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    The Nepal Digest Fri April 14, 2000: Baishakh 2 2057BS: Year9 Volume96 TIssue444

            N A V A B A R S H A K O S U B H A K A M A N A 2 0 5 7 !!!

    Today's Topics (partial list):

           The E-Nemy is Us!
           Census 2000
           Lumbini in Net
           AFVs News
           News From Canada
           NEPALI CAMP
           Sanjay Sthapit

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    ****************************************************************** Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 20:06:52 -0500 (EST) From: "F.A. Hutchison" <> To: Subject: "The E-Nemy is Us!"

    THE 'E-NEMY' IS US! By F.A.Hutchison-Dalrymple

    "We're all God''s creation," said a middle-aged officer named Sergei (Russian officer surveying the holocaust in Grozny). "God created human beings in his own image. When we kill each other we're killing ourselves!"

    "We have met the enemy, and he is us!" (Pogo)
             When president Clinton, in his recent 'State of the Union,' message, said that there was no 'internal threat to the U.S.,' I made a mental note! Can this intelligent man really believe that, or is this just political rhetoric of a lame duck president trying to spin his amoral lifestyle into glory? It doesn't take a genius to understand we've got problems in this country (western civilization)! Even with all this $ prosperity... In fact, the 'prosperity,' is part of the problem! What it takes is the courage to admit that we have problems, and that 'they are us!' ( '...we are the e-nemy!'). And if we can't, there will come a time when we will simply self-destruct like Rome, or any of the great cultures in history that became decadent beyond repair!

    "History shows that a nation interested primarily in material things invariably is on a downward path!" (Eleanor Roosevelt) We're fond in this country of objectifying all evils, projecting all wrong-doing onto the object (others). We do this rather than take responsibility for the money-God society we've created. It's always easier to blame someone else: 'He's the crazo!' 'She's evil!' I'm good! 'Sue the bastards!' 'Throw them in prison!' And we get some kind of perverse pleasure in seeing others punished for our 'sins.' We treat the symptoms of problems (violence and crime, etc.), creating commerce in the process (more money), too frightened to cure the illness (which unconsciously we know is us). And thus, even though this is a $ prosperous time/cycle (for America) we're really a 'Third World country' when it comes to consciousness and spirituality-as the pathology keeps rearing its ugly head! (Note: Just this morning two more children were killed in Littleton, Colorado (the Columbine H.S. mass-murder town) and for 'no reason.' Yet, I know the reason...). President Clinton is simply deluding himself (and you) when he says 'there's no internal threat!' And he's hoping you'll 'buy it!'-the rhetoric!

    One only has to watch television or read the newspaper to partake of the 'symptoms,' of a 'cancerous' society! Recently I saw in a 'Good Morning, America,'' story about a car-jacking murder at a gas station, a bystander who had witnessed it yelled into the news camera, 'What the hell is wrong with us?' This is not to exclude other cultures either (although the West has ''infected' them with most of which is wrong.) Unconsciousness, greed, the lust for power, and materialism, is rampant in the world! However, since returning to the U.S. last October, after living in Nepal and Tibet (China) for two years, there's several things glaringly unique to me about American culture (that maybe you wouldn't notice unless you'd been away). One, is how paranoid and frightened everyone is here, of being sued, or getting involved, or of 'the object.' If you're different at all, this is suspect. An older man on a bicycle... What is he doing? Can we trust him, he's not in an automobile, he doesn't look like us...? What's he up to... Get the video cameras on him! There's so little trust anymore... People don't even trust themselves! Don't do that, you can't do this, be careful I've warned you! Everywhere you turn there's a disclaimer. 'Before you enjoy this drink be careful because it's extremely hot!' My mother taught me about 'hot,' I don't need to be reminded every five seconds! We've taken to treating everyone like children! Now, maybe we are, but by doing so, do we really help the situation? I don't believe in this litigious society that lawyers have created...

    Go for a job in this day and age... The paper work you have to fill out is incredible. For 'casual letter carrier,' (U.S. Postal Service) it's 27-pages, soliciting your work experience going back to when you were sixteen-years old. Before you can apply for a job you are almost subjected to a 'strip search!' That will be next. Fingerprints are now required when opening a bank account! There are video cameras everywhere watching us-big brother is already here ('for your protection!')! Who do they think they're kidding...? It's for their protection! 'We' the 'bad guys/girls,' have to be watched... They can't be trusted!' We can't trust ourselves! My God, what has happened to America? We've lost personal freedoms (always in the name of 'safety')! We're stressed, uptight and angry, much of this being expressed at home ('domestic violence')! People (mostly men) go 'postal,' at an ever increasing rate, and we always don't understand why...? Yet, I can tell you why! There's such pressure to $ succeed... The kids expectant of material gratification. When we don't measure up to the celebrities having fun on TV, there must be something wrong with us! I watch, I observe... People, even with all their wealth, aren't particularly happy (fulfilled, balanced, spiritually in tune). Certainly not evolved! I came across a wonderful quote (on a poster) when living in Nepal: "When financial security is obtained, so is spiritual bankruptcy!" It's true!

    And Clinton doesn't see it, or want to see it, most likely... Himself actually an example of the unconsciousness that abounds! He's part of the problem (as we all are to whatever degree), not part of the solution! We're mentally out of balance, estranged from nature (our 'mother'), out of sorts at the very least... I'd say many actually 'mentally ill,' but the Ph.D.'s and psychologists would want to start testing all of us if we conceded this (creating, you guessed it... doctors always want to test you...). Why...? They don't know enough and must trust machines (of all things). They don't have intuition... All they're taught is deductive reasoning! They call it 'scientific!' Our kids are committing suicide, at an alarming rate... You can't fool them... They know they've been dealt a 'bad hand' (adult parents, we've left them a 'pile of shit!'). They perceive they can't 'win!' and thus, why hang around? Does this sound like a healthy society to you? $ prosperous, yes; healthy no! We're controlled by things! By things! The 'cosificacion,' ('thingification') of our materialistic culture. We think if we just get $ rich, by working ourselves to death, we'll be happy! Productivity, productivity, and more productivity can be taken too far, just like anything! Of course, 'the owners,' as I call them, they like this! Look what has happened in Japan! These (U.S. and Japan for example) highly capitalistic/consumerist societies tend to get way out of balance, 'driven by the owners!' 'More, more, more!' they want! There's nothing wrong with capitalism if it stays in balance. I'm not anti-capitalist! God forbid if I was... I'd be branded a 'communist!' But, we're (the West) way out of balance! And George Soros is right! It's getting to the point of being 'counter-productive,' when you add up ALL OF THE SOCIETAL COSTS.

    Someone, if they could, and dared, should do an 'Environmental Cost & Benefit Analysis,' on the U.S. (the entire country): To see if the benefits of living the way we do, outweigh the costs FOR EVERYTHING (not just a few white people)! If not, according to this 'scientific' way of analyzing potential 'decisions' (to create/change something), then we should adapt to a more simple, wholistic and natural (healthy) system! I can tell you, however, that the 'owners,' don't want this, because (if you could do this 'objectively') guess what the results would be...? We're alienated from nature, our 'mother' (earth). Nothing is simple or honest anymore! And we're going down the wrong road... And I'm afraid it ain't the one 'less traveled!' We've got kids inventing computer viruses.... Why? I asked an 18-year old friend recently, 'What motivates these kids to do such?' He told me 'they're bored!' I would substitute the word 'bored,' for 'angry!' They're getting even in their own way, without really understanding why... And now the latest (29.02.00): A six-year old kills another six-year old in a Michigan elementary school (with a .32 caliber pistol)! Naomi Page, a gun-control advocate, wants to make parents responsible... Sure, let's make another law... Will that fix the problem... ? No! It's only 'treating the symptoms,' again. Additionally, we find out there's violence in nursing homes (CBS News with Dan Rather/ 02.29.00). Now, there's a call for video cameras in nursing homes... Again, and again.... Will this 'cure the illness?' What do you think? Has any of it made things better...? All it's done is to create more commerce, while the 'patient' gets worse and worse!

    In the midst of this hellstrom, some of us cope/survive better than others... Thus, 'we're' the 'good guys/girls,' and the ones that can't handle it (go 'postal') become the 'bad guys/girls.' One of the mothers of a Littleton murder victim committed suicide (what would you call her...? A 'murder' victim too.). Just recently (February, 2,000) there were two more murders of teenagers in Littleton, for 'no reason' (as I referred to earlier). Yet, I know the reason... But, we haven't had, to this point, the courage to face the reasons, the causes! We'd rather 'objectify' it (call them 'bad,' and us 'good'), making money in the process (always our solution to problems: treating the symptoms only). The problem is us, all of us, and the society we've created! We all must take responsibility! 'We have met the enemy, and he is us!' No more prophetic words have ever been uttered! Of course, our solution (avoiding curing the 'illness') is to 'warehouse,' all the 'bad people,' creating commerce in the process (put them in jail in a 'zero tolerant'/intolerant society)! Does this ultimately solve the problem? Of course not. We're all responsible for creating a society where there's this underlying tension, angst, anxiety, and ultimately hopelessness: this pathology! This is the 'by product,' of a society way out of 'whack!' (for lack of a better explanation), way out of balance! Again, the economic system of capitalism is not the culprit, but the greedy unconscious people who manipulate it to such extremes; to such pathology! And all for their own self-interest, all the while telling you how wonderful it is, how great we are... That we have no problems, there that is no 'internal threat!' And you believe them... We're manipulated by illusion after illusion (advertising via media): motor vehicles give us power and freedom (when just the reverse is true). TV gives us mixed-up messages all the time, by distorting what's of value: It only wants us to buy, buy, consume, consume, and consume, and don't ever stop buying and don't every stop consuming (don't ever stop buying the 'illusion' or we/'owners' will stop getting rich)!!! (Note: Watch the 1974 movie, 'Network,' if you want to understand television.).

    We're afraid... We live in a 'sick' society, and we're afraid to admit it! In fact, this article (and me) will be attacked as 'negative,' or anti-capitalist, or whatever they can do/say to discredit the ideas herein and me! The 'owners,' including Clinton will attack, because they have such a vested interest in keeping things the way they are! Because they get richer and richer, more powerful and more powerful! They like the current status quo! And since they are apart of the problem, they don't notice the pathology... It's like asking cancer to cure it self. By the way, cancer, the definition of the 'illness' (cells going 'nuts,') is a metaphor on a micro level (in the 'sick' body) , what's really happening on a macro level (in our 'sick' society). Hasn't anyone but me noticed...? What happens when you ignore the cancer in your body...? You die! What's going to happen to America, if we keep ignoring the pathology in our culture...? I will quote Eleanor Roosevelt again: ""History shows that a nation interested primarily in material things invariably is on a downward path!" If we ignore 'it,' 'it' will only get worse! They're will be more 'unexplained' (no reason) murders, suicides, craziness, computer viruses, airplane crashes, and 'natural disasters,' as time goes on... We will continue to become more paranoid, frightened, anxious, 'objectifying' more and more ('we're good, 'they're' bad mentality) because the 'government,' ('for our safety') will be forced to make more laws and issue more and more controls over us... until we're enslaved! We will have 'enslaved' ourselves.

    Right now it's popular to be for 'gun-control!' Taking the citizen's guns away (more laws), again, is only 'treating the symptoms.' It won't 'cure the illness!' Read 'Violent Men,' by Hans Tok (we're finding out that the police are the most violent of all). Yes, I'm for eliminating guns too! (Now, I will have the N.R.A. denouncing me!). But, let's not just take the people's guns away (there's a reason our founding fathers included the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution!: They're feared what would happen if the populous was unarmed.). Let's GET RID OF ALL THE GUNS! LET'S GET RID OF THE ONE'S THE POLICE HAVE, AND THE MILITARY HAS TOO! (although the latter may be impractical in this world: We'd have to get rid of guns everywhere!) Don't you think there would be less violent crime if there were no guns in the world?
            All of us are the problem! And all of us are the solution. There are no 'good people,' and there are no 'bad people!' There is only you and me (as the song goes)! We need a revolution in this world-this country first ('Voluntary Simplicity'1)! We need a peaceful (Gandhian) revolution, not a violent one! We need to raise consciousness! We need to wake people up, from this 'sleeping,' nothingness, this pathological wasteland of things, things, and more things! This land (this world) where money/power has become literally, 'God!' Where we spend billions of dollars to lose weight in a world that's staring to death! Where becoming a millionaire on TV is the 'happiest' thing you could ever want! 'It's mass madness!' as Howard Beale, the TV news commentator turned evangelist, cried in the movie, 'Network!' Oh, these 'roaring twenties'... I hope they don't become the 'depressing thirties!' But, like 'children,' we always want to avoid 'the bitter pill,' (the cure) until we have no choice! Why must it be 'human nature,' to have to go to these extremes...? Until it's a matter of our own survival before we see the error of our ways! Why not 'fix' it now! Why not change courses now? Why wait until the 'Titanic,' crashes into the iceberg? The 'Criminal Injustice System' (as I call it) is a great of example of 'treating the symptoms,' creating commerce in the process! Let's not deal with what's creating all this crime and ('unexplained') violence, let's just throw 'the bad guys/girls' in jail! Let's blame (project) the 'badness' on them (the weak, stupid and unfortunate)... In the process we'll keep building and building ('If you build it they will come.') more and more prisons until the majority of the population is behind bars (America has the highest prison population in the world--two million people now), and the majority of those unfortunate people are serving time for drug related/non-violent 'crimes'-while the cigarette manufacturers, who have killed thousands go free...? Make any sense?)... And if you take that to its phantasmagoric extreme, of more and more, going to the extreme... Until we all behind bars (having enslaved ourselves).

    Let's keep graduating more and more lawyers, and making more laws until just about everything is 'against the law!' You snicker! You laugh! We lose personal freedoms ever day! Thomas Jefferson said, 'The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!' We can't assume we're still going to be living in a 'free' country in ten years! It will be 'for your own protection,' that you're enslaved! We can't trust you! We can't even trust ourselves! You're going to wake up one of these days (sure in the future...? Just keep avoiding the issue) to a surprise! You're going to do the normal things, head out to get into your 'climate-control box on wheels,' to go to your 'climate-controlled box,' where you work. But, this time you're going to be stopped by someone in uniform with a gun. And he's going to tell you, 'Not today, Mr. Smith!' Sorry, for 'your protection,' we're only allowing people with even-numbered addresses to work today. You must stay home today, but tomorrow is your day (odd-numbered), and you can go to work!' You laugh again! What do you think happened in Germany in the twenties and thirties... ? They (like the sheep we are) just 'went along with it!' 'We were just doing what we were told!' America, it seems to me, is all about crime and punishment (as the new Millennium changes)! Buy, but don't steal, look, but don't touch! Speak out, but don't act it out. And if you do... We're going to punish you... Tantalized, and manipulated into wanting and desiring, and then prevented many times (unless in 'acceptable' ways) from fulfilling these 'manufactured' desires (this is a lot of what 'marketing' does)--the unconscious/less fortunate are caught between 'a rock and a hard place.' And we wonder why all this 'unexplained' violence! What do we expect...? We all helped create the society in which this 'acting out,' becomes a tragedy... Then we 'don't understand' when it happens again on the Six O' Clock News ("What the hell is wrong with us?")! It's easier just to blame others than take responsibility for the society we've created. America, this litigious society... Where, 'for your protection,' we keep passing more and more laws (creating commerce for the CIS), but avoiding 'curing the illness!' (of course, because if we had to examine ourselves... 'Hey, we're the good guys/gals!'). America, where we may be $ rich, but where we're spiritually poor! America, where we may be 'free' on paper, but 'virtual prisoners' in our own climate-controlled boxes! Am I the only one that sees this...? Read or watch the following named books and/or movies: '1984,' 'A Clockwork Orange,' 'Animal Farm,' 'Blade Runner,' and certainly 'Network' (by Paddy Cheyevsky).... It's all coming to your 'local theatre.' That is, if we don't do something to change it (ourselves) now!

    Can we change the course of history? You bet! Can we change, grow, evolve ourselves, ultimately curing the illness? Why not? "If not now, when? If not us, who? If not here, where?" The fact that I can write this (freedom of speech) is still some proof that the Constitution (Bill of Rights), although under seige, is still functioning! 'The price of freedom, however, is eternal vigilance!' We can't just assume, however, that we're always going to enjoy the same freedom! Because it's easier to blame others, rather than admit we're all the same, and responsible! That "We have met the enemy and he is us!" That we need to change us! Me, you, president Clinton, everyone! There's no one in the world that doesn't need to change their heart! Thomas Jefferson understood 'eternal vigilance,' yet fell prey to his own personal weakness: lust! He 'fell in love' ('nature's joke) with one of his black slaves and fathered a child (adultery). 'Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely!' He understood human nature, however, whether consciously, or unconsciously! Does what he did make him a 'good person,' or a 'bad person?' We're all good, and we're all bad! Jefferson was human, like us all! Although since he was rich and powerful, his misdeeds (like president Clinton's) were overlooked. Had he been a poor black man and the woman, white, the situation would have been different!
    'It is a crime to be poor in America!' my friend Dick so aptly put. Aren't they (the poor of $ people), generally speaking, the 'bad people?' The solution to curing the illness... ? We must look into our own hearts, individually! The solution is internal, not external! We must change our hearts! The solution is with the 'subject,' not the 'object.' The cure, is one of the heart, not the head! We must work to become more conscious, not 'objectifying' the problem, but 'subjectifying' it! "We have met the enemy and he is us!" We must make something other than money/power/fame, our 'God!' Or, 'woe is us,' Howard Beale lamented in the movie 'Network!' We must try to 'cure the illness,' (us), rather than just 'treat the symptoms,' (projecting wrongdoing onto 'the bad people')! We must each accept the responsibility for our acts and stop blaming (suing) others! We must de-emphasize things, and emphasize the 'unseen.' "One can only see rightly with the heart," St. Exupery said, in 'The Little Prince.' " What is truly essential is invisible to the eye!" We must stop worshipping money, material wealth, physical 'attractiveness'' (which fades), the perfect body (which decays), and 'things!' (which complicate and distract us from what's important). We're cursed with 'things.' (Note: Recently, after living out of America for two years I went into a 'Super Walmart.' My God, we're drowning in things, many un-needed and worthless, consuming the earth in the process of being created and destroyed.

    I recommend you get a copy of the Roy's/Northwest Earth Institute's book: "Voluntary Simplicity," and at least read it with an open mind!). We cannot sustain this 'madness' forever (Don't you care about your grandchildren, what kind of world you've help create for them?)! We need to recognize our strengths and our weaknesses. There is much right about American (the West). We must support the strengths, but be strong enough to admit our weaknesses, and ultimately be strong enough to cure the illness (us)! And if we don't start soon... I'm afraid for humanity, and must agree with someone (anon.?) who said the following: "There is infinite hope, but not for us!" But, there is no life without hope! We must have the hope we can change our hearts, 'ours,' and not 'theirs'... ours! Change ourselves, and not point fingers! We must cure the illness, not just treat the symptoms! And thus, I've altered Pogo's prescient words slightly to reflect my hope, that we can change, and cure the illness, us: "We have met our allies, and they are us!" Finally, respond to this plea, this cry, this hope that I have that there are enough good and conscious people to change the course of history of our great country and the world... That life in America, in Western Civilization, won't just continue 'business as usual, treating the symptoms' until 'the body,' is terminally ill!

    Send e-mail with your comments to: F.A.Hutchison-Dalrymple Colorado Springs, Colorado/U.S.A.
       A concept/book by Jeanne and Dick Roy/Northwest Earth Institute.

    ******************************************************************* From: "dean bichsel" <> To: <> Subject: Re: The Nepal Digest - August 1, 1998 (6 Shrawan 2055 BkSm) Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 22:07:18 -0800

    Please forward in grateful appreciation any information concerning = voluteer opprotunities within NEPAL. Thankfully yours,

    Simon wood

    **************************************************************** From: Amrit Sthapit <> To: Subject: Lumbini in Net Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2000 09:19:37 -0000

    Dear TND readers,

    We are happy to announce that Lumbini is in net. In 1997 we Nepalese and non Nepalese who are interested in Buddhism and Nepalese Buddhist culture started Lumbini Nepalese Buddha Dharma Society (UK). Since then we have been holding meetings, Buddha jayanti celebration, sponsoring orphan children in Nepal and publishing bi-annual magazine named LUMBINI which is free circulation. Now we took one more further step with modern technology. Our web page is Please visit our web page and explore Buddhism.

    May happiness be with you all.

    Taremam, Amrit Sthapit (Founder and adviser) 01898-430 012 ext: 240

    ************************************************************************** Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 12:45:26 -0500 From: "Gaury Adhikary" <> To: Subject: Re: census 2000


    here is the text format of the document, thanks and with regards,Gaury.

    Please Identify Yourself And Be Counted
    ---------------------------------------- Greetings! As you know, April 1, 2000 is Census Day in the United States. The Census Bureau will mail out advance letter within a week, and questionnaires in the middle of March. Please fill out the census form and return promptly. If you don't, then the census takers will come knocking on your door! This is the time we should get ourselves counted so that we know how many Nepalese live in this country and learn how we look like. The answers you provide are strictly confidential. By law, the Census Bureau cannot share your answers with others, including Immigration, IRS, welfare agencies or police. You should fill out and return the census form regardless of your legal immigration status in this country. Please note that you or your friends/relatives who are citizens of foreign countries and are temporarily traveling or visiting in the U.S. are not counted in the census. The census questions are available in many languages including Hindi and Tibetan. Unfortunately, it is not available in Nepali. IMPORTANT: Your race and ethnicity questions will help identify you as of Nepalese origin. As you may know, the Bureau sends out two types of questionnaires: short form and long form. Every household gets to answer the short form questions. Approximately one-in-six "lucky" households get the long form with detailed individual and household questions.
    "Race" is in both forms and "Ethnicity" is in the long form only. If you like to preview how the questionnaires look like, please go to for short form and for long form. The race question in the census form appears like this: What is this person's race? Mark [x] one or more races to indicate what this person considers himself/herself to be.
    [ ] White
    [ ] Black, African Am., or Negro
    [ ] American Indian or Alaska Native - Print name of enrolled or principal tribe.
         _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    [ ] Asian Indian [ ] Native Hawaiian
    [ ] Chinese [ ] Guamanian or Chamorro
    [ ] Filipino [ ] Samoan
    [ ] Japanese [ ] Other Pacific Islander - Print race. ----------------------------
    [ ] Korean
    [ ] Vietnamese
    [ ] Other Asian - Print race _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    [ ] Some other race - Print race. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
      If you consider yourself a "Nepalese", please check "Other Asian" and WRITE "Nepali" or "Nepalese" in the space provided. If you don't WRITE in, you will be reported as the Other Asian category. Forget about Indo-Aryan, Mongoloid, Dravidian etc. For the purpose of the census, you are a Nepalese.
    (You can argue that Nepali/Nepalese is not a race. Well, the Bureau lists Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc. as a separate race. Then, by extension Nepali/Nepalese is a race. It is more than skin color.) For the first time ever, people answering the census will be able to select more than one racial category to indicate mixed racial heritage. If a person, for example, has a White father and Nepalese mother or vice versa, then he/she can have both "White" checked and "Nepalese" written. ANCESTRY OR ETHNICITY: As I mentioned earlier, most of you will not be asked this question. This is only in the long form. You may be tempted to answer to this question as Brahmin, Chhetriya, Newar, Gurung etc. If you do, your answer will be lost in the "Other" category when reported. The Bureau is not going to go through trouble of creating a separate category of a few observations. Therefore, my suggestion is to answer as
    "Nepali" based on the Bureau's recommendation. Related question in the census form appears like this: What is this person's ancestry or ethnic origin?
          _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    (For example: Italian, Jamaican, African Am., Cambodian, Cape Verdean, Norwegian, Dominican, French Canadian, Haitian, Korean, Lebanese, Polish, Nigerian, Mexican, Taiwanese, Ukrainian, and so on.)
      Please note that this "For example" section is Census Bureau's, not mine. I may post further information on this topic. Questions/comments are welcome. Kanhaiya Vaidya Governor's Liaison to Census 2000 State of Oregon
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    ************************************************************************** From: "Nepal Football Fan Club" <> To: <> Subject: Please publish in your esteem digest Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2000 17:01:21 +0530

    Title: Request to Kathmanduites!


    Contributed by: Bikesh Shrestha

    1 Develop the habit of paying city taxes. 2 Do not burn papers recycle them instead. 3 Do not purchase and avoid buying animal products, e.g., leather handbags, belts, jackets, fur coats, gloves, etc. 4 Do not throw waste vegetables and fruit peels everywhere. 5 Do not use and avoid using ornaments made from animals, eg, Turtle-shells, hair pins, rings, ivory bangles, etc. 6 Do not use chemicals to clean kitchenware, windows, etc., learn how to use herbal compounds for such purposes. 7 In order to advertise any product, distribute samples, gifts etc. instead of printing posters & pamphlets on the walls of the city. 8 Keep your neighbouring temples neat and clean. 9 Let's learn how to use rainwater, efficiently. 10 Let's make compost by decomposing dead leaves, plants, waste vegetables, etc. 11 Let's relocate industrial areas outside the city, shift brick factories from the city area. 12 Let's use claypots to cool water instead of using the refrigerator, which requires CFC's (ozone protection). 13 Make people aware of our environment. 14 Plant flower plants in flowerpots to beautify houses. 15 Plant trees in open space near your home. 16 Please dispose garbage at recommended places only and keep our picnic spots clean. 17 Quit smoking! (Say goodbye to cigarettes.) 18 Refrain from sacrificing animals unnecessarily in the name of religion. 19 Re-use envelops as far as possible. 20 Save used paper for recycling. Don't burn unusable stuff that polluts surrounding environment. 21 Try to use boats on the Bagmati River as transportation means. 22 Use cardboard boxes as dustbins instead of plastic containers. 23 Use compost instead of chemical fertilizer, e.g., urea. 24 Use herbal products instead of chimical-based cosmetics, e.g., soaps. 25 Use jute bags for shopping. 26 Use mosquito net at home. Don't use mosquito coils or mats. 27 Use pits for dumping garbage. Don't dump openly in streets: 28 Use recycled paper products like envelopes, letter pads for personal and office uses. 29 Use solar energy instead of energy sources like timber, kerosene, and gas. 30 Use steelware and green leaves for packing sweets and the like. 31 Use sunlight (solar power) to heat water, dry foods, etc. 32 Use the slurry from septic tanks on the farm. 33 Use waste water in the garden and farm areas

    Note: If you have waste papers, just call us at 373 458 we will come and pick them up at your doorstep and we will make the best use of them.

    May Kasthamandap City be clean, green and healthy. Let us help clean up our city.

    ****************************************************************** From: "David Hynes" <> To: <> Subject: Information Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 09:24:26 -0000


    We are a British charity called Deafway. We provide a whole range of services to D/deaf children and adults in the NW of England and beyond.

    We are organising a fundraising trek to Nepal this October. Anyone is welcome to join. Registration fee is £220, then raise minimum sponsorship of £2,200. 10 day trip including flights from London.

    We are doing this differently from many charities in that we are splitting the profits from the trek 50/50. 50% will go to fund our work in the uk - the other 50% we will be giving to a Deaf charity in Nepal to enable them to undertake vital work with deaf children.

    Details of the trek are at and details of Deafway are at

    ****************************************************************** Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2000 09:53:08 -0600 From: Janak Koirala MD <> To: The Nepal Digest <> Subject: Correction to the ANMF's Announcement

    Dear Editor,

    We want to make the following correction concerning the America Nepal Medical Foundation's announcement on its Fourth Annual Convention that was published in The Nepal Digest - Mar 7, 2000 (16 Falgun 2056 BkSm)-

    The conference venue and dates will be:

    Venue: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) and Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, Clifton Road , Atlanta, GA Date/Time: starts 12noon, Friday 9th June, 2000; ends 3pm, Saturday 10th June, 2000

    ************************************************************* Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2000 08:55:31 -0800 To: The Nepal Digest <> From: kelvin <> Subject: Scholarship


    I'm interested to know if there is any form of scholarship in which Kathmandu University can provide if I were to do a PhD or a postgrad research concerning the transformation in the patterns of resource use among "indigenous" communities in Nepal. Any information would be of great assistance. Thank you.


    ************************************************************************* Date: 9 Mar 2000 12:14:57 -0000 To: List Member <> From: "Alternative Fuel Vehicles Nepal" <> Subject: AFVs News

    Alternative Fuel Vehicles Nepal

    1. Pollution tax in Nepal

    The government of Nepal is considering to impose pollution tax from the next fiscal year 2057. 'Polluters must pay ,' said Minister of State for Population and Environment in an interaction program organized by Society for Environmental Journalists emphasizing that pollution tax will be applicable to industries, vehicles and all other polluting sectors.

    Answering the queries raised by environmentalists and representatives of Automobile traders the Minister clarified the reason behind introducing Nepal Vehicle Mass Emission Standard (2056). ' Considering the geography of the valley, bearing capacity of roads, deteriorating natural and cultural heritage, ill effects of pollution on health and tourism, it is necessary to introduce such standard,' said Minister.

    However, the participants were unhappy over the fact that the government did not put a good homework before introducing the standard. The automobile traders were critical of a provision of requirement of both certificates of type approval and conformity of production to import Euro I micro buses and they said this has delayed the process of importing microbuses. Since the government is mulling over setting a new standard for LPG run vehicles too, automobiles traders looked confused about the fate of petrol microbuses which are going to be imported on the condition that they be converted into LPG.

    Sushil Agrawal, Department of Transport Management told the audience that it is necessary to introduce standard for LPG vehicles too. "Even if such standard does not exist today, the Department may refuse to register LPG vehicles in future once such standard comes into effect, " stressed Agrawal.

    2. LPG to face a new pollution standard
       In a cabinet meeting to be held today to review and update the Nepal Vehicle Mass Emission Standard, a new proposal to bring LPG vehicles under pollution standard will be discussed. So far LPG vehicles are put under less-polluting vehicle status. "Since it is not emission free, it is necessary to define a standard for them, "said an official of Ministry of Population and Environment. Though the government has set standards for diesel and petrol vehicles, no standard exists for LPG vehicles.

    The government has given economic incentives of 99 per cent import duty waiver and VAT exemption for displaced Vikram tempo owners to import petrol micro buses if they agree to convert them later into LPG. Environmentalists are apprehensive of the fact that in absence of any standard for LPG vehicles, vehicle dealers may import substandard microbuses into Nepal. There is a sudden rush of people to open up LCs in various banks and banks have been pressurized by vehicular dealers to hasten up the process.

    'LPG vehicles have to comply the standards. We are going to finalize the standard soon,' said Bhakta Bahadur Balayar, Minister of state for Population and Environment. "For those vehicles imported before the announcement of Nepal Vehicle Mass Emission Standard (2056), standards comparable to this will be worked out," said the Minister.

    In order to facilitate the monitoring of official vehicles and those of diplomatic missions, two more pieces of equipment have been added to existing two. Moreover, two additional pieces of equipment have already arrived at the custom office.

    The Minister informed that after the implementation of Nepal Vehicle Mass Emission standard, not a single vehicle has been imported into Nepal. The reason behind this is that since certificates of type approval and conformity of production have not been furnished, the new vehicles have not been allowed to enter Nepal by the government.

      3. About EVs: Some Frequently Asked Questions Taken from

             How fast?

             How fast do you want to go? At the Woodburn, Oregon Electric Drags every year since 1997, Dodge V10 Vipers are left in the dust behind home made
     electric dragsters. 0 to 125 mph in 10.5 seconds...and several times a year new quarter mile record times are being set.1 Articles detailing the exploits of EV drag racers have recently appeared in Wired (March 1999) and Top Gear (September 1999). Speed is not an issue. If it is what you want, certainly you can get a speeding ticket in an electric vehicle. The important thing to consider is that range will be sacrificed if you design an EV with speed uppermost in mind. It is enough to say that you can have a sane freeway speed and a respectable range with the right design.

      How far?

             In a conventional conversion of an internal combustion vehicle, using lead-acid batteries (still the only cost-effective batteries available), you can realistically expect to go between 25 and 50 real city miles on a charge. A 25 mile range usually means you are using relatively light weight 12V batteries, which makes for an agile, fun-to-drive, car with a good payload capacity. A car with a 50 mile range can really only be accomplished at this time with 6V batteries which
    (because you need more) end up weighing the car down, affecting acceleration and hill-climbing ability. Nevertheless, you will still be able to handle severe hills and attain freeway speeds. Another option is to use 8V batteries with a resulting range of about 40 miles and a performance midway between that of a vehicle with 6V batteries and one with 12V.

                  If the range numbers seem small to you, consider these facts: Conservatively, 70% of Americans in cities drive less than 25 miles per day; 90% drive less than 50. Half of all urban trips are less than 5 miles. The average urban car trip is less than 10 minutes; measured in time, an EV's range in typical city driving is about 60 minutes. While certainly an EV is not for everyone, the overwhelming majority of us could meet our daily transportation requirements in an EV.
     What about charging?

             A fully depleted battery pack can be recharged in 8 to 10 hours or overnight. For the best performance, it is usually a good idea to charge whenever the opportunity arises. Most EVs have on-board standard 110 volt chargers, so you are never very far from an outlet and an opportunity. 220 volt chargers are available also. They will permit a much faster charge, but are best left in the garage or in some other stationary location because of their size and weight. As for the cost of the electricity, at our scandalously low rates (at least in the Pacific Northwest), prepare yourself for about $3 a month or less.


             Very little. Water the batteries once every couple of months. Not even that, if you opt for sealed deep-cycle batteries. Tires, brakes and suspension, of course, are basically treated the same as any car. No tune-ups, oil changes, coolants, mufflers, emission tests, etc. Electric motors are expected to last over a million miles. Consider that an electric motor has about 12 moving parts (counting the bearings) and an internal combustion engine about 6,000. Once every few months battery connections should be checked for snugness. That's about it.

    Are EVs really cleaner, or are they simply shifting emissions from the tailpipe to the power generating plant?
             Except in the Pacific Northwest, where better than 90% of our electricity is from a renewable hydroelectric source, it is true that a very large percentage of electrical energy is from fossil-fuel burning power generating plants. Two things need to be said about this. One is that it is a well-documented fact that it is much easier and more effective to control emissions from a central source than from hundreds of thousands of individual tailpipes. Fuels can be combusted at much higher temperatures (extracting a greater proportion of their stored energy) in controlled power plant conditions than we can achieve in a typical automobile engine. Another important consideration is the relative efficiency of electric motive power versus that of combustion. In a recent test at the American Tour de Sol, an energy efficiency event held annually in New England, it was established that an electric Geo Metro could go about twice as far on the same amount of oil (converted to electricity) as a conventional gas Geo Metro. Complete "well-to-wheel" efficiency was measured, taking into account generating, transmission, and charging losses, on the electric side--and refining, distributing, and the inherent wastefulness of incomplete combustion, on the gasoline side. An EV is 70% efficient at converting the energy stored in its batteries to motion at the wheels. Compare that to 20% (at best, when running hottest) for a conventional IC engine, trying to do the same with the potential energy in its gas tank. Add one last fact: because most urban car trips are so short, the IC engine spends nearly half of its time operating below its optimal temperature,further compounding its wastefulness.


    *********************************************************************************************** Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 11:42:06 -0500 To: From: Brijesh Thapa <> Subject: article contribution

    The Miseducation of Democracy

    As I walk down the bloody restless street<br> Where peoples’ trials and tribulations meet<br> A lone soldier stands on the edge to greet<br> With vacuum eyes caught in the heat<br>

    I approach to shake his brotherly hand<br> With a ray of hope buried in the sand<br> He turns away with looks that demand<br> The fathomless crisis in my motherland<br>

    Shots ring out in the middle of the night<br> Among the commoners bloody trail of flight<br> Oh, what has become a daily grotesque sight<br> As citizens stand up for their basic right<br>

    Clouds of darkness surrounds my despair<br> As an array of bullets pollute the thin air<br> While an old man crumbles to the earth unaware<br> With a wounded heart and no one to care<br>

    The permeable smoke clears at high noon<br> A hail of fire can be expected soon<br> As the souls of the deceased rise up to the moon<br> The living dead fight on in the battle of doom<br>

    Far way in a village on a remote hill<br> Where life has come to a standstill<br> The air is eerie and offers a chill<br> As there is no more blood left to spill<br>

    Some say they burnt our villages down<br> While others remark of masked men in town<br> On every corner both types can be found<br> Eager for the other to make a sound<br>

    Some are awakened by the sound of a horn<br> While some are taken by men in uniform<br> Close family bonds are fundamentally torn<br> While mothers and children are left to mourn<br>

    Houses are torn down to build defenses<br> Against an enemy they claim to be senseless<br> The human blood does not seem so priceless <br> But yet the country appears to be restless<br>

    Gone are the days of so called love &amp; peace<br> As cruising bullets does not seem to cease<br> People say their lives are on a short lease<br> Who wait to be blown by a gentle breeze<br>

    The media is in for a turbulent ride<br> As some blame the other and have taken a side<br> Not knowing exactly how many people have died<br> But always willing to run with the tide<br>

    The opportunistic politicians guard their chair<br> While their fickle morals have drifted astray<br> Oh, what a pity the commoners have to say<br> As they wait silently for a brand new day<br>

    The majestic Himalayas lowers her godly head<br> Trying to veil the bloody tears of the dead<br> Embarrassed with the way the politicians have led<br> It’s a wonder if they ever know what they’ve said<br>

    Anomalies created in the name of democracy<br> Movement of wallets under the bureaucracy<br> Shame on you for your corrupted leniency<br> Against those who have devaluated our decency<br>

    The dawn of the renaissance of the new revolution<br> Will truly tell of democracy’s evolution<br> As the commoners will generate a mobilization<br> To tear down the walls for the next generation<br>

    Now wake up sisters, wake up brothers<br> It’s time to rise up and awaken the others<br> And tell them you could always use another <br> To defend the bloody tears of your mother </font><br>

    ************************************************************************ Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 14:54:45 -0500 (EST) From: "F.A. Hutchison" <> To: Subject: poem


    So fat! Soo ugly! Frizzie hair, We don't dare!

    Can Hollywood make movies Without guns? There are no funds For such=85?

    Stereotypes, Beautiful women undressed, Caress The 'soul' of America!

    Kids emulate, Ain't it great! Bang! We're dead! Also read The melodrama!

    Bankrupt the sup On the way, Coitus interrupt!

    Quit Hollywood! You're killing us! Bang! We're dead!

    Copyright 2000 F.A.Hutchison-Dalrymple Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Concepts, words, images, and sound

    ****************************************************************************** From: "Anil Shrestha" <> To: Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 11:52:16 EST Subject: News From Canada


    Congratulations Kishore Limbu !!! I had mentioned in my earlier message in the TND about Keysor Limbu winning the silver medal in the 54 kg Canadian boxing championship/selection for the Canadian National team to Sydney 2000. Thanks to Gopal Dangol ji and Rajan Nepal ji it has been confirmed that the person is Kishore Limbu or Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His parents are originally from Terhathum, Nepal. So congratulations Kishore! Way to go! Wish you all the success in future.

    Entries from Nepal at the South Asian Documentary Film Festival in Canada. The South-Asian Documentary Film Festival was held in Victoria, BC, Canada from March 6-11 and is being held in Toronto from March 13-19. The event has been organized by Canada-South Asia Collective in collaboration with Himal Association and Film South Asia. There are two entries from Nepal:

    1) Don't Pass Me By, 1999. 40 min. Nepal. Film makers: Sarah Kapoor, Christina Lamey and Kristi Vuorinen.
                                                          Eclectic profiles of 'macho' locals and tourists who come to love both their minds and muscles at the Nepali resort town of Pokhara.

    2) The Spirit Doesn't Come Anymore, 38min, Nepal, 97 Film maker: Tsering Rhitar

    The Tibetans' belief of curing diseases through going into a trance by invoking certain spirits/protectors has been practiced and socially accepted for over a millennium. The film explores this belief by examining the conflict between an 78 year old spiritual healer and his son.

    More info on the festival can be obtained at:

    ************************************************************************** From: Padam Sharma <> To: Nepal Digest <> Subject: Responding to AikoAnn Joshi's letter on violence against women..

    Dear AikoAnn:

    I sent you the following email at your adress and could not reach you. Hence, I am writing this letter to TND hoping you would respond to me directly.

    I read your article on violence against women with great interest. With

    Suji's death in our neighborhood, I constantly ask the same question,
    "Why Suji had to die?". Suji's mother in Kathmandu asks the same question, "Why my Suji had to die?".

    The case against Rakesh (Suji's husband and lover) is still under due process of law in criminal court. Since Suji is dead and Rakesh is in jail and not talking to anybody, nobody knows why she had to die. No matter what excuse and rationalization we may have, this is indeed a tragedy - a direct consequence of domestic violence.

    I am wrting this letter to ask for your support and participation in putting together an education program for young Nepali women (and girls) entering into domestic relationships (with spouse, in-laws, lovers, etc.). Initial reaction was to initiate a "Suji's First Call for Help" crisis intervention program in the US while other suggestions are to intiate educational programs in her name in Nepal.

    The big question is, "Do we target these programs to women going out of Nepal to live in lonely environments in the US and around the world?" -- an elitist target group, some say. Or, should we support ongoing women's 'anti-violence' programs in Nepal? I am very open to suggestions and I can identify a few other women friends here in Minnesota and elsewhere who would be willing to communicate with you to work on this project. I would also like to get input from Suji's mother in Nepal. At this time, she is going through a grieving process. We have about $1250 left over from Suji's cremation expenses. We can use the amount to set up a program in Suji's name, either in the US here or in Nepal.

    I would greatly appreciate your cooperation and input in this matter of great concern to women. With best wishes

    Padam Sharma Empower Nepal Foundation Bringing people and resources together for Nepal

    ************************************************ From: "Prakash Bhandari" <PRAKASH@HBL.COM.NP> To: Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 10:17:22 +0545, NST Subject: fwd: you all have to realise the fact

    Imagine there is a bank that credits your account each morning with
    $86,400. It carries over no balance from day to day. Every evening deletes whatever part of the balance you failed to use during the day. What would you do? Draw out every cent, of course!!!! Each of us has such a bank. Its name is TIME.

    Every morning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Every night it writes off, as lost, whatever of this you have failed to invest to good purpose. It carries over no balance. It allows no overdraft. Each day it opens a new account for you. Each night it burns the remains of the day. If you fail to use the day's deposit, the loss is yours. There is no going back. There is no drawing against the "tomorrow". You must live in the present on today's deposits. Invest it so as to get from it the utmost in health, happiness, and success!

    The clock is running. Make the most of today. To realize the value of ONE YEAR, ask a student who failed a grade. To realize the value of ONE MONTH, ask a mother who gave birth to a premature baby. To realize the value of ONE WEEK, ask the editor of a weekly newspaper. To realize the value of ONE HOUR, ask the lovers who are waiting to meet. To realize the value of ONE MINUTE, ask a person who missed the train. To realize the value of ONE SECOND, ask a person who just avoided an accident. To realize the value of ONE MILLISECOND, ask the person who won a silver medal in the Olympics.

    Treasure every moment that you have! And treasure it more because you shared it with someone special, special enough to spend your time. And remember that time waits for no one.

    Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it's called the present!!

    *********************************************************************** Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 15:30:17 -0600 To: From: Jyoti Cloud <> Subject: NEPALI CAMP

    Dear Editor:
       Below is an important announcement which I hope you will include in the next issue of Nepal Digest. Thanx!

                                      NEPALI CAMP!

       A beautiful 500 acre camp has been reserved in the Arbuckle Mountains on the shores of Lake McAlester, Oklahoma just for the purpose of having a Nepalese get-together, camp on May 18,19,20! The camp has recreation facilities including sand volleyball, swimming pool, basketball court, baseball/soccer field, archery, rifle range, etc. For three fun-packed days Nepalis will play games (indoor and outdoor), see skits, hear special music in both English and Nepali, eat traditional Nepali food (vegetarian food also available), etc. The camp has lovely facilities including a large dining hall overlooking the lake, air conditioned cabins, an infirmary, a snack shop, etc. The cost is very reasonable - only $20.00 per single person, $30.00 per couple, and $5.00 for children. Children's programs and games will be provided the entire time to enable the adults to
     freely participate in a wide variety of activities. This is a really special opportunity and Nepalese and their friends are all invited to attend. But...everyone is urged to make reservations soon....while there is still room!
       For more information and a brochure including a regestration form, you may e-mail Jyoti at: <> Please include your name and address.
       We are looking forward to meeting many new Nepali friends at this camp where we will laugh, play, eat, sing, and learn together.

    ******************************************************************* From: "Kanak Mani Dixit" <> To: Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 20:40:06 +0530 Subject: Himal's updated website

    Complete issues of Himal (the South Asian magazine) are now available online at <>
     - March 2000, now on the e-stands -

    COVER Macro story of Micro-credit Mohammed Yunus: A World Bank toady? Credit for the poor
      COMMENTARY Peace and war Way out with Norway? Nuclear tailspin
      FEATURES Corporate mercenary (An expose of the Purulia arms-drop) The Sardar of British Columbia (Profile of Ujjal Dosanjh, BC premier) The lone watchdog (Report on press freedom in Pakistan and Afghanistan)

    OPINION A tax budget, not a tough one (2000 Indian budget reviewer Bibek Debroy))

    BOOK REVIEWS The Dispossessed (Edited by Vinod Raina/Aditi Chowdhury/Sumit Chowdhury) The Greater Common Good (Arundhati Roy) Power Play (Abhay Mehta) reviewed by Ajaya Dixit

    FILM REVIEW Caravan, of Nepal's Dolpo

    LITERARY SOUTH ASIA (edited in Kalimpong by Anmole Prasad) Two poems by Ranjit Hoskote A short story by Jenny Yamamoto

    plus REGULAR COLUMNS Abominably Yours (on mergers) Mediafile Voices and Mail

    April 2000 issue covers (online 15 April):
    "What is Wrong with India?" think-piece by Shiv Vishvanathan
    "What is Wrong with Afghanistan?" on-the-spot reporting by Nasim Zehra

    Himal GPO Box 7251 Kathmandu, Nepal Phone: +977-1-543333/34/35/36 Fax: +977-1-521013 email:

    ************************************************************** Date: 30 Mar 2000 13:07:54 -0000 To: List Member <> From: "Alternative Fuel Vehicles Nepal" <> Subject: AFVs News

    Alternative Fuel Vehicles Nepal

    1. EVs in Lumbini Area
             Martin Chautari, 30 March 2000

    It has been expected for a quite long time that in order to sustain and expand EV industry, EVs have to promoted outside Kathmandu valley. Sensing that demand of EVs soon declines in Kathmandu valley, manufacturers are recently taking initiatives to operate Safa tempos outside the valley. Biratnagar has already seen the presence of one Safa tempo. Lumbini area is the next to enjoy the presence of EVs soon. Green Electric Vehicle company is going to provide transport service within Lumbini area by operating Safa tempos from May 18 (Buddha Jayanti). In an agreement reached between Lumbini Development Trust and Green Electric Vehicle Company, it was decided that the company will provide royalty to the trust in exchange for getting permission to run Safa tempos. However, it is yet to be decided on the amount of royalty. Initially, the company plans to begin the service by running 4 Safa tempos. The company has got permission to operate 20 Safa tempos. The Green Electric Vehicle Company is establishing one charging station in that area.

    "As government has banned polluting vehicles such as diesel Vikrams and two-stroke motorcycles in Lumbini area, alternative modes of transport have to explored in the Lumbini area. Our decision to introduce Safa tempos has been guided by the principle of promoting clean vehicles in Lumbini area," said Bimal Sharma, former member secretary of Lumbini Development Trust. Once Safa tempos begin to operate successfully in Lumbini area, it will encourage other cities of Nepal to undertake clean ventures like EVs. Meanwhile Martin Chautari is undertaking a study tour to identify potential areas outside the valley where Safa tempos can be promoted.

    2. Nepal Vehicle Mass Emission Standard (2056) amended
        Martin Chautari, 30 March 2000

    Ministry of Population and Environment (MoPE) has amended the Nepal Vehicle Mass Emission Standard (2056) on Chaitra 2 (2056) based upon the recommendations made by technical committee of MOPE. The technical committee was constituted under the aegis of MoPE to review, analyze and recommend on the existing standard. Some major amendments are:

    1. Diesel vehicles are not required to undergo Type III test i.e. verifying crankcase emission. 2. For the case of two wheelers and three wheelers Type II Test and Type Third Test are not applicable. Since engine cylinder capacity of two and three wheelers is small, the committee felt that it is very difficult to conduct such tests for two and three-wheelers. 3. Vehicles are not necessarily required to undergo Type V test which deals with endurance test of Pollution Prevention Equipment for 80,000 kilometer driven on the road or on a chassis dynamometer. Instead they can use deterioration factors for type V test.

    A recent issue of Himal (29 March-12 April), a fortnightly Nepali magazine speculates on the possibility of wrongdoings by former Minister Bhakta Bahadur Balayar on amendments (Jane Belama Mapdanda Pherio) which Himal says have somewhat relaxed the Nepal Vehicle Mass Emission Standard
     . The report says that tendency of Ministers to do something before being relieved of their duties might have guided Environment Minister to make such amendments. The same Minister has earlier been awarded a plaque of appreciation for driving diesel tempos out of Kathmandu valley and introducing Euro I standard in Nepal.
      Bhakta Bahadur Balayar on the other hand says that such accusation is baseless. The amendments have not relaxed the standard at all. It has made the standard more practical and implementable in Nepalese contest. Regarding omission of Type V Test, he explains that European regulations allow for the use of deterioration factor as substitute for Type V Test and therefore does not relax the standard. "As long as provisions of conformity of production and type approval test are there, the violation of Nepal Vehicle Mass Emission Standard (2056) by vehicle dealers is not likely to happen," opines the Minister.

    3. Double subsidy for Microbus
       Martin Chautari, 30 March 2000

    Microbuses are soon to be introduced in Kathmandu valley after a more than seven month's exercise by the owners of displaced Vikram tempos and the government. Sharad Prasad Upreti ( President of the Nepal Transport Entrepreneurship Federation) said the works of opening letters of credit for the import of the microbus which runs on LPG have been completed while works for importing diesel Microbuses meeting Euro I standard will be completed by the end of the current Fiscal Year.

    The LPG Microbus has comfortably been placed to enjoy double subsidies. At one hand, the government has allowed concession of 99 percent on the customs duty and VAT exemption for LPG run Microbuses. On the other hand they run in subsidized LPG meant for household cooking. "Such an excessive concession is unusual in any country," say environmental experts. This makes room for unfair competition between Safa tempos and LPG microbuses. The effect will be that indigenous EV industry may suffer. " While it is the duty of the government to promote all sorts of clean vehicles, Government should also take due care of the fact that subsidies for one type of clean vehicles does not affect the other types of clean vehicles," says a EV manufacturer.

    4. Is Kyoto Protocol a steal?
        By Anil Agarwal, CSE

    Global warming is caused by the use of fossil fuels, common examples being burning coal in power stations, running automobiles, etc. What would you then call an instrument that ends up subsidising this same energy economy, making it cheaper, and therefore, even more attractive. And what if the instrument, like the Kyoto Protocol - the agreement to set legally-binding emission reduction targets for industrialised countries - was being implemented in the name of combating global warming.

    Why do we say this? The US state department desperate to sell the Kyoto Protocol to its Senate has no choice but to bill the Protocol as
    "economically effective". It knows that to buy cheap emissions reduction quotas it is imperative to get developing countries to participate through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) - a trading system in which industrialised countries would invest in cleaner technologies and would earn credits for the carbon dioxide emission saving in their balance sheet of carbon dioxide accounting.

    This will force the South to compete - within a market framework - and will provide the industrialised countries the cheapest, most efficient portfolio of projects to invest in and to get carbon credits.

    This "meaningful participation" of developing countries, as it is termed by the US government, would mean that at current rates emissions can be bought for as low as US $3 to US $20 for each tonne of carbon saved. This when compared to what it would cost to do the same carbon reduction by taking measures at home, around US $125 is a real steal.

    Last month the World Bank joined this "undercutting" business by launching its Carbon Prototype Fund which will develop a portfolio of emission reduction projects to be sold to the cheapest bidder on the world carbon exchange.

    But this very principle of "economic effectiveness" of the Kyoto Protocol makes it "ecologically ineffective". The cheapest emission reduction options lie with the inefficient fossil fuel economy of the South. Using CDM, the Kyoto Protocol would invest further in the fossil fuel sector increasing its competitive advantage over non-carbon based energy systems like solar and wind. Literally locking out the cleaner energy sources and promoting unclean energy. No wonder the CDM can qualify to be termed the
    (un)Clean Development Mechanism.

    It is clear that the only real answer to avert global warming is for the world to make a transition to non-fossil fuel energy sources. The UN's intergovernmental scientific body studying climate change, the intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC), estimates that the world must stabilise its concentration of atmospheric carbon at 450 parts per million by volume (ppmv) by the end of the 21st century to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. The world is already close to emitting 360 ppmv of carbon emissions alone and most of this comes from the industrialised world. Therefore, the challenge of global warming is to reduce emissions in the industrialised North while moving the developing countries towards a non-fossil fuel energy trajectory.

    Currently renewable energy is more expensive and therefore less economically viable. But huge investments are likely to be made by the South in its energy systems in the coming years. An estimated 52 per cent of the global investments in energy will be made in developing countries. Once these countries are locked into the fossil fuel grid it would literally mean that the scope for renewables to penetrate would be lost for another century. Global warming is then a certainty. And ironically the Kyoto Protocol with its emphasis on cheap options will actually push the world towards ecological catastrophe.

    There is another concern. CDM encourages the current generation of developing countries to sell off their cheaper options today, leaving future generations straddled with high cost options. Economists predict that the many carbon saving options that currently cost as little as US
    $10-25 per tonne of carbon, could cost up to US $200-300 per tonne in the long run.

    When the South has reached high levels of energy efficiency and the costs of curtailing emissions are high, the North will have no economic incentive to buy emission credits from it. And if global warming is still a threat. Which it definitely will be, because industrialised countries would have taken little action domestically, then the pressure on developing countries to take on the expensive emission reductions options is bound to grow.

    It is imperative that the world tries to make the Kyoto Protocol both ecologically and socially effective. The world's poor who are not locked into fossil fuel energy and therefore, underutilise their share of the global atmospheric space should be given entitlements to their share of the global commons. This would give them the incentive to invest in zero-carbon emitting technologies even if these are currently more expensive than fossil fuels. But this will demand more political sagacity then we have seen from politicians who continue to protect their dinosaur-age oil and automobile industries.

    ******************************************************** From: "Amulya Ratna Tuladhar" <> To: <> Subject: Sanjay Sthapit is Dead Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2010 16:53:19 +0530

    To Friends and Acquaintances of Sanjay:

    It is with great shock and sorrow I share with friends of Sanjay Sthapit the news of his untimely death at the tender age of 28.

    I knew him as a fellow Clark University undergrad from Nepal between 1992-1997. He was a brilliant student both in his studies and extra-curricular activities. Although he came from one of the scions of Nepali business families of Mani Harsha Jyoti and Hotel Crystal, he put on absolutely no airs and had his legs firmly on his ground. The Nepali community enjoyed his company at the socials and he also volunteered to organize some in his hostel. Despite the many offers for a computer job even without applying, he chose to pursue PhD in computer science at the University of North Carolina but his life was cut short by cruel fate.

    We never knew of any ailments that afflicted him either physically or psycological and one question that prevents the closure of this mourning over his death is this: Why was his heart valve infection not treatable in USA in the age of heart transplants? Sanjay was transferred to Escorts Heart Hospital in Delhi where he underwent treatment for 2 months before he succumbed to his affliction.

    As a fellow Nepali Clarkie, I pray for his peace and the strength for all his friends and acquaintances to bear his shocking, unfair, and inexplicable loss in the prime of his life.

    Amulya Ratna Tuladhar Doctoral Fellow Graduate School of Geography Clark University

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