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    The Nepal Digest Mon Apr 17, 2000: Baishakh 4 2057BS: Year9 Volume96 TIssue446

         N A V A B A R S H A K O S U B H A K A M A N A 2 0 5 7 !!!

    Today's Topics (partial list):

           Who to Follow: Yourself or Your Father-in-law?
           New Year 2057 Resolution
           AFVs News
           Addresses of Research Institutes in Nepal
           Obituary for Sanjay Sthapit (1972-2000)
           Mukti High School, Ratamata, Pyuthan District
           KHOJ_KHABAR: looking for information on Nepalis in NJ
           About Nepalese Visa obtained from the Nepalese Consulate at Amsterdam
           Dual Citizenship
           Trip to Nepal
           About George Mallory II
           A very holy 'Holi' festival !
           Looking for Nepali Community in Charlotte, North Carolina
           Foreign Currency Exchange Rates
           100 Top Nepalese in 100 years!!

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    ****************************************************************** Date: Sun, 2 Apr 2000 15:34:04 -0400 (EDT) From: "Pramod K. Mishra" <> To: The Nepal digest Editor <> Subject: Who to Follow: Yourself or Your Father-in-law?

            If you live for a time in the United States, it's hard not to get junk mail, telemarketing or fundraising calls, help from one or other proslytizing groups, news of murder and meyham in the media or watch the presidential debates. If you are a person of reasonable curiosity, it's hard not to know that "Caravan" didn't win the Oscar, "The Sixth Sense" was made by a talented man of Indian descent, or that South Asians are doing pretty well in the computer industry, the medical profession, and taxi business in metropolitan enclaves. But even if you possess no curiosity whatsoever but you come from the Third World, you can't but be curious about how people make millions in minutes.

            A few weeks ago, this curiousity led me to watch the show "Who Wants to be a Millionnaire?" People had been telling me about its marvels--its happy disappointments, quick wish fulfilments and celebrations. So I watched for two nights, and learned quite a bit.

            A very thoughtful, knowledgeable man won his way to the hot seat. He had his wife and children with him in the city. That morning, his younger child--a three-year-old--told him, "Dad, don't give the wrong answer." He said he won't. And he wasn't until . . . He reasoned, thought aloud, weighed various probabilities and then gave his answers. All his answers turned out to be right. His potential coffer bulged from hundred dollars to $64,000. The next step was crucial. He wasn't hundred percent sure of the answer. The question was, Who was both the President of the US and the Speaker of the House? The choices finally came down to two: Henry Ford or Polk. This man's own reasoning was that since the Congress didn't have a Democratic majority since WW II, Ford couldn't be the Speaker. But he knew little about Polk. So he wavered before the big stakes. He asked for the remaining lifeline: asking someone you know for help. The person he asked turned out to be his father-in-law, who he believed knew these things. The father-in-law said--Ford. So he answered, Ford. "Are you sure, it's Ford?" He said, "Yes, I'm sure because my father-in-law says so, although . . ." And he lost.

            The next player came: a twenty-five-year old Cal Tech student. At some point, he, too, used his lifeline on the 'phone. This time, it was his brother, a sports buff. The question was, Who played the maximum number of games or series in baseball--Bab Ruth or Some Jackson or something. His brother said, Jackson. The Cal Tech student asked his brother, "Are you sure?" His brother said, "I'm positive." Or something. For a minute or two, the young man in the hotseat agonized, fretted, concentrated. Finally, he said, "Bab Ruth." Just the opposite of what his brother, a sports buff, has said. He won. Eventually, he went on to win the million dollars.

            Besides the absurdity of this game, the point of it all is not whether the Cal Tech student won or lost. The point is, even if he had lost, it would have been the result of his own decision and he would have been responsible for it. A family man with the weight of a father-in-law on his shoulder was encumbered by family and kinship, whereas this college student could shake off his brother's advice and follow his path.

            How many young men and women from the Third World, particularly from South Asia, lead unhappy lives because they follow the advice, very often dictates, of their elders in crucial matters, more crucial matters of life than just winning a million dollars? Seldom does a young man or woman get to choose his own path--in study, in marriage, in searching for meaning in life. Very often these bad decision made in early youth turns such young man or woman's entire life a source of suffering--very often a slow, smoldering pile of grievances, tears, sadness, and eventually wasted lives. And you can't even take responsibility, blame yourself and move on.

            A human being (what a generalization! but even if historically situated) a human being must get the opportunity to make decisions regarding vital matters in his or her life. Even if one makes mistakes, one is responsible for one's own mistakes. Very often people from South Asia are responsible for their parents' mistakes and decisions that the parents had the privilege of making on their adult children's behalf. I am talking more about young men here than women. Most women don't even know anything about the alternatives--poverty, caste, religion, feudal system of social management, and many such ideologies restricting their mental horizons from childhood. It is time that such parental privilege be suspended.

            No adult son or daughter should have to follow his or her parents orders and stifling restrictions in matters of career, marriage, and search for meaning in life. But the decision lies in the hands of the young men or women in question. As long as they continue to be sheep, they would always find some shepherd to drive them. As Josheph Cambell, the great mythologist said, said, "Follow your bliss." Listen to others but reject, if you have to, your parents', elders', peers', castemen's pressures. Tell them, "Get off my back! Let me lead my life the way I want to."

    ****************************************************************** From: "ANANTA RISAL" <> To: "The Nepal Digest" <> Subject: New Year 2057 Resolution: "Aaaradhana ki Upaasana "- worshiping from near or from distance? Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 07:54:44 -0400

    New Year 2057 Resolution: "Aaaradhana ki Upaasana "- worshiping from near or from distance?

    If you're performing 'Aarati'-(holy services, work of any kind with some divine purposes) in front of a holy icon it is called 'Aaradhana'. If you're unable to worship inside a temple - in front of a symbol, either because you don't want to perform it in a group or you may not have space inside a temple so you prefer to wait outside - then it is called
    'Upaasana'. Some temples are small and can not accommodate many devotees and some are big and can hold as many as the entire country. If you define life as a divine pilgrimage or an everlasting intellectual process then you need to associate yourself with a place where you can perform duties of some kind and no one can escape from either of these processes.

    Nepal is my temple. She has all the quality to remain as a 'Gyan Bhumi' where people can attain the highest goal of their life. It is not that other places are not but it makes it easier if we follow the righteous 'karma'. I wish she is allowed to maintain the same quality she has in the past. I wish all the people living within her would live like a saint life, simple and devotional, lead a spiritual and highly intellectual life. Still in most of the cases they all do. Otherwise there are so many opportunities in other countries that you can get. You target US for earning more. We target Singapore for living clean and may be India for cheaper technologies. We target many other countries for many other reasons. Don't target Nepal for any other materialistic purpose is my request to all Nepalese and others visitors. Don't use my temple to earn money or as a luxury motel; it is not being build for that reason. Her purpose is to teach people what an unconditional love is all about. Everyone in this nation is a priest of different kinds. A head of the priests could be a king or a president or even a prime minister depending who can worship her temple more and with unconditional services but with 'Aaradhana' in back of their mind. With due respect only head priests of that temple can be allowed to touch the idol and distribute 'phul-prasad' to the other devotees. The 'Guthi' of the temple decides whether if they still need the head priest or not.

    Nepal also is my grand mother. She is now getting a little older (temples needs renovations) and poorer (most of the businessmen are from the neighboring countries) but still she is my only grand mother. She lost her hairs (all the jungle are gone) and she stoops nowadays (begs for her peaceful existence). She used to be a knowledge center for the entire village (but nowadays students go outside of the country to get their basic education). She just damaged her foot (many people died for no reasons in world wars) but still she is my only granny and I love her as much as today than yesterday. May be a little more because she needs me now, she still doesn't admit that and denies that she is still strong and capable. She also lost her both eyes (scholars and so-called leaders or social activist's only fight for their selfish cause). If it was 'moti-bindu', it would have been cured but the operation didn't help much too. Only yesterday she lost her walking sticks (all her remaining sons left for 'Bidesh' to bring her more money). She knows that money doesn't help her much. Even if they come back with a lot of money it'll be too late. But she can still speak and tell me all stories that she saw in the past. Luckily her ears are still fine. She can still hear me. She told me all about the past she encountered. She still remains a legend and a nanny to my little one. I am still living with her to hear more stories and she is living to tell hers.

    She tells me that she has once over heard Lord Shiva telling stories to Parvati in 'Shleshmantak jungle about the great life in her vicinity. She saw poet Byas in one of the cave compiling his 'Mahabharat'. My granny told me that she still remembers King Janak married her daughter Sita to a noble king of Ayouddhya. Many times she told good stories to Lord Buddha when she was cuddling him in her arms. She regrets that Buddha shouldn't have left home so early for Bodhgaya. Later she admits he did the right thing for himself to enlighten Asia but didn't get return instead. He told his
    'Nirvan' experiences to the wrong people, she claims. Granny has seen a lot of people and once even told Sankaracharya from the south not to quarrel much with Budhha. She told me that she has due respect to Ram Shah who fought for justice and lived with it. Drabya was very fast and full of justice. She wished and thanked Prithibi for being considerate though he was a bit impatient. She told all the good tricks to him to be successful, remember! She told she saw Bhanubhakta praising 'Ghansi'-the grass cutter. She tells she saw this morning our people fighting for the cause of other nation and for no good reasons. She feels sorry for them.

    I don't see her old anymore. She has a lot of strengths to live and protect us with unconditional love. She has a lot more hidden stories to tell us. Since she loves to lead a free life she even suggested me to go in search of good knowledge. Learn the knowledge that can be utilized back to the nation. So that if I leave, she can stay home alone. She knows she has done that many times. I don't have any compromise on our granny's quality? She is great and remains great forever. She is purely a spiritual and divine woman. I wanted to see her like that forever and she has promised me that too. She told me one secret that she will never die. God has given her an eternal life in the mountains.

    I also promised her that I would come back, like others, but not with the money but with the knowledge and supreme devotion. So that I can learn myself first what unconditional love is all about and teach my fellow brothers and sisters what I learned. Finally, I learned how to make my temple beautiful and full of trees and animals. I went back to my village this summer with my newly born child. I didn't see my granny there. I thought she could do some baby sitting. One of my neighboring friends told me that she disappeared from home one morning and never came back. No one could guess where she went.

    I don't see her anymore with my physical eyes that God has given. But I can still she her with the eyes she has given me. She has a lot of strengths to protect us and a lot more hidden stories to tell us. I don't have any compromise on our granny's quality? She is great and remains great forever. She is purely a spiritual woman of divine purpose and ultimate knowledge. I always see her like what I left and remember what she has promised me. She told me one secret that she will never die, watch us from behind and protect us where ever we are- either performing 'Aaradhana' or 'Upasana'.


    ************************************************************************ Date: 13 Apr 2000 07:12:47 -0000 To: List Member <> Mailing-List: ListBot mailing list contact From: "Alternative Fuel Vehicles Nepal" <> Subject: AFVs News

    Alternative Fuel Vehicles Nepal

    Martin Chautari wishes all AFVs news subscribers a very happy new year 2057 BS

    1. Earth Day 2000 Committee-Nepal Announces Programs.
         by Martin Chautari, 13 April.

    Around the globe, 4500 groups from 181 countries have joined the Earth Day 2000 campaign. Various activities are scheduled to take place to celebrate Earth Day 2000 throughout the world. The Earth Day 2000 Committee-Nepal announced a list of events to celebrate earth day 2000. The ministry of environment and population of Nepal too have joined hand with the Nepal committee to celebrate the day.

    The following is the list of the events the Earth Day 2000 Committee-Nepal organizing.

    April 19: Interaction program. The program will begin with an introductory note on the earth day and its relevance. Global and Local issues of environment will be discussed. Besides, the impact of air pollution on public health will be discussed.

    April 20: Poster and Essay competition. Students from different school will take part in on-the-spot poster and essay competition.

    April 21: No (private vehicle) drive day. The Earth Day 2000 Committee-Nepal has asked all I/NGOs, GOs, and citizens to not ride the private vehicles on 21 April and use public/clean vehicles. Being a member of the Earth Day 2000 Committee-Nepal, Martin Chautari would also like to request all Alternative Fuel Vehicle-Nepal news subscribers for their active cooperation in making Earth Day 2000 a huge success by not riding private vehicles and/ or using public/clean vehicles on 21 April (Friday). Your small contribution helps to create a heightened awareness on the general public of rights to live in clean and healthy environment and importance of clean vehicles in abating air pollution.

    April 21: Air check program (NOx Monitoring and Mapping). For NOx monitoring, about 1000 test kits will be distributed to interested organizations/individuals who will perform NOx tests on Earth Day and report their results. Many Asian countries participate in NOx monitoring on the same day. The idea of NOx monitoring is to compare fossil fuel consumption in participating countries and its contribution to climate change as NOx can be used as an indicator of fossil fuel consumption. The result of the air check program will be displayed on April 22. The participants will display bandanna provided by the Earth Day 2000 Asia Committee.

    April 21: Skit show by students. April 21: Interaction program on clean air and clean energy. The program will focus on opportunities for tourism industry and women in clean energy. The program will also discuss on the need and possibility for a corporate fund for environment protection.

    April 22: Rally to demonstrate public concern on environment. People from different walk of life will participate in the rally. The participants will wear special T-shirt designed for the earth day, with the earth day slogans imprinted. Also, a number of electric vehicles will participate in the rally. The safa tempos (electric three-wheelers) are offering a discounted rate for the commuters on that day. At the end of the rally, the NOx mapping as well as posters prepared by the students will be exhibited. Prizes will be distributed to the winners of the essay and poster competition. Citizens' report on environment (include the problems identified by the citizens and the possible solutions to the problems envisioned by the citizens) will be handed over to the environment minister.

    2. Confusion surrounding conformity of production
         by Martin Chautari, 13 April 2000

    As Nepal is learning to cope up with Nepal Vehicle Mass Emission Standard
    (2056), a great deal of confusion seems to brewing up with regard to it. Lately we had news that Ministry of Population and Environment (MoPE) was contemplating to allow vehicles at Birgunj Custom Office to enter Nepal on the condition that certificate of conformity of production be submitted at later dates. This is a ridiculous judgment on the part of the MoPE's officials. Once these vehicles are in and vehicle owners do not furnish certificate of conformity of production later, no one even the government could drive them out of the country. Remember! how much price the government had to pay just to take diesel Vikram tempos out of Kathmandu valley.

    Even more ridiculous is the opinion of MoPE published in Kantipur daily
    (April 9, 2000) in response to news (Praman Patra Pachhi Pesh Garne Sarta ma Gadi Aayat Garna Dine Tayari) published in the same daily on April 5. In a letter written to editor MoPE says that getting Type Approval Certificate automatically means that the vehicle meets the Euro I standard. Type Approval Certificate is issued based on tests conducted on prototypes while all those vehicles left at Birgunj are real vehicles after the production has begun. To assume that real vehicles are replicas of prototypes and emit same level of emissions as prototypes make everyone laugh. Otherwise there would be no need to have conformity of production. Conformity of production is an assembly line testing system and is generally conducted after certain months of production. The objective of conformity of production is to enable regulatory authorities to check whether real vehicles comply specified standards and to take remedial actions to correct the problem (such as revoking certification and recalling vehicles) and to discourage the manufacture of non-complying vehicles. This test provides an additional check on mass-produced vehicles to assure that the designs found adequate in certificate are translated into production and that quality control on the assembly line is sufficient to provide reasonable assurance that vehicles in use meet standards.

    Though keeping vehicles at Birgunj would entail loss in revenues to the government as the MoPE states, it would be wise to keep them at the Birgunj Custom Office until vehicle owners submit conformity of production. Other wise it would be the repeat of the proverb which says
    'Hatar Ma Bihe Garne, Fursad Ma Pachhutaune'.

    3. Interaction Program on Electric Vehicles
         by Martin Chautari, 13 April 2000.

    'I will adhere to the emission standards set by the ministry and will not lose the standards. I am committed to make our country cleaner,' said new environment minister Mr. Shiva Raj Joshi. At an interaction program organized by Clean Locomotive Entrepreneur's Association of Nepal (CLEAN), Minister Joshi said, 'I will continue the works initiated by my predecessor. I will try to solve the problems being encountered by safa tempos (electric three-wheelers).'

    'Safa tempos are not provided any parking space and are not allowed to run in the routes demanded by public,' alleged DB Limbu, president of CLEAN. Ashok Pandey of NEVI charged the traffic police for making propaganda against the electric vehicles. 'Its necessary to promote safa tempos to abate the air pollution of the valley,' said Sharad Neupane of Danida. 'We are willing to support government but it must show its commitment,' added Neupane. In the program, Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolis Keshav Sthapit, lauded the safa tempos for making city less polluted.

    ********************************************************* From: "Olurin, Yemisi" <> To: "''" <> Subject: Re: The Nepal Digest - Nov 4, 1994 (1 Mangshir 2051 BkSm) Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2000 10:10:22 -0400

    Hi, This is the interpretations department of Berlitz, we are a language company, and we are looking for Bhutanese speakers in the Nebraska region, to help us with some interpretation work. Please feel free to give us any recommendations. Thank you.
      Yemisi Olurin Recruiter/Processor Berlitz GlobalNET Inc. 1-888-241-9149 ext 180 Fax: (202)331-2033

    ************************************************************** Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2000 10:50:28 -0700 From: "Michael Fewel" <> To: <> Subject: currency

    I am in Seattle, WA> and would like to purchase Nepalese money prior to a planned trip there. No one seems to know where I may do so. Can you be of any help? Thank you.

    ******************************************************************* From: To: Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000 15:09:15 +0200 Subject: Addresses of Research Institutes in Nepal

    I am looking for the internet addressese telepnone and fax numbers of prime research institutes and Universities in Nepal. Amit Shrivastava Research Scholar Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Oslo Norway. e-mail

    ************************************************************************** From: "Kanak Mani Dixit" <> To: Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 19:07:41 -0400 Subject: April Himal

     April 2000 Himal, now on the e-stands -

    The complete issue of April Himal (South Asian magazine) is now available online at <>

    COVER Taliban Aghanistan - Image and Governance On-the-spot report by Nasim Zehra

    OPINION What's wrong with Indian politics? by Shiv Visvanathan

    COMMENTARY Nepal - Old hat (Koirala once again in the saddle) Sri Lanka - No stopping the Tigers Pakistan - Ironies catch up with Sharif

    South Asia - Clintonji, Clintonbhai, Clintonsaab Recap

    FEATURES Indian Women/Pakistan Diary by Shobhana Bhattacharji

    LITERARY SOUTH ASIA (edited in Kalimpong by Anmole Prasad) Two poems by Revathy Gopal Sharmila Desai's dance document

    plus REGULAR COLUMNS Mediafile Voices and Mail
       introducing new column "Lastpage" as Ms. Abo Minable retires.

    Next issue: Does Article 370 of the Indian Constitution hold the answer for ALL South Asia? Uplink by 10 May 2000.

    Himal GPO Box 7251 Kathmandu, Nepal Phone: +977-1-543333/34/35/36 Fax: +977-1-521013 email:

    *********************************************************** Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 12:02:20 -0400 To: From: "Rajesh B. Shrestha" <> Subject: Obituary for Sanjay Sthapit (1972-2000)

    It is still with disbelief that I find myself writing an obituary for Sanjay Sthapit. I haven't seen Sanjay for a while now and I still think of him as quietly pursuing his graduate program at UNC, Chapel Hill. To realize that Sanjay is gone much further away and that we'll never see him again is indeed difficult to come to terms with.

    I met Sanjay in Kathmandu in the summer of 1991 upon finding out that we were headed to the same place in US, Clark University, for the same undergraduate degree. Over 3 years, Sanjay and I ended up taking many classes together and worked on joint projects a couple times. I remember us working several times, along with other fellow Computer Science students, overnight in the little computer lab in Carlson Hall -- living on Kit Kat and Coke.

    Without exaggeration, Sanjay is one of the smartest people I've known, not to mention his many talents in music and arts. He was widely acknowledged as the best programmer among us and the coolest guy around. Despite his brilliance, Sanjay kept a low-profile, was soft-spoken and was never pretentious.

    To be honest, I do not know of many people that were very close to Sanjay. I wasn't myself either. Sanjay was not the kind of a person that would utterly impress you when you first meet him and later disappoint you as you get to know him more. Actually, it was the contrary -- over time, we admired Sanjay's combination of intelligence and humility more and more. Secretly, we envied him.

    There was a fun side to him as well. Sanjay, in our senior year, dyed his hair bright blue for a long time. When he finally washed his dye and got his black hair back, he looked so fresh and we teased him about how it looked like he had just taken a shower, after months! Sanjay had a flair for drawing "cartoons", a word he'd find derogative and would suggest the word "animation" instead.

    The sudden news of Sanjay's demise due to a heart-valve infection is as debilitating as it is shocking. Ever cheerful, graceful and "cool" through the worst of times, Sanjay was one of a kind. Those of us who knew him will cherish and enrich our lives with his memories. Many deep sympathies to his family at this time of tremendous loss.

    One of Sanjay's college friends, rajesh

    *********************************************************************** From: David Mason 1175 <> To: "''" <> Subject: Mukti High School, Ratamata, Pyuthan District Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 16:28:03 -0700

    Is anyone with a connection to Mukti High School in Pyuthan Jilla, Rapti Zone on this list? I was a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer teacher there in 1969-70. I would like to know what has happened to the school and to people living nearby that I knew.

    Thank you! David Mason <> or Los Angeles

    ********************************************************************** From: "Anil Tuladhar" <> To: Subject: KHOJ_KHABAR: looking for information on Nepalis in NJ Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 15:25:34 EDT Mime-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; format=flowed

    Hi, A friend of mine is coming to NJIT this fall 2000. He wants to know about Nepalese community in NJ, in particular those familiar with NJIT. If there's anyone out there, could you get back to me? Thanks in advance


    ******************************************************************* From: "Glenn Mitrasing" <> To: <> Subject: About Nepalese Visa obtained from the Nepalese Consulate at Amsterdam Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 22:02:57 +0100

    About Nepalese Visa obtained from the Nepalese Consulate at Amsterdam=20
     The Consulate of Nepal in Amsterdam provides as a 'service' Nepalese = visa to tourists who are going to visit Nepal. Also at Schiphol airport = when they leave with Transavia. I don't think that it is a token of good = advertisement for Nepal when Dutch Tourists pay about 11 USD more (95 = Dutch guilders is about 41 USD) and discover some hours later at = Tribhuvan Airport this difference. You will not get faster through the = Control system of the airport either. The Nepalese Embassy in Brussels = provides the same document according to the rules of HMG: 30 USD. Why = would a Dutch tourist pay more? I suppose that all tourists should be = charged equally. Has HMG anything to say about the Consulate in = Amsterdam?

     Leo Frient

    ********************************************************************* From: "Kanak Mani Dixit" <> To: Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2000 14:01:55 -0400

    Journalists Wanted

    Himalmedia Pvt Ltd is looking for editors and reporters with flawless English and an outstanding commitment to journalism for a new international-standard English-language weekly newspaper for Nepal to be launched soon.

    Himalmedia is also the publisher of Himal South Asian Magazine, Himal Khabarpatrika and Wave.

    If you want to be a part of this exciting new venture, please fill in the form below and e- mail to before 20 April 2000. Write =91Application=92 under subject.


    Male/Female: Born where: Born when:


    Education (School and College):

    Work experience:

    References (two names with email/phone contact):

    Your contact (email/phone/street address):

    Write a 400-word essay on the relevance of English-language journalism in Nepal today, and the strengths you would bring to the job.

    Himal GPO Box 7251 Kathmandu, Nepal Phone: +977-1-543333/34/35/36 Fax: +977-1-521013 email:


    *********************************************************************************************** Date: Sun, 02 Apr 2000 13:51:17 -0400 From: "Rajesh B. Shrestha" <> Subject: Re: Dual Citizenship

    Dear all,

    As Shailendra Shuklaji remarked that the issue of dual-citizenship seems to gain momentum every 10 years, I believe it is only going to be more so in the future. We are seeing record number of Nepalis leaving for abroad for opportunities for work, education, et. al. recently. As the size of Nepali diaspora increases (and it is only bound to), the issue of dual citizenship/nationality is probably going to come up more and more often.

    Former citizens of Nepal who are are now citizens of their adopted land do face certain disadvantages when it comes to investing in Nepal: non-citizens cannot own land or property in Nepal and are subjected to visa restrictions. I suppose it is fair to assume that the number of former Nepali citizens (guesstimated at few thousands in the West), would want to invest in Nepal, given their own resources and expertise and the emerging opportunities in Nepal. Furthermore, it would seem a loss to relegate the former citizens, whose number is on the increase, to that of mere foreign strangers, and deny them even a simplified access to the country of their birth/origin.=20

    However, opponents of the case for dual-citizenship also have a point, especially the one about Nepal's geo-political situation. Doling out dual citizenship does have a lot of risky and unexplored implications for the mass of Nepalis and former Nepali citizens in India, Burma and other countries and also the thousands of Bhutani refugees currently in Nepal. Besides, there are national priorities too. Nepal is currently going through the issue of a simple citizenship, let alone dual citizenship. Nepal is still trying to grapple with the nuances of citizenship (esp. in border areas) and has just begun distributing identity cards. Regardless of the merits of dual citizenship, I think Nepal is not ready for it -- not just yet.=20

    Here comes the relevance of the notion of permanent residency for former Nepali citizens. Since dual citizenship is too big and too hard to handle right now, some sort of a PR status seems just the right stepping stone. And it might even jive in with the identity cards -- if the cards are played out right. Still however, proponents for the idea need to do more than just bring out arguments that Nepal has nothing to lose with the new provision for former citizens. If Nepal is to act, it needs to be demonstrated that Nepal _will_ surely gain. There are a lot of things that Nepal can do without losing anything; however unless it actually have a gainful effect, it would only be a waste of an effort on Nepal's part. Proponents of both the dual-citizenship and PR status have to come up with a quantifiable figure for investment dollars that would flow into Nepal as a result or even come up with such a fund in advance as the Indian community has done. Only then, I believe, the lobbying for the dual-citizenship or a PR status, would be realizable -- and gainful to Nepal as well.

    Thanks to Hemendra Bohra and Shailesh Gongal for an interesting pre-discussion on this subject.

    Thank you. Rajesh Babu Shrestha Boston, Massachusetts

    ***************************************************************** To: "Pharkera Ke Painchha?" <<> From: "Shailendra Shukla" <<> Subject: Re: Dual Citizenship Holder Nepalis, Are You Nepali? Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 09:37:52 -0500

    Pharkera Ke Painchha? - This interest in this subject seems to gain momentum every ten years or so. I guess it is simply a matter of how many people are affected; in the beginning there were not many but the number is slowly increasing. I would further guess that we (meaning expatriate Nepalis in the west) have not yet reached a critical mass either in number or in economic clout. The latter is more important; how many successful Nepalis entrepreneurs are there in the west and then how many of them are dying to invest in Nepal? As far as Nepalis in America are concerned, just look at how many years ANA has been trying to build a cultural center? Compare that to Indians, who here in Gainesville, Florida a campus town, raised almost a million dollars in 7 years and have built a beautiful cultural center.

    For what it is worth I am including an article of mine that was published in the Kathmandu Post in 1997. I have also a question for Mishra ji who says" The problem I find with those holding dual citizenship is: they are lobbying for the right after breaking the law". What does he mean by "those holding dual citizenship" when by his own interpretation of Nepali law no one can hold one. What Nepali law is broken when a Nepali citizen accepts another citizenship?



                            Shailendra Shukla

                               Florida, USA

       Demand for dual-citizenship seems to be growing among Nepalis who have acquired foreign citizenship. In the USA, where I have resided=20 for the last twenty years, I have noticed this phenomenon for quite some=20 time among Indians, and of late Nepalis also have started to clamor for=20 this status. In the following I present some of my own thoughts in this matter=20 and hope to start a discussion among the Nepalis in Nepal regarding this matter.
         Citizenship is a legal term implying certain rights and privileges=20 like voting, owning property and business, holding a passport etc. Not being=20 a lawyer I don't really know if it is possible for one country to unilaterally=20 award its citizenship to people who hold citizenship of an another country. To=20 be frank, I think it is absurd for people to hold citizenship of two countries=20 simultaneously. Let me bluntly pose some of my concerns: (i). Suppose these two=20 countries wage a war against each other (perhaps an unlikely scenario but not=20 theoretically impossible), whom are these people going to legally support?=20 What if both these countries draft the dual-citizens for military service?=20
    (ii). Do dual-citizens carry two passports and use whichever is convenient,=20 politically or economically, while traveling to different countries?
    (iii).=20 While traveling to other countries, will these countries recognize the=20 dual-citizenship, or will having two passports be a liability, or perhaps=20 even illegal? (iv). Should this dual-citizenship be allowed only to those Nepalis=20 who are in the US or Europe or is Nepal going to grant it to Nepalis residing=20 in other countries as well, India, for example? (vi). Should dual-citizenship=20 only be given to those who can pay huge sums of money, as has been suggested by=20 some? CITIZENSHIP FOR SALE? (vii). Finally and in my opinion most importantly,=20 is citizenship just a paper which we acquire so that we can stay and work in some foreign countries?

        As you can guess from the questions I have raised, I personally have=20 serious reservations about dual-citizenship. However, I think that we Nepalis,=20 who have for whatever reasons acquired other citizenship, should be allowed some=20 leniency from our native land. We may have relinquished the citizenship but we=20 still are Nepali at heart. We still have a lot of ties with Nepal and would like=20 to bring up our children with a positive feeling towards the land of their parents.=20 Those of us who have survived in a foreign land have usually acquired some skill=20 which can be put to use in Nepal. Those of us who have prospered here may also=20 like to invest financially in Nepal if the terms were more convenient. I am not=20 claiming that we would do this for purely altruistic reason, but investing in Nepal=20 can help our own friends and relatives still living in Nepal and by doing so we=20 will help the country as well. With a positive support from government of Nepal,=20 we all become goodwill ambassadors for Nepal and can lure others to invest in or=20 at least to visit Nepal. We can be a powerful lobby for Nepalese interests abroad.=20 So purely from an economic viewpoint, Nepal has nothing to lose and only to gain by=20 treating us well. Of course, beyond purely economic reasons, there is a spiritual=20 connection binding Nepal to us and for that reason alone Nepal should treat us differently than other true foreigners.=20

       Instead of dual-citizenship, perhaps we could call it dual- nationality.=20 For example, I am a US citizen of Nepalese nationality. I would like to request=20 the government of Nepal to establish a commission to study this matter and=20 formulate specific recommendations including draft legislation. Dual-national=20 could be defined as anyone who used to hold a Nepalese citizenship or has at least=20 one parent who used to be a Nepalese citizen. This status should be given to=20 Nepalis from any country in the world and not just from rich western nations.=20 By establishing dual-nationality, Nepal will essentially be acknowledging, in a=20 formal manner, the linkages that already exist between Nepal and Nepalis no matter=20 where they live. Specifically, I would like this commission to consider the=20 following for dual-nationals:

    (1). Unrestricted visa: Getting a visa everytime we enter Nepal is the most=20 irritating and humiliating issue to us. Nepal should allow all dual-nationals=20 an unrestricted visa, perhaps something like a "green card" as Mr. Hada from=20 New York has proposed. Even with this visa, a foreign national's entry and=20 departure from the country could still be tracked at the entry points.=20

    2. Allow dual nationals the same travel freedom within Nepal that is given to=20 all the Nepalese citizens.

    3. Dual nationals should be charged the same amount as the citizens for those=20 items where variable rates are currently in place (e.g., air line tickets).

    4. Allow dual-nationals to buy property, engage in business etc. In all probability,=20 non-resident Nepalis will bring foreign currency as well as expert skills into=20 Nepal and Nepal has nothing to lose by this arrangement.

    5. Government should guarantee that foreign currency brought in Nepal for=20 investment and the profits thus accrued can be converted back to the original=20 currency in the future without much hassle.=20

    Although most of these demands can perhaps be met by simple administrative=20 fiats, I would like Nepal to formally establish and recognize the dual-nationalship=20 status so that these benefits can not be easily taken away in the future. The=20 establishment of a formal dual-national status will be mutually beneficial to=20 both Nepal and former Nepalese citizens.

    >Subject: [kitab] Dual citizenship
    >Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 15:35:38

    >Attracting investment to Nepal seems to be the carrot being held
    >out to the Nepali government by ANA members. I would be very
    >interested to get some information regarding investment by
    >ANA members.
    >1. What is the total amount of money invested so far by people
    >of Nepali origin in Nepal? In the US? In other countries? How
    >does this compare with the total foreign investment in Nepal?
    >2. What specific obstacles have people of Nepali origins faced
    >regarding freedom to travel in Nepal and in investing in Nepal?
    >3. What specific terms/regulations regarding investing in Nepal
    >do people of Nepali origins find objectionable and feel ought
    >to be changed?
    >As a promoter of small hydropower projets in Nepal I am very
    >interested to know about potential investors in Nepal and would
    >be interested to know of any obstacle that might be preventing
    >foreign investment in Nepal.


    *************************************************************** From: "Rajbhandari, Rajan" <>

    Dear all,
      NOTE: This is not soliciting or advertising.
      I'm trying to put together a list of Nepalese Information Technology professionals, (i.e. "computer people") I'm starting with North America (where I reside).
      If you are a Nepalese IT professional, please drop me a line at: <> and <>
      If you want, include some information about yourself.
      I'll compile the list and put it on a website which I'll announce it in a couple weeks.
      Thanks. Rajan Rajbhandari

    *********************************************************************** From: "kuntsupykalainen" <> To: <> Subject: wow Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000 01:37:17 +1000

    My name is Kuntsu Pykalainen fomer Hille. I was born in Nepal and lived = there 10 years.I'm 21 now and I want to find people who lived there at = the same time. Kathmandu.Specially If I could find Massimo or Laxmi = Rigghetti.Massimo is few years yonger than me and Laxmi is his mother. = If u got some help to me please don't be afraid to contact =

    ********************************************************************* From: "sara jeurissen" <> To: Subject: do nepali's eat wheat? Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 02:50:31 PDT

    Dear Nepal organisation,

    In september of this year I am going to Nepal to work in a childrens hospital. I would also like to do some coeliakie research there. But coeliakie disease can only be diagnosed with people that eat wheat, So I really would like to know if people in Nepal eat wheat at all, or they just eat rice. I would be very pleased if you could help me with this!!

    Yours sincerely, Sara Jeurissen

    ******************************************************************* From: T Delaney <> To: Subject: Trip to Nepal Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000 20:48:15 -0700

    Hello, We are interested in a trip to Nepal consisting of a visit to Kathmandu, then a overnight trek with a guide on a short back packing trip. Then we would like to travel to Mustang. Please advise how we would make these arrangements and what the mode of travel is from Kathmandu to Mustang and how long? We will also require accommodations. The time from for us is in March of 2001. We will fly from Canada to Kathmandu on our own arrangements. Currently it looks like we will fly in from Delhi. We are a family of four with two young teenagers. Many thanks and we can't wait for your answer!!

    Sam Chapple

    ******************************************************************* From: =?iso-8859-1?Q?CARLOS_DE_LA_PUENTE_MU=D1OZ?= <> To: "''" <> Subject: About George Mallory II Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 22:14:04 +0100

    My name is Carlos de la Puente. I am the editor of the adventure section on newspaper AS, a sports daily in Spain. Tomorrow, one of our writers, Ana Marcos, will depart heading to the Everest, to cover an spanish expedition that will try to honor George Mallory and Andrew Irvine.

    Maybe you have heard before about this crew. They work for the spanish national television (TVE), and their show, 'Al filo de lo imposible' (In the verge of the impossible) has been receiving international awards in the last 25 years. They usually arrange expeditions (they have been to both North and South poles and the Everest before, among many other locations) and put together some impressive shows that bring adventure sports closer to the main audience.

    This time, they will honor Mallory and Irvine by wearing clothes similar to those they used in their 1924 expedition, in an attemp to bring live to their incredible history, not very well know among spanish people.

    The reason I am contacting you is because we are looking for George Mallory II. We will like to interview him as a complement to our coverage from the Everest. I wonder if there is any way I could contact him or any of his relatives, just to bring and testimony from them about Mallory and this expedition.

    I would appreciatte if anybody could contact me or give me any hint at my e-mail adress: Thank you very much in advance CARLOS

    ********************************************************************** From: "Risal, Ananta Gopal (Ananta)** CTR **" <> Subject: RE: A very holy 'Holi' festival ! Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 10:14:14 -0500

    Holiko aangan ra mahima !

    Holiko saba rangale bishamataa, durbhabanaa mauliyo Charai barna samaan utsab naya Nepalma phailiyo | Ashthaka aba sampati milanama, yautai bhayo angan Banche barsha hajaar, bishwa bichhama, aalok santhapan |1||

    Ananta G Risal Happy 'Holi'day

    ****************************************************************** Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 13:27:33 +0000 From: chogyaltarap <> To: Subject: hello

              I am 19 and live in Scotland.My parents are tibetan and fled to the west when the chineese invaded.I aws born here, but when I was 9 my father sent me to Nepal to learn about tibet and its culture.I stayed in nepal for five years and for 3 of these years I was a tibetan monk if that is of any inerest to you. choojo

    ******************************************************************** From: "Chandrama Sharma" <> To: Subject: Looking for Nepali Community in Charlotte, North Carolina Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 14:14:59 EST


    I am moving to Charlotte North Carolina in few weeks. I would appreciate if you could forward me contact name/number of any Nepali or Nepali community in or around Charlotte.

    Thanks in advance

    ****************************************************************** Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2000 13:49:39 -0800 Subject: Foreign Currency Exchange Rates From: "DEEPAK GURUNG" <> To:

       How can I find the current foreign currency exchange rates in Nepal? In the past, there use to be a link in the news section which is missing now. It would be great if u provide that information in uor site. Sincerely, Deepak USA

    DEEPAK GURUNG - email
    (718) 404-3900 x7692 - voicemail/fax

    ********************************************************************* From: "tiki sharma" <> To: Subject: Request Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2000 01:42:37 PST

    Dear Editor:

    I would be grateful if you could post the following message at TND. Thanks.

    I will be most appreciative if some one could provide me the e-mail and contact address for Dr. Luna Bhatta, who was last living in Syracuse N.Y.

    Thank you.

    Dr. B. Shrestha
    ****************************************************************** From: Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 12:00:42 +0800 To: Subject: hello
             March 13, 2000

    Hello there,

    I am from the Philippines. It has always been my wish and dream to visit your mysterious and fascinating country. Could you advise me where i can see reliable guides and places to stay via your website. I would appreciate very much your attention.

    Thank a lot and happy thoughts from my country... Shirley S. Sun

    ******************************************************************** From: "dean bichsel" <> To: <> Subject: Re: The Nepal Digest - August 1, 1998 (6 Shrawan 2055 BkSm) Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 21:55:26 -0800

    please . it would be in grateful appreciation, if some kind reader, would provide me the kind favor of, forwarding any volunteer opprotunities in NEPAL to me who is, in need of offering the full service of myself and my schooling to, any righteous project of social service concerning the, NEPALESE PEOPLE and their deserved well-being and preservation.

    I can be reached at the following contacts:
        Simon Jacob Wood, 3034 SE 26th Ave., Portland, Oregon 97202

    Thank You for the Time and Energy spent on this request, it shall Surely = be well received.

    ****************************************************************** From: "Amulya Ratna Tuladhar" <> To: "The Nepal Digest" <> Subject: 100 Top Nepalese in 100 years!! Date: Fri, 4 Jan 1980 01:48:22 +0530
             13 Victoria Cross Gurkhas = 1 Manisha Koirala 7 Martyrs = 1 Killer Nara Shumsher

    I have always been amused with Himal's 2 Rs: Reading and Writing, but here's an even more interesting 3 rd "R": Himali 'Rithmetic!

    Please read the new Nepali Himal, the first issue of 2057 for the new hisab of the top "101 Nepalese" of the last 100 years.

    This fun reading includes 5 Rana SJB, 3 Shah kings, most of the famous personalities of Panchayat era, quite a few musicians, literrateurs, some businessmen, a few women, and a quite a few unknown names that seems to deserve Himalayan recognition: Huta Ram Baidya, Yog Maya, and Falgunanda Lingden. The one titbit i learned was that Boris Lissanovich introduced carrots and strawberries to Nepal.

    It might be quite agreeable that these personages played a significant role in creating present-day Nepal (pg 31: 4 para) but totally repugnant these personages made significant contributions to the "PROGRESS" of Nepal and Nepalese society.

    Why? Because there is a significant body of scholarly and popular opinion that the Rana and Shah legacy that includes not only their rulers but their second and third tier layers of State functionaries and civil society ideologues has had net deleterous effect in arresting the progress of Nepal to its current state, economically in the last rung of the world and socially as bad as the worst of India.

    Among the screaming silences of this version of history is no mention of any Buddhist monks such as Amritananda or priests like Badri Guruju who fought active suppression of Buddhism to revive the religion in the country of birth in the last 100 years.

    The other screaming silences among the Rana and Shah dynasty that brought so much ruin to Nepal's forest environment are modest but very significant efforts to reforest the landscape through community forestry and Dr Tej Bahadur Mahat's contribution comes to light.

    I think we should discuss more on who should be included and who should be removed.

    **************************************************************** From: Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2000 21:04:48 EDT Subject: getting in touch To:


    I have recently returned from nepal after teaching in Dharan for five months.
     Whilst I was there I was staying with a family who speak almost no English. I would like to get in touch with someone who could possibly translate my letters to them. Any information on contacts or a Nepalese community in the New Jersey/ New York metro area would be greatly recieved.

    Thank you for your time Theodora Holt

    ****************************************************************** Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 10:33:46 -0400 To: (Recipient list suppressed) From: Martin Chautari <> Subject:

    This Tuesday (18 April 2000/ 6 Baisakh 2057)at MARTIN CHAUTARI:


    Ravi Pradhan, Head, Karuna Management

    Discussions take place at <bold>Martin Chautari</bold><bigger> (Phone/fax 246065) every Tuesday at 5:30pm in Thapathali (call if you need directions). Participation is open to all.; Unless otherwise noted, presentations are in Nepali.


    25 April 2000/ 13 Baisakh 2057

    Role of Private Sector in Nepal's Development

    Bikash Pandey and Ratna Sansar Shrestha, REPSO, Winrock International

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