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Year 16, Volume II, Issue 1, Published On Monday, February 28, 2005 (Falgun 17, 2061 B.S.), New York, USA

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The Nepal Digest (TND) is a publication of TND Foundation, a global not-for-profit information and resource center (registered in New York, USA) committed to promoting issues concerning Nepal. All members of will get copy of The Nepal Digest (TND). Membership is free of charge and is open to all.
The Nepal Digest is the first Nepali electronic magazine in the Internet. The Nepal Digest hopes to create a free and democratic electronic plaform -- free of all political views, free of cultural biasness, against prejudices and unjustness of all kinds.

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Democracy Derailed

The monarchy has a chequered history in Nepal. While it is generally identified with Nepal’s nationalism and unity, it is also seen as a protector of feudalism. Some of Nepal’s Kings were progressive and reformists, but others have been authoritarian and obscurantist.

- Kul C Gautam

Helping Nepal

How Save One Life has Changed Our Lives

My life was full of struggles - medically and economically. I remember the time when I almost died by excessive bleeding due to a tooth extraction, and doctor in Kathmandu told me that future bleeding in my gum area inside my mouth could be very risky or even life threatening.

- Ujjwal Bhattarai

10 Year Old TND

Satire: Are You a Part-Time Nepali?

Extra-friendly medico Daddies and "Americanized" Mommies, tempting eligible Nepali males in the area to court their as-Nepali-as-pepperoni-pizza daughters.

- Ashutosh Tiwari

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