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The Nepal Digest Monday 17 April 95: Baishakh 4 2051 BkSm Volume 37 Issue7

   Happy New Year 2052 - TND Board Staff

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********************************************************************** Date: Wed, 12 Apr 1995 14:30:41 -0400 To: Subject: I Want to learn about the culture of nepal. From: (Gloria Puester)

Can please somebody give me some knowledge about the culture of nepal.
                 Like what religion people practice? Are their more than one relegion?
          What is the main occpation of people?
          What about tthe political system?(Is president the main official who runs the government or the Prime Minister)
          What is the way you people look at U.S. foriegn policy towards Your country?
          What kind of weather nepal has?

****************************************************************** Date: Wed, 12 Apr 1995 15:55:05 -0400 To: Subject: New Nepal pictures on WWW From: (Scott Yost)

I have scanned some more of my Nepal pictures, increasing the number on my WWW site from 12 to 33. I decreased the size by 75% to accomodate more pictures. This should make them easier to access as well. The address is The link can be found in the travel or pictures section of the Nepal home page.

********************************************************** Date: Wed, 12 Apr 1995 17:20 EST From: Subject: Re: The Nepal Digest - April 12, 1995 (29 Chaitra 2051 BkSm) To:

Dear Editor:

Frank Kroger's posting of World Neighbours was too long to read in one go.

Here is a great project that deserves serious attention in bits easy enough to chew on..


******************************************************************** From: Puspa M Joshi <> Subject: Re: Happy New Year To: Date: Wed, 12 Apr 1995 17:25:40 -0400 (EDT)

              HAPPY NEW YEAR

Dear TND netters

     Wish all of you and your families a Happy New Year.

Puspa Joshi, Arun Joshi

Rummi, Kiran and Ashish

P.S. We are hoping to see all of you in Columbus during the ANMA conference which is going to be held in May (27th and 28th -- Memorial Day Weekend).

**************************************************************** Date: Thu, 13 Apr 1995 00:03:03 +0100 (BST) From: "T. Gurung" <> To: The Nepal Digest <> Subject: Happy New Year!

Dear netters,

                               WISH YOU

                H H AA PPPPP PPPPP Y Y
                H H A A P P P P Y Y
                H H A A P P Y
                H H A A P P Y

                        N N EEEEEE W W
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                        N N N EEEEEE W W

                   Y Y EEEEEE AA RRRRR
                     Y Y E A A R R
                       Y EEEE AAAAAA RRRRR
                       Y E A A R R
                       Y EEEEEE A A R R

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                           2 0 0 5555 2
                          2 0 0 5 2
                         2 0 0 5 2
                        2 2 0 0 5 2 2
                       222222 000 5555 222222


*************************************************** From: (Khem Pokhrel) Subject: HAPPY NEW YEAR! To: < Date: Wed, 12 Apr 1995 17:19:48 -0600 (MDT)

Forwarded message:

Hi There!

My Seasons Greeting and Best Wishes for the Happy & Prosperous New Year 2052 to all Nepali souls of the Universe.

Here's a small but timely song..


k.c. pokhrel

********************************************************* Date: Wed, 12 Apr 1995 23:52:09 -0400 To: Subject: Around-the-World Journal From: (Panther)

There's an interesting new Web site at

which includes a visit to Kathmandu and Pokhara with some very good pictures.

************************************************************************ Date: Thu, 13 Apr 1995 15:20:34 -0700 From: To: Subject: Re: The Nepal Digest - April 12, 1995 (29 Chaitra 2051 BkSm)


               " WISH YOU HAPPY NEW YEAR 2052"


********************************************************************** From: "Dr. G. Pokharel" <> To: Subject: The Nepal Digest - April 12, 1995 (29 Chaitra 2051 BkSm)

Dear Rajpal ji

could you please post the following subhakamana in forth coming TND issue. Thanks.


                        SWADESH TATHA BIDESH MA


                        BITEKA BARSHAHARU BHANDA PANI

                        RAMRO-UTTAROTTAR PRAGATI







                            BYAKTA GARDACHOU.

                        Gyaneswor and Family

********************************************************** From: Punam Panta <> Subject: NEPALESE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES IN UK To: Date: Thu, 13 Apr 1995 11:19:16 +0100 (BST)


It's the most important of the community activities programmes for the progress and self development of individuals in any community. Recently, thinking seriously on the community development project, we've incorporated on independent running committee to regularise the programmes under the Nepalese Association "Yeti", Koseli and Nepalese Youth Association(NYA). The different activities are being continued on every Sunday at "Dennis Jackson Centre".

One of the activities currently taking place is the running of Sunday Nepali School. Classes are being taught for an hour every Sunday for two age groups,
"6 yrs and 12 yrs" and "over 12" Since the School was started six weeks ago, we have already enrolled 26 students!

Location for Sunday School: Dennis Jackson Centre London Road Wembley Middlesex

Time: 1pm - 2pm (Every Sunday)

Volunteer Teachers: Over 12yrs Group: Mr. Gopal Ghimire(M.A. in English)
                  Mr. Puran Thapa(B.ED.) 6yrs-12yrs Group: Mr. Gopal Poudel(Deputy-Editor of Sagarmatha times)
                  Punam panta(Executive member - NYA)

Our Development project is being run by volunteers and funded by various Nepali groups such as yeti, NYA and Koseli. However, we have put forward a proposal to the local Council for help with funding to run these projects.

Currently, WE ARE looking for more volunteers to help us run the School as well as other activities which are listed as follows:

1) Literacy Programme 2) Cultural Programme 3) Educational Programme 4) Sports and Outing Activities 5) Community and Social development 6) Co-relation to all the other Communities

Please lets hear more from our Nepalese brothers and sisters here in UK. Any help/new thoughts and ideas will be greatly appreciated.

For enquiry:

Postal Correspondent Email Correspondent
-------------------- ------------------- Bijaya Thapa 133A Wembley Park Drive Middlesex Wembley HA9 *HQ Tel: 0181 900 1619

****************************************************************** Date: Mon, 10 Apr 1995 21:37:35 -0400 From: (RaJesh B. Shrestha) To: Subject: Govet Cancels RNAC GSA to Europe : Girija Under inverstigation

Cross-posted from SCN:

In article <> (U)) writes:

 =>In a previous article, (VIVEK S. RANA) wrote:
 =>-> The government Cancels Dhamija European RNAC GSA
 =>-> ------------------------------------------------
 =>-> The UML government yesterday cancelled the GSA to Europe from the
 =>->Dhamija Group. This was a big controversy when then PM Girija P. Koirala
 =>->has appointed his daughter's brother -in -law as the General Sales Agent
 =>->of RNAC to Europe.
 =>-> Mr. Koirala had come into great criticism following this matter and as
 =>->a fact this one of the strong corruption charges against his government.
 =>-> The UML government has also open the file on this case to investigate
 =>->the corruption charges and all the illegal wrong doings. According to the
 =>->recent interview to a foreign press, Mr. Rawal, tourism minster very clearly
 =>->said that the case will affect all from top to bottom whoever is involved.

==========Uday wrote======================>
 =>Well it's about time. I went home about three weeks back via London and the RA
 =>plane had only 20 people in the plane. When we tried to get a window seat the
 =>agent in London told us all seats were taken. When we called the NY office
 =>they told us all the seats were taken. I mean what do these guys think? There
 =>were about 20 people all the way to kathmandu. Uday


        It is true that airplanes that RNAC has are old and noisy
-painful- for few hours flying. Now, it looks our politicians are also very old RNAC 's airplanes either can crash anytime. The staff of RNAC abroad or station-masters all come from disqualified back- ground. Lets compare the Air-hostage in Thai Airline, where any lady above 32 years is grounded, while RNAC have grand-mothers as AIR-HOSTAGEs. Ofcourse, the passenger want smart personnel in the board because s/he pays enough expecting fast service which comes from only smart board-in staff. I am not saying the AIR-H/Stewarts be SEXY, but they should be smart and fast to understand their guest (i.e. passengers). But, While I was flying from Bangkok to KTM, one euro^-colored tourist asked one "CAN" of PEPSI/COKE. the gossip between the male and female board in staff of RNAC was exactly as below, (I WAS in very first row and these NEP staff were only about 1/2 ' away).

        The Tourist* : "May I get a can of coke?"
        The "Bhyatli-moti " airhostage approach to her friend male
        Air-S tells: "Ek jana le coke mageko chha k garne?"
        The male air-s: "Nepali ho ki bideshi ho?"
        THE air-h : "U tyo kuhire doshro line ma bashne ho"
        A-S male : "Can fore-ra thorai dinushna ta k garne
                        magi halyo."
        Then she served less than half of the plastic cup. Then I got
        surprised that how poor is our RNAC who can n't serve Baht 10/
        (that time Rs. 10.x) can whereas the bideshi was paying
        more than US$160. (Baht 4,500). Aba K garne? bhanne lagyo. Tara
        jaba airplane Kathmandu ko najik pugeko thiyo, ti mathibhaniyeko
        dubai jana including other A-H/S haru freeze bata nikalera
        bhatabhat plastic ko bag ma kochana thale. (I have seen this
        scene myself and mywife too). Tyashapachi plane land garyo
        uniharu hami custom clear garda-nagardai niklera gaya.
        Esto pani hundo rahichha. K garne?

Scene # 2.
        Last year Jan, I went to Nepal via INDIA. I wrote my experience
        with RNAC delhi staff before also. HE didnot notify the 3 hours
        late plane to KTM. He while checking airticket, didnot check
        the customers class. But, he was carrying his relative's bag
        and was very busy in duty free shop, which you could see easily.
        Then airplane came very late, 3 hours. (You, foreigners, going
        to Nepal should not make packed schedule without any margin
        if you are flying with RNAC. This is my suggestion, though,
        I am Nepali, so that you don't get disappointed with innocent
        Nepali citizen.). AFter the plane landed, I and my guests
        2-Jap.s were watching Nepalis coming out from the airplane.
        We saw 2 shari-pahiriyaka women were running and they went in opposite direction from the T-zone. I guessed they must be going to Duty free shop
        because I had seen similar scene in Bangkok airport, also.
        About 10 minutes later, my guests were surprised looking at
        these women's hand carrying bags. You readers can guess what
        it could be which most of you also carry. (I don't mind you
        carry as passenger, but they without working inside the plane
        were rushing for that things. Also, they are given
        the dollar 'subhidha' to do such business). Thus, how can you
        RNAC to satisfy customer's journey for 1.25hours. Similarly.
        how can I expect they run full plane from F-F to KTM or
        Osaka to KTM. Remind OSAKA -KTM had 2 flights a week going to
        be once a week, in future god knows what will happen to that
        once a week flight.

        To make RNAC competiitve with world's leading airways, it should
        be partly owned by public as share. The agent selection should
        be based on the competent agent not because Girija Babu's son-in-law
        's brother. The peak periodj and slack period should be clearly
        defined and the travel agents selling the ticket should be given
        more margin in slack period so that they recomment their clients
        to travel through RNAC. RNAC should try to make a joint venture
        with other leading airways which today delta-thai-etc. are doing
        so that minimum lap period is wasted and tourist can optimize
        their travel time and use less hours in flying. Otherwise,
        we will be calling it only Royal NAC in name.

Jai Nepal, Jai Himal.

         Dr. Gyaneswor Pokharel Department of Civil Engineering Nagoya University Nagoya-464-01 Japan internet: Tel- +81-52-789-4624 Fax- +81-52-789-3738


*********************************************************************************************** Date: Tue, 11 Apr 1995 10:09:43 -0400 To: Subject: Consultancy: Nepal Community Develo From: Brenda Simmons <>

  The Mountain Institute and the Makalu-Barun National Park & Conservation Area Project, Nepal seek a qualified consultant specializing in rural community develop.
  The Mountain Institute, a non-profit institution based in Franklin, West Virginia and with project offices in Kathmandu and Khandbari, Nepal, announces the search for a qualified short-term consultant in community development to work in the Makalu-Barun Project of The Mountain Institute's Himalaya Program. The Makalu-Barun Project works with local people, user groups, and national park staff in eastern Nepal to establish an innovative model of community development and environmental protection in the Makalu-Barun National Park & Conservation Area.
  The Community Development Consultant will advise project staff in planning, management, staff supervision, and budgeting for the implementation of community development programs in villages and settlement enclaves of the Makalu-Barun National Park & Conservation Area. The community development program includes: training staff to work with communities to develop and implement local projects; establishing and implementing a monitoring and evaluation system for community development activities; implementing income-generating activities and skill training among local people in the Conservation Area, especially women; developing a community-initiated small grants program; developing rural cottage industries and promoting local income generation; developing production centers and marketing support; and managing programs to support production credit and cultural conservation.
  The Community Development Consultant will work under the guidance of the Project Manager and is supervised by The Mountain Institute's Co-Manager/Representative. Overall technical supervision and guidance will be provided by the Institute's Director of Asian Environmental Programs.
  The Community Development Consultant will be posted to the Makalu- Barun National Park & Conservation Area Project headquarters, currently located in Khandbari, a district center in eastern Nepal.
  Responsibilities will require frequent field travel by foot in remote and difficult locations.
  Candidates should hold a Master's or Doctorate degree in a relevant social science or natural resource management field, and should preferably have seven years of experience working with community development activities or economic development projects in Asia. Experience should include supervision of staff, development of workplans, personnel management, and working with communities and user groups. Preference will be given to candidates with experience in rural development, women's participation and development projects, rural cottage industries and income generation, cultural conservation, and natural resource management.
  Fluency in Nepali language is required, as well as several years' prior residence in Nepal. Interpersonal and cross-cultural skills appropriate to the participatory project approach are essential. Willingness to travel in the remote project setting of eastern Nepal is also essential. Applications from all nationalities, women and minorities are welcome.
      The Consultant will be hired for a 6 to 12 week assignment in the spring or summer, 1995, depending on availability. Compensation and terms of employment will be according to the Policies and Procedures Manual of The Mountain Institute. Salary will be negotiable depending on the qualifications and experience of the successful candidate.
  Applications must be received by The Mountain Institute by April 30, 1995. Applications should include a detailed curriculum vitae and the names and telephone numbers of three references, as well as previous job supervisors. Qualified candidates should send applications to:
  Bob Davis, Senior Program Officer P.O. Box 907 Franklin, WV 26807 Phone: 304-358-2401 Fax: 304-358-2400 Email:
****************************************************************** To: Subject: AN APPEAL From: (Mahinda Perera)


My wife Risini and I were awakened that fateful morning of 21st February '95 by the telephone which rang briefly. The answering machine had this message for us:
            "contact your family physician, Dr. K. Robinson, as soon as possible"
 I looked at the clock. It was just 7.21 a.m. in the morning. I knew something was terribly wrong with the results of the blood test done on the previous day. I saw my Doctor on the previous day since I noticed that I was loosing hair, even though the signs were more hereditary I thought it was too early for me to go bald. A simple blood test done to check any deficiency of vitamins or any thing similar, turned out a result that froze me. Yes, I have been diagnosed with leukaemia. I was referred to the Haematologist, Dr. Sue Robinson. Further tests confirmed that I have the fatal blood disease, Chronic Myelogenous Leukaemia. Immediately chemotherapy was begun . The only cure left for me is a bone marrow transplant at the earliest possible opportunity.

I was completely devastated. A million thoughts crossed my mind. Will my two and half year daughter Shalini have to grow up without a father , for how long will she be able to embrace me and say my
"Thaththi"? Will I ever be able to take her to school. My wife , Risini, what is going to happen ...studies Everything seems to have come to an abrupt halt. The previous day I jogged 3km today I just couldn't move my self at least few steps.

Most people find a match among their siblings. But, my only brother's marrow did not match. The prognosis for this disease is good, provided that a matching bone marrow donor is found. There is a problem however, which to say the least is frightening. I belong to an ethnic minority that is not well represented in the Bone Marrow Donor registry. In Canada, for Caucasians there is a pool of over 80,000 donors to seek a match. However, I will have to depend on a group of South Asians that add up to less than 3000. This, same trend prevails in North America and in the International registries eventhough there are millions of South Asians living in countries where registries are maintained.

 The time has come to change the status quo and increase donor participation of all groups including minorities, so that if any one from these ethnic groups are afflicted with such fatal disorders they will be given a second chance at life. It was on 9th of march '95 the cry came for help on India net , to save a 22 year old woman who was desperately trying to find a matching bone marrow. WAS SHE THE FIRST
..AM I THE LAST.. "NO"?. It is sad but the truth is finding a match even within ones ethnic group could be ONE in TWENTY THOUSAND and out side the ethnic group the probability is even lower.


Sometimes , you might wonder what it means to be a bone marrow donor, whom to contact what to expect, procedure involved etc. The following is based on my Canadian experience.

 * The most convenient would be if you are in any of the countries where the registries are maintained. Some of these countries are Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, U.K., U.S.A. In Canada , and in most countries Red Cross maintains the registry . In USA Bone Marrow Registry is an independent organization. If you contact the local coordinator of Blood and Organ donation you will find the details of the closest centre. You will be expected to attend an information session.
 * Potential donors must be between the ages of 17-50, this may vary from country to country.
 * A sample of blood (same as any other ordinary blood test) will be drawn to identify Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA) commonly known as tissue typing and will be entered to the registry.
 *If the registry indicate that you are a preliminary match then they would contact you, for additional blood tests, physical examination and counselling. At this point you may decide whether you still want to be a donor, if yes:
 *A small amount of your total bone marrow (3%-5%) will be extracted under general anaesthesia. You will feel no pain as you will asleep while the marrow is removed . It could be a procedure of 1 - 2 hours and you are released from the hospital on the same day. Within a few weeks your body will regenerate the donated marrow.

 **** The donated marrow will find its way through a medical courier to the transplant centre where the patient will have already undergone high levels of chemotherapy and radiation to eliminate all the diseased cells. The donated marrow is transfused into the recipient. If all goes well the bone marrow will start to produce normal healthy blood cells after several weeks.
 * I believe the above would give you some idea, but best would be to discuss in detail with the Coordinator of the programme. There may be road blocks on your way to help me, please do not let those deter you
, think of me, what your help means to me.

I count on your support, to let your friends and community know that they could do a great deal, as a person, a family, a group and a community. It is a reality of life that some of us have to pass through dark passages in our lives. To know that you hold the light at its end gives me hope to pass each day and to have new hopes for tomorrow.

Yours sincerely, Tilak Nalaka Gunawardhane. Apt. 301-1094, Wellington st., Halifax, Canada. Tel: (902) 492 3539 Fax: (902) 492 8502, (902) 494 7022 E-mail:

***************************************************************** Date: Thu, 13 Apr 1995 11:04:37 -0400 From: Dibesh Bikram Karmacharya <> Subject: To the editor,

I will highly appreciate if you post this message on your next edition of TND:
    I wish a happy Nepali new year to all my friends. My regards to all the wonderful people in Colorado...Archana didi, Rupa didi, Subi didi Depak dai and Bijaya dai..Also I would like to send my big hug to brother Sujan in Pittsberg...buddy Abhi in Iowa..Pradeep in Minnesota and Bibek in Oregon state...Happy new year to all of you..

Thank you TND for your service..

Dibesh Bikram Karmacharya. Wayne State College Wayne, Nebraska 68787.

******************************************************************** Date: Thu, 13 Apr 95 12:03:41 EST From: PSHRESTH@MIAMIU.ACS.MUOHIO.EDU Subject: "By" vs. "FORWARDED By" To:

     Any frequent reader of TND has probably observed that some of the more controversial and harsh articles/remarks/accusations tend to appear as
"forwarded by". This struck me as rather interesting and among other things, as a good tactic of avoiding the heat generated by the peice. It gives you the luxury of saying what you have to say without taking any responsibilty.

     Having said that, I should, perhaps, have had a friend "forward" this for me so that neither I nor s/he has to take any responsibility for the content. Just a thought. (Please take this lightly and if you have anything to say regarding "By vs. Forwarded by", please feel free to ..... have it forwarded!)
           Happy New Year!

******************************************************************* Date: Thu, 13 Apr 1995 19:52:50 BST From: "bhattarai,s.p" <> Subject: new year's greetings To:

Dear editor

Would you please paste this new year's greeting into the coming TND. Thanks.

All my dear friends,

I wish you the very best new year BS-2052. May happy new year bring you all peace, prosperity and happiness to you and your familiy.

Sincerely yours

Surya P. Bhattarai

****************************************************************** Date: Thu, 13 Apr 1995 15:02:26 -0400 From: (RaJesh B. Shrestha) To: Subject: buying guns to beg for food: Nepal ko gati

Cross-posted from SCN:

Peter Giaquinta ( wrote:
: wrote:

: : Relations between Nepal and India have
: : fluctuated between strong and strained but India cannot be said to have
: : been a physical threat to Nepal. Infact the two countries share a deep
: : relationship that goes beyond the realm of the often stated essentiallist
: : stereo-type of India having a big brother attitude.

: Man, you're either a highly idealistic Indian who hasn't a clue as to
: what is happening to Nepal, or a Nepali who needs to open up your
: eyes and just take a good hard look at the daily physical damage India is
: inflicting on Nepal both in the Terai and the Kathmandu Valley in the way
: of pollution and overpopulation due to unwarranted immigration into these
: areas. Add to that the big time screws put on the country in 1988 (?)
: when I went almost a year without kerosene in my lantern because of good
: old India's deep relationship with their neighbor to the north, and
: consider for a minute the fates of other smaller Himalyan nations who
: happened to also share a deep relationship with that madhouse to the south,
: and you'll
: have to admit that you really don't know what you're talking about.

: Just an American with an axe to grind,

: Peter G.

On the contrary, Peter. No offence, but you are indeed just an American with an axe to grind. I don't know how long you lived in Nepal, but I don't think you are the best judge of Indo-Nepal relations. That "mad house to the South" as you put it, has helped Nepal greatly in the past - for instance giving millions of rupees in aid when a large portion of the Indian population is desperately in need of aid itself. It would be foolish for Nepal to antagonize a country such as India. Nepal, as the world's 2nd or 3rd poorest nation in the world, desperately needs aid from all willing nations - one of which is India. To antagonize India as you seem to encourage - a view many of our misguided youth share - would be disastrous. A good example of that is the time you spent without kerosene - yes, India was turning screws. And what happened? The brunt was borne by the poor, approx 65% of the total population. Nepal was, if i remember correctly, creating trouble for Indian immigrants in the country, and that was India's response. I believe it was stupid of the Nepali govt to do something like that - especially since the Indian govt is more relaxed about Nepali immigrants. India is a powerful benefactor indeed, and until and unless Nepal becomes totally self-sufficient and economically stable, it will have to eat humble pie occasionally. I believe feeding the poor is a little more important than standing on ridiculous principles!! Perhaps YOU should be the one who needs some serious eye-opening ...not my Nepali brother who was fairly accurate in his assessment! I should say this is not a personal attack at you, but I do think that there is much that you need to realize about the complexity of Indo-Nepal relations.

Pratibha Singh

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