The Nepal Digest
Year 14, Volume II, Issue 1, Published On Monday Febuary 17, 2003 (Magh 05, 2059), New York, USA
(Picute source: Himal Magazine (Puskar Gautam)
Message from the Editor  

Dear Readers:


After launching the first issue of rejuvenated TND, past two weeks have been quite stimulating for me. Hundreds of emails have poured in from all around the world - highlighting the need for forum like TND and wishing it a great success. I sincerely thank all the well-wishers and the contributors on behalf of TND for their enthusiastic support.

What I have ascertained from this communication is that TND is not alone in its journey. People among all Nepali Diasporas are equally worried about present Nepal as well as her future. Bibek Thapa from Australia is just as nervous about Nepal's present crisis as Bishal Dhakal from Russia is. Binod Sigdel from Delhi wonders if he could, in some way, contribute to his country just as much as Roshan Tuladhar from Japan. TND is the very platform where such creative and resourceful minds can congregate. Energetic Nepalese living in the USA, Shambu Lama from San Francisco to Akhilesh Upadhaya of New York, and Manju Karki from Ann Arbor to Pradhumna Shrestha of Houston, all consider rejuvanated TND as a forum for intellectuals to express, share and discuss ideas. The Nepal Digest is, in fact, becoming a platform to share our hopes, concerns and aspirations.

My gratitude to all of you for invigorating The Nepal Digest all over again.

The Pleasure of Sustained Conversation By Pramod Mishra
Dear TND members, As Ujjwal Bhai has said in his editorial, TND is back after a couple of years' hiatus. True, now Nepalis and friends of Nepal in many countries of the world have access to several websites that provide online news and views published about Nepal not only in Nepal but elsewhere as well. (MORE )
Food for Thought [Valentines Day Special]
A. In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities - Janos Arany
B. Love sought is good, but given unsought is better.
- William Shakespeare Twelfth Night

Current News
Nepal rebels warn of 'conspiracy' (Source: BBC)
The leader of Maoist rebels in Nepal has warned of a conspiracy aimed at sabotaging fledgling peace efforts after years of civil war.

Comrade Prachanda said the rebels were victims of rumours and "false publicity", which could disrupt planned peace talks.
In a statement, he also urged the authorities to stop mobilising the security forces and making what he described as arbitrary arrests. (MORE)

Major Attractions of this Issue
Negotiating an end to internal war By Dr. Anup K Pahari

The latest cease-fire between the government and the Maoists, and renewed prospects for a negotiated settlement, have signaled a temporary halt in the slow death of the nation. For the second time in as many years, albeit in different political circumstances, the Maoists and the Nepali state are poised to pursue peace over war. That it has taken such devastation in human lives and institutions to arrive at this point of initial truce should not take away from the enormous courage and determination of the agents who initiated this venture.

Economic Issue  
Crises In Nepal: From Poverty To Constitution En RouteTo The Republicanism By Surendra R. Devkota

"After the restoration of democracy in 1990 we witnessed the chaos of politics in the name of people. The Nepali Congress, which ruled most of the time, failed to govern honestly and for the poverty-stricken people. Visionless politicians started a money laundering business.

Annuncement from NAC By Gauri S. Adhikary

Press realese form the office of Nepalese Americas Council ( NAC) Jan 30, 2003.

The Nepalese Americas Council ( NAC), a coordinating body for Nepali organizations representing the Nepali diaspora across North America heartily welcomes the peace initiative taken by HMG of Nepal and the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist).

Journalist's Diary: Along the blood-stained banks of the Arun River Surendra Phuyal

ARTIKEPUL (Sankhuwasava-Bhojpur Border)

It was the second week of February. The year 2003. The Maoists hadn’t come aboveground. And we were climbing down the steep trial west of Khandbari, the headquarters of Sankhuwasava district. We were sweating heavily, but nonetheless enjoying the beauties of nature and rustic life of the mid-hills in eastern Nepal. (MORE)

Sean Swarner, the first cancer survivor
to climb Mt. Everest
Heather O'Neal
Dear Readers: Let me introduce you to Heather, who loves Nepal and Nepalese people and has been to Nepal many times. She will be publishing her memories in a series of articles in TND. (-Editor)

Heather O'Neal grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. After high school, she attended Washtenaw Community College, then went to University of Wisconsin. She spent her junior year in Kathmandu, Nepal, wrote a book about her adventures and learned to speak Nepali. She joined the Peace Corps in 1990. She completed a Masters degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Texas El Paso in 1997. In 1998 she traveled around the world and finally was back in Nepal. In 2000, after a few classes, Heather started her business: Of Global Interest LLC Adventure Travel.

Episode 2: Sean Swarner and the Cancer Hospital in Bhaktapur

March 19-March 25, 2002

In May 2002, Sean Swarner hopes to be the first cancer patient/survivor to climb Mt. Everest. For the last year, my company has worked to help make it happen. With all the right connections in Nepal, we have put together an Everest expedition -- now in progress. (MORE)

KATHA_KABITA: Literature
1. Sunyata (In Devnagiri) By Deepak R. Bhattarai (READ IN Nepali)

2. An Unlimited Treasure By Kalpana Dulal (

International Nepali Literary Best Book Award By Puru Subedi

International Nepali Literary Society (INLS), Washington D.C. is pleased
to announce its First Outstanding Contributions to Nepali Literature
Award. This award includes three varieties of awards and a same author
could be awarded up to Nepali Rupees 85,000.00. These awards are
established to encourage and recognize Nepali Literature internationally.


How Kalpana Chawla was remembered?

Loss of Columbia and Kalpan Chawla with all other crew was a devastating accident for the whole world. This piece is about Kalpana Chawla. People are still mourning the sad event with her memories. (MORE)

Bhakundo: Mero Mutu Ko Betha Mr. Bishal Dhakal
The present condition of soccer in Nepal can be considered to be optimistic. If this momentum and direction could be carried on, Nepali soccer can make a distinct presence in the South Asian region and possibly in the whole Asian region in another 5 to 10 years. The performance of the national team itself is not really high quality, however it can be said that it is headed toward the right direction. For the country like Nepal and with its dire economy there are very few chances for the national team to participate in lot of the international tournaments, so every chance they get are very precious and are of great importance.

CHOOT_KILA (Humor, Sattaires)
Valentine's Day Humor

Q. What did the stamp say to the envelope?
A. Stick with me and we will go places.
Q.What happens when you fall in love with a French chef?
A. You get buttered up!
Q.What do you call two birds in love?
And Finally,
Q. What does a carpet salesman give his wife for Valentine's Day?
A. Rugs and kisses!

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