang Daman Pakhrin, Congress 2. UML Mr.Gungalal Tuladhar Hari Adhikari, Congress 3. UML Mr.Rajendra P.Pandaya Thakur P.Sharma, RPP

Dhankuta 1. UML Mr. Rechan Chemjung Mohan Pokhrel, RPP 2. RPP Mr. Surya B. Thapa Gopal Guragain

Dhanusha 1. UML Mr.Ramchandra Jha Shridhari Yadav, Congress 2. Congress Mrs.Leela Koirala Yog Narayan Yadav, UML 3. Congress Mr.Ananda P. Ghimire Koli P. Shah, UML 4. Congress Mr.Bimalendra Nidhi Krishna P.Malla, RPP 5. UML Mr.Ram Lakhan Mahato Ram Baran Yadav, Congress

Doti 1. Congress Mr.Bhakta B.Balayat Purna Raj Joshi, UML 2. Congress Mr.Siddha Raj Ojha Narayan Dutta Pathak, RPP

Dolakha 1. Congress Mr.Bhim Bahadur Tamang Ananda P. Pokhrel, UML 2. UML Mr.Wangche Sherpa Madhav M.Rajbhandari,Congress

Dolpa 1. Indepen Mr.Moti Prasad Pahadi Karna Bahadur Budha, RPP

Gorkha 1. Congress Mr.Chiranjibi Wagle Narayan Malla, RPP 2. Congress Mrs.Kamala Devi Pant Rajeshwore P.Devkota,RPP 3. Congress Mrs.Chinkazi Shrestha Yog Bahadur Gurung

Gulmi 1. UML Mr.Ram Nath Dhakal Jhakbahadur Pun, Congress 2. UML Mr.Kamalraj Shrestha Bhawat Gyawali, Congress 3. UML Mr.Tanka P.Pokhrel Rudramani Bhandari, Congress

Humla 1. Congress Mr.Chakra B.Shahi Anga B.Lama, Independent

Ilam 1. UML Mr.Jhalanath Khanal Toyanath Bhattarai, Congress 2. Congress Mr.Kulabahadur Gurung Panikumar Limbu, UML 3. UML Mr. Padam B. Bhandari Benup Raj Prasai, Congress

Jajarkot 1. Congress Mr.Jhalaknath Wagle Tej Bikram Shah, RPP 2. Congress Mr.Deepak Jung Shah Krishna Bahadur Shah, UML

Jhapa 1. UML Mr. Pushparaj Pokhrel Krishna Sitaula, Congress 2. UML Mr.C.P.Mainali Ram Babu Prasai, Congress 3. UML Mr. Devi P. Ojha Gopal Kumar Basnyat, Congress 4. Congress Mr. Chakra Bastola Narayan Ranjbanshi, UML 5. UML Mr. Radha K. Mainali Surya N. Tejpuriya, Congress 6. UML Mr. Khaga P. Oli Keshab K.Budhathoki, Congress

Jumla 1. Peasants Mr.Bhakta B.Rokkaya Lalit Jung Shahi, Independent

Kailali 1. UML Mr.Himanchalraj Bhattarai Keshar Sing Kadayat, Congress 2. Congress Mr.Ramjanam Chaudhary Mohanraj Malla, RPP 3. UML Mr.Chakra B.D.Chaudhary Pushkarnath Ojha, Congress 4. UML Mr.Maheshwore Pathak Dhana B.Bam Rajawar, RPP

Kalikot 1. UML Mr.Yagya Raj Neupane Dharma Dutta Upadhya, RPP

Kathmandu 1. UML Mr. Man Mohan Adhikari Haribol Bhattarai, Congress 2. UML Mrs.Vidya Bhandari Daman Nath Dhungel, Congress 3. UML Mr.Man Mohan Adhikari Prakash Man Singh, Congress 4. UML Mr.Padma Ratna Tuladhar Mrs.Krishna Amatya, Congress 5. UML Mr.Rajendra Shrestha Shyam Lal Shrestha, Congress 6. UML Mrs.Sahana Pradhan Damodar Gautam, Congress 7. UML Mr.Krishna Gopal Shrestha Dhyan G. Ranjit, Congress

Kanchanpur 1. UML Mr. Ramkumar Gyawali Amar Singh Rana, Congress 2. UML Mr.Urba Dutta Panta N.P Saud, Congress 3. UML Mr.Bhoj Raj Joshi Tarini D. Chataut, Congress

Kaski 1. UML Mr. Khaga Raj Adhikari Taranath Rana Bhatt, Congress 2. UML Mr. Tul Bhadur Gurung Sukraraj Sharma, Congress 3. Congress Mr. Krishna B. Gurung Somnath Adhikari Pyasi, UML

Kavre Palanchowk 1. UML Mr.Shiva B.Deuja Satyaman Lama, RPP 2. UML Mr. Keshav P. Badal Bishnu P. Guragain, Congress 3. UML Mr.Govinda Nath Upreti Rajendra Kharel, Congress

Kapilvastu 1. Congress Mr.Kamlesh K.Sharma Tika Ram Aryal, UML 2. UML Mr.Deep Kumar Upadhya Bhagaat Das Gupta, RPP 3. Congress Mr. Bishnuraj Acharya Hari Narayan Rajauriya, 4. RPP Mr.Mirzadil Sadbeg Dr.Rudra P. Shah, Congress

Khotang 1. UML Mr.Tanka Rai Bal Bahadur Rai (R), Congress 2. UML Mr. Ashok Rai Shivakumar Basnyat,Indepen

Lalitpur 1. UML Mr.Mitharam Bajhgai Sagar Shumsher Rana, Congress 2. UML Mr.Siddhi Lal Singh Chandra Maharjan, Congress 3. UML Mr.Raghu Panta Omkar P. Shrestha, Congress

Lamjung 1. Congress Mr.Ramchandra Adhikari Keshablal Shrestha, UML 2. Congress Mr. Rambahadur Gurung Prithvi Subba Gurung, UML

Mahottari 1. Congress Mr.Mahendra Yadav Sitananda Rai, UML 2. RPP Mr.Mahendra Rai Hari Shankar Mishra, UML 3. RPP Mr.Ram Vilas Yadav Maheshwore P.Singh, Congress 4. Indepen Mr.Sarad Singh Bhandari Basanta Kumar Gurung, Congress

Morang 1. Congress Mr. Girija P. Koirala Tuluram Rajbanshi, UML 2. UML Mr. Bharat M.Adhikari Basanta Bhattarai, Congress 3. Congress Mr.Badri N. Basnyat Lal Babu Pundit, UML 4. UML Mr. Harkaman Tamang Dilip Sapkota, Congress 5. UML Mr. Kamal P. Koirala Shyamlal Tabdar, Congress 6. UML Mr. Guru P. Baral Satya N. Chaudhary, Congress 7. Congress Ms. Shailija Acharya Umesh Giri, Congress(B)

Manang 1. Indepen Mr. Palten Gurung Komal Ghale, Congress

Makwanpur 1. RPP Mr. Kamal Thapa Krishna P.Dahal, UML 2. UML Mr. Birodh Khatiwada Kamal Thapa, RPP 3. UML Mr. Hiranyalal Shrestha Bhim Bomjon, RPP

Mugu 1. Congress Mr.Hasta B.Malla Chandra B.Shahi, UML

Mustang 1. Congress Mr.Shushil M. Sherchan Nara B.Hirachand, RPP

Myagdi 1. UML Mr.Nilbahadur Tilija Bhimprasad Gauchan, RPP

Nawalparasi 1. Congress Mr. Mahendra D.Joshi Krishna P.Ghimire, UML 2. UML Mr.Majhilal Tharu Surya B. Adhikari, Congress 3. Sadvawana Mr.Hiridaish Tripathi Triyogi N.C.Tharu, Congress 4. Congress Mr.Devendra R.Kadel Durga P.Chaudhary, Sadvawana

Nuwakot 1. RPP Mr.Prakash C.Lohani Khemraj Sedhai, Congress 2. Congress Dr.Ram Saran Mahat Nara Bahadur Rai, RPP 3. Congress Mr.Arjun Nursing Prakash C.Lohani, RPP

Okhuldhunga 1. Congress Mr.Chandrakanta Dahal Premnarayan Premi, UML 2. Congress Mr.Bal Bahadur Rai Kishore Kumar Adhikari, UML

Palpa 1. UML Mr.Dal Bahadur Rana Kaluram Rana, Congress 2. UML Mr.Shom P. Panday Gumbir Jung Karki, Congress 3. UML Mr.Bishnu P.Paudyal Hari Prasad Nepal, Congress

Panchthar 1. Congress Mr.Deepak P.Banskota Basanta K.Nembang, UML 2. RPP Mr.Padma Sundar Lawati Dambar S.Sumbahamche, UML

Parbat 1. Congress Mr.Indu Sharma Yam Bahadur Gurung, UML 2. UML Mr.Devkumar Paudyal Mrs. Uma Adhikari, Congress

Parsa 1. RPP Mr. Rajib Parajuli Chiranjibi Acharya, UML 2. Congress Mr. Ram C. Khushaha Ram Chandra Shah, UML 3. Congress Mr.Surendra P.Chaudhary Basu Dev Tiwari, RPP 4. Congress Mr.Ramesh Rijal Mrs. Urmila Aryal, UML

Pyuthan 1. Congress Mr. Shivaraj Subedi Keshab B. Gurung, Ind 2. Indepen Mr.Navarj Subedi Mukti P.Sharma, Congress

Ramechap 1. UML Mr. Devshankar Paudyal Laxman P.Ghimire, Congress 2. Congress Mr.Padma S. Adhikari Kamal P. Chaulagai, Jana Morcha

Rasuwa 1. RPP Mr.Ramkrishna U.Acharya Balchandra Paudyal, Congress

Rautahat 1. Congress Mr.Bajra Kishore Simha Bishwanath S.Agarwal, Indepen 2. Congress Mr.Sheikh Idris Dr.Sheikh Moheed, Indepen 3. Congress Mr.Harihar Yadav Tulsilal Amatya, UML 4. Congress Mr.Udhav Dhakal Banshidhar Mishra, UML

Rolpa 1. RPP Mr.Blaram Gharti Magar Amri Bahadur Gharti, Congress 2. Congress Mr.Surendra Hamal Salik Ram Oli, UML

Rukum 1. Congress Mr. Krishna P.Gautam Shalik Ram Oli, UML 2. Congress Mr. Gopaljee Jung Shah Dhruba Bikram Shah, RPP

Rupendehi 1. Congress Mr. Duryodhan Singh Ghanashyam Bhusal, UML 2. UML Mr. Dhanapati Upadhya Ram Krishna Tamrakar, Congress 3. UML Mr. Modnath Prasit Bal Krishna Khand, Congress 4. Indepen Mr. Jyotendra Chaudhary Ajom Miya, Sadvavana 5. RPP Mr.Sarvendra Nath Shukla Yagyajit Shah, Independent

Salyan 1. Congress Mr.Rajendra B.Shah Prakash Jwala, UML 2. Congress Mr.Chabbi P.Devkota Netralal Shrestha, RPP

Sankhuwasabha 1. UML Mr.Bed Raj Khadka Shiva Kumar Gauri, Congress 2. UML Mr.Hari Bairagi Dahal Mrs.Pipush Dahal Sharma, Congress

Saptari 1. Congress Mr. Jaya P. Gupta Hiralal Chaudhary, UML 2. Sadvawana Mr.Gajendra N. Singh Madhukanta Singh, Congress 3. Sadvawana Mr.Anis Ansari Sri Narayan Madal, Indepen 4. UML Mr. Danalal Chaudhary Kuber Sharma, Congress 5. UML Mr. Gangadhar Chaudhary Mrigendra Yadav, Sadvawana

Sarlahi 1. UML Mr. Mahendra Yadav Brahmanarayan Chaudhary, Congress 2. Congress Mrs.Meena Panday Rajendra Mahat, Sadvawana 3. RPP Mr.Kavari Rai Nagendra Rai, Congress 4. Congress Mr.Ramhari Joshi Ram Bishwas Yadav, Sadvawana 5. Congress Mr. Mahanta Thakur Nanda Lal Rai, Jana Morcha

Sindhuli 1. Congress Mr.Bipin Koirala Shanti Man Karki, UML 2. Congress Mr.Hom Raj Dahal Mrs. Goma Devkota Karki, UML 3. Congress Mr. Dhruba P.Sharma Tika Jung Thapa, RPP

Sindhupalchok 1. UML Mr.Amri Bohara Pashupati Shumshere Rana, RPP 2. RPP Mr. Bishnu B. Thapa Shubhas Karmalarga, UML 3. RPP Mr.Pashupati S. Rana Kancha Lama, Congress

Siraha 1. Congress Mr. Padam N. Chaudhary Rajendra P.C.Tharu, UML 2. UML Mr.Narendraraj Pokhrel Ms.Chitralekha Yadav, Congress 3. Congress Mr. Sureshchandra Das Krishna Charan Shrestha, RPP 4. Congress Mr.Raj Dev Gohit Bishweswore Madyata Yadav, RPP 5. Congress Mr.Pradeep Giri Dharmanath Prasad Shah, Indepen

Solukhumbu 1. Congress Mr.Bal Bahadur K.C. Sonam Tsering Sherpa, RPP

Surkhet 1. Congress Mr.Purna B. Khadka Rishi P.Sharma, UML 2. UML Mr.Yam Lal Kadel Hridaya Ram Thani, Congress 3. Congress Mr.Shivaraj Joshi Navaraj Rawat, UML

Sunsari 1. UML Ms.Lila Shrestha Subba Binod K.Rai, Congress 2. Congress Mr. Bijay K. Gachhadar Kuldip Paskar, UML 3. Congress Mr. Laxman Mehta Dharmaraj Niraula, UML 4. Congress Mr. Harinath Bastola Bhim P. Acharya, UML 5. Congress Mr. Girija P. Koirala Jagadish Kushiyat, UML

Syangja 1. UML Mr. Trilochand Dhakal Rudra Man Gurung, Congress 2. UML Mr. Dhruba Raj Lamsal Gopal Man Shrestha, Congress 3. UML Mr.Mahendra Thapamagar Khagendraraj Regmi, Congress

Tanahu 1. Congress Mr. Govinda Joshi Yek B.Rana Magar, UML 2. Congress Mr. Ram Chandra Paudyal Biswabandhu Bhandari, UML 3. Congress Mr. Ambar Raj Kaini Dukha Raj Sigdel, UML

Taplejung 1. Congress Mr. Mani Lama Kaji Man Subba, UML 2. UML Ms.Ambika Sawa Bishnu Maden, RPP

Terhathum 1. UML Mr.Surendra K.Phombo Tulsi Subba, RPP

Udaipur 1. UML Mr. Laxmi N. Chaudhary Ashok C. Rai, Congress 2. UML Mr. Bishnu B. Rawat Heramba B. Thapa, Congress

UML 88 Congress 83 RPP 20 Peasants 4 Sadvawana 3 Independent 7
           ___ TOTAL 205

Women Candidates

1. Winners Kathmandu (2), Mrs. Vidya Bhandari, UML Kathmandu (6), Mrs.Sahana Pradhan, UML Sunsari (1), Mrs.Leela Shrestha, UML Gorkha (2), Mrs.Kamala Pant, Congress Dhanusha (2), Mrs.Leela Koirala, Congress Morang (7), Ms.Shailija Acharya, Congress Sarlahi (2), Mrs. Meena Panday, Congress 2. Losers Sankhuwasabha (2), Pipush Dahal, Congress Siraha (2), Mrs. Chitralekha Yadav, Congress Kathmandu (4), Mrs.Krishna Amatya, Congress Parbat (2), Mrs Uma Adhikari, Congress Sindhuli (2), Mrs.Goma Devkota, UML Parsa (4), Mrs.Urmila Aryal, UML Dang (2), Sushma Ghimire, UML


*********************************************************************************************** Date: 29 Nov 94 16:51:48 EST From: Rajendra.P.Shrestha@Dartmouth.EDU (Rajendra P. Shrestha) Subject: News 11/28-19 To:

SOURCE: Xinhua


HEADLINE: Nepal gets its first communist premier

DATELINE: (ADDS details and background)

   KATHMANDU, Nov 29 (AFP) - King Birendra on Tuesday appointed communist party chief, Mana Mohan Adhikari, as prime minister of Nepal, it was officially announced.

   Adhikari, 74, chairman and parliamentary leader of the Nepal Communist Party-United Marxist and Leninist (NCP-UML), is Nepal's first communist premier.

   He takes the helm of a minority government, after elections two weeks ago resulted in a hung parliament.

   The NCP-UML won 88 seats in the mid-term elections, 15 less than the minimum needed to command a parliamentary majority.

   A minority government became inevitable after talks with the former ruling party, the Nepali Congress (NC), failed to find an alliance. The Congress, which won 83 seats, and rightwing Rastraya Prajatantra Party (RPP) also could not agree on a coalition to keep out the communists.

   Adhikari, in addition to the premiership, will also take the portfolio of defence minister and take charge of royal palace affairs, party sources said.
--------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: AP

HEADLINE: Communists to Form Government in Nepal

DATELINE: KATMANDU, Nepal November 29th

     Nepal's king appointed a communist alliance to form a minority government, two weeks after an election returned a deadlocked parliament.

   Manmohan Adhikari, chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal
(Marxist-Leninist), will be sworn in as the prime minister Wednesday morning.

   A palace announcement said Adhikari, 74, met the king for 30 minutes during which he was invited to form the next government as leader of the single largest party.
-------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: Reuter

HEADLINE: Nepal's communist leader prepares to take power

    By Gopal Sharma

   KATHMANDU, Nov 29 (Reuter) - Nepal's lifelong anti-monarchist Man Mohan Adhikary was set to meet King Birendra on Tuesday evening to be named the Himalayan kingdom's first communist prime minister.

   A spokesman for the Communist Unified Marxist-Leninist (UML) party said Adhikary, 72, had been summoned to appear at the palace in the capital Kathmandu, at 6:30 p.m. (1245 GMT).

   The king was later expected to name Adhikary, once jailed by his father King Mahendra for anti-monarchist activities, as prime minister to head a minority government.

   A swearing-in ceremony was tentatively scheduled for 10 a.m. (0415 GMT) on Wednesday, political sources told Reuters. ''A new prime minister may be sworn in tomorrow morning,'' a tight-lipped palace official said.

   Adhikary's anticipated nomination would end two weeks of political deadlock following general elections which yielded a badly split parliament.

   But the fate of the next government remained uncertain as the communists were still wooing rival parties, including one with close ties to the monarch, to try to win enough support to survive a vote of confidence within 30 days.

   The UML took 88 of 205 seats in the House of Representatives in the November 15 elections, ahead of the outgoing ruling Congress Party's 83.

   The Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP), whose leaders often ruled Nepal in the three decades before bloody pro-democracy protests ended absolute monarchy in 1990, clinched 20 races. The remaining seats were spread among smaller parties.

   Despite nearly two weeks of horse-trading, no party has been able to build a working coalition.

   Exasperated, Congress announced on Monday that it would sit in the opposition, clearing the way for Adhikary to stake a claim to form a minority government.

   King Birendra set a deadline of 5 p.m. (1115 GMT) on Tuesday for parties to produce a lawmaker able to command a working majority of at least 103 seats in parliament.

   As no party was believed to have met the deadline, the communists said the four-year-old constitution gave them the right to form a minority government because they had the most seats.

   The king, whose powers were dramatically reduced following the pro-democracy demonstrations in 1990, must choose the leader of the parliamentary party with the most seats if no lawmaker can build a coalition with an outright majority.

   C.P. Mainali, a UML politburo member, said the communist government would have few ministers. The communists planned to write letters to both Congress and the RPP seeking their support, UML general secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal said.

   ''We will try to work out a consensus with other parties because no one is prepared to go to another election so soon,'' Nepal said.

   Mainali said the UML, formed in 1991 through the merger of rival communist factions, would not allow ideological differences to surface.

   The UML has vowed to curb landholdings, slow or even halt a privatisation programme and yet promote the private sector.

   In foreign affairs it has pledged to toe a neutral line and rewrite a three-decade-old friendship treaty with India, which the UML claims gives New Delhi unfair influence over Nepal's affairs.

******************************************************************************** Date: Tue, 29 Nov 1994 18:46:48 -0500 (EST) Subject: Ceremony and Dinner: Human Rights Award 4 Dilli Choudhary To: Nepal Digest <>

        On Wednesday December 7 1994, Dilli Choudhary of Dang will be awarded the prestigious Reebok International Human Rights Award. The award-ceremony will take place in Boston, Massachusetts at Mathews Arena at Northeastern University, starting at 9 am and go on till 12:30 in the afternoon.

        Through the help of Prahlad KC, the Greater Boston Nepali Community (GBNC) is pleased to INVITE all Nepalis and well-wishers of Nepal in the Greater Boston Area to come cheer Dilli as he receives his most-deserved award (for his work with the Tharus in Nepal) from a panel of distinguished persons, including Jimmy Carter.

        If you plan on attending, even for an hour or so, please either call (617-576-7164) or e-mail me ASAP.

        [Also feel free to call Raju Pradhan at 617-924-8852 or Sunil Shakya at 617-868-2128, Sunil's email:] Your informing one of us would help the GBNC to request Prahlad to hold/get the REQUIRED [free] admission ticket(s) for you.

        Also, that evening at six pm, Prahlad KC is giving a dinner reception in honor of Dilli at Old Baptist Church on Mass. Ave. in Cambridge, Massachusetts. And, even if you cannot make it to the morning function, please do come to the dinner. There is no charge to the dinner. The Church is located right behind the Inn at Harvard, on Massachusetts Avenue, on your left as you drive/walk 1/2 mile
(toward Central Square) from Harvard Square.

        GBNC members and Boston Nepalis are immensely pleased and proud at the prospects of meeting such a distinguished and accomplished Nepali next week in Boston. GBNC pledges to marshal it resources vigorously to push for press-coverage of Dilli's accomplishments and his winning the prestigious award in The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, The Independent Weekly (Kathmandu), The Kathmandu Post, The Rising Nepal, Kantipur, Gorkahpatra, Samachar-Bichar (Boston), HIMAL magazine, and both TND and SCN.

        Enough on details: GBNC hopes to see you at the morning function and/or at the dinner on December 7 Wednesday.

        Come! Come for Dilli Choudhary!!

namaste ashu president, gbnc
************************************************************************ Date: Tue, 29 Nov 1994 21:03 EST To: From: Ajay Pradhan <> Subject: RE: King Biased! Yes...

I couldn't agree with you more when you said King has acted biasedly when he invited all the newly elected parliament members to come up with support of 103 fellow parliament members, to form a government. Several things can be said about this:

1. I suppose if Congress Party had 88 seats and UML had 83, King would
        have no second thoughts about sending invitation to "Girija *babu*"
        to form the government. The meaning of a hung parliament in that
        situation would have been different than it is being made out to be

2. It's not OK to invite all parliament members to come up with the
        support of 103 members, because by the time King send out the open
        invitation, UML had already elected Manmohan Adhikary as its
        parliamentary party leader. And within the UML party, it is no one
        else but Adhikary who is entitled to receive a specific invitation
        to come up with the support of 103 members, if not an an outright
        invitation to form a coalition or minority government. Adhikary
        deserved this, at least. He is the elected leader of the largest
        parliamentary party. King has made a mockery out of what Nepali
        people call democracy.

3. If UML's parliamentary party had made an inordinate delay in electing
        its leader and Adhikary had not already been elected his party's
        parliamentary party chief, King could not have been blamed for
        sending out an open invitation to all the elected parliamentarians.
        In case of uncertain situation in which any one parliament member
        has no outright support of a majority, it is justifiable to do what
        he did.

4. In fact, this is exactly what the King should have done when Girija
        "babu" lost the crucial voting that prompted King to accept the
        recommendation of the lame-duck prime minister to dissolve the
        parliament. But, at that time, King couln't care less about
        inviting any alternative Congress Party parliament member or
        even UML parliamentary party chief to come up with a majority
        support to form a government. At that time, I had written to you
        (which you later posted on SCN) that accepting Girija's
        recommendation - when he had already lost the voting and presumably
        the majority support - was no better than accepting a similar
        recommendation by any other parliament member.

5. Therefore, King's acceptance of a lame-duck prime minister's
        recommendation to dissolve the parliament was wrong then, and his
        action of sending out open invitation to all the elected parliament
        members - when at least the largest parliamentary party had alredy
        elected its chief - to come up with majority support, is wrong now.
        It is plainly a case of biasness of monarchical proportions - which
        only lends credence to the mission of the anti-monarchical left-wing
        parties to abolish monarchy in Nepal. That, perhaps, is a solace to
        the many Nepali people who think that the monarchy must and shall
        go and Nepal will still retain its sovereignty.

So, Amulya, I agree with you that King has acted biasedly.

Yours, Ajay

************************************************************************* Date: Tue, 29 Nov 94 21:40 EST To: From: "Balkrishna.Sharma" <> Subject: Keep TND free of garbage information

I do appreciate the time and effort devoted by TND staff to keep it going. However, I find the material published quite often too lengthy, too tedious to readand even vulgar in some instances. Why can't some of those writers who love to write just give the info saying that they have reading material handy for the interested readers of that particular topic or mention the sources of such information. I do't see any point uploading long, very long files to mainframe and sending to all the readers. Why should minor children looking for Nepalese news be exposed to vulgar material such as 'sexual...' of Nepalese women. May be you TND staff should start rating the news coming to everyone's terminal. May be you should divide TND into sections like News, Kurakani, Looking for friends, etc etc and mail separately to the readers. I hope I am not the only one who feels like this concerning more recent issues of TND.-B.K.Sharma

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Priminister Manamohan Adhikary Royal Palace Vice-Priminister Madhav K. Nepal Defence and Foreign Affaire Minister K. P. Oli Home do C.P. Mainali Local Dev. and Supply do Bharatmohan Adhikary Finance do R.K. Mainali Agri. and Land-Reform do Modhanath Prasit Edu.,Culture and Social
                                            Welfare do Pradeep Nepal Information and
                                            Communication do Padam R. Tuladhar Labour and Health

State Minister Ashok Rai Construction and
                                            Transportation do Salim Ansari Miya Forest and Environment do Prem Singh Dhami Housing and Physical
                                            Planning do Subash Nembang Law,Justice,Parliament
                                            and Public administration do Bhim Rawal Commerce,Tourism and
                                            Civil aviation do Hari Pande Industry and Water
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