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The Nepal Digest Saturday 13 April 96: Baishakh 1 2053 BS: Year5 Volume49 Issue1

  Today's Topics:

        1. Message from the editor

        2. TAJA_KHABAR
                Bhutanese demonstrations-update 23 March 1996 (fwd)

        3. KURA_KANI
              Politics: No -trust motion collapsed. Who is the winner?

        4. KATHA_KABITA

        5. JAN_KARI
             AI Nepal Bulletin
             Nepal-German Week 96 in Kathmandu
             Nepali calendar 2053 in web
             International Symposium "Mythos Tibet"
             Talk Program on Nepali Politics
             Email access in Kathmandu?

        6. SODH_PUCH
             TND Fund?
             Request for the MOMO reciepe
             Request for Nepali songs
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********************************************************************** Date: Wed, 27 Mar 1996 11:22:55 -0500 (EST) To: Subject: No -trust motion collapsed. Who is the winner?

Cross-posted from SCN:

The trust motion filed by UML against the present govt. of Nepal was failed. Once again we have demonstrated ourselves an immature politics of our socalled politicians. Power struglle is going on, coward politician playing dirty games. But it is giving bad impact on innocent people of Nepal. Instead of exploiting true meaning of democracy, we are fighting with each other giving an unnecessary values for our old dictators of Panchayat System. It is time and still, we have a chance to bring back political stability. There will not be any winner unless Congress party and UML will struggle for Power. Both of these Parties are loosers and making blunder mistakes extending hand and bargaining with so called leaders of R.P.P. Previously known traitors, dictators, now so called leaders again. In my opinion, It is unacceptable.

I, personally feel coailition of UML - Nepali Congress will be the only option in such cases. Once should not repeate the same mistake of 2015.B.S.

It is strange a lay man can understand, however these two parties leaders can not understand at all.

Saroj K. Joshi Renton, WA


*********************************************************************************************** Subject: AI Nepal Bulletin To: Date: Wed, 27 Mar 96 17:12:51 PST From: Paul Johnson <>

EXTERNAL AI Index: ASA 31/04/96

                                                              20 March 1996

Further information on EXTRA 41/96 (ASA 31/03/96, 18 March 1996) - Arbitrary detention / Ill-treatment

NEPAL 14 Tibetans: Youdon, f, 38
                                    Bakar, f, 27
                                    Sonam, f, 26
                                    Norbu Tsering, m, 35
                                    Sonam, m, 35
                                    Sonam, m, 18
                                    Lhundup Gyatso, m, 20
                                    Tenzin Jampel, m, 21
                                    Thubten Kelsang, m, 22
                                    Pema Gyalpo, m, 35
                                    Namgyal Dorje, m, 28
                                    Thubten, m, 25
                                    Tenzin Gelek, m, 19
                                    Lhundup Tenzin, m, 26

                  and five Amnesty International members

Fourteen Tibetans and five Amnesty International (AI) members remain detained in Kathmandu following mass arrests made at an AI demonstration against human rights violations in China held on 18 March 1996. The five AI members are expected to be released on 21 March after appearing before a District Magistrate.

All the remaining detainees are held at the Hanuman Dhoka central police station. They were initially detained at the Mahendra police club but were moved from there at 11pm on 18 March.

Other detainees, including Dr. Rajesh Gautam, the General Secretary of Nepalese human rights organization Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC), and several AI members, including Nepalese Section President Charan Prasai and former President Krishna Pahadi, were released on 20 March.

************************************************************************ Date: Wed, 27 Mar 1996 22:46:30 -0500 To: From: (Padam Sharma) Subject: News and views from India...

Courtesy: India Digest

Nepal: Integrated development of Mahakali adds new dimension: Deuba

      From Pankaj Kumar Sarkar
      Kathmandu, Mar 25 (PTI) The Prime Minister of Nepal, Mr Sher Bahadur Deuba has said that the agreement with India on integrated development of Mahakali river has added a new dimension to the development of Nepal's vast water resources.
      Replying to the no-confidence motion by the Communist Party of Nepal (United Marxist-Leninist) against him in the House of Representatives yesterday, the Prime Minister said Nepal and India would make efforts for timely implementation of the Pancheshwar Multi-purpose Project and private sector involvement in other hydro-electricity projects.
      Efforts will also be made for the implementation of Saptakoshi High Dam Project, Budhi Gandaki Hydro Electricity Project and Karnali Multi-puropse Project, Mr Deuba said.
      Mr Deuba said the Sunkoshi-Kamala diversion would be of great importance in irrigating a vast area in the Tehri from Saptari to Paroa.
      Nepal, during talks with India, had laid emphasis on Kamala diversion and India had agreed to proceed with the project, he added.
      ''As proposed by Nepal both sides have agreed to initiate talks on making the Nepal-India 1950 Treaty relevant in keeping with the changed context and future necessities,'' Mr Deuba said.
       About the Bhutanese refugee issue, Mr Deuba said Bhutan has agreed to Nepal's proposal for Foreign Minister level talks. He also said that he had held extensive talks with the Indian External Affairs Minister on the resolution of the Bhutanese refugee problem.
      The Nepal Prime Minister said special instruction had already been issued to Nepalese Missions abroad to apprise the international community of the refugee problem.
      Due to these efforts, the European Parliament has recently passed an important resoultion in this regard, Mr Deuba added.
      Speaking about Nepal-China relations, he said the present government is seriously considering the exchange of high level delegations between the two countries.

************************************************ Date: Sat, 30 Mar 1996 20:50:34 +0000 (GMT) From: strawn <> To: MAILBHUTAN <>,, Subject: Bhutanese demonstrations-update 23 March 1996 (fwd)

This is a forwarded update on the Bhutanese refugees.

        DATE 23 March 1996

        REGARDING Bhutanese demonstrations-update 23 March 1996

Please distribute this report:

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution regarding the Bhutanese refugees, and is calling for the government of Bhutan to begin making arrangements for repatriation. And inside India, the last group of marchers held under IPC 144 have been released after Indian courts ruled the detention was illegal. A fourth group currently is being held under a different penal code, IPC 151.

1. EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT RESOLUTION According to a press release from the Foreign Ministry of Nepal on Saturday 16 Mar '96, the European Parliament unanimously adopted a resolution on the Bhutanese refugee situation. The full text of the resolution is as follows:

The European Parliament is a) deeply concerned at the plight of some 86,000, mostly Nepali speaking, refugees from Bhutan who are currently in refugee camps in eastern Nepal and of 15,000 others dispersed in the neighbouring areas of Nepal and India.

b) is aware of Bhutan's policy of 'national integration,' on the basis of western Bhutanese (Drukpa) traditions and culture, led to a campaign of suppression of Nepali cultural expression in Bhutan beginning from 1990, revocation of citizenship and intimidation, arrests and sometimes torture of ethnic Nepalese, resulting in a large scale exodus to Nepal of these people.

c) is disturbed that according to a recent report from the South Asian Human Rights Documentation Centre, the conditions in the refugee camps have deteriorated and that certain aid agencies, including UNHCR, are now scaling down or withdrawing their assistance to these camps.

d) is aware that certain Bhutanese refugee groups organised peaceful demonstrations to protest against this unacceptable situation and undertook to march from Nepal to Bhutan across Indian territory.

e) notes a report by Amnesty International that several demonstrators were arrested by the Indian authorities in mid-January and released after judicial verifications, but whereas several of them soon are to be brought to the Siliguri court.

f) calls on the governments of Bhutan and Nepal, in co-operation with all other parties involved, to reach an agreement which will allow the early voluntary repatriation of these Bhutanese refugees to their country of origin.

g) considers that the Indian authorities must take full account of the humainitarian situation of the Bhutanese refugees in Nepal and aquit all persons arrested during the peaceful demonstration.

h) CALLS on the government of Bhutan to make practical preparations for the UNHCR-supervised return of these refugees and to safeguard the rights of minorities on it's teritory.

i) CALLS on the Commission, the Council and the governments of the Member States to provide assistance to the refugees in eastern Nepal, both via the government of Nepal and via the aid agencies operating in the field.

j) CALLS on the Commission, the Council and the governments of the Member States, in liason with the UNHCR, to discuss with the government of Bhutan proposals for the provision of assistance for the voluntary repatriation and reintegration of these refugees in their former homes in Bhutan.

k) notes that most of these refugees would appear to qualify der International Law as being genuine citizens of Bhutan and considers that Bhutan's Citizenship Act 1985 may need to be modified as a result.

l) instructs it's President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commisiion, governments of the Member States, the governments of Bhutan, Nepal and India and the Secretariat of SAARC.
_________ Clearly, this is a major milestone in the Bhutanese refugees struggle for repatriation. As an editorial in the Everest Herald expressed:
"Though the solution to the Bhutanese refugees still seems far away, the recent resoluion of the European parliament has come as a respite to both the Nepal government and the Bhutanese in exile."

The resolution has been enthusiastically received by the refugees and BCDM has issued a vote of thanks to all Human Rights and support groups who have been advocating their case and assisting with the adoption of this resolution. Hopefully I shall have the ful text of this tommorrow.


2.1 3RD WAVE OF MARCHERS FROM MECHI BRIDGE On the 18th March '96, the 344 Bhutanese refugees who constituted the third group of peace marchers to be arrested at the Mechi Bridge
(ref 1.4 of jrsap update 19-Mar-96), were unconditionally released. At a hearing before the Sub-Divisional Judicial Magistrate (SDJM), Siliguri, the marchers were released after having been detained in Baharampur Central Jail, West Bengal since 26th February under Criminal Penal Code (Cr.PC) 144.

The release comes nearly two weeks after the 1st group of 150 and the 2nd group of 300 were unconditionally released on the 27th and 28th of February respectively, after their detention was declared
"illegal." There are now no peace marchers detained under CrPC 144.

Following their release the 344 peace marchers made their way to the temporary camp established on the banks of the Pancha Nadi River.
(ref 1.3 of jrsap update 19-Mar-96).

2.2 4th WAVE OF MARCHERS FROM MECHI BRIDGE The 183 peace marchers who were arrested at the Mechi Bridgeunder CrPC 151 on the 12th of March continue to be detained in Siliguri Special Jail.

These are due to appear before the SDJM on the 25th of March.

2.3 PANCHA NADI CAMP Following the release of the 344 peace marchers from Siliguri Special Jail (ref 2.1 above), there are now c400 Bhutanese refugees in the temporary camp which has been established on the banks of the Pancha Nadi River in Siliguri.

2.4 1st WAVE OF MARCHERS FROM PANCHA NADI CAMP During the court sessions of the 27th and 28th of February, SDJM declared that the Bhutanese citizens have the right to freedom of movement in India under the provision of the 1949 Indo-Bhutan Friendship Treaty.

In line with this, on the 15th March, 150 of the Bhutanese refugees from the temporary Pancha Nadi Camp, Siliguri, attempted to resume their peaceful demonstration to Thimpu to petition the King of Bhutan. With an Indian police escort under the Darjeeling district administration, the peace marchers left from Siliguri.

After having walked approx 5 km, the peace marchers reached the Mahananda bridge, which marks the border between the Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri districts. Here, they were prevented from proceeding by the Jalpaiguri district administration and warned that they would be arrested under CrPC 151.

On the 17th March, following a sit in of 2 days, the refugees again tried to proceed. They were arrested under CrPC 151, produced before the Jalpaiguri court and taken to Jalpaiguri jail.

When questioned as to why their path was impeded, the District
(Executive) Magistrate of Jalpaiguri district administration could provide no satisfactory response. He said he was fully aware that the marchers had not committed any crime which deserved arrest but he had to follow orders from the government authorities.

The marchers had already sent a petition to the Chief Minister of West engal, Mr Jyoti Basu, to allow free and safe passage to proceed to Bhutan. So far, this has not been forthcoming.

2.5 2ND WAVE OF MARCHERS FROM PANCHA NADI CAMP On the 18th of March, another group of 150 peace marchers from the temporary Pancha Nadi Camp resumed their peace march to Bhutan. These are now squatting on the Mahananda bridge, Siliguri, replacing the previous group of 150 who were arrested on the 17th (ref 2.4 above).



In an interview with the weekly Indian magazine "Outlook," the Foreign Minister of Bhutan, Dawa Tsering has said: "Our position is that not all the people in the camps are from Bhutan and all those who may have gone from Bhutan aren't Bhutanese citizens. They are immigrants sans citizenship status."

Here he refers to the position in Bhutanese law that one forfeits the right to citizenship by emigrating.

3.2 THE KING OF BHUTAN The full text of the remark made by King Jigme Singye Wangchuk of Bhutan in an interview with the "Indian Express" 7-Mar-96 is: "If the Nepalese, 99% of whom are not Bhutanese nationals, had crossed into Bhutan, we would have definitely broken off our talks with Nepal."

He refers here to the bilateral interministerial talks between Bhutan and Nepal regarding the repatriation of the Bhutanese refugees. These, reportedly, are due to be held on the 4th to 8th of April and are the first to be conducted at foreign minister level rather than home minister.

It is interesting that although the talks are to be held between foreign ministers and that under the 1949 treaty between Bhutan and India, "Bhutan agrees to be guided by the advice of the Government of India in regard to it's external relations," that India refuses to be involved, insisting that the issue is a bilateral one.

This is to be the 7th round of talks. All previous rounds have failed to produce anything substantive and have been largely futile.

4. UN COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS. The Annual meeting of the UN Commission on Human Rights commenced on the 18th of March 1996, in Geneva, Switzerland.

In a press statement, the AMCC has urged the Commission "to resolve to work towards finding an immediate solution to the human rights problem in Bhutan and the Bhutanese refugee crisis."


All the marchers have lived in refugee camps inside Nepal since being expelled from their home of Bhutan in the early 1990's. Over the last six years international talks have failed to resolve their situation, even though many of the refugees carry valid citizenship and property documents.

The marchers began a peaceul march back to Bhutan in January of this year, but were detained illegally by Indian officials.

The peace marchers have all along insisted on acting non-violently.

The refugees in Nepal, totalling about 1/6 of the 600,000 people populating Bhutan, were forced to leave the country in the early 1990's after a "One Nation/ One People" policy effectively rendered them stateless. The international community has been thus far ineffective in resolving their plight. Bhutan has the largest percentage of its people living as refugees in the world.

******************************************************* Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 14:11:31 +0545 To: From: Subject: Nepal-German Week 96 in Kathmandu

I wonder whether you can help me. I would like to post the text informing about
  the Nepal-German Week '96 to the Nepal Digest. It is not too long - see below. But first I would like to have your permission. In which way can you help me further. Do you know any e-mail addresses of friends especially in Germany that could support the event? Or, what else could
  I do to spread the information? Please, let me know.

best regards

Rudolf Guthier

Nepal-German Week 96 Organizing Committee c/o Industrial Enterprise Development Centre P. O. Box 3676 Kathmandu Nepal Tel.: <+977 1> 240469, 240485,240239, 230260 Fax: <+977 1> 240241, 521982 email:

Text to be disseminated

Nepal - German Week 1996

>From 27 September to 5 October 1996 the Nepal -German Week 96 will be organize
d in Nepal. Many varied activities will take place to show and to intensify the economic, cultural and political relations that exist between Nepal and Germany

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